The Eldritch Unity – Amalgamated Horrors from Powers Beyond

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Unification.  Usually, this concept is seen as a positive.  Coming together for a common cause.  However, not all things use it for the betterment of all life.  Some use it for the betterment of themselves, sometimes to literally propagate themselves; an all out cosmic domination campaign.  For survivors sane enough to resist its curse, they will recant tales of an entity more than capable of unraveling all reality… and rebuilding it in a gruesome image.

Despite hailing from some alien dimension, accessed through planar loopholes and demiplanes, this entity is not driven by chaos or randomness, as we might assume.  Scholars believe that this thing has taken interest in our takes on law, order and of course unity.  However, it strives to perfect it.  To material plane minds, the result is a sickening perversion that inspires madness and revulsion.

Author’s Note: The culmination of all sorts of cosmic and body horror.  Here are a few powerful creatures that could make for some truly horrifying end game baddies, short of an elder god itself.  Mix a little Dark Souls, Halo, Innistrad and Warhammer 40K and you have these abominations.  Also, I realized that my homage to Hanweir is quite similar to Kor-Artificer’s.  Great minds think alike, I guess.  Either way, I can certainly say that I’ve created one of he most horrifying things I can imagine.  All for a part of the Unity!

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Horrors of Khorvaire and Beyond – Dal’Quor

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“Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.” – Edgar Allan Poe

Beyond the realm of Khorvaire lies many horrible things. Some exist upon the Prime Material Plane, while others are haunted remnants of old conflict. The wasteland of Cyre lures curious onlookers hoping to know more of the Last War. An empire of the undead waits patiently while assembling its forces. A deadly draconic power below prepares for an onslaught like none have seen. However, these threats and more are far more terrestrial. Within the realms of a sleeping mind lies a gateway into a dark unknown. It is here that the Mi-Go flutter, elementals of dream gather and the Quori plan their dreadful deeds.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I love Eberron… a lot! Now, I wasn’t the first to convert some monsters over to 5E and I won’t be the last! Given my posts about dream-related content, it’s likely Dal’Quor content will show up in something else if Eberron isn’t unleashed to the public any time soon. So as always, continue to divine in the realm of dream and you too might learn a thing or two. For more dream wandering content, check out The Dreamlands tag.

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EDIT AUGUST 2018: Check out the updated version here!  (It’s also more of its own monster now, rather than just a rip from Eternal Darkness.)

“They ARE amongst us!”

“When we thought that our very bodies and minds were sanctuary against foul things, there are horrid puppet masters that would seek to dig into our very essence and manipulate us.  These skeletal looking beings always dig at the neck and claw their way into the victim’s spinal column, where they hijack all function.  In no time, the victim is a mere toy of this awful beast.  And worst of all, they’re capable of sampling the old mind’s memories to blend in, as one of us!  They can infiltrate OUR lands without us knowing.  Only when their new skin is damaged or useless, do they shed it like old clothing!  These grotesque nightmares will try to control US ALL!” – Maxwell, an Archivist driven mad by dark revelation.

Behold, the Bonethief.  This almost skeletal beast is nothing to make light of.  As it skulks dark corners, waiting for prey, one can hear its demonic cackles.  It strikes by leaping towards the spine of its victim, digging in before taking absolute control.  It even has the unsettling ability to mimic its host in their prior environment.  Thus, many who encounter these atrocities quickly succumb to paranoia.  While not extremely violent, this parasitic race will subdue anyone who intends on thwarting their sick plans by any means necessary.  When not acting like a normal living being, they will hide within corpses and masquerade as a dead body before causing the remains to leap up and attack.  When you discover that at least one is present, you know you will never be safe from them again!

Author’s Note: Before, I did a monster inspired by Eternal Darkness, sampling their take on the vampire a little bit. This time, I wanted to convert one of my favorite creatures from the game, The Bone Thief.  This was one of the most terrifying enemies in the game, if only for the reason that you didn’t know who had this parasitic creature controlling them.

Made by Doctor Necrotic, for Doctor Necrotic Media.  Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem is a product of Nintendo and Silicon Knights.