January 2022 RPG Blog Carnival Wrap Up

Major thanks to everyone who joined in for this month.  The intrigue of hushed whispers, agenda pushing papers, courtly arguments, clashing of factions and more proved appealing to a number of you.  Let’s do a recap, shall we?

  • Gonz gave two looks at the workings of Ravnica, from their factions to the everyday political grind.  He also expanded by looking at how MtG style alignment can facilitate drama, politics and more.  Find both here and here!
  • SeaofStarsrpg reflects on campaign politics and how it will affect things as time goes on.   In particular, this looks at how dragons are involved.  Find more here.
  • I’ve made another return to the Fey in Planescape.  In particular, I break down how various Courts and Cults function within the traveling Outer Planes courts and the neutral Fair Kingdom in the Deep Ethereal.  You can find more here, here, here and here.

Stay tuned for Sea of Stars, with the theme of “Something, Something, Dragons!”

Author: Doctor Necrotic

Hobbyist, amateur writer/screenwriter, wannabe-philosopher, music fan, history lover, cinemaphile, gamer, reviewer, and more. I'm a 30 year old hodgepodge of jobs and interests. My current projects on WordPress creating a wide variety of content for various tabletop roleplaying games, even showcasing published content here as well. When I have the time, I also create editorials and reviews spanning various bits of popular culture. I hope you take a moment to check my content out and maybe tell me what you think.

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