Musings on the Cage – Days in the Life and More

Power Score: Planescape - A Guide to Sigil, City of Doors

The Cage, Sigil, an ever lively place full of surprises and wonders.  Joy can be found amidst struggle and sorrow.  Wonders are as common as fears.  It is a place of variety, it is the center of the multiverse.  For your curiosity, I have obtained letters about fae glamour, angered tree men, a murderous conspiracy and the Hag Countess’ campaign from the Cager side.

[Editor’s Note: Because in the end, would I lead you astray?  Certainly not!  Read onward, friends.]

Author’s note: The season of holiday stress is over once more.  Ah, splendid.  Anyway, I felt creative once more.  And with that, more little blurbs and bits on the day to day around The Cage and beyond… with the added touch of a known friend  Why?  Because I will always love Sigil (at least the version less touched by Hasbro and their ilk later in this Year of 2023.)

Other note: this was written before the horrible OGL mess.  Fight for OpenD&D and don’t stop.


Murderer and Conspirator Caught!

The killer of Hans Kleiner-dachs was apprehended last night at the Bottle & Jug Tavern.  A mixture of the Harmonium and the Overarching Security Company has launched an investigation into the establishment for corruption, to the protest of the tavern owner.  At 3 hours past Afterpeak, the figure emerged from some secretive means of meeting quarters with 4 cloaked figures.  A witness, an employee of the Bottle & Jug, saw the cloaked things disperse and fade from sight as the perpetrator made his way casually through the tavern proper.  A party consisting of an undercover Mercykiller, a bounty hunter and a worn down monastery monk spotted the figure; matching descriptions given from accounts of the murder.  The three leapt into action, restraining and disabling him within seconds.  A bounty was granted for bringing the killer in alive, issued by the Interim Abbot Argmirt Furost, a ferret man overseeing leadership for the time being.

The cause of this catastrophe was at the hands of Marinox Infernux, a sellsword of some repute.  Marinox was a mercenary, disinterested in greater politics but retaining bias against the Wild Folk.  Through this racialist disdain, he met his client.  The target, Hans, was to deliver important papers as part of the process of reformation within the city.  The hidden cabal that hired Marinox sought to wipe out or banish the Wild Folk from Sigil.  It would seem that their latest attempt has failed greatly, as Hans’s death only brought more calls to action.  Attempts to extract information have failed, due to elaborate wards and protective spells, some of which resulting in messages of taunting.  All that is known is that the employers are not in fact from Sigil.  This exercise in frustration was met with further holdover and later an announced execution date.  Several Unbroken clergy were demanded to attend, in part as a message to those who would dare try again.  Many other Cagers do not plan on celebrating this, but instead find new ways to understand their fellow local basher instead.  The Planarists gain ground on reactions against Clueless, pinning this whole ordeal on them.

Corvia Dunwillow is a correspondent for S.I.G.I.S. and an advocate for the Unbroken Monastery in The Hive Ward.  Her accounts of life Post-Day of Snouts are available through the memoir, “A Time of Beasts in Cages.”

[Editor’s Dark: If only the story ended there.  The greedy and angry sod found himself awake in a shack beneath the Hive’s refuse and garbage, at the mercy of Hans’s widowed lover and skilled dark witch, Deorthy Fallstripe.  Marinox was reincarnated into a badger man, his mind clouded with feral instincts and his memories twisted.  After the profane tortures upon him, he fled the Buried Village for help.  Muddled and traumatized, he took refuge in the very place he was hired to destroy, ironically.  His primary goal is now killing the witch that brought him pain.  The Sturdygut Badger Clan has adopted him as one of their own, as his limited memories have compressed his first name into “Nox”.]


A Party Unlike Any Other!

bluebutterfliesandme | Free to Be!

Many balls, masquerades, galas and gatherings have come and gone through Sigil.  But all of those?  Nothing!  They are nothing in comparison to the most wondrous night ever experienced within the City of Doors!  Elganthia Risenshine is a hostess unlike any other, a Fae whose passion in life is offering her wondrous abode for breathtaking events.  As a Fae, many would hold her in suspicion for such things, as many fair folk as capricious and mischievous.  However, her passion seems to be in providing resplendent hospitality to all guests who share the privilege in basking in her talents.  She only asks one thing in return, praise and adoration.  One would assume this is some mortal fault emerging from her faerie power.  On the contrary, it is quite possibly faerie power!  She gains literal strength from the support of those in her company, or so thinks I.  While no true Power in her own right, her many parties and gatherings make her a powerful socialite.  The curious catch is that she is rarely seen in The Cage itself.  She prefers confining herself to her equally mysterious manor.

Is her home a demiplane, the result of a portal to the Sylvan Glades of the Deep Ethereal?  Somehow, no.  Her Kip is well within the cage, it is merely that her residence feels no need to conform to a lot of dimensional standards once one is inside.  Opulent halls stretch, adorned with magnificent decorations.  While guest rooms and parlors provide a more calming environment, the primary appeal of her events is the lavish and spacious ballroom.  It is here where many dances are held, overseen by hers truly.  But, not just anyone can access these monumental occasions.  Only those she deems worthy may enter.  Some whisper in hushed tones that it’s those that can manipulate, but in reality she invites anyone who wishes to appreciate her marvelous aesthetics and personality.

Why do I write all of this to you?  Simply stated, I strongly suggest writing to the elegant Elganthia Risenshine, informing her of my praises.  Perhaps then, you too will behold the joys and wonders that I too have.  After all, us mortals have been most kind to her.  While she waxes nostalgically of her days upon the Seasonal Courts, she much prefers our fair Sigil.  And should you join me in the future, I promise only the most blissful of times now and forever; all courtesy of a caring hostess who wants the tasteful and wealthy to live the best of lives.  The Best of the Lady’s Ward awaits you, friend.  Do reply soon.

Graced to be in Your Company,

Lady Marger’i DuPaui

[Editor’s Chant: How many brainwashed glamor zombies does this fae queen have?  Her parties aren’t that impressive to me, she just seems desperate for validation and comfort.  Perhaps seeking out a true friend would be better for everyone involved.  Was she banished from the Seasonal Courts?  Her tale seems half-told…  Perhaps time will tell on this one.]


Harmonium Report – Case 06

Peak District Walks (@peakwalkdays) / Twitter

A Floran or “Plantfolk” Cager named Odysseus Foínikas has been taken into custody following a day of drunken revelry and assault.  The targets of the violence were three Primer Elves from the world of Krynn.  Foínikas was found barely coherent and staggering after consuming potent mixtures of alcohol and enchanted water.  The tree man did not put up resistance for arrest, but attempted to plead and reason with the officers stationed on the Lower Ward streets instead.  His state was erratic, emotional and addled from the supply of bub and grand water flowing within him.  Upon removal, two officers marched him over to Barracks for further questioning over what had previously transpired.

The subject, upon investigation, gave his side of the tale.  His interest was simply ending a day within the Green Mill in the Lower Ward.  At some point before then, the elves emerged from a portal not far Faerie Square in the Market Ward.  Upon asking for directions to a comfortable place, they came across the Green Mill.  The elves encountered Foínikas with joy after a dismal trek through the Lower Ward, according to their statements to him.  Seeing what they could describe as a humanoid tree with palm fronds inspired feelings of great joy and celebration among the visitors.  Their commands gradually turned towards harassment, as they too partook in drinks.  They desired the tree man to partake in stunts, including the removal of a coconut from the top of his head.  His increased frustration was ignored, until he lashed out at the three guests.  Unarmed, they scrambled to fight back with the risk of a bar brawl.  Broken chairs were nothing to the man made of wood.  Denizens of the Little Bytopia area surrounding the Lower Ward promptly fled to attain Harmonium at once.  Upon arrival, Foínikas had knocked out the elves without causing further harm.  None dared to challenge him as he slumped into a corner.

The elves are pending arrest, but have recently been approached for escort to the City Barracks.  Upon their investigation, further examination will be required before moving on to the Fraternity of Order for Judgement and the Mercykillers for remaining Justice.  The subject was arrested due to violent behavior under intoxicated influence.  Judgement over the elves’ story will determine their role.

[Editor’s Chant: The staff of the Unbroken have done all to garnish the situation, in order to make sure the public quickly forgets and looks past this embarrassing incident.]


Temple Petition

Planes of Terror and Madness: Dark Shadows of the Wheel – Daemons & Deathrays

The mighty Infernal Night Hag known as Malagarde has ascended!  Our coven is proof of this!  Honest people of Sigil, we simply seek to ensure her growth in this time of need.  Baator has attempted to thwart her, The Tanar’rian Abyss has tried to destroy her, Gehenna is confused by her.  We need not be like these planes, but take part in something greater!  Allow her space and her church will find means of giving back to you.  What could a Coven Church of an Ascended Hag grant to you?  Simple!  We are masters in the arcane, willing to trade knowledge with those seeking to bring honor and acclaim to our faith.  Likewise, we hold cures for many ailments and curses.  To stay on the good side of the covens is to stay in good health.  An established temple would also unify the various sects across the city and the planes under a single banner, giving them and their surrounding lands much needed cooperation.

Many are skeptical about the rise of a Night Hag to Infernal Power.  By all means, she is a champion of Law and Evil.  However, she is cunning, pragmatic, capable of uncovering ruses, an incredible scholar of The Art, a helpful patron for young occult seekers and much more.  And those who search of her are offered her protection.  While fearsome, she grants aid to those who show proper gratitude and humbleness.  Despite being in Baator, she provides valid alternatives to the ongoing Blood War, a controversial move to assist non-fiends.  People of the Cage, suppress your fear and partake in a rational decision for the betterment of the future.

Pledge your aid towards the Temple of Malagarde!

[Editor’s Dark: The Cult has been hidden for a while, infiltrating all sorts of kips and cores.  Even in the Cage, many sects emerged in reverence.  I suppose they ripped the bandages off, further means of hardy harking against Asmodeus and Glasya.  Several Infernal Churches are mortified and enraged at this, with Malagarde cultists doing all in their power to suppress or dead pen anyone suspected of stopping them.  This is a chipper one, isn’t it?  Regardless, Baator is consumed in rage and their representatives in the Cage are little different.  They’ve been beaten time and again by this wretched hag.  Would this time be any different?  Well, the Guvners and other faction representatives will oversee what comes of that.  Perhaps all the more reason many fiends have been turning stag on the factions themselves.  Could this be the start of something greater?  Let’s see how the Hag Countess unravels and destroys all around her just to climb to the top.]


The Merchants After You

Vladek, sole proprietor of The Coagulated Corpse, has moved into the territory of his former competitor.  Following the close eyes turned violent kreigsspeil within The Black Casket, the locale lied dormant for the better of several weeks time.  From the eve of Nihilum to the dawn of Capricious, the sad box was nothing.  The former noble turned business magnate assumed control within the last 10 days.  Refurbishment efforts have been made to restore the building to former glory, with the new owner’s touches.  There is little left of the old tavern, replaced by fine wares and decor more suitable to Vladek.  A more macabre motif alongside a slightly more decadent veneer has taken away much of the charm for original patrons, mostly as a quiet place to avoid too much attention as unliving beings.

He is no longer alone in this pursuit, as another Primer vampire has joined in an unholy unity with him.  Princess Agatha of Hunadora had her own troubled history, embraced by a vampiric lord in return for aiding in a bloody revolution to reclaim her land from outside conquerors.  Realizing her mistake, she fled as the revolt turned profane, as legions of the dead entered the fight for their true master.  As she left the fortified city, now a battleground, a strange mist loomed over the lands.  For ages to follow, she was without her homeland and much of her royal coffers… just a royal coffin, and some retainers.  A murderous black widow was her new calling card, luring suitors, claiming all that is theirs upon their gruesome demise.  Fortunately for Vladek, he cares little in romance.  His interest in is facades, an expertise of the wicked princess.  For now, neither attempt to outdo each other, but see an opportunity of slowly gaining favor and power within the Cage.  Neither trusts the other enough to operate for too long alone.  Their tainted partnership will last as long as The Black Casket did itself…

Please, meet me in the Dead Nations meeting grounds.  They recognize our strain of vampirism.  We are lost, but they won’t purge us like the elitists in the Above Sigil would.  We must act swiftly, as these vile fallen nobles plan quicker.  What their long play will be, I cannot say.  But the worst is upon us soon enough.  Again, follow the trail.  The undead guards will not attack you!  Meet us there after three passings of Afterpeak.  Our future depends on it!  Maybe one day, we won’t have to feed on Cranium Rats or sickening Illithids.  Their cerebral fluids, while sweet, could pale in comparison to something far more delectable.

[Editor’s Chant: This berk.  I mean ill will toward few, but he evaded far worse than the glorified scragging and peeling of a rival.  Nay, most of them embraced Final Death and not by choice!  This is no slander, this Cross-Trader won’t stop with this new opening.  Another contender will arise and meet his fire.  Most likely, those barmy cerebral vampires will very well meet it!  At least they are aware of his ire towards them.]

[Editor’s Dark: The writings of the Mist Madman told me enough, Agatha has a bloodline connection to Dark Nharev Gundar of Gundarak.  This violent tyrant was condemned to a Demiplane of Dread for his horrific actions.  It would seem part of his line broke free into the Prime and later the Planes!  Most interesting.]



Bleak Cabal - Planescape

*from the impromptu poetry of a Bleaker visiting the Smoldering Corpse Tavern*

The tapping of rain like the tapping of alien bullets
Terran contraband spanning blocks, unleashing fury and pain
The light and judgement from Baator, stuck in your hand
A whole line dead, shot with the power of 12 muskets
The power cut to seconds, mere moments till they’re all dead

Fair Cross-Trade King know how to treat ya
Fair Cross Trader knows how to eat ya
It’s her game and you are doomed to lose
She’s got the seized goods, stand against the wall
Your deal went bad, it’s your body up next

Other friends you can’t keep close
They’ll slay you, serve you up nice and fine, make you a trophy
The Lord of Death made his big purchase, another bloody collection
He just smoked a few kin to get the momentum moving
No one cares, as those who do lost their blood

Hag born are playing the game now too
They jump to temples, their cause is now just
Subvert Law in the name of Law
Subvert Baator for the better, it’ll help you
The curses and hexes tell enough, brothers and sisters
I’m cursed enough

Scholars and educators walk a line with death
They help the shadows educate the soul in darkness
And from that darkness, a sense of balance is perverted
They won’t help you back up, just watch it all fall
It isn’t Entropy, just balance in the wrong hands

These are some of the mob rules
They ain’t your rules, berk
They’re the rules to weigh you down
You came here and found out
You’ll do nothing or you’ll break the rules

[Editor’s Chant: This is no mere doomsayer, there’s something deeper rooted here.  This berk knows something within the cross-trade…  I wish them the best in the coming peaks, lest they be nailed to a fence like the Slags Greeter.  Perhaps this connects a certain high cross-trader to recent happenings and smuggling from that “Bathysphere” kip in the Lower Ward.]


IMAGE SOURCE: Fuflon/Deusuum – The Bottle & Jug; Bajazet – Blue Fairy; Unknown Meme – Palm Tree; TSR – Malagarde; Orestes-Sobek – Ventrue; Tony DiTerlizzi – Bleak Cabal; Sigil


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