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Spelljammer Campaign Setting

The boundless realms of Arcane Space.  Pilot the helm of an enchanted ship and sail for wildspace, beware the powerful currents and burning gases of the phlogiston.  More found here and here.



    • The Spelljammer Ward Connection: Numerous points within Realmspace allegedly connect into the demiplane.


    • The Spelljammer Ward Connection: Numerous points within Spiralspace allegedly connect into the demiplane.  Bral itself has direct connections, many planar in nature.


Steamspace – A crystal sphere of technological wonders and new troubles.  More found here, here, here, here and here.

    • Steam Titan – A massive magical gas giant, offering much to settlers.
      • Vulcanized Stronghold – A secret enclosed city of the undead.  The original denizens, thought to have died out long ago, still live here and plan for their return.
    • Moons of Steam Titan
      • Bashar
        • Al’Bashar City – A trade hub of a city.  It is here where culture thrives, and a very strange underground.
          • The Shadow Gate – A magical gateway into a dark alternate dimension.
        • Enlightenment Citadel – Orders of warriors come together under common goals.
          • Divine Heroes Corps – A sacred order dedicated to defense of the innocent, admiration for morality and protection of existence.  Many fear that their ultimate tests await them soon.
        • Alza’um Village – A quirky farm village on top of a sprawling empire.
        • True Alza’um – Home of technologist ratmen and a warren below.
          • True Ratmen – Dark magic of Skinwalkers made settlers what they are now.  Shamanic Ratmen inflicted a curse out of revenge. 
        • Ahmed’s Rest – An elementalist retreat that travels the desert.
          • Nimble Nimbus – A mobile city of the djinn, taking flight and exploring the Crystal Sphere.
        • Haunted Wastelands – Home to crypts, raiders and other dangers.
          • Originator Tombs – Mummy Lords awaken in the deserts to punish those who trespass.  Their dreams of grandeur were never realized.
          • Marauder Clans – Gnolls and wayward Hutaakan “native” to the moon, often busy scavenging and raiding.
          • Nelexit’r – A mad undead dragon seeking to claim all in her claws.
          • Darklands – The moon’s answer to the Underdark.
          • Clockwork Corsairs – Airship pirates from Mystara, eager to loot what the world has to offer.
      • Destiny Expanse
        • Xopetlatl – A Maztican colony within lusher parts of the moon.
        • Turtle Back – A coastal region away from the desert, a Turtle Clan colony.
        • Richardsport – A more centralized hub for trade and innovation. 
          • Granite Well – So-called birthplace of Mad Science, known for much strangeness.
        • Blessing’s Rose – The more down to earth frontier settlement, a former Albion setting. 
          • Wispy Cliffs – An iconic fixture, among the most welcoming.
        • Grey Runner Grounds – Home of the Lupines, upright canid creatures who stalk the deserts and brush for prey.
        • Ursin Heights – Bear people of the hills.  While xenophobic, more aloof unless angered.
        • Hexing Grounds – Where Skinwalkers dwell, practicing the profane.
        • Pueblo Del Marco – A mix of Gaundalante, Xopetlatl, Cimarron and Albion influences.  This mix of traditions makes them unique.  Xolo Lupines respect them.
        • Dark Spirit Awakening – Foul deeds have brought evil spirit creatures to the world.  The mad butchery from the Lupines is especially at fault.
      • Victoriana
        • Gangly Grounds – Remaining tribal lands of the “Gangly People”, an oppressed race of humanoids.
        • Rock Roam Spider Hideaways – Hidden caves and passages where evil creatures plot.  The land above is made of their “harvest fields” as they call them.
          • Sorcery Grounds – Where the spiders develop Aranea-like powers.
        • Moorston – A more woodsy land with sprawling fields, attractive to hunters.
          • The Ranges – Where wealthy patrons within their clubs go to hunt.  Some of these patrons are quite eccentric, hiding away here in retreat.
        • Desbarton – A hub for agriculture, a pastoral land attractive to halfling residents.
          • Farming Acres – Home of blue spruce trees and wondrous crops, even equally alien livestock.  All of this has thankfully proved safe.
        • Dunstel – The industrial powerhouse, where much infrastructure and supplies are built.
          • Factory ward – concealed by smog constantly, where machines are churned out and plans are implemented.
          • Ghosts of Bell-Forge – Ghosts now arise from the steam itself!
        • Stanton Nexus – For all of your social, bureaucratic and related affairs.
          • Crystal Gate University – Where State Mages can apply for and study arcana.
        • The Governor’s Palace – Where the central seat of authority dwells, when not called to one of the major settlements.
        • Faerie Rifts – Dimensional breaks to and from Faeriespace, without the need for the Phlogiston.
        • Orlok – A plague spreading vampire running amok in the colony.
      • Noire
        • Lit Up Rails – Variant Lightning Rails with glowing runes to ensure light.
        • Abbey of the Lost God – Former members of the Silver Flame watch over the holy site.  Many secretly go mad, as they dwell upon the bound remains of a slain god.
        • Fort Umbralspike – A totalitarian settlement where rule is by veterans and order is ruthless.  The most brutal parts of Shardspace politics influence here.
        • Commune of Absolute Unity – A former cult of Blades sect, now turned ultra-collectivist cult.  While allowing other races, the cult remains devoid of individual identity at all.
        • The Abomination – This moon is alive and some sort of hybrid creature.  It convulses in agony, for its existence is a mystery save for its grim creators.
        • Secretive Resistance – Orders and cells forming in opposition to the awful societies that exist on this cruel place.
        • Secretive Drow – It is very much their doing that helped to doom this moon world to eternal darkness.
      • Metallum
        • Cannith Outposts – House Cannith dominant locales fortified for such projects.  Vadalis, Kundarak and Orien were also involved.
          • The Crazies – A failed Warforged project turned scouting party, many of these warforged suffer deep mental trauma.
          • Outpost 01 – Discovered a horrible alien organism that devours subjects and replicates fake doubles.  So far, it is contained.
          • Outpost 02 – Destroyed by invading Clockwork Horrors.  Their attempt at a constructed portal to Mechanus was secretly altered.  However, when ready, it’ll lead to Baator.
        • Whimsy Forge – A Minoi settlement, slowly “corrupted” by what they call madness.  Their flying machines known as “dirigibles” have become iconic to the area.
          • Auto Forge – Where Autognome and Warforged are fused into a new creature, albeit a flawed one.
        • Ice Block – Formerly Fort Camden in Planet Terra.  This military base remains stationed by soldiers active as of A.D. 1948.
          • The Philadelphia Project – A conspiracy perfected, with cloaking technology.  Bits from the Roswell UFO crash were likewise stored here to help with this.
        • Polar Ursin Grounds – Considered cruel and murderous, they’re just merely territorial.  They have begun to become more aggressive for some reason.
          • Warmth Seekers – Creations of the Ursin, undead that consume warmth from a host.
        • The Super Weapon – A project being made to blow up Noire.
    • Beyond Steam Titan – Worlds and features that extend beyond the gas giant.
      • Primigenial – A savage world of ancient plants and beasts, kept going by strange magic.
        • Range Scholars – A ranger order that hovers just beyond the world, in order to both protect it and keep onlookers away.  To them, the latter is for the adventurers’ own safety.
      • Phantasmagoria – A world ruined by The Void of The King in Yellow, where realities bled together.
        • Phobos Street Station – A somewhat safe place for Spelljammers to dock.
        • Deimos Point – A sludgy shore village filled with dark occult.  It overlooks a toxic sea.
        • The Cabal of the Stone Binder – A cult responsible for this world’s apocalypse.  It even helped to push out the world’s protector, who in turn sealed the world off.
      • Valiance – A world of widespread heroics, in an ongoing fight against widespread evil.
        • Celestian – The city where these heroes converge.  A place of masqueraded deeds of justice.
      • Mechanist Belt – An asteroid belt that once housed current day tribes of the Sphere.
      • Dictum Mechanica – A paradise where living essence is melded with machinery.  The mad theocracy seeks to perfect all reality one day.
        • Numerical Clergy – The main operations of the world.  In many ways, it is a kind of religious veneration of Mechanus ideals.
      • Elven Imperial Stations – Remnants of elven influence on the sphere.
      • Eight Leg Trader Company – A company founded by “reformed” Neogi.  While many employees are good, the owners have evil secrets.
      • The Prismatic Eye – A sun that periodically changes color, to the confusion of many cultures.
      • Stars to the Phlogiston – Travel to Herospace is easy, not the other way.  Krynnspace, Mystaraspace and Shardspace don’t have too much issue getting here.


Havenspace – A wretched hive of piracy and ancient curses.

    • The Crew of Legends – A united group of pirates seeking to carve their own space together.  Foul curses and greed tore them apart.
    • The Soul of Phlogiston – A former Legend turned into something like a Firelich.  He desires to overtake Havenspace.  His soul was originally bound to his imprisoned undead body, before accidental release.
    • Sirens – Creatures that swim about Havenspace, avenging their vanished queen.  They lure ships towards them before mobbing and slaying crews.
    • Phantasms – Ghostly sailors seeking a morbid final rite, killing all in their path to accomplish it.


    • Immortals’ Barrier – A means of keeping outsider meddlers away.  Unlike the Demiurge cults below, their reasons are the results of actual conflict.
    • Alphatian Observance – A lost colony on the world of Protius, on colonies built on top of the watery surface.  Many lost arcane traditions that never made it to Mystara are preserved here.  But, they are a shell of what even the Known World nation is or was.
    • Necrotica – A far flung moon hosting a turf war between Taymorans and Nithians, still existing as a mutual undead nightmare.  They have lost all knowledge of their existence on Mystara, thanks to Immortal intervention.
    • Blackmoor Legions – Long changed and distant cousins of Blackmoor.  They carry on in space colonies and planetary settlements.  Many have left Mystaraspace.  Curiously, the F.S.S. Beagle trait of Green Skin is common in the mutants.
    • The Moons’ Secrets – Mystara’s moons hold strange things.  Myoshima, an empire of Rakasta has existed for many dynasties.  A Hollow Moon holds many oddities, as does the City of the Immortals known as Pandius.


    • The Dark Truth – The sphere collection is actually a prison, sealed off by petty gods who hate the wider Multiverse and the Wheel.  The Demiurgos Society watches over all, to maintain their status quo.
    • Astralspace – The closest to actual Wildspace, home to several planar-esque worlds carrying things approved by The Powers of this Cluster prison.
    • Nerathspace – The home to the Points of Light World.  It shares its sphere with the First World and the Darkness World, nicknamed Feywild and Shadowfell.
    • Elementspace – Where elementals and other enemies of the gods were banished to languish and flail.  This is where a morbid parody of The Abyss lies as well.


    • Demiurge – A similar movement to World Axisspace existed in Eberron.  But, instead of pettiness, theirs was a protective fear.
    • Eberronspace – A world and many many moons.  It is here where Primers consider themselves home.
    • Syberisspace – Where the Orrery like realms come into play.  This sphere only “overlaps” with Eberronspace on rare moments, often coinciding with charted days.
    • Khyberspace – Something of an Underdark-like analogue.  It’s strange and the layout of this sphere makes little sense.  Spelljammer travelers beware!


    • Terranspace – A mix of the Milky Way Galaxy and other nearby systems, carefully cradled.  Beyond Earthlings, Martians, Plutonians and Venusians are other such entities one might observe.  This sphere is technologically advanced.
    • Mythosspace – A horrific almost-extra-dimensional realm.  Home to eldritch things and alien landscapes.  Also the inspiration for The Tchernobog Cabal of Terra.
    • Moorgrimspace – The Home of Mordent’s original home world.  Little is known about the Crystal Sphere, save for that the primary planet proves far more advanced than most Prime Worlds of the Multiverse.
    • Mistspace A terrifying phenomenon that unites the Demiplane of Dread with deeper arcane space, even doors from the phlogiston itself!  More found on this page.

Oddities Abound!

    • Lost Chariot – A spelljammer overwhelmed with dead clones, left adrift.
    • Helm of Doom – A haunted helm with a vindictive personality of its own.  It seems to bring doom to other vessels and crews.
    • Ghost Ships – Often near spelljammer graveyards at lowly and dangerous points of arcane space or beyond.
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