Coming Somewhat Soon: Threshold #31

By the summer, expect the finale in a trilogy of Ravenloft – Mystara crossover articles. Likewise, expect some references to the Nocturnal Sea Gazetteer.

That said, this is part of some unfinished content I’ve been meaning to add to.  Once this is complete, along with some posts on here, I’ll once again need to reevaluate where I want to go.

Let’s try to move things along

Well I am still trying to fight off a creative slump, I’m not completely down and out. Should I come back to this little project, it will be far more casual. I’m just not that willing to dive deep into consumer or material hobbies as much… Or at least try to build an identity around that. I hate wasting money I don’t have and feeling like I have to just keep buying things. The crux of the hobby is having fun, not being owned by a company.

That said, I enjoy making stuff. I’m not going to dive into hundreds of systems and write about that, but I probably will change the direction of this blog once any of my current groups stick with a system that works for them. Even though I think the take on the setting is terrible, there has been some decent luck with V5 Vampire. Likewise, Savage Worlds seems to be taking off with a hitch. No, I’m not sure what unique content I could bring to the table on that one.

Where next?

I don’t know! The state of this blog is currently vague at best. As it is, the content with 5E specific mechanics is mostly hidden.   There’s fan policy junk, which could potentially protect me.  But, I don’t want them looting my ideas made to patch WotC’s garbage.  I hate them and have made content that has intentionally mocked them as an emphatic response to them. It’s perhaps fortunate that my content doesn’t line up with their awful reboots of Ravenloft and Spelljammer… probably Planescape as well. So, I’m likely safe. Though, until their next reboot comes out, it’s hard to say! I do have a draft or two queued, but I will unabashedly add more Anti-Hasbro propaganda in said posts… proudly! Hopefully, some entertainment can come from that. At least they won’t touch Mystara, so perhaps it’s time to go back to Threshold magazine!


I have a post that will be released to public soon. But none the less, that’s it for now. The irony of, “Oh, I’ll consider making more content.” And it was just as I was getting past burnout. The last couple of days have created a rebound. So yeah, fuck Wizards of the Coast and fuck Hasbro. I’ve disliked them for a long time (for a lot of subjective reasons and some more valid reasons), but I guess now feels like a safe time to say it, those worthless creatively-devoid and greedy hacks.

Where does this leave Threshold and other stuff? Not sure. I wish them the best amidst this mess. D&D was already somewhat dead to me, thanks for finishing it off. Anyway, reject GSL 2.0 and turn to a gaming producer that isn’t shit. You’ll have some fun stuff from me in the next few days at least. And one final thing, if this awful policy goes through and Wiz/Has can claim any of my writings to sell, then that’s it…  The blog will go dark for the foreseeable future.  These are ideas and musings meant for the entertainment of other gamers on the web, not fodder for some bloated megacorp.  So, time will tell if this is completely done.  Barring that, I guess I can make that bootleg Ravenloft/Planescape/Spelljammer idea thing for another system.

Threshold Magazine # 30 Now Available

Hail to thee of might and valor! I am no Devil Strahd, but I offer you something else! The sequel to Beyond Nebigtode is available in the 30th issue of Threshold Magazine! This article, “Lost Jaibul and other Dark Secrets” continues the narrative set up by The Black Rajah. Furthermore, it looks at two new domains coming from the later years of Blackmoor and the fall of Taymora. Be sure to check out other articles from #30 as well, detailing the Alphatian Sea and beyond.

You can find more via here.

A break and a promise

I need a break from this for a bit, plain and simple. But, am I done writing entirely? Nah. I’m gonna be doing things here and there. Likewise, I’m contributing to Threshold Magazine #29: Vampires and the Undead horror. My article in particular is “Beyond Nebligtod: Mystara in the Mists”. It will be a crossover of Mystara and Ravenloft, looking at each darklord’s history before and after being taken by the mists. Likewise, a breakdown on the current sketch and curses that haunt each domain respectively. We look at the near present and slight past of the setting, as well as the Blackmoorian distant past. Beyond that, I’ll be back to do something, at least to the best of my ability. Stay tuned for more.

This is a Palladium/RIFTS Blog Now

As has been said, I’m mostly done with D&D 5th Edition. And ever since I started winding down on related posts, I’ve been shopping around for the perfect game. The choice was narrowed down to Rolemaster, GURPS and Palladium. In the end, Kevin’s masterwork ultimately prevailed. Likewise, the meta universe of RIFTS is now a part of my own setting. Why? Because I can, that’s why. If you thought the Glitterboy got crazy, you’ve seen nothing yet!

The Dark World of Tomorrow – The Broken Cog Cluster

“Meikridas Steamships, are they not marvels?” The hand of a flamboyant man outstretches towards his wondrous sea craft.  While he somewhat resembles a vistani in a few regards, he is clearly not of their ways.  The sailor man smiles with the genuineness of an eager salesman, “come friends!  The warm shores of Alleigosto are a mere boat ride away.  I offer you leisure and hospitality unlike what is seen here in fair Dementlieu.”  The pitch continues, as the showman distributes pamphlets detailing incredible works of art and technology, a history spanning empires of old and “magnificent” relations with nearby nations.  While the man’s vessel is spotless and a marvel of engineering, the owner of this enterprise comes across as insincere and just as full of steam as the ship.  “We board now, don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime!”  It is at this moment that you can swear the man’s eyes bulge unnaturally, even for a second.  And at that, unblinking.  Such a voyage would indeed bring wonders, but also new terrors to behold.  What visions of the future does this “cog cluster” bring?

Author’s Note: I’m always good for more Ravenloft.  Cursed robots, a zombie apocalypse, manipulative shadows, killers on foggy streets, the successor to the Atlantean Neur-Maise, the refuse of industry, fanatic technophobes, the distant (and not so distant) looming shadows of totalitarianism, utopian idealism crushed by said dark tidings, Deep Ones and more haunt a new cluster.  Here is a new pocket domain, as well as a new cluster to house old domains (like how Fell Arts houses Farelle and Odiare).  Major props to ScS of Fraternity of Shadows for inspiration on Nosos and other advanced domains.  And with that, here’s my take on a Steampunk-ified cluster much like the proposal from Quoth the Raven issue 2, with The Shining Bay cluster.  But, unlike that mixture of just Paridon, Timor and Nosos; this adds in several Islands of Terror I devised many years ago… some more recent than others.  One is a plague-ridden urban sprawl taking notes from the 19th century United Kingdom, Prussian Empire and Northeastern Coastal U.S. (especially from the fiction of Lovecraft and King).  Another is a mix of drama, Luddites, robotic horror and more in a Mediterranean based land.  It is next to decaying Greek-inspired splendor spliced with The Shadow over Innsmouth.  And finally, a somewhat Balkans inspired fake utopia.  Plus, as an added bonus, an homage to the classic Thief games.  And with that, enjoy one of the longer posts I’ve made.  And should anyone be curious, I have no interest in anything Wizards of the Coast.  I don’t want their new book, as I don’t care for the Post-4E/Shadowfell take on things..

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