Cosmic Domain – A Domain of Distant Divinity

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Some Cosmic Clerics revel in the horrors beyond.

“The ANCIENTS awaken!  It is my duty to see that they are ready to take hold of what was once theirs.  The time of the material plane denizens is numbered!” – Xel’lenia, Human Cleric of Cosmic and Elder God Cultist

“The space beyond is more than proof of the Gods!  While many hide away in small pocket realms of their own design, some are brave enough to face the great aether at large!  The wilds of space itself is home to many great beings and I am a disciple of them.” – Torrean Guildlight, High Elf Cleric of Cosmic and Eccentric Researcher

The Cosmic Domain offers a pinch of Lovecraft, a bit of Spelljammer and the vast knowledge of a far greater universe.

Author’s Note: I wasn’t overly fond of my original Eldritch Domain from a ways back.  So, like with the Nightmare Sorcerer becoming the Dream Sorcerer, the Cosmic Domain was created.  I wanted to come up with some abilities that scream “outer space”, but I had a bit of a struggle.  Hopefully, you enjoy.  And, if you have ideas on how to build those ideas, let me know!


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A Planar Grimoire Update

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Just letting everyone know, I’ve made an update to one of my initial works for DM’s Guild, a Planar Grimoire!  The following spells inspired by the Eberron setting, and also given a somewhat spooky Halloween vibe!  The following spells have been added:

  • Augment Natural Weapon
  • Dream Lock
  • Essence of the Living
  • Healing Light of Irian
  • Intensive Repair
  • Repair Damage
  • Silverflame Smite
  • Sporadic Shapeshifting


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One with the Gun Part 2: More Heroes of Legend

Time for an upgrade!

The art of the shootist has transcended beyond certain types of warriors and scoundrels, expanding to even holy warriors, devoted protectors of spiritual ways or even magic-users themselves!

Author’s Note: I meant to do this long ago! However, monsters took over much of my gaslamp/weird western thing. So, let’s not delay this any longer! Here are more ranged (guns) sub-class options for your games! Also, this time an homage to The Dark Tower.  Also, special thanks to my friend, Ian.  Your insight really helped shape things here, and your endurance allowed you to deal with my endless rambling.  Trying to hammer sub-classses based off a meta concept like ranged weapon combat proved to be a challenge for me… especially in regards to classes that weren’t quite meant for them.  As such, this might be a little more janky than some of my other creations.  I’ll try to refine whatever I can here.

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Legion of Entropic Gloom – A Dastardly Undead Cult

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“You’re just in time for our weekly Necronomicon Study! Sit down, have a glass of kool-aid.”

The concept of death inspires some of the oldest fears known to civilization. The end of life, the end of all we have worked for. The finality to our existence. While many fear death, the idea of undeath proves to be far more horrifying to many. The idea of losing ones self, the very essence, coming a shriveled shell that exists as a mockery of its former self. These are the fears of the undead. For that reason and more, they are a menace to civilization on the average.

Why are the undead are considered a menace to the living? For a variety of reasons, of course. Many of these reasons derive from ethics over necromancy, while others are because of their often destructive ways. None embody the latter more than a secretive cabal known simply as “the entropic gloom”. This quasi-religious order is dedicated to eradication of the living, assimilating them into the ranks of the dead. The reasons for this? Cloaked in shadow, much like themselves. It could be out of contempt for the living, some utopian ideal of unity or perhaps even a penchant for heinous acts of violence. While much of the ranks of this cult are typical undead, some have been transformed into truly incredible servants of dread forces.

Author’s Note: I loving making undead nasty nasties! This is no surprise, for those who know me well enough… So with that, here’s an assortment of living dead monsters to torture your players with. After reading up on monstrous synergy via Tome of Foes, I’ve plucked a few ideas to boot! Also, priest characters, you’re gonna have a bad day.

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The Lifegiver – A Healing Warlock Patron for D&D 5th Edition


Note: This patron was designed to be more like healing-based clerics…  That or a more vague version of the cleric!  I also edited some abilities to be less extreme, while rephrasing things to make them more coherent. 

Also, I just realized the ramifications of having a turbo healbot archetype.  May the Gods help us all!

The Lifegiver is a faded force from a reality where the hope and joy of a once thriving realm have all but died out.  The lifegiver is a mysterious force, as it hails from another reality entirely!  It reaches out to those willing to listen through the mysteries of the planes themselves.  The motivations of this patron are elusive, but one goal stands true, to uphold life wherever it is threatened; whether it’s for good or evil…. or at least what is worthy in your patron’s eyes.  In your patron’s obsessive quest for spreading life, any sort of morality has become secondary.  As such, those who follow death particular loath warlocks who have made a pact with the mad embodiment of life itself.  In fact, many wish to stop such an irresponsible master.  Your patron’s mad crusade may be motivated by a number of factors.  Perhaps your patron wants to preserve and enhance the lives of those around it, make up for its failures in the past, or even just try to build an ideal world.  On the other hand, your patron could have darker motives!  A fear of death and the want to eliminate it, prejudiced selection of select groups through eugenics, or possibly the desire to toy with mortal beings for all eternity.
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Innovation – A Technological Domain for D&D 5th Edition

Divine Domains – Innovation

Your devotion extends far beyond Gods and Ideals, but shaping technology and other crafts of artifice to set your needs and goals.  To you, crafters of traditional magicks are below you and a detriment to the inevitable advancement of civilization.  All aspects of experimentation and engineering are at your mercy.  You don’t just have faith in super-science, you control it!

In terms of domains and belief, this domain is more than capable of existing in numerous settings.  In the case of Greyhawk, Myrlund the Cowboy hero might be a good match for heroes interested in weird western steampunk elements.  For the Forgotten Realms, one of the Gnomish deities or Gond Wonderbringer would be a perfect match.  Likewise, anything (Tinker) Gnome is perfect in the Dragonlance setting.  Of course, the Iron Gods themselves would work within Pathfinder’s Golarion.

Author’s note: This domain is heavily inspired by the Technocracy faction in the Original/Classic World of Darkness campaign, “Mage the Ascension”, not to mention the Iron Gods Adventure Path for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (available now!).  Of course Blackmoor, Eberron, and Iron Kingdoms had something to do with this.

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Eldritch Domain – A Lovecraftian Cleric Domain for D&D 5th Edition


While warlocks are known for bargaining for arcane talents, many are not quite true devotees of worship.  To many, warlocks embody the morally ambiguous master, willing to dive into the dark depths of the cosmos to obtain power.  But, whose to say that clerical priests aren’t willing to succumb to such unfathomable madness?

The Eldritch Domain focuses on the dark forces that lurk beyond the wall of sleep.   Eldritch clerics have devoted their life to knowledge of things that should not be, many have gone irreversibly insane in the process.  The others remain stable enough to gain more forbidden knowledge of  secrets beyond the veil.  The Eldritch Gods promote secrecy, entropy, and eventual domination.  To them, their clerical pawns are a means to an end.  The world was theirs because a great sleep took hold of them.  Thanks to their servants, the day will come when they can reclaim their realm.


CHECK OUT THE NEW VERSION HERE!  It’s more focused around the cosmos as a whole, but it still retains a bit of that Lovecraftian flavor.


Created by Doctor Necrotic for Doctor Necrotic Media.