Bizarre Bazaar, Back from the Grave! – More Horror Items for D&D 5th Edition

You see an eerily familiar sight; a sinister cottage building with a poorly written”antiques and oddities” sight nearby.  As you draw nearer, a dreadful sense of deja vu pours over you.  You’ve been here before.  Upon entering the door, all comes back to you as you see a hunched over sales person, obscured by a cloak.  The humanoid creature cracks a smile from underneath the cloth, as if it recognizes you.

Welcome to Rare and Magnificent Antiques and Wares!  I haven’t seen you in quite some time.  Hopefully you learned from last time you foolishly made a purchase without heeding warnings.  Or perhaps you’re a new customer, no… you’ve been here, I sense it!  Unlike other curio shops and antique specialists, I focus on the morbid and bizarre; artifacts found no where else in the world!  But remember this, all sales are final.  If you fear obtaining something, let me enlighten you on all there is to know.  Granted, you already knew the rules, didn’t you?

Sadly, we’ve sold the wears that you’ve seen last time.  But fear not, thanks to various benefactors as well as generous adventurers, I have replenished my stock with a satisfying assortment of new items to examine.  Also, do be careful when handling the items.  You don’t want to activate or awaken something by accident, do you?  Of course not!  And so, simply point to something and I’ll be right over to get it for you.

Author’s Note:  The Hunched Over Salesman is back with all sorts of creepy magic items to dive into!  I wanted to do a followup to my Gothic items from back in April, so here we go!

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Scarionette – Evil Puppets for D&D 5th Edition

“Hello, kids!”

Scarionettes are animated puppets brought to life with some of the more profane magicks to ever exist.  Their intent is to guard their master rigorously, while unleashing absolute torment, depravity and punishment to all who would do their commander wrong.  While a modestly trained warrior could probably cut one down, they rarely travel alone.  In fact, they often stage mock-shows in groups while in a sort of “idle” mode.  However, this is merely a facade to lure any trespassers closer to them, allowing them to strike.  What moves them is truly a mystery.  Some say they have actual skeletons within their insides, using necromancy as a means of propelling them forward.  Others say that dark spirits and demons bring them to life, due to some bond with the caster.  Perhaps they’re just an extension of an insane mage’s will!  Few are curious enough to find out.

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