Musings in the Cage – Yet More Letters and Words from Sigil

Artwork of Tony Diterlizzi, man behind the Planescape illustrations, master  of the multiverse. - Album on Imgur

The every day shuffling of feet against strange streets, the low murmurs of passersby, the ambience of a city infused with all means of reality and planes, the true center of the multiverse.  This is Sigil, a place of many stories… even stories as small as snippets from conversations and written word alike.  There is no seeming end to what one can learn from a little perception and a day’s worth of wandering.

Author’s note: What, a post by me? And it’s not just announcement? Could it be? Yes and no. I’m still somewhat retired from gaming creations for now. I’m less burned out on the idea of writing updates and ideas for this page. It was fun and worth picking up again.

Chimney Swept!

Grievance #3958

“I have submitted complaints numerous times now, with no action! Someone needs to get to the deepest dark of this, immediately! Strange planar birds have begun to infest and scrag kip across the Cage!  There is little likelihood that you have no heard of them.  Their name, somewhat of a pun, is called “Chimney Sweep”.  A swift-like bird, these creatures seem to steal work from actual sweeps of chimneys, men employed under my agency.  Even then, the wee berks do no good job.

They’ve acclimated well to chimneys, far too well. The accursed things, while they take it from the stacks and pipes in the Lower Ward, cleaning them out for a few days, they flutter about the cage and rain their collections upon our piking lungs! These birds likely came from a lower plane, as the soot and dust and pollution does them no ill. They’re otherwise light in coloration and fly akin to a sparrow. Given how skittish they are, they’ve evaded my hired hands. They seem to blend in with the raven-like beasts in the cage, using soot to evade detection. Whatever their behavior, they have some smarts in that think box o’ theirs.

What absolute addle-cove could have done this? I doubt the Cage would open itself to some malicious pet collector or barmy sod. You have your power and means, look into it! The Lady’s Ward is no grounds to dump Lower Ward waste. Best none hear back from me again! See to it that these things are taken out. You all boast how prepared you are in public matters. This is a crime against the city, its fair people and more. Please find a culprit and remove this invasive grouping of wretched birds!  I know that the Hardheads have taken to recruiting rangers… and not just any!  No, Upper Planes exploring rangers who have bonded with Celestial Hawks.  I know such birds can do amazing work in culling unwanted pests.  So, where are the results?  Can the Upper Planes defeat this menace?”


Words of the Doomsayer

“I am no escaped patient under Black Cabal care!  I am no agent of the Doomguard!  No, I speak of prophecy, I speak of how your cage is doomed!  No mere seer speaking of warring factions, colliding egos, rise of planar aggression.  No!  There is far more at stake in the multiverse and far more this city has ignored!

Do any of you hear it?  It’s the wailing cries of souls paved over between the layers of City Above and The Below that anchors them.  Souls of the unsanctioned, lost in 10,000 suicides!  I hear their cries and know that their sins had caused their fall, just as they’ll cause yours.  One will call for you!  Through her calls, she breaks from Hellish gates and she will drag you down with her.  Such trickery garners fools and blasphemers.

The Bones of the ancestors, they will regain their vigor.  Their skulls will arise and taunt their lowly descendants.  Flesh and blood of the new age will be claimed and consumed by them.  You are all a feast for them, your ignorance cannot save you!

Run further towards the apocalypse.  There is plenty of room for those who dabble too far in ideology that they don’t understand.  Those who seek the ways of the multiverse without care, there is room for their damnation as well.  This collection of damned rabble, there is no more time for learning.  Drown, drown in the cold oil of your own making!

The time of judgement, berks!  The time of your judgement has arisen.  I may be mazed in time, but know that you will all be gazed upon!  You too will suffer and this city will be culled.  Her Serenity will not treat any of you differently, but you’ll be judged.  Your guilt will be worn and the severity of your punishment will be handled.

A death of morality is pandemic, the plague draws the sights of forces not meant for this reality.  The eyes, they stare inky like mist, they’ll latch onto those who do not change their ways… and then, all of us!

We live in a privilege, isolation away from Powers driven mad by their own hubris and decadence.  There are worlds beyond this one, worlds of fake planes and faker people.  These Powers are the rings of worms as they squirm and dig upon what is real.  They burrow through and devour truth, decaying what is known to you and giving waste of the fakeness that is all too easily accepted.”


Showdown at the Black Casket, Hell in the Lowe- [illegible, covered in blood]

128th Year of H-[illegible, covered in blood]

S.I.G.I.S. Urgent Story

The Black Casket, a c-ntrov–sial estab-ishmen-, has been the site of a deadly standoff between a mix-ur- of vampire hunters, Harmonium, Mercykillers and ev– some Dustmen; fighting against vampiric patrons, members of the Temple of the Aby-s and some troublema–rs belonging to the Doomguard and Revolutionary League f–tions.  Minimal casualties were had on the “hunters” side, while the “vampires side” suffered many instances of “final death”.  The remaining business, held in contempt for supporting dangerous and deadly dark magic within city limits, is closed for the foreseeable future.  The owners themselves surrendered before conflict grew out of hand, ironically initiating combat.

Well beyond Afterpeak, a profane ritual dedicated to Kanchelsis was revealed to an investigator, who fled into the dark.  The ritual was said to be a means of draining the blood from those will beyond the tavern’s reach, even to the point of death.  An officer of the Harmonium was sent to contend with the perpetrator of the ritual, but was met with harsh rebuttal and denial from the staff.  Further knowledge on the dangers of this ritual were given by an associate of a rival business, the Coagulated Corpse.  At first asked for involvement, owner Vladek Markov assures that those under his employment have maintained their time within his establishment, going nowhere near the lair of “savage bloodsuckers and those without restraint.”  He went on to embellish an impeccable record of service, ethics and quality ever since opening within the City of Doors.  By his word, he even asked the Fraternity of Order, along peers, to review all instances that would consider him guilty of stoking the flames.  His bias against the other enterprise is publicly known, but no known information points to his complacency at this time.

This battle bringing factions into the fold brings worry to many, that threats of a faction war continue to be closer to a reality.  Activists have taken it upon themselves to resolve greater faction conflict and create a peaceful resolution.  Meanwhile, undead populations around Sigil have spoken up in an effort to banish Hunters within city limits, as well as penalize the Dustmen for direct involvement against undead related communities; risking their death truce pact.  The Black Casket has no projected time for reopening.  However, Vladek Markov has uncharacteristically offered aid to the failing “enemy” of his.  This does not point towards any innocence or guilt on behalf of the Coagulated Corpse Tavern owner.


Daurelaa’s Coroner Report – 8th day of the 129th Year of Haskar’s rule

Weekly Coroner’s Report #2

Physical description/Identification: Subject is possibly 1 and 1/2 meters tall, weighing at a quite stocky 110 – 115 kilograms.  Undamaged majority of body covered in black and white fur, bodily physiology resembles that of a Prime Material male badger stretched into an upright semi-bipedal shape.  Subject appears to be 45 years in age, well venerable for creature of this race.  Body has been identified as Hans Kleiner-dachs by Hardhead officers. 

Damage/Condition: Subject was found face down in a pool of his own blood, with a trail of blood following from around a corner.  Subject has bled to death, following numerous puncture wounds around the torso, as well as in the left arm and the gouging of the left eye following violent slashes.  Multiple lacerations are formed around point of weapon entry, no signs of necrosis around would-be festering wounds after several days of exposure to elements.  Sizeable wound is found around chest cavity over heart, continued examination reveals that heart has been removed some time after victim’s death.  Lungs remain mostly in tact, albeit pierced by a weapon and drenched in the victim’s blood.  Damage to body caused by mixture of organic weaponry and forged bladed weaponry.

Belongings/Evidence: Victim was well armed at scene of death, clutching onto a smokepowder musket.  A singular small ax was strapped to the side of his person.  Doffed metal armory lied next to the body, still clad in vibrant and ruffled cloth garb.  Gloves, boots and helmet were likewise discarded, with paw-like hands and feet exposed.  Speculation on victim feeling cool air as he was dying.  Powder charge and ammunition bag drenched in blood, remaining damp from outside moisture as well, rendered useless.  An item pouch carries a copy of a note, one listing grievances meant to be submitted to the City Court.

Notes: Reasons for this are unknown but held in suspicion.  Victim’s history with Unbroken Monastery may have made him target for political enemies, no further information is known.

Ruling: Homicide

Examination conducted by Daurelaa, Factotum of the Dustmen, from within the Mortuary.

Submitted to the City Court for further evaluation.


IMAGE CREDIT: Tony DiTerlizzi – Sigil

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