Whispers within the Mists

Dark times drag the people ever closer towards prophecy.  A new Dukkar arises, perhaps more than one!  Likewise, prophecies begin to fall into place once more.  Tensions boil as countless burn.  The Broken Cog slowly grinds to a halt, before revving feverishly into destruction.  The artists of a distant ally to Ghastria see their works turn on them.  More Shadows gather to make the impossible.  Is there a certainty in these end times?  Madame Eva have given her peace on the words of the Dukkar, but surely this can be stopped.

Author’s Note: Another post?  What’s the occasion? I’m not sure exactly. Am I motivated? Can’t say. I’ve mostly moved on from my gaming funk. Have I lost interest in D&D? Absolutely, Hasbro/WotC are evil… Straight up. But, I still love Planescape and Ravenloft, and not the pathetic remakes of either.  Anyway, I mean it that I’m gonna wrap things up and move on from things.  The fandom needs to leave their awful relationship too.  Also, Phayrezshia has always been a “Fuck You” to WotC/Hasbro.  I changed the name because it sounded too much like Phyrexia before.  Likewise, the Demiurgos Society, the brothel pocket domain, Neur-Maise and other things lampoon the absolute state of the game.  It’s best to find something else.  Castles & Crusades is a good D&D replacement, as is much of the OSR.  Likewise, Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion alongside the “SWADE” edition is a good pick.  But, I’m off-topic.  So, uhh, last bits of Ravenloft stuff!

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Grievances and Fears in the Cage

Life in the Cage is a complicated matter.  Even the status quo is barely fathomable to outsiders.  And for those who live within it?  Somehow, it all makes sense.  But, what does it mean in the end?  What of the factions, the arising guilds, equally escalating tensions, the general struggle?  Only time will tell.  Should the visions of the Cage’s seers be true, many of those elements in the dark won’t matter anyway.  Their influence won’t last, but their damage will be done.

Author’s Note: These are drafts that have languished for a while.  Needless to say, maybe I’ll continue to make these.  Dunno.  I’m back here because some old fans reached out.  In the meantime, enjoy a heated rivalry, unusual crimes, a rally from Hell, cults and an homage to In The Mouth of Madness.  As always, all of this is through the notes, letters and thoughts of The Cage.

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Coming Somewhat Soon: Threshold #31

By the summer, expect the finale in a trilogy of Ravenloft – Mystara crossover articles. Likewise, expect some references to the Nocturnal Sea Gazetteer.

That said, this is part of some unfinished content I’ve been meaning to add to.  Once this is complete, along with some posts on here, I’ll once again need to reevaluate where I want to go.

Let’s try to move things along

Well I am still trying to fight off a creative slump, I’m not completely down and out. Should I come back to this little project, it will be far more casual. I’m just not that willing to dive deep into consumer or material hobbies as much… Or at least try to build an identity around that. I hate wasting money I don’t have and feeling like I have to just keep buying things. The crux of the hobby is having fun, not being owned by a company.

That said, I enjoy making stuff. I’m not going to dive into hundreds of systems and write about that, but I probably will change the direction of this blog once any of my current groups stick with a system that works for them. Even though I think the take on the setting is terrible, there has been some decent luck with V5 Vampire. Likewise, Savage Worlds seems to be taking off with a hitch. No, I’m not sure what unique content I could bring to the table on that one.

Where next?

I don’t know! The state of this blog is currently vague at best. As it is, the content with 5E specific mechanics is mostly hidden.   There’s fan policy junk, which could potentially protect me.  But, I don’t want them looting my ideas made to patch WotC’s garbage.  I hate them and have made content that has intentionally mocked them as an emphatic response to them. It’s perhaps fortunate that my content doesn’t line up with their awful reboots of Ravenloft and Spelljammer… probably Planescape as well. So, I’m likely safe. Though, until their next reboot comes out, it’s hard to say! I do have a draft or two queued, but I will unabashedly add more Anti-Hasbro propaganda in said posts… proudly! Hopefully, some entertainment can come from that. At least they won’t touch Mystara, so perhaps it’s time to go back to Threshold magazine!

Musings on the Cage – Days in the Life and More

Power Score: Planescape - A Guide to Sigil, City of Doors

The Cage, Sigil, an ever lively place full of surprises and wonders.  Joy can be found amidst struggle and sorrow.  Wonders are as common as fears.  It is a place of variety, it is the center of the multiverse.  For your curiosity, I have obtained letters about fae glamour, angered tree men, a murderous conspiracy and the Hag Countess’ campaign from the Cager side.

[Editor’s Note: Because in the end, would I lead you astray?  Certainly not!  Read onward, friends.]

Author’s note: The season of holiday stress is over once more.  Ah, splendid.  Anyway, I felt creative once more.  And with that, more little blurbs and bits on the day to day around The Cage and beyond… with the added touch of a known friend  Why?  Because I will always love Sigil (at least the version less touched by Hasbro and their ilk later in this Year of 2023.)

Other note: this was written before the horrible OGL mess.  Fight for OpenD&D and don’t stop.

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I have a post that will be released to public soon. But none the less, that’s it for now. The irony of, “Oh, I’ll consider making more content.” And it was just as I was getting past burnout. The last couple of days have created a rebound. So yeah, fuck Wizards of the Coast and fuck Hasbro. I’ve disliked them for a long time (for a lot of subjective reasons and some more valid reasons), but I guess now feels like a safe time to say it, those worthless creatively-devoid and greedy hacks.

Where does this leave Threshold and other stuff? Not sure. I wish them the best amidst this mess. D&D was already somewhat dead to me, thanks for finishing it off. Anyway, reject GSL 2.0 and turn to a gaming producer that isn’t shit. You’ll have some fun stuff from me in the next few days at least. And one final thing, if this awful policy goes through and Wiz/Has can claim any of my writings to sell, then that’s it…  The blog will go dark for the foreseeable future.  These are ideas and musings meant for the entertainment of other gamers on the web, not fodder for some bloated megacorp.  So, time will tell if this is completely done.  Barring that, I guess I can make that bootleg Ravenloft/Planescape/Spelljammer idea thing for another system.

Threshold Magazine # 30 Now Available

Hail to thee of might and valor! I am no Devil Strahd, but I offer you something else! The sequel to Beyond Nebigtode is available in the 30th issue of Threshold Magazine! This article, “Lost Jaibul and other Dark Secrets” continues the narrative set up by The Black Rajah. Furthermore, it looks at two new domains coming from the later years of Blackmoor and the fall of Taymora. Be sure to check out other articles from #30 as well, detailing the Alphatian Sea and beyond.

You can find more via here.

Musings in the Cage – Yet More Letters and Words from Sigil

Artwork of Tony Diterlizzi, man behind the Planescape illustrations, master  of the multiverse. - Album on Imgur

The every day shuffling of feet against strange streets, the low murmurs of passersby, the ambience of a city infused with all means of reality and planes, the true center of the multiverse.  This is Sigil, a place of many stories… even stories as small as snippets from conversations and written word alike.  There is no seeming end to what one can learn from a little perception and a day’s worth of wandering.

Author’s note: What, a post by me? And it’s not just announcement? Could it be? Yes and no. I’m still somewhat retired from gaming creations for now. I’m less burned out on the idea of writing updates and ideas for this page. It was fun and worth picking up again.

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The Mists gather

Am I fully back to things? No. I’m still somewhat on hiatus. However, I am putting in something for Threshold Magazine Issue #30. This continued Mystara – Ravenloft crossover contains two more ancient domains. The first looks at the later years of Blackmoor, as a crusade against the Beastmen truly kicks off. And for a post-Great Rain of Fire realm, there is one taking from Taymora.

The former examines a torn apart colony besieged by endless war and enemies on all sides. A glorious admiral is not the man he once was, lacking the confidence and passion to truly bring a new age for Blackmoorians under his protection. And worse, he can’t even bare to fill his ego by looking at himself, as he only sees the beast that he acted like. However, in rare moments, he can muster enough of himself to gather volunteers to always fight back and uphold their sense of ancestral pride.

The latter explores a post-apocalyptic wreck, degraded from their days of glory, but still advancing and moving forward. This corruption of Taymora is a warped look at an old culture. And despite their attempts at pushing towards a better vision of the ways, they are viewed as backwards by the seas at large. As for their leader, once a great daughter of one of the many Vampire High Priestesses, she is cut down in both beauty and sanity. Still very powerful, she alienates and horrifies the public, as her gifts will never work as she desires them to again.

Likewise, I elaborate on some of the tortures facing the Black Rajah of Jaibul. Lifted right from the words of the Voyage of the Princess Ark, the Rajah faces new troubles in the Demiplane of Dread. Likewise, his call for allies falls on mostly no ears.

Stay tuned.