Even more DOOM Monsters!


Even more evils of the underworld invade your games!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: My last offering was kinda sad, so let’s finish off the rest of the monsters from DOOM I and DOOM II!

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More DOOM Monsters!


Incoming transmission! “There’s even more of them captain!  We thought we were finished, but they’ve only just unleashed even more of the damned things upon us!  Many of these wretched hell things feel even stronger than the last ones we fought!  We can’t hold out for mu-” Transmission ended!

Author’s Note:  Sorry for being late on this one.  I found out last minute that my group wanted to postpone my game, so I would have had a game synopsis last week.  I also got very sick following a busy work week.  With that, here’s a handful of more DOOM monsters.  I might do an update later on with another popular monster in mind… Arachnotron… Mancubus… Something like that!

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Demodands – Fiendish Forces of Destruction for D&D 5th Edition


Demodands, engines of fiendish destruction!  These grotesque underworld dwellers exist in the inescapable prison plane of Carceri; a plane devoid of hope and passion, where life is sealed away and slowly choked out entirely.  Despite being an incarnate form of death and destruction itself, many act as the guards to ensure captured souls never leave their writhing cages of torment. When not on active duty, their goals tend to be simple enough: find ways to help decay and dismantle the universe itself.  For this reason, they tend to be confused as demons.  However, they are not driven by a sense of chaos, but simply a hatred for reality and existence as a whole and the need to destroy it.  And oddly enough, they view values of liberty and chaos to be an obstacle in their way of absolute destruction.

The origin of these horrors is unknown to most planar folk, save for the barmiest of the barmy on the fringes of the planes themselves.  Mad scribes and banished fiends tell the tale of a Daemon who wanted to create a whole new race to add to the carnage of the Blood War.  Unfortunately, the resulting Demodands could not be controlled and ended up helping nothing.  Said fiend was supposedly banished to the depths of Carceri, with their Demodand spawn watching guard forever more.  While not directly interested in the Blood War, these fiends see it as an opportunity to prove their skills in entropy, ruination and extermination.

Author’s Note:  I’d say this was another successful fall/winter block of science-fantasy and planar content.  As always, thanks for keeping me going!  This is sadly the last extraplanar/sci-fi themed post for a little bit, as I want to continue challenging myself with different ideas and concepts.  Stay tuned for a new theme and some groovy announcements!

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Horrors of Hell – Monsters from the DOOM series

“From a whirling vortex of vile energy, beings beyond comprehension emerge.  Their properties and proportions are both impossible and demonic looking.  Each are sculpted into grotesque and morbid forms, some of which brandishing relics and artifacts of incredible power.  They glare at all of you with wicked malice, as they ready their rampage.”

In part due to the Blood War, knowledge of fiends has slowly traveled the multiverse.  However, different dimensions entirely have introduced new sorts of fiends ready to wreak until havoc upon the planes, for whatever reason.  These horrors come in shapes not seen by planar and clueless alike.  Their daemonic nature implies siding with the daemons of Abaddon, Hades, Carceri and Gehenna; but time will tell where their allegiances truly lie.  However, some assume that these creatures are recent additions to the Lower Planes.  It is likely these “xenoforms” plane shifted from another universe entirely.  In fact, less magical realities have had fateful incursions with their kind.  The most prominent case was a base on Mars, which was quickly overwhelmed by atrocious creatures.

Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean the waves of nightmarish monsters will cease!  Here’s a sampling of underworld monsters from the DOOM series of video games.  Specifically, I’m referring to the Demon, Imp and Cacodemon.

Author’s Note:  Some time a ways back, I created my own take on the Cyberdemon, albeit with a Yugoloth theme to it.  With that, here’s my ensemble of gruesome terrors from the DooM universe, reinterpreted as monsters of the Lower Planes.

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