A Planar Grimoire Update

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Just letting everyone know, I’ve made an update to one of my initial works for DM’s Guild, a Planar Grimoire!  The following spells inspired by the Eberron setting, and also given a somewhat spooky Halloween vibe!  The following spells have been added:

  • Augment Natural Weapon
  • Dream Lock
  • Essence of the Living
  • Healing Light of Irian
  • Intensive Repair
  • Repair Damage
  • Silverflame Smite
  • Sporadic Shapeshifting


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Strange Things in Bloodied Wyvern Peaks Adventure Report: Part 4


“Where are we?  When are we?”

It has been a bit of a hiatus, but we’re back!  Hooray!  The lands beyond Qvosfeir await, as our team etches closer through the rugged terrain of the bloodied wyvern peaks.  And by lands beyond, I mean quite beyond!  As always, things are about to get even weirder!

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More DOOM Monsters!


Incoming transmission! “There’s even more of them captain!  We thought we were finished, but they’ve only just unleashed even more of the damned things upon us!  Many of these wretched hell things feel even stronger than the last ones we fought!  We can’t hold out for mu-” Transmission ended!

Author’s Note:  Sorry for being late on this one.  I found out last minute that my group wanted to postpone my game, so I would have had a game synopsis last week.  I also got very sick following a busy work week.  With that, here’s a handful of more DOOM monsters.  I might do an update later on with another popular monster in mind… Arachnotron… Mancubus… Something like that!

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Monsters of DOOM, Revisited


Hell.  Many thought of it as a mere theological concept, written in ancient scripture.  A team of scientists, corporate representatives and military conglomerates one day discovered that there was so much more.  On martian base, an experiment was conducted to reach into other realities.  They got an alternate dimension the denizens called Hell.  Perhaps it wasn’t what many considered, but Hell had come to that reality and tore it asunder.  Thanks to the impossible efforts of one space marine, referred to as “The Doom Guy”, the forces were pushed out of our world… for what we hoped was for good.

Since that incident, the malevolent armies of this underworld realm have discovered other Prime Material Planes and have continued a campaign of multiversal conquest!  Parallel realities and other planes entirely have faced off against these things.  It has even been rumored that some of these fiendish terrors have faced off in the eternal battleground known as The Blood War.

Author’s Note:  I wasn’t too satisfied with my original creations, so I decided to have a bit of a do over!  On top of that, I wanted to expand the monster list a little more by adding a few essential classic creatures.  Enjoy.

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Taking Inspiration from the Marvel Cinematic Universe for Dungeons & Dragons


Admittedly, I’ve been away from the boundless realms of graphic novel and comic books.  Whether it’s because I’m hesitant to try new series or because money is always tight, I haven’t really gone too deep into comic books, especially nowadays.  Now, I’ve caught up on a few series and read many of them after the fact, but I’ve never really gotten active within any fandoms… unless a handful of defunct and finished web-comics count for anything, that is.  That said, I’ve been slowly been brought back into the fold thanks to Disney and Marvel teaming up for the relatively recent series of films that have been mostly pretty damn good.  Save for a few sub-par installations, the films that have been released (sometimes more than) once a year have been fantastic.  At the best, an excellent journey of action and heroism… and at worst?  A good way to spend an evening, none the less.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has allowed theater goers to observe all parts of the expansive realms of Marvel; past, present and future.  We’ve had stories jam packed with all sorts of adventure… and all sorts of adventure inspiration.  These are mostly big stories full of drama and conflict, the righteous and the malicious, worlds thrown out of balance due to someone’s corrupt plans; worlds in need of great heroes, where said heroes rise up to the occasion.  On top of that, they have a variety of moods and styles to them.  The stories can range from world threatening menaces to stories about a struggling family to a conspiracy that seeks to intertwine itself with the very companies and governments we associate with.  All around, there’s more than enough to work with.  With that, let’s take a brief look at taking from MCU to enhance and inspire your games.

Editorial Note: Wait, what is this?  Well, I wanted to shake things up a little.  Considering it’s game related, I posted it here rather than on the original review blog.  But, don’t be alarmed, I’m still going to produce as much gaming content as I can.  But, I’m hoping this article will still be useful for you, at least to spark some ideas.

I was originally planning another theme, but Doctor Strange (and the rumors regarding Wizards of the Coast’s next release) revitalized my planar/multiverse theme!  So, a bit off the cuff, but whatever!  In fact, this article is very off the cuff and not really planned at all.  Also, Marvel did not pay me to write this.  I wanted to write this.  I might just like the Marvel movies… a lot.  Also, the following focuses more on the recent movies, for the most part.  None the less, enjoy.

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Antumbra, the Lady of Dreams – A Lost Fey Patron/Ally for D&D 5th Edition

Queen of Wands by puimun


The lost queen of the dream realm, Antumbra is considered the good answer to Penumbra’s reign of terror.  Unfortunately, Punembra is responsible for her disappearance.  What exactly happened to her remains a mystery, but it’s possible that she was slain and her powers were stolen.  Considering Penumbra isn’t any stronger and remains angry towards those who bring up her name, this is likely not the case.  Many who treat her as a divine source of inspiration claim that her essence lingers somewhere in the boundless universe.  However, the exact locations is unknown.  Those who claim to know are more than likely liars or out of their minds.

To many, she is not only a protector of good dreams and sleep, but of good health as a whole.  For aeons, many traversed the strange lands of dream for her legendary healing talents.  Illnesses of body, mind and soul; all of which posed little issue to her.  Granted, her neutrality towards material plane politics and faiths caused almost as many to turn away from her, as she had little interest in spurring on conflict.  Some travelers simply sought out advice in hopes of living out their greatest dreams.  As a master of dreams, she came to understand the aspirations of many sleepers.  This has lead to many cults and covenants dedicated to her strange fey power.  However, she feared the extra attention might bring the ire and jealousy of her unhinged brother.  In an effort to prevent this, she did all she could to protect him and ensure his wellness.

Her personality was a trusting one, as she saw good in all things.  Perhaps one of her greatest strengths was also a glaring weakness.  Her corrupt brother exploited her nature in a time of his own weakness.  He had nearly been crushed by a rival court.  As a family member of the same fey court, she was obligated to aid him.  Upon being helped back to normal, he seized the chance to banish her.  Knowledge beyond that action is all but lost.  All that is known is the realm of dreams was taken over by him and twisted into a vile hellscape of his design.  Wherever Altumbra is, her control over the realm is all but severed.

Author’s Note:  One of my good friends brought to my attention that Penumbra had a sister in his backstory and there was a lot of unused potential in her story.  Even though she was banished, whose to say the players can’t find her and make plans from there?  With that, I decided to expand upon Antumbra a bit more.  Hope you enjoy.

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Big Daddy and Little Sister – Technological Deep Sea Marvels for D&D 5th Edition



The multiverse holds many constants and variables, countless realities, countless possibilities.  Among them are societies aspiring for greatness.  These societies seek to build a utopia far away from the world they find so corrupt.  One such place was the City of Rapture; no gods, no kings, only man.  It was here one could hope to achieve greatness, without everyone else tearing you down with virtues of forced altruism, manipulative institutions and suppression of personal achievement.  It was here one had the power to join the captains of industry, but many forgot that someone had to scrub the toilets.  The bloody king of Rapture himself turned on his own ideals as a con man took advantage of the plight to mobilize an army.  As the final nail in the ideals of rapture, mutated and brainwashed humans bonded to cybernetic diving suits were used as both support for Rapture and part of its crumbling defense.  These sad beasts were dubbed “Big Daddies”, tasked with protecting the equally mutated “Little Sisters” to ensure they harvested the dread drug that overtook the entire city.

And what of the creepy little girls that follow them around?  These poor little children were snatched up by some crooked Dr. Frankenstein and turned into little monsters.  Now, they babble incessant nonsense while draining bodies of the wonder drug that ruined the city.  The macabre display unnerved people before civilization fell apart, but it continues regardless of the squabbling splicers that roam the endless dilapidated halls.

Some realities have taken notice of these metal titans!  From secretive collaborators in the floating City of Columbia (Burial at Sea is canon, deal with it), to various other realms not even likened to the underwater city; horrible new creations have arisen after being inspired by Big Daddies  and the Little Sisters themselves.

Author’s Note:  BioShock remains to be one of my favorite games.  So I figure to keep in line with my horror-theme for October, I’d convert one of the most iconic parts of the franchise; Big Daddies and Little Sisters.

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