Werebeasts Update

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Pardon the delay, I meant to release this update alongside A Planar Grimoire, but a few things got in the way.  Anyway, here’s four new werebeasts, as well as four new NPC creatures to torture your heroes with, all outside of the norm for the curse of lycanthropy.  On top of that, the NPCs all have a roguish-assassin type of theme.

  • Seawolf (Swashbuckler) – A seafaring terror that can stalk both on deck and in the murky depths.  Its NPC counterpart is a cruel sailor who mingles with crews before viciously slaying as many as possible, usually amidst a deadly storm or allied seawolves.
  • Weremantis (Shadowdancer) – A were-insectoid capable of long reach and deadly bite.  Its NPC counterpart is a master of stealth and dark sorceries.
  • Wereserpent (Stygian Cultist) – Cursed with the blood of snakes, this creature can not only doom others to such a life, but can choose to kill undesirables through deadly venom instead.  The NPC counterpart is dedicated to a dark cabal of death, assassination, dark gods and the lower planes.
  • Werewasp (Toxic Assassin) – This were-insectoid takes to the skies to shock and terrify its prey.  While it lacks a potent bite, its curse can be transferred through a venomous sting.  Similar to the wereserpent in terms of tactics, the werewasp also has the boon of flight.  Due to its natural poisoning ability, its NPC counterpart can unleash a barrage of alchemically augmented toxins, poisons and more.



One with the Gun – Options for Gunslinging Shootists

Fantasy Rifleman by BrotherOstavia

The Order always prepares for adventure!

The Order of the Shootist, it’s a name claimed in both fear and mystery. They arrive with their incredible weaponry, unleashing thunder claps and smoke. And in mere instants, their enemies drop dead from incredible blasts of metal and fire. Only warriors worthy of their cause are admitted into their ranks. People know plenty about the mythical “fire brands”, as they have for countless years. However, most people are barely proficient. Even more fail to use them properly to begin with! The Shootist rises above these average folk. They hold sacred knowledge about not only wielding a gun with finesse, but a myriad of skills to truly champion their weapons.

For a Knight of the Shootist Order, there are many key features. One must move with a certain panache. Not only must they be graceful with their guns, but their steps must be constantly fluid. One slip up and you are shot down. A shootist has little time to stop and study their enemy, but must make a quick observation on the go. In addition, you won’t see armor worn as often within their ranks. Only truly strong and brisk warriors sport the arms and speed of a gunslinger with the armory of your traditional knight. Such individuals command both respect and a charismatic presence all their own. Some take to the shadows to get in the most brutal surprising shot possible, unleashing a devastating barrage.

Author’s Note: Lots of folks have asked a long time to revisit my shootist post. And since my theme for this month is Gaslamp Fantasy and Weird West, it was the perfect opportunity. So, let’s not just revisit the Shootist, but have a list of new options for the Rogue! Both of these were made with my own take on firearms, which is similar enough to 5e core. Don’t worry, there’s no misfire included. Take aim and fire, here’s a shooting gallery’s worth of options! However, these can easily be repurposed into a general ranged specialist if firearms are not allowed in your games or not common enough to allow training in.

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Roguish Archetype – The Practical Joker

“Batter Up!”

A bane among their compatriots and a blessing all the same.  The Practical Joker is a master of mischief and mayhem.  Perhaps they’re creators of comedy, perhaps their sheer power of annoyance is a weapon all its own.  Either way, it’s not likely they’ll be trusted by many people and for good reason.

This isn’t to say these cheery pranksters are forces for antagonism.  On the other hand, many are quart jesters or comical folk in general.  Many travel around, hoping to bring amusement… usually at someone’s expense.  Assuming they have a sense of humor, they’re often in on the joke.  However, some practical jokers take their craft too far.  They become malicious, seeing downright sadistic acts as comical.  These people become feared as villains in their own right.

Author’s Note: The Muscle Wizard didn’t turn out how I had hoped.  It was a one shot joke based on a one shot joke anyway, so no harm done.  Also, this sub-class is built around the idea of manipulating enemies and making light of a situation.  This archetype is not intended for more serious games.  Likewise, this archetype shouldn’t be used as an excuse to troll your fellow players.  That’s a reason why Kender tend to be banned at a lot of tables.  Also, better late than never, right?

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Ratling Scoundrel – A Lycanthropic Roguish Archetype for D&D 5th Edition


“Releeeaasssssse meee… I’m nottt pppppeetttt, I-I I m-m-mmmaaann-… Ssssmell pea-nutttt bu-tterr! *happy squeaking and munching.*”

– Scoldorn “Squeaky” Amberguard, Ex-Ratling Scoundrel; captured by an evil nobleman wizard and turned into a prisoner/”family pet.”

The rumors of “warrior beasts” have fascinated your guild greatly.  And just like with the warrior beasts, sins of envy and pride motivated the development of a new monstrous friend or foe.  In your expeditions, you’ve discovered a thieves guild like no other.  Their abilities to steal and plunder are greatly enhanced by capabilities not displayed by other rogues; the dread curse of the wererat!  However, their strain is special and heavily controlled.  With it, they can infiltrate and quickly annihilate, all without causing too much alarm… lest the subject be particularly terrified of rodents.

Unlike the warrior best, The Ratling Scoundrels hide to the shadows and remain as anonymous as possible.  Were they to be discovered, their fates would be similar to the countless warriors who have either lost their humanity, their sanity, or both.  As such, their cells are often subterranean or within hidden establishments like the rats they emulate.  However, not all members are lowly street urchins and pick pockets!  Some are well respected nobility who wish to get an extra edge against their competition or spy with the help of some friends.  Either way, they face the same fears as the warrior beast, with the same amount of control.  In fact, the scoundrels are to blame for countless disappearances… and growing numbers of rodent-like monsters.

But, we’re here to talk about exceptionally lucky you!  Your induction into the Guild of the Ratlings has begun.   Steady now, your genetic code is being rewritten!  Just hold on, and everything will be fine.

NOTE: The original draft, which I consider to be quite unbalanced in one way or another, has been removed.  The updated version of the crunch is available via “Zoanthropes – A Collection of Werebeasts” via DM’s Guild.  It will likely receive a final revision though.


Created by Doctor Necrotic, for Doctor Necrotic Media.

Covert Infiltrator/Techno-Spy – A Sci-Fi Roguish Archetype for D&D 5th Edition

Infiltrator vs. Minotaur

“Voracx Corp seems to have everything! The idea of planar travel blew peoples’ minds, but that’s just the beginning! I’ve seen prints for machines that can traverse time, travel to locked dimensions, and even locate worlds that simply shouldn’t be. If you allow me to lead, we can show those lunatics a thing or two about preventing their apocalypse!” – Arlon Devan, Human Covert Infiltrator.

Your purpose is typically two-fold; espionage and scavenging. Perhaps you have a role in stealing prototypes and blueprints to secret technology. Maybe you’re a wasteland raider whose trying to salvage lost technology for profit or for personal use. Either way, your knowledge of subterfuge and tinkering have proved to be very useful skills of survival. However, there’s a market for folks like you who help “share” ideas. After all, if competition can get away with copying an idea without proof, it’s all the better. As for yourself? Something has changed you; augmentations, exposure to magic or radiation, or something else entirely. Or maybe you’re a top notch spy with an arsenal of gadgets to boot!  Either way, as long as you keep to the shadows, nothing can stop you. Continue reading