Post on the way!

Pardon the delay, my life is often pretty hectic; especially as work hours increase as well as trying to juggle a whole cluster of various issues as well.  I’ll have something in the new week.


I’m back!

So, holiday season semi-hiatus is over!  In short, that was terrible.  It was a drunken haze of stress, sickness, depression, overworking and booze… mostly booze.  Like many Americans, holiday season, Christmas time, just whatever… it’s horrible.  Anyway, expect something a little different within the next couple of days and then it’s back on track.  I’m hoping to also revise a thing or two for another project.  More details later!

Halloween Season Returns Early!

To me, September marks a return to horror.  And  boy, do I LOOOOOVE doing that sort of stuff.  Expect some more dark themed homebrew as well as some new stuff for DM’s Guild quite soon!  Sure, next week’s post is more of an homage to my “Wyvern Peaks” adventure, but what follows after that will be delightfully spooky fun.  Needless to say, I’m out of my funk…  So, be ready!

A Hold Up of Sorts?

First off, I’m glad to see my content is popular with people around the web.  That said, it’s come to my attention that people have been using my work in other things or outright copying it for their own stuff, claiming as their own.  Maybe it shouldn’t bug me as much as it has, but thems the breaks.  To make matters worse, it’s old drafts that are being taken from.  The whole situation is kinda disheartening to me.  I’m glad people like my work, but I don’t any receive credit or feedback.  I’ve been doing this sort of thing for over 4 years, making free content.  But lately, I dunno…  You’ll probably see something this Wednesday.  If not, next week.  

Till later, readers