Lost in Limbo!

So, I took a wrong turn in my planar travels.  Also, I’ve been working crazy hours at work.  Expect my post a day or two late!


A Quick Heads Up!

The stuff like the old Eladrin posts, planar spells posts and firearms posts aren’t gone.  They’re just simply moved to private.  In the case of the last one, I was never satisfied with what I made, plus I really wanted to overhaul it for something else.  Whether that’s a new post or for DM’s Guild, I’m still deciding.  As always, I hope you all understand this.  Stay tuned!


Image result for spelljammer: ad&d adventures in space

Wizards gave the A-OK to drop their news early, so I figured I’d help share the fun.  In short, I’ve been contacted by Wizards of the Coast to help craft their latest product, a world-related expansion book as well as tie-in adventure.  While I can’t say too much, all I can say is that Spelljammer is indeed confirmed.  On top of that, I’m helping the write the sections on it.  As for plot, it will be an overarching multiverse story, akin to the previous modules… but on a much grander scale.  I’m not allowed to disclose further on that though.

If you wanna see more, hop on over here to check the entire announcement on the D&D Youtube page!

Just a slight reminder!

About two things.

First off, I encourage everyone who visits my page to check out my newer work.  I’m honestly more proud of it than my early stuff, which proves to be popular for reasons I don’t quite understand.  So yeah, look at my early drafts for the Ursine (which I plan to remake) or ideas for firearms (which will be overhauled at some point for another project).  But please, check out my newer content, perhaps drop some feedback.  It encourages me to create more frequently and grow as a creator.

Secondly, I’m making stuff, I promise.  Dealing with bronchitis like symptoms and life keeping me away from what I love spurred on some depression for a bit too.  Fighting that to motivate myself has always been a bit of a challenge, but I feel like I’m back in the game now.  As always, I apologize for delays and hope my end results are worth the wait.