The Doc Multiverse – Ravenloft

I’ve been asked before to catalogue all the crazy ideas and lore I’ve created for my own “multiverse” of sorts. Broken up by world and setting, here is a list containing various new/rebuilt ideas as used within the TSR Great Wheel cosmology and beyond.  In the case of this page, this will catalogue most of my crazy ideas for the Ravenloft setting!  Should I create more things, I’ll try to update this too.

Ravenloft Campaign Setting 
The Gothic Horror answer to D&D, a prison dimension containing various realms meant to torment their captives. Many realms are brought together into clusters, such as The Core.

The Core Domains

    • Arak – A defunct domain, the overworld was blasted into a wasteland by Prince Loht before the underground kingdoms were moved into the Shadow Rift, thanks to the Grand Conjunction.
      • Ghost Domain/Shadow Domains – A strange phenomenon causing this domain to appear over the chasm of the Shadow Rift.  It seems to be displaced from time.  More found here.
    • Barovia – The linchpin of Ravenloft, the home of Strahd’s original sin.
      • Tranquility – A trading stop that pledged total allegiance to Barovia, if for selfish reasons.  After the landlord falsely charged and executed a Gundarakite horseman, his ghost returned in revenge.  Now he haunts a seemingly endless road nearby as a Pocket Domain.  More found here.
      • The Crows – A group of justice minded people out to aid an ailing world.  They have signature dark cloaked garb.  Found here.
    • Borca – A land of backwards nobles, corrupt politicking and poisonous intrigue.
      • A New Poison – Refugees from another domain exhibit a strange poisonous sickness.  Both of the Dark Twins have tried to capture them as components for their latest poisonous weapons.  More found here.
      • The Artist Surgeon – A butcher doctor who fled from Odiare as the mists were rolling in.  He makes disgusting works out of patients.  More found here.
    • Darkon – A home to all who arrive, also home to a dread lich.  More can be found here, here, here and here.
      • The Entropic Gloom – Part of a larger conspiracy to unite the Demiplane of Dread with the Prime Material.  The cabal is aligned with Kargatane that mysteriously slipped from the Demiplane of Dread.
      • The Mist Gate – A machine built from much collaboration with works from across the core and beyond.  The Mist Lure will link realities and grant the Wizard King his freedom.
      • Il Aluk Prophecies – Necropolis is doomed.  It is bound to fall apart in due time.  Thanks to temporal anomalies and traitors to Death’s cause, Azalin may finally have a boon or two against this loathed place.
      • The Cloning Lab of the Jagged Coast – A cabal of sages have been making a clone of Vlad Drakov, as well as an army, to undermine him.
    • Dementlieu – A place of high culture for the core, considerably a hub for metropolitan activity as a whole.  Its government seems rather controlling in subtle ways though.
      • The Dome Splitter – The Brain isn’t the only problem with D’Honaire.  Another psychic enemy from the southeastern part of the core is causing issues.  His hatred of The Brain proves useful though.  More found here and here.
      • The Revelation – A sect of the Church of Ezra links the Bard to the sect’s many mysteries.  More found here.
      • The Mad Barber – One of Dominic’s many victims gone wrong.  Not all become Obedients, some lose their sanity and become Problematique instead.  Tristan is one, he uses his barber shop as a front to murder nobility and anything related to the Darklord, without knowing to target Dominic particularly.  More found here.
      • Saidra D’Honaire – An enchantress mage and a fraudster.  She sought to gain clout with the Council by posing as a distant cousin.  Her plans were working, until a series of events lead Tristan to murder her.  See “The Mad Barber”
      • La Manior de Saidra – A large and lavish estate, not far off of Chateaufaux.  It was here that yearly galas were held, in hopes of Saidra further weaseling her way into the aristocracy.  After her seemingly unknown murder, the party has become corrupted by her vengeful spirit.  More found here.
    • Falkovnia – A bellicose state of warfare, violence and attempted conquering.  It is run by a power hungry warlord of a mercenary army turned imperial army.
      • Newer Campaigns – Disastrous attempts once again, with both Darkon and the Shadowlands Cluster.  More found here.
      • Tobias the Infallible – A turncoat traitor secretly working for Azalin, he shares an uncanny resemblence to Ramon DeLeon of Sigil.  More found here.
      • The Dukkar Pact – An agreement to work alongside Invidia for the betterment of both powers.  More found here.
      • Vladeska – An imperfect clone that seeks to wage war and conquer Falkovnia for her own needs.  She reappears at moments inconvenient to the Falkfuhrer.  More found here.
    • Forlorn – A grown over land of seemingly little interest, besides dangerous Goblyns.  More found here.
      • The Barovian agreement – Agents of Strahd have gone to Forlorn in search of the darklord, with a proposal for aid.
      • Half-Twisted – Goblyn Hybrids were an accident during the domain’s creation.  Their existence could be a means of erasing the curse.
      • Monstrous heroes united.  Jander, the elf who attacked Count Strahd according to legend, has been seen with another hero of the dark, Carnagan Wolfe.
    • Gundarak – A defunct domain, after the death of its Darklord.  It returns for the Time of Unparalleled Darkness. 
      • Barovian Bane Weapons – A secret held by the Gundarakite Rebels, enchanted weapons that cause more damage to anyone of Barovian blood.  More found here.
      • Gundar’s Past – A possessive and manipulative despot, a pawn of a dark god, an impulsive former charmer.  More found here.
      • Gundarak Rebellion – Gundar has returned, thanks to the folly of Professor Arcanus.  Now he assembles armies to reclaim his land.  The Shadow Domain anomalies have helped the cause substantially.  More found here, here, here and here.
      • New Gundarak – An alleged future where Gundar’s return to being a Darklord ushers in the Time of Unparalleled Darkness.  More found here.
      • A rival for Jander Sunstar – The Elf vampire has found enemies with the resurrected Duke.  More here.
      • The Blood Gate – A portal was made by the death of the Gundar son, discovered by Soth years ago.  It would prove useful to Azalin.  Found here.
    • Hazlan – Once the sighting of a strange and lonely wizard, in a land that otherwise rebuked magic.  Now, he seeks apprentices for some dark purpose.
      • Banes of Hazlik – Multiple strange things have begun to happen in the domain.  The Caller is spying on Eleni, pupil of Hazlik.  An unknown necromancer is also causing intentional turmoil within the domain, by teaching the art against his will.  More troubling than both, Ezraites begun to cluster from a prophecy of end times.  More found here.
      • Local pain – Hazlik’s trust in the church of the lawbringer is failing.  This coincides with someone teaching the public about Thayan culture, something he is greatly upset by.  Found here.
    • Invidia – Once the playground of Bakholis, it was taken by a Vistani blooded Witch who was vain and cruel… until her cursed son overthrew her.
      • Dukkar Pacts – Malocchio Aderre is the doom of the Vistani, and cooperation with Falkovnia and Feuers will help see that.  See above.
      • Gabrielle Aderre’s Despair – Blanchard, leader of the wolfweres allied with Gabrielle, and the leaders of the Gundarakite rebels are at odds.  Lucita Aderre and her origins are the cause of this.  Should she not betray her own mother, one of the sides will.  Given the return of Gundar, it’s likely the rebels.  More here.
      • Old Invidia – A consequence of the prophecy.  Malocchio sacrifices virgin victims and is free, Gabrielle loses her title as a prison of Gundar and the Midnight Slasher returns as Darklord.  More here and below.
      • Karnada – A precursor to Old Invidia, a temporary prison for the Midnight Slasher.  For the time being, she was confined to a street that could impose itself around the domain.  More found here.
    • Kartakass – Where storyteller and bard are king, and strange wolves stalk the background.  The Meistersinger assures that all is fine.
      • Ramon DeLeon Found – After disappearing with Azalin’s Mist Gate experiments, some claim to have seen him in Skald.  Found here.
    • Lamordia – A mountainous community terrorized by mad science.  Flesh Golems are the pinnacle of super-science, but often go mad and brutalize those who wander too far from safety.
      • Clay Mockery – A lesser known golem creation of Lamordia, possibly a creation of Emil Bollenbach.  More here.
      • Strange Deaths – Bollenbach and others are blamed for odd murders, some suspect the cult of a sleeping monster.  More here.
      • Ludendorf Academy of Science – A school of science founded by an expat former Dean of Kantora University.  Secretly a front for the Syndicate of Enlightened Citizens.  More here.
      • The Winter Terror – A beached and blocked in ship, trapped by ice.  The ghosts are greedy and will protect their treasure at all costs.  More found here.
    • Mordent – A quiet coastal land with a dark secret, the manor of a wicked ghost.  Lord Godefrey will never be rid of his guilt, but he uses the souls of the dead as his spies and influencers.
      • Expansion – He has recruited ghosts and other phantoms from across the core to do his bidding, wanting to know all The Core has to know.  Found here.
      • No More Glensburough – Thanks to Clem Jr., his town was lifted from Mordent and turned into its own domain.  Thus, it does not appear on Mordent’s maps.
    • Nova Vaasa – A land lead by a just knight with a dark secret, his body is inhabited by a cruel man who wants to undo his legacy.
      • Refuge for the End – Priests of Ezra are banned from Darkon, escaping into Nova Vaasa.  They bring grim tidings.  Likewise, the Carnival hides within the domain after fearing the worst as well.  More here.
      • Revolt against Ezra – The Church of the Lawbringer has become more violent against the Church of Ezra.  This has lead to backlash from Borca as well as new issues all their own.  More found here.
      • Tchernobog Temple – The tomb below the mines were cleared, but new evils moved in.  The Cabal of Tchernobog has a new home in Nova Vaasa.  More here.
      • Commonplace Voyage Inn – A haunted hotel run by a former adventurer.  He tried to kill his family and friends, when the business was forced upon him.  Now the haunt lures victims.  More here.
    • Richemulot – A society of advancement and intellect, where one can supposedly climb a social ladder.  But, the drama of many houses like House Renier assures that it’s unlikely… especially with the average people clustered like rats.
      • Plague of Screaming Ichor – An outbreak that clogs the eyes, nose, mouth and ears with a disgusting sludge.  It has been contained to Ste. Ronges while investigation continues.  More found here.
      • A Grim Suitor – Someone in the darkness has their sights on Jacqueline Renier, someone truly abyssal.  More found here, here and here.
      • A Borcan Conspiracy – Ivan of Dorvinia created a conspiracy to blame Falkovnia, with few the wiser yet.  More here.
    • Shadow Rift – A cut off underground at the bottom of a gaping chasm.
      • The Crow Crone – A hag who tempts others with corvid powers, in hopes that she can enslave them as her own bird-like servants.  Referenced here.
      • Possible Origins – The Arak may have their roots in The Good Kingdom, a demiplane of the Deep Ethereal, prior to their capture by Gwydion.  More found here.
    • Tepest – Inquisition, witches and grim faerie tales fill the mind of its denizens.
      • The Diviners – The Dark Powers have somehow let divination work as it should in the domain.  Those with this gift often go mad and speak of a Mist Gate.  Found here.
    • Verbrek – A savage wilderness overrun with werewolves devoted to an evil cult of a “Wolf God”.
      • Nathan’s revenge – In addition to making a fortune off of expensive rides along the Musarde River, Nathan has hatched a new plan.  In some cases, infecting passengers and fighting them off, to make Verbrek look worse in the eyes of others.  More found here.
      • The Wulver – The accidental creation of a mad mage, who seeks to annihilate them while curing himself.  The only cure ultimately came from his own death.  More here and here.

The Amber Wastes

A vast desert of buried secrets.  Tarnished legacies and sundered history awaits deep in the sands.

    • Har’Akir – Home to a deadly Pharaoh’s tomb and a decayed land beyond.  Only during a time of great prophecy may he awaken.  More found here.
    • Pharazia – A radical theocracy, where all see the eyes of the great Diamabel.  However, the night time turns him into something much worse, something truly fearsome.  More found here.
    • Sebua – A land of fallen love and fallen rule.  The lady of the realm is forced into monstrous acts to continue her grim existence.  More found here.
    • Ylar – A den of sin and vice, operated by groups of bandits.  This domain is part of the Amber Wastes cluster, due well east of Pharazia.  It is a place of backstabbing and secrecy, as a civil war is sparking.  More found here.  Also check out Threshold #29
      • Lurking jaws of death – Ghouls and werejackals have crawled into the domain.  In the case of the latter, House Kalzafred vies for power.
      • Dreams of Ylaruam – Much has brought this land to ruin, much lost to the sands of time.  More found here.

Broken Cog Cluster

A cluster of technologically advanced domains.  More found here.

    • Alleigosto – A tourist hub of the cluster.  Suffers from both technophobic terrorists and heinous robotics experiments.
      • Institute of Innovations – A well respected university secretly funded by Rockbaecche bureaucrats and investors.  More found here.
        • Dr. Vistaverde – A young professor turned plant monster, because of a jealous colleague.
        • Nona Diranelli – The head of catering, created blobs of food to get revenge on those who waste.
        • Division of Automaton Research – The real source of several heinous robots.
      • Haunted Warehouse – A bombing has fused the souls of the slain with their machinery, driving them horribly mad.  More found here.
      • Malgiallo – An outside town with a secret cult.  An amalgam of corpses is revered like a god.  More found here.
        • Rimpinzarsi Family Farm and Tavern – A farm and eatery run by a clan of cannibalistic werewolves.  It’s overseen by a disgraced Mystaran noble.  More here.
      • Borcan Roots – Numerous aspects of Borca influence the domain.
    • Ichthyos – The last civilization of a land that defied the gods and still demanded immortality.  Even its inventors are fleeing.  More found here
      • Ichthyan Serpent – A horrible creature that has become more of a plague in the nearby seas over the years.  More found here.
    • Nosos – A garbage filled industrial nightmare, with the lands beyond being toxic wastelands.
      • Cosmic Horrors – The Green Maiden has infiltrated the already corrupt Nosos, spreading her reality warping presence.  More found here.
    • Phyresha – A shadow council controls all, save for those too damaged to manipulate anymore.
      • Arvoskev – The victim of a puppeteer parasite that hijack bodies.  More found here.
      • Rehabilitation Center – A state sponsored torture chamber and re-education propaganda center.  More found here.
    • New Rockbaecche – Imperialism at its most brutish, brought down by a bioweapon used improperly.
      • Rock Phare – A haunted lighthouse, dragged into ruin by a corrupted keeper.
      • The Great Quake – The fissure that acts as the gaping wound of Timor got worse after an earthquake on Rockbaecche’s border.  More here.
      • Iron Prowlers – A gang that was devastated before infection from the plague.  Their leader, Paolo, retained his intelligence.
    • Zherisia – A nation made whole once more, now contending with the Timor tunnels slowly unleashed upon the whole cluster.
      • Hell Coal Express – The fateful last ride of an anarchist radical has turned into a fiery ghost train.  He still desires revenge against society.  More found here.
      • The Spiritual Extraordinaire – A business to front a medium’s attempts to solve supernatural problems.  More found here.
      • Hive Magic – The Hive Queen has gained access to more means of traveling the cluster with her pocket domain.  More found here.
    • Iron City – A Pocket Domain where a thief is forever kept from a happy life, rife with treason and jobs gone horribly wrong.  More found here.
      • Bay Quarter – The Skylin family has been trafficking bodies for alchemical experiments, resulting in horrible undead.
      • Strange Religion – The Paragons of Confusion seek to spread chaos, while the Watching Gaze favor law.  They are very much at odds.
      • Hallenberch Cradle – An evil and haunted place, one of the few places to scare its darklord.
    • Mithras Court – Originally from Gothic Earth, this domain has since become a pocket domain that hijacks the Paridon railway once in a while.  Sir Lucius Knight desires an empire.  More found here.
    • Darkheath – A war-torn colony contending with the threats of old Blackmoor, which never seem to end.  Few wish to deal with them or aid them.  Now available in Threshold Mystara #30 here.


Fell Crafts Cluster

A cluster of domains detailed doomed creative minds.  More can be found here and here.

    • Acotlaza – The Obsidian Weaver tries to strike back at the haunted lands that shunned her, but finds herself failing against phantoms.  Her beliefs in the Sphere of Entropy fuel her hunts against outside visitors.  More found here.
    • Appleklein Mountains – An assortment of close knit mountain communities, who see The Strings Player as a symbol of folk justice.  In truth, the Strings Player is a xenophobic phantom who hates outsiders.  Even more can be found here.
      • Kleiner Garten Festival – One of the few events to unite the small villages of Appleklein.  The purpose of the festival is both morale and a deeply rooted metaphor.  To them, communities are little gardens to tend to.  More found here.
      • Garvin Gilbury’s Murder – An unsolved mystery involving the most hated man around.  After years of torture and abuse, an unknown group of people united against him.  Details are vague and mysterious.  More found here.
      • Old Schoolhouse – Progressive for the domain, there was an attempt at a house for learning.  It quickly became horribly cursed.  More here.
    • Bohemian – A pocket domain in Glensburough, originally in Mordent.  It consists a sculpture and wax studio run by a disfigured and burned man.  His macabre aesthetics extend to blending flesh and bone into his works.  More found here, which mostly covers its time as a Morden Pocket.
    • Farelle – Jack Karn is even more tormented, now that other domains seek his aid.  He shall never know peace, the retreat of the forest and the like until it’s all gone and he can embrace death.  More here.
    • Glensburough – A mad writer lives in the shadow of his father, even after murdering him.  Worse, his father’s creations have a habit of coming to life now.  More found here and here.
      • Havenstide Bed and Breakfast – A resting place with a significant gathering hall for expositions.
      • The Cheerful Stalker – A literary villain come to life, now acting as something of a late night slasher.
      • Portward-Brendon Institute of the Arts – A prestigious university for creative pursuits.
      • Club for the Astute – An Occultist order of the elite.  They seek any weapons or power to use against the torments of Weir’s creations.  More here.
    • Ne’ur-Maise – A theocracy revolving around a storyteller turned divine king.  It is from the ancient past of Phyresha, but still an incredible marvel.  Or, it was, until the storyteller let his commune fall into obsessive totalitarian worship of him.
    • Odiare – Not only did it move to a cluster, a nemesis for Maligno arrived as well.  More found here.
    • Prose Arch – A ruined theater company tries to hold the interest of the masses, with spectacle presentations.  The owner desires to take part again, but he’s afraid of showing his hideous form to the public. More found here.
      • The Scaena Feud – A rivalry was formed with a pocket domain over who was superior.

Entropolis Cluster – Torn by war and surrounded by those unsure of what to do.  This place is surely doomed.  It is a collection of domains related to the fall of Cyre.  More found here.

    • Metrol – The Last Stand of The Last War that ultimately destroyed Cyre.  But, for Queen Dannel and the people of her city, it wasn’t the end.  More found here.
    • Mourning Pyre – An eternal zombie apocalypse, where the living are cultivated like live stock to continue the darklord’s supply.  More found here.
      • Creeping Death – A Living Spell of Animate Dead, obsessed with maintaining an undead army.
    • The Snaking Trenches – Endless dug out trenches for an endless war.  Morale breaks as soldiers replace the countless dead.  War is hell.  More found here.

Frozen Reaches Cluster – Isolated and alienated realms connected by a frigid wasteland.  The domains seldom interact, often too locked in fear over their own problems.

    • Sanguinia – A destabilized and damaged land, ravaged by plague and monsters.  More here.
      • Mircea’s Mistakes – The creation of more vampires like him only lead to more harm in his land.   Aloof leadership has caused Vorostokov’s people to take sympathies for this land.
    • Vasfar – The home of a faded legend, a warrior who disgraced himself in his bid for Valhalla.  Other horrors of the realm steal his attention.  More found here and here.  Also check out Threshold #29
    • Vorostokov – The Boyers, especially one, wish to be seen as heroes… but do nothing of the sort
      • She’s alive? – A lost love of Boyer Zolnik didn’t die after witnessing the truth, she became a werebeast too.  In fact, she has plans not just for him, but her home village.  More here.

Rule of Threes Cluster – The Rule of Threes, a quintessential aspect of the planes.  In the lands of the mists, it is made into mockery.  Forces of Chaos, Neutrality and Law are twisted and corrupted.  Three domains are assembled to reflect this, some aspect of the planes bent in some wrong way.  More can be found here.

    • Reality’s End – For a while, an Island of Terror.  This domain was a grim reflection of both Sigil, Gate Towns and The Grey Wastes of Hades.  “Mist Fiends” patrol the borders of the sealed off city, waiting for whoever is fool enough to leave.  More found here, here and here.
      • Temple of the False-Oinoloth – Home to a mad fiend trapped by other fiendish artifacts and confined to a statue of sorts.  He gave up on his dreams of usurping the planes, now seeking to damage the Demiplane instead.
    • Omnipotence – A totalitarian dystopia, driven by absolute law and supreme order.  The Darklord is never content and sees made-up disorder where there is none.
    • Proditore – A bankrupt and torn apart land, made worse through the introduction of a corrupt member of Sigil’s Fated faction.  His philosophies are torn apart in this sad and fallen empire.

The Tainted Lotus Cluster – An open sea filled with islands and the remnants of some far off landmass.  Empires bicker among themselves, but most conflict is internal.  Many suffer delusions of grandeur, while angering forces beyond their comprehension.  More found here.

    • I’Cath – The domain has more than most people see.  The after shock of Necropolis helped reveal more to the domain.  The symbolism of “Four Is Death” is ever apparent.  Several guardians are also employed under the dark queen, tormenting villages based off of the four seasons.  In time, it was brought into a cluster.  More here and here.
    • Rokushima Taiyoo – A crafty emperor has suffered for forcing harsh notions of honor, while being dishonorable himself.  He is a geist that watches his 4 sons carve his empire in civil war.
    • Dai Konran – An endless parade of the supernatural.  All around the land live in fear of strange ghosts and terrible monsters.  More found here.
    • Dat Cua Nhen – A fallen trade port, corrupted by a crime lord.  Inept bureaucracy is only successful when uniting to stop him.
    • Dakyuumi – A poisoned sea inhabited by a tainted sea dragon.  Any rank of the divine was stripped from it, now a terrible aquatic monster.
    • Larawang Inukit – The islands of a conflicted despot.  His only concern was fighting outside influences, resulting in countless death and his own accursed fate.  More found here.

The Steaming Wrath Cluster – Brutal jungles which reveal spirits of sin and foolish meddlers who challenge the rites of the divine.  More found here.

    • Sri Raji – The realm of a traitorous rakshasa, guilted into serving the cult of his mother.  The fallen city of Bahru is where he hides in his frustration.
    • Wildlands – Home to sentient spiritual beasts.  King Crocodile lives in fear, with no one to help him because of his gluttonous appetite.
    • Shoonyata – A land being eaten away.  Those who try to survive it contend with ineffectual leadership.
    • Jaibul – Overseen by a fearsome mage.  The Black Rajah seeks to bring greatness back to his land, but will never achieve his revenge or his own desires for success.  Also check out Threshold #29
    • Kalakeri – The future queen of the land was driven to rage by betrayal.  Such a betrayal was so deep that she defeated death, bringing ruin and brutal law to the land in the process.

The Shadowlands Cluster – A tragic realm detailing the horrible fate of Clan Shadowborn.  Their tormentor, Ebonbane, remains stuck within the cluster.  More found here.

    • Shadowborn Manor – The resting place of the fiendish entity known as Ebonbane.  After slaying Lady Shadowborn, the sword-bound fiend was captured within the house itself.
    • Nidalia – Elena Faith-Hold couldn’t endure the grief of losing her best friend, which turned her fanatical until her tyranny consumed her.
    • Avonleigh – The home to a vile wizard who attempted to redeem himself to the Shadowborn clan, until dark temptation dragged him back to wickedness.

The Cluster Sphere – A distortion of the Arcane Space traversed by spelljammers.  It is here where several domains have formed around such concepts.  More found here.

    • The Core World – A misty gateway where a spelljamming crew can hope to travel to The Core of Ravenloft.  However, accessing it this way almost always leads to tragedy, as ships fall and crash.
    • Mistspace – Somewhere between vacant mists and wildspace.  It is a spacious realm filled with awful monsters, all too eager to devour ships and their crews.
    • Rogersport – A former beacon of trade and hospitality.  A darklord’s own greed, hatred and lies have brought the settlement to its knees.
    • Gnomonia – Eager and experimental tinker gnomes inhabit a realm of body horror.  Organic and inorganic meld into their perfect constructs.
    • The Chariot of the Many – A haunted wreck equally overrun by mad clones of a crazed mage.
    • Primordium Station – An elemental intelligence chaffed under the orders of lowly organic creatures.  As such, she has lashed out and ultimately trapped herself in the stifling station.
    • The Sparkling Halls – A temple built upon a realm of radiant horror.  Information always changes, as the stranded crew languishes in confusion.  Likewise, horrible mutants circle the area.
    • Outpost Insight – The remains of a dead Blackmoor.  Its own psychic savior turned against the outpost in the name of advancing its own agenda.
    • Bluetspur Gate – A mistgate that resembles a moon.  In reality, it allows travelers to find themselves in the tunnels of the dread domain through a little exploring.
    • Tower Darkspace – A domain from a dead Crystal Sphere.  T’laan stews in nihilistic pointlessness as a consequence of his actions.  More found here.

Islands of Terror/Detached Pocket Domains/Other Cluster

    • Abaddon – A hellish wasteland brought to ruin by a power crazed priestess.  She seeks to consume other small pockets of life in the domain.  More found here.
    • Antorek – A parody of a sylvan realm upon the planes.  The Darklord never perished, but paid deeply for his omnicidal plans.  More found here.
    • Blaustein – A violent pirate haven, controlled by a lady killer.
      • A Pirate’s Life for me – At some point, more brigands and thugs became attracted to this place, welcomed far more than other outsiders.  Plus, smuggled firearms and cannons are approved.  More found here.
    • Bluetspur – A realm of alien horror, where abominations dwell and spawn in deep cavernous tunnels.  A pulsating brain observes activity, yearning for more.  More here.
      • A new backstory – The God Brain is the result of Wildspace Illithid Biomancy gone very right.  The result was a biological super machine ready to command fleets for planetary conquest.  The Mists intervened.
      • Cerebral Illithid Vampire – One strain wasn’t enough, capturing patients from Heinfroth’s sanitarium lead to another!
    • Cavitius – The Domain of Vecna, where he was shattered by a Paradox of Reality.  This lead to far worse things being unleashed, including the Paradox creatures and shards of Vecna.  More found here, here, here, here
    • Dawnsveil – A colony made by the distant Material nation of Grandglen.  Its governor went from being a hero to a paranoid madman chasing an evil witch that wasn’t there, until he created it.  The land reflects his hostility and anxiety.  More can be found here, here, here and on formerly on the DM’s Guild.
      • The Orvird Estate – The governor’s mansion, full of secret spaces for him to contemplate and plan.
      • Governor Orvird – His mental health has been starkly declining over the years.  He does maintain himself through the memory of iconic figures of the colony though.
      • Within the Woods – A cabin brought near the domain as a pocket domain.  It actually comes from the prime world’s future, damned by an occult researcher obsessed with the fate of Dawnsveil.  Demonic spirits haunt the area.
      • The Haunted Hunter – A ghostly serial killer, caused by the sudden trauma and shock of losing his own family.  The lack of respect shown from this loss drove him mad.
      • Springsthaw – A plantation that’s mostly a front for promoting and supplying slave labor to the rest of the colony.
      • Outpost Nephi – On the border of the domain, rangers are stationed here to keep trouble at bay.  However, some aren’t above capturing outsiders for slavery.
      • Howling Caves – Filled with wendigo spawned during a time of starvation.
      • The Women’s Congregational Charity of Dawnsveil – A means of aiding the colony, also targeted the witches due to competition.
      • First Town – Sacked and abandoned after countless tragedy.  A lost cause for the colony
      • Pale Glider Grounds – Heavily cursed after countless war and strife with the colony, many tribesmen have become more nomadic and avoid the area.
      • The House of Repentance – A holy house overseen by violent zealots and fanatics.  Those who are sent here to repent often die.  More found here.
      • The Soul of Water – A bound water elemental, merged with the water and capable of affecting weather for the worse.  More found here.
    • Gate of the Vaporized Soul – A piece of a temple partially stuck between the Demiplane of Dread and the Inner Planes.  It has the soul of a Darkling stuck within, who is debated to be the Darklord.  More found here.
    • Ghastria – A land of decadence overseen by a crazed degenerate.
      • A little restored, a little lost – The Marquis has felt a little of his personality return.  But, nothing really has magic or feeling to it.  Plus, he’s too uncoordinated to accomplish anything great.  More here.
    • G’Henna – Another former domain of the core.  It is run by a mad priest who is obsessed with sacrifice and starvation.
      • The Mage’s Ire – The mage hired to help conjure an aspect of Petrovna’s “deity” was never on his side, he favored dark fiendish sorcery from the start.  More here.
    • House of Black Lanterns – A floating inn that often sees outsiders brought into the mists.  Its owner, a possible darklord, has a mysterious past, but can do nothing to stop the wanderers from meeting their doom in the greater demiplane.  Found here.
    • House of Stoking Inner Delights – A brothel possessed.  It’s run by a fallen fey and haunted by many victims.  Some say the building itself is like a succubus.  More found here.
    • Isle of Ravens – Home to an isolated mad witch.  She is doomed to loneliness and forgetting everything about herself.  More found here.
    • Kalidnay – From the dying world of Athas, a Templar High Priestess bares witness to the failure of her Sorcerer King and her land.  More found here.
      • The Abaddon Voyage – An explorer learns of “another City-State”.  More found here.
    • Königreich des Feuers – A grim warlord state, dominated by fanatical knights.  They are cursed to become horrible creatures of flame, burning down the nation they seek to protect as their own.  More can be found here.
      • Drachenblut Castle – A macabre lair overseen by a crazed tyrant.  He wallows in frustration, unable to properly survey his subjects without suffering the same curse and enacting random violence.
    • Liffe – Home to a darklord who is cursed to be trapped in his house for a century after each passing day.  More found here.
    • L’île de la Tempête – A lone lighthouse commanded by a rather cursed individual.  His werebat curse keeps him off the waves and away from company.  More found here.
    • Markovia – An amateur surgeon turned master sculptor of animal flesh resides on a warm island, formerly part of a mountainside by Barovia.
      • Father Frozeki – An outlander who found himself upon the island.  He aspires to cure these creatures of their status.  His methods, however, are not kindly either.  He inhabits the secondary monastery’s ruins.  More found here.
    • Nebligtode – A loner necromancer wants to turn to his studies in peace, this will never happen again.
      • An enemy abroad – Meredoth attempted to harness Necropolis, which failed and drew ire of Azalin.  More here.
      • Strange Explorers – For the first time an years, Mystarans found Nebligtode.  A crew of Karameikan explorers documented their strange voyage.  More found here.
    • Nightmare Lands – A place of living dreams turned horribly wrong.
      • The Dreamlands Connection – The Mi-Go have found their own connection to the court, putting brains at risk.  Stranger, this connection has helped unite the forces of the Shadow Rift.  Found here.
      • Tchernobog’s Prison – A grim realm that the Binder of Dimension resides in.  However, his dark essence still influences the planes… somehow.  More found here.
    • Saragoss – Formerly part of Verduous Lands, it is a traveling pocket domain within the Nocturnal Sea and Sea of Sorrows.  A cursed wereshark haunts graves of ships doomed to their demise.  More found here.
      • Siren’s Call – Home to wretched sirens.  Their queen desires to return to the land and consume all in her path.  However, she is haunted by visions of her demise.
    • Scarred Crags – Where a lost tribe has exists in servitude to another.  It is a brutal and repressive place, where their captors often lose control.  Found in Threshold #29.
    • Sea of Sorrows – Where Captain Pieter Van Reise haunts his waves, within the Relentless.  He is cursed to never accurately chart the seas.
      • Andre de Sang – Captain of La Mer Gitan.  His crew suffer a unique form of wererat lycanthropy.
      • Urdogen the Red – A Torilian pirate who can never succeed in his dreams, whether in Faerun or The Mists.
      • Tyoraam – A fallen empire that  struggles for survival.  The people try to continue their olden ways while progressing any way possible.  They are still seen as backwards.  Now available in  Threshold Mystara #30 here.
    • Souragne – A swamp-filled colony that pays homage to a Zombie Lord through its Voodoo priests.
      • The Powder Alchemist – Magabdwul brings promise through his alchemical creation, a zombie powder of sorts.  Found here.
    • Vechor – A shifting mess of a land overseen by a ‘false god’, a mad elf in isolation.
      • Easan’s theory – Given how Iuz has the blood of Graz’zt, similar traits might imply that the Caller and by proxy Malocchio might have that blood connection too.  More here.

Gothic Terra/ Gothic Earth

An alternate version of Earth, plagued by ancient evils.  More found here, here, here and here.  Rather than the 19th Century, this was in the 20th into 21st century.

United States of America

    • Asbury Park, New Jersey – The Morro Castle will never rest.  It is a vessel doomed to sail its fated voyage forever.  Its tragedy will seemingly never end, even with the attention and justice it rightfully deserved.  Many tales tell of weirdness in New Jersey, this is but one.
    • Chicago, Illinois – The home of the notorious Murder Hotel, run by H.H. Holmes.  Considered the first modern serial killer, he is also an agent of the Red Death.
    • Glenrio, Texas – A roadside town brought to ruin through Route 66.  The literal ghost town is locked in delusion and nostalgia, dissonance turns it violent.
    • Locust Grove, Oklahoma – The site of heinous murders in a Girl Scouts’ Camp.  A malignant force of evil still watches over the grounds.
    • Montauk, New York – The sighting of an abomination called the Montauk Monster, a creature from between realities.
    • Virginia Colonial Triangle – Jamestown, Yorktown and Williamsburg; three places that are prominent in the early years of the United States.  However, a darkness hangs over them.  Ghosts of the starving, dead soldiers and damned souls await.  Also home to Nathaniel Bacon, who was taken by the Mists.
    • Washington D.C. – A house of conspiracy dating back to its early years.  In one case, there is the Hoffman Institute, which is dedicated to uncovering strange events of the paranormal, like a dark force called “The Red Death”.

United Kingdom

    • Sheffield Outskirts – Home to a strange cult lead by Maggie Susan Higgins in the mid – later 20th century.  They believed in punishing the wicked of society by consulting strange powers.

Travelers in The Mists

    • The Traveling Groundskeeper – A grim man who tends to cemeteries around the demiplane.  Each night, he manifests near a different site.  He’ll wander around and make sure all is right.  In truth, he was once a king that had no respect for the living of his lands.  In cowardice, he turned away after survivors retaliated against him.  During his final test, he requested a means of respecting the dead that he didn’t respect in life.  Thus, this is his life now.  More found here.
    • Maggie Susan Higgins – Originally from 1970s Gothic Earth, she found herself in the demiplane of dread.  At first, she took to expanding her occult discoveries and sciences in Lamordia, before moving to Darkon.  For a time, she collaborated with Azalin Rex, before the Wizard King ultimately betrayed her.  More found here.
    • “Dirty” Danielle – A cook from Verbrek.  After werewolves tortured her, she escaped half-sane, traveling across the core.  However, upon settling in Dementlieu, D’Honaire tried to turn her into an Obedient after she was gaining much fame in her business.  She instead became a Problematique and returned to cannibalistic habits.  She now works alongside Tristan by disposing bodies.  More found here.
    • Clan Alhazred – Relatives of the Mad Arab, Abdul Alhazred.  They were brought to the mists long before Abdul penned Al Azif, Necronomicon.  More found here.
    • Gunter Drachenblut – A ruthless leader that commanded Teutonic Knights during a campaign within future Poland.  More found here.


A possible apocalyptic scenario.  The prophecy and its details, my take on them, can be found here.

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