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Since I made my post on Eladrin, I wanted to do another thing or two.  For starters, I thought the Lilend from Tales of the Infinite Staircase were pretty cool, so I wanted to bring them back.  Also, I pondered about a thematic spell to add to my planar spellbook.  This being “Arborean Liberation” (to keep up with the theme of some of the other spells).

You can view A Planar Grimoire here and Defenders of Arborea: The Eladrin here.


Defenders of Arborea: The Eladrin

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All of this talk about Planescape has gotten me quite nostalgic.  Plus, I did a couple of Eladrin stats on a whim a year around two years back.  So, I figured it was time to update them for a whole new generation of gamers that hasn’t seen their Arborean incarnation.  But, enough rambling from me, check them out here.  Bring back some Planescape-y flavor for just a dollar!

The Eladrin – Free-Spirited Celestials of Arborea for D&D 5th Edition (Part 2)

Yes, their hair is on fire.

There’s more to the Eladrin Court beyond a small handful of celestial defenders!  Here’s some more CG beings of Arborea for your Planar D&D games!  You can find the first part here.

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The Eladrin – Free-Spirited Celestials of Arborea for D&D 5th Edition (PART 1)

“Did you just call me an elf? Choose your next words carefully, friend.”

With the realms of the Outer Planes, physical manifestations of beliefs, morality, and philosophy take the shape of great beings.  Axiom/Anarchic creatures, Fiends, and Celestials are among those who populate this vast expansive multiverse.  Among them are a race of beings embodying the forces of Chaos and Good.  These are the mystical celestials known as The Eladrin.  The antithesis of The Queen of Air and Darkness and her daemon fey, these beings are champions of the virtues of liberty and justice.  As one would expect, they’re quick to become uncomfortable in exceedingly orderly or tyrannical areas.  Most hail from the Chaotic Good plane of Arborea.

NOTE:  Part 2 is here.

UPDATE Sep 2017: I’m in the process of revising these stats, after realizing that Wizards of the Coast is no longer interested in the CG Celestial Eladrin (a la Planescape).  While others have beaten me to the punch, I plan on patching up these stats and putting them on DM’s Guild, probably for free or Pay-What-You-Want, since I mostly did this out of spite a ways back… kinda like how I converted Demodands due to their lack of presence.  Keep a lookout, an Eladrin themed quickie is due to be available soon!!

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