July 2017 RPG Blog Carnival – Mutant Monsters

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They shouldn’t have existed, mistakes of nature and mistakes of humanity!  These abominations were the accidents as a result of careless experiments and deadly warfare.  And the result?  Worse than we could have ever feared.  Confused, angry, resentful, hateful!  These things seek to destroy both their creators and the world around them.  Much like the forces that spawned them, destruction is usually their goal.  But, these creatures are no villains, but the consequences of arrogance, apathy, discrimination and violence.

Author’s Note: As a continuation of my theme, here’s a plethora of horrible mutants and mad experiments.  While much of it is revisiting old monsters, there’s a good amount of new goodies to toss into your wastelands, super secret labs and other such locations.
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Radiation Elemental & Radiation Poisoning – Horrors of the Post-Apocalypse for D&D 5th Edition

Elemental, Radiation

“A horrific visage emerges from what looks like a nuclear bomb blast!  The image of a skull begins to manifest within a mushroom cloud as the explosion seems to have gained the ability to travel!  The ghoulish form begins to gain on you as geiger counters begin to spin out of control.  In a flash of green light, your horse mount collapses in a frantic twitching fit as the living embodiment of the apocalypse has come to claim you!”
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