Rock ‘n’ Roll Deities

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Won’t you take a ride, ride, ride
On heavy metal
It’s the only way that you can travel
Down that road

Amidst the vast multiverse, there are many powers that govern over various forces.  Some crusade for justice, while others seem to rot reality in cruel ways.  Some, plain and simple, are here to ROCK and ROLL!  This strange pantheon emerges from realms of alien sounds to unleash new incredible philosophies and visions upon the awakened masses.

Author’s Note: BALLS TO THE WALLS!  What better way to welcome the new year than with a return to some really gonzo stuff!  Just like the American version of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure did, I twisted the names around… in case I use this stuff later.  Surely, you’ll get the references to things though, even though dub names suck…  Also, yes, I did make a jab or two at various rock personalities, in addition to some homages.

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Fey Dog – A Tongue-in-Cheek Canine Race for D&D 5th Edition

NOTE: This post was written as a joke and will probably not got updated any time soon.  As such, it is a bit imbalanced.


“Why do humans always think I speak in goofy broken Common?  That is somewhat racist.”

– “Fishbreath”, A Seafaring Fey Shiba Bard

Small but ever curious                                                               

Fey dogs are an energetic race of canine-like beings.  Typically, the breeds reflect smaller dog breeds rather than large, as they better fit the whimsical nature of faerie.  Oddly enough, their name is a misnomer.  While they live in the realms of faerie, they aren’t true fae, but rather one of many kinds of animals uplifted by fae magic.

Few breeds are the adventurous sort, save for the rare few, as most tend to stay within their realms.  This is either out of a fearful need for protection or phobia of the outside world.

Those who wander away from their home realms do so to learn about the many worlds around them.  To these lone strangers, the world is full of new sights, sounds, and even smells!  For fey dogs, this new life is one full of excitement wherever they go.

At Home Anywhere                                                                       

Despite their origins in the realms of Faerie, adventurous fey dogs are comfortable almost everywhere.  Leaving behind their prejudice and fear, they adapt to new homes much like their non-sentient ancestors.  And just like their ancestors, they are quick to bond to other races that become friendly with them.  While fey dogs aren’t always willing to obey and listen, they prove to be very faithful companions in the long run.


EDIT: Even though the base idea wasn’t mine, I’m in the midst of reorganizing due to people copying the work I have done.  I might rework the base stats of this into another work or project though.  If it becomes a product, the base stats provided here might be removed and a link put up in their place.  Until then, enjoy this living draft.
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