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I help out at my county fair every year and that time is coming up once more.  Expect a delay at the very least, things will try to swing back onto schedule though.  More than likely, I’ll probably split a post in half.  Some Friday, some Sunday or Monday?


Life Beyond Space – Aliens

Guardians Concept Art

Beyond even the Great Wheel and known space, there are incredible creatures with equally incredible possibilities.  Distant worlds and distant planes, both hold incredible secrets to ancient realms and alien beings.  Some reach just beyond familiar material Crystal Spheres, while some are as incomprehensible and untouchable as the Far Realm.

Author’s Note: Let’s bring in some real science fantasy!  This time, I’m reaching for Star Frontiers/Star*Drive/Dark*Matter for inspiration!  For anyone familiar with either game, these monsters should be quite recognizable.  As it is, the Yazirian already got its own set of stats… well, under its Spelljammer name.  At some point, I might hope to bring the Star Frontiers aliens back as races.  Though, I’m far from the first to think about that…

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Highway to Hell – Things of the Lower Planes

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Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me for me for me

The campaign pushed into the Grey Wastes themselves.  We were readied for countless fiends, all battling in the name of their dastardly causes.  We even were readied to control the sinister magics of the Night Hag.  But, something unexpected and foul caught many by surprise…  Aberrations formed and mutated through necromancy.  Surely, these beasts weren’t native to the plane, but something brought them there.  Something perfected them.  The casualties within my own legions became astronomical, even with pushing the abominations back long enough. –  Lucien, an angel-blooded aasimar paladin, captain of The Indefatigable.

My series of planar monsters continues with a healthy mixture of folklore, pop culture and crazy custom creatures.  This time, a post devoted to horrible things to crawl up from the Lower Planes!  Fiends, hellish constructs, necromantic mind flayers, cursed souls and more!

Author’s Note:  In addition to some more planar threats, I wanted to ramp things up a bit with some more out there experiments.  Also, shout out to Brynvalk for inspiring one of the scariest things I’ve ever heard of.  Also, I’m back to bringing in a fair number of fiends to horrify my mini-bestiaries!  I love making fiends!  Also, pardon the classic rock references.  But, it wouldn’t be my first time.

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A Return to the Planes and Beyond

Countless realms beyond the mere mortal coil.  Such a sight, inspiring and breathtaking!  And here we are, mere dots in the vast canvas of known reality.  Take in these moments, lest the grandeur of the planes overtake you.  I was once like you, locked to just one possibility.  There are far too many to count though, one needn’t bother trying.  Now, let us begin!  Also, don’t get lost…  You’ll never find your way home. – Garrick, traveling bard

The Planes.  They’ve always been a topic that greatly fascinated me since I first picked up The Manual of the Planes, many years ago.  Sure, that copy of the classic AD&D Tome was no where near “new” by then, but it was a treasure trove unlike what my young mind was ever exposed to.  And like with the quote above, I haven’t looked back since.  Sure, I love nothing more than more down-to-earth stories, especially the grittier ones!  But, I always find myself yearning to explore countless reaches beyond.  Maybe it’s my enjoyment of stuff like Star Wars (Deep Lore/Expanded Universe very much included) or the like, who knows?

Let’s cut to the chase.  I enjoy giving myself general themes to play around with.  It spurs on my own creativity and helps keep a general focus while I tinker and craft.  So, let’s go back to the planes beyond once more!  Who knows, we might make a few new fascinating friends along the way!

Author’s Note:  I managed to “refuel” whatever fire was missing from this page for a while.  So, let’s get back into the swing of things, huh?

IMAGE CREDIT: Yayoi Kusama – Infinity Obsession