What do, WordPress?

So, the “new” layout is awful and I really don’t care to use it.  I’ll see what happens in the coming days, but it might be time to jump ship if things don’t work for me.  I’ll figure out something, hopefully.


Also, I guess May and June are Elemental Planes themed…

I couldn’t think of a title…

So, I promised monsters.  I’ll still work on something, I promise.  As for filling in gaps by converting Guardinals, Gehreleths and then some?  Hopefully, I can get around to that at some point.  I might put those up on the Guild though, I’m not sure.  I’m hoping to back port many of my homebrew ideas to 2E as well, for the sake of original Planescape.  Such idea is probably madness though.  That said, I’ve continued to explore other games outside of D&D, including things from outside of its usual genre…  Well, far more since quarantine.  I’ve played plenty outside of it, but now I’m taking the time to actively binge read.  So, how will that affect things as the year progresses?  Not sure!  Also, while I’m a bit tired of 5E, I still like it to a degree.  A good break from it might actually rebuild my interest in it.  We’ll see.  In the meantime, I wanna finish up my stuff on the Inner Planes.  From there?  Maybe a quick thing or two on the Astral and the Ethereal… Maybe?

Where’s the April Fool’s joke?

Truth be told? I just didn’t have it in me this time. This year feels like too much of a joke already. Even my own at times sick sense of humor can’t match. Don’t worry, I will still craft up something soon. And no, it won’t be super goofy.  And yes, it will be late.  Maybe I’ll get back to my regular schedule at some point.

Humanity Restored

No, I’m not doing some conversion of Dark Souls.  Besides, I’d use either an OSR system or an entirely different one.  But rather, I needed time away from D&D, sad as that may be.  It helped a fair bit.  Plus, the recent announcement made me realize that it’s probably up to fans like me to keep classic settings alive. Granted, I’ve been doing that with the my slowly updated takes on various monsters from Planescape and Spelljammer.  Plus, I plan on both porting classic ideas while making some new ones…  Sub-Classes, Races, Planar mechanics (refit to make sense within 5E), perhaps even my own take on Spelljammers.  I don’t know.  I don’t want to get too ambitious, I’ve self-destructed from such things before.

And while I don’t bother buying anymore WotC products (and have admittedly sold most of my books), I’ll stick around.  In time, I’ll try to balance another system.  I’ve been shopping around for whichever feels right.  A generic system like the current edition of Savage Worlds might be the way to go, I won’t lie.

As always, thanks for sticking around.  And don’t worry, I’m not going hollow.

Ramon’s Guide to more Incredible Planes

Image result for "Planescape"lecture -torment

Some planar experiences are weird.

Salutations, friends.  Following my excursion into the depths and chronicling unseen sights of the lower planes, I return once more!  Consider this entry and future presentation and addendum to many previous treks across many realities.  At this point, I have become rather adept to the dangers beyond.  But, for the enterprising primer looking to handle all that the planes can offer, hopefully I can pass plenty of advice and knowledge on.  So please, travel with me (in spirit) as I unravel more mysteries and wonders floating beyond the prime material plane.

Author’s Note: More planes abound!  I wanted to return to my idea of the Hag Countess ascending, what an aftermath would be like.  Also, I recalled that 4th Edition touched on Evard a few times, so it’s worth taking some notes from various later creations (such as a somewhat obscure Dungeon adventure) for inspiration.  Hopefully, I can find myself back in the swing of things as well.  I haven’t been nearly as motivated in the new year, but I’ll see what I can do.

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Ramon’s Guide to the Lower Planes

Just… do as she says.  Fewer people get hurt that way.  Also, please don’t bring up Gehenna!  Other ‘loths anger her.  She won’t say why!

“The multiverse, she is a cruel mistress.  For much time, things have looked up for me.  But for so long, my luck is rather dreadful.  While my poems and records will be the stuff of legends, a break from this figurative and literal hells would be quite nice too!  I preferred my luck with just the King of the Cross-Trade in Sigil.” – Ramon DeLeon, Planar Traveling Bard


Of Bards and Bad Places

While I assure you that not all planes are mortifying and deadly, I tend to have rather bad luck.  This luck has sunk even lower, finding myself in the dark planes of the fiends.  Races of creatures built from pure literal evil, formed into physical manifestations.  Only the most noble and just and survive a trek into these wretched places.  As I can assure that I’m not, I have my work truly cut out for me.

Let us discuss The Lower Planes of the Great Wheel.  This is a place for not just creatures made of evil, but the most equally evil souls that find themselves punished or harvested for the creation of more fiends.  The most worthy petitioners even gain the chance to become fiends of their own!  To make matters more hostile, each plane has its own challenges within the environments themselves.  Acidic air, dueling erupting fissures, grey murk and more await the most intrepid and foolish of explorers.

Now, where do I fit into this?  A valid question!  An attempted escape from strange realities proved rather flawed.  My grasp on the planes is quite good, within my rules of reality.  Parallel versions of the Wheel has all sorts of alterations, to say the least.  With some level of luck, this is the “true reality”, however escaping the Lower Planes proves to be far harder than expected.  Even any portals and keys that should work mysteriously fail.  Well, through narrowly dodging fiends and escaping hostile environments, I’ve found my way across the Planes Below.  Impossible as it may be, I find myself not too damaged by this.  But, a Planeswalker has already seen a lot, no?

Author’s Note: I’ve been feeling a little down, so things have slowed a bit as a result.  Plus, I junked a previous post that I couldn’t find myself completing, which slowed things down more.  My apologies.  Anyway, here is something I have been sitting on for a while.  My Look at the Planes have focused too much on Ramon flailing about and finding danger, rather than describing locations and happenings in the planes, with Ramon as your guide.  Let me change that.  Also, I figure I may as well toss out a reference to the recent adventure.  In addition, plenty of references to classic D&D lore, as well as my own mad musings.

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New Year, New Me?

We made it to Cyberpunk 2020!  Happy New Year!  Happy New 20s!  Anyway, I needed a break from gaming stuff.  I’ll be back soon enough.  Plus, I’ve been rereading some other RPGs.  I think for a new year and new decade, considering other systems might be in order after all.  To be pretty honest?  I’ve been feeling a bit tired of D&D 5th Edition.  Will 2020 be the finale for 5E content?  I’m still deciding.  In the meantime, I will roll out a few neat posts about the glories of the Lower Planes, maybe something else when they reveal the Spring 2020 big adventure thingy that I won’t buy…  Who knows?  It’s a new year/decade of possibilities!