Doc’s Bestiary of the Planes!

Portals_7th heaven by IvanLaliashvili

More of a tide over post.  Here’s a collection of monsters I’ve made and where they would respectively fit into the Planescape Great Wheel cosmology.  Enjoy.

Author’s Note:  A slightly different compilation post!  Here’s a chance to showcase some of my work, while adding new context within the realms of D&D.  This is in part a fun thought experiment of sorts.



The Inner Planes.

  • The Ethereal Plane.
    • Haunting Traveler.  Those who perished in the Ethereal itself should have been swallowed up.  However, something coalesced with their being and turned them into a vengeful spirit out to assimilate all into its lowly state.  Their Deathly Origin is force damage and they can gaze up to 300 ft. away in the Ethereal, while standing still and concentrating. (Travel)
  • Inner Planes
    • Earth
      • Plastered Creeps – When an undead essence from the Negative Plane breaks free into the Elemental Earth, it merges with the very soil and crag to create a crushed corpse compacted with earthy textures, resulting in an uncanny sculpture like creature. (Travel)
    • Water
      • Drowned Soul – The remains of a hapless wanderer who became trapped in the Plane of Water and then died.  They seek to do little more than drag victims as far down as possible until they also drown. (Gothic)
      • Unhcegila – A dreadful serpent that seeks to drag down and devour anything that dwells anywhere near its territory.  They love torture and especially love rending the victim’s mind.  It is absolute enemies of the Thunderbird.  (Western)

    • Para/Quasi
      • Eldritch Ooze – A seemingly self-aware ooze, from the respective Para-Elemental Plane.  It exists to seep into hosts, consume them, control them and reproduce more.  While seemingly basic, it uses its sharp wit to puppet its hosts against their former allies.  (Eldritch)
      • Fur Bearing Trout – An oddity in between Para-Elemental Plane of Ice and the Plane of Water.  This planar fish survives with its bushy fur coat. (Western)
      • Gold Crawler – A parasite from an unknown dimension that has long since made resident in the Quasi-Plane of Mineral.  Its niche has been carved in the hoarding and feasting of the bountiful supplies throughout the place.  However, it hunts living creatures when it needs to, and can do so without normal detection.  (Western)
      • Thunderbird – A powerful symbol from the Quasi-Elemental Plane of Lightning.  Its presence is said to ward off dangerous and powerful foes.  It has been known to travel to Elemental Water to fight some of its greatest enemies.
  • Positive Energy
    • Radiant Giant – A counterpoint to the Death Giants, created in retaliation.  In a similar manner, they made pacts with beings of this plane.  However, they did so to become protectors of life and light.  Many pay service to related deific powers. (Giants)
  • Negative Energy
    • Death Giant – One of the few non-undead to survive on its own in the life-crushing void of the Negative.  These creatures exude auras of death, making them very much a part of this domain.  It was rumored that they were normal giants who made pacts with powerful entities who dwell within the Negative Energy Plane. (Giants)

The Outer Planes.

  • The Astral Plane.
    • Star Dragon – Magnificent beasts made of pure cosmic energy.  They glow like starlight and burn like them too.  (Sci-Fi)
    • Nautiloid Captain – A Mind Flayer of distinguished capability, likely in charge of an equally incredible vessel that allows them to traverse the astral with ease. (Sci-Fi)
  • The Outlands.
    • The Otherworld.  A neutral ground of spirits from a variety of lands and tribes.  For many, a more balanced meeting point in comparison to the Happy Hunting Grounds/Beastlands.
      • Bearfolk – The rigid defenders of the council, using their unbridled primal strength to protect and uphold the peace. The land provides for the powerful spiritual beings that dwell there, they in turn help protect.  (Western)
      • Jogah – Bored of politics of great spirits, they live in the woods beyond meeting points.  They care more for messing with prime visitors who have their own agendas inside the realm. (Western)
      • Deer Woman – A temptress interested in swaying not just visitors, but also council politics.  But more than anything, she craves the love that she will never truly have, for murderous rage always kicks in whenever she is reminded of her darker spirit nature.  Few planes walkers survive a romantic encounter with this being.  (Western)
      • Needler – A Cactus-like humanoid that dwells in the otherworld.  They’re a solitary people who seek the aid of the denizens of the realm.  However, they’re quite good at holding their own, complete with projectile quills that can deal massive damage.  They’re also experts at finding portals to the Plane of Water, making them valuable guides for hire.
  • Acheron
    • Bone Rifleman.  Undead soldiers from a technological war.  These unending warriors are part of a literal war machine, augmented through powerful new innovations and preserved through dark magic.  Through some strange act of the planes, they found themselves in a plane of constant warfare.  (Gothic)
  • Arborea
    • Forest Giant – Devoted to protecting wilderness, these humble and often friendly massive folk have been known to dwell here.  Despite indifference to chaos, the serene nature-like quality is all too alluring for them.  They can also be seen in The Beastlands and Elysium. (Giants)
  • Baator, the Nine Hells.
    • Mad Adam – An experiment in Infernal cruelty.  These creatures are trapped mortals kept “alive” through infernal engines that push them to do deeds that they wouldn’t dream of, all while pushing them to the edge.  Their lives are constant fiery pain and depravity, all for devilish hosts.  (Western)
    • Old Scratch – A powerful supreme devil that seeks nothing more than becoming a future Duke of Hell.  Powerful, cunning and manipulative; he lacks the flaw of lacking enough uniqueness to set him apart from the great leaders of the plane.  (Gothic)
    • Passenger Imp – A lowly and parasitic devil that seeks to hamper and manipulate wanderers.  Some have hitchhiked their way as far as Acheron and Gehenna. (Travel)
  • Carceri
    • Baykok – An accepted addition to Malar’s divine realm.  This savage frontier where everything is out to get you is the perfect place for such a vile undead hunter.  Its use of necrotic bolts and clever stealth is pleasing to the beastlord, even though he is unable to spread his gift onto them.  (Western)
    • Corpse Weed – A sickly corpse-like monstrosity, born from fell energies.  Growing in the acidic swamps deep within Carceri, this plant monster loves to shock its prey into a state of fear before dissolving and feasting upon them.  (Gothic)
  • Gehenna
    • Dybbuk – A daemon that utilizes the dead to its own benefit.  They are said to be born from the anger and hatred felt by dislocated souls forced to wander the planes.  (Gothic)
  • Hades, the Grey Wastes.
    • Boo Hag – A variant of the Night Hag.  Indeed, a different form of nightmare.  From the Wastes, these creatures lurk, using their powers to survey creatures of the mortal realm.  They desire more than anything to take from them, at least to wrap themselves in the skin they are denied.  Most natural Boo Hags of the Wastes are devoid of a skin, but they don’t take extra damage here from light.  (Western)
  • Infinite Layers of the Abyss
    • Oozer – A former humanoid, converted into the goo-spewing horror seen now.  Juiblex has transformed this hapless soul into a humanoid vessel for his power.  The sloshing creature rages with the violence of demons and bursts in death with the acidic destruction of an ooze monster.  (Western)
    • Vermin Man – Servants of Zuggtmoy.  These creatures are meant to horrify victims as both a plague vector and the uncanny.  True to the abyss, it attacks savagely while doing all it can to terrify its prey. (Travel)
    • Walking Disease – Much like the Vermin Man, these creatures exist to propagate Zuggtmoy’s infectious influence.  In the case of these quasi-undead, they were mostly mortals who failed to stop her, converted into walking colonies of the worth filth and fungi known to the multiverse. (Gothic)
  • Mechanus
    • Robots – Automatons of incredible logic and programming, advanced to the point of being able to think for themselves.  They likely arrived from a significantly technological universe and have since made themselves at home.  (Sci-Fi)
  • Mt. Celestia
    • Phantom Monk – An impossible oddity upon the plane.  Despite being technically unliving creatures, their sheer force of goodness has mutated them into something other than undead.  These faint heavenly beings are the souls of good priests that have become like ghosts, but refused to become undead.  Their paradoxical nature makes them a curiosity in an otherwise lawful plane.  (Gothic)
  • Pandemonium
    • Flying Head – One of the many dark spirits that only exists to torment and displace others from their home.  Such a shrieking menace is a dreadful omen, a sign that your village is doomed and it’s certainly time to flea.  While not quite powerful enough to paralyze in fright, its scream is extremely notable, but by the time it’s heard, it’s far too late.  Being too close to the monster brings the worst of luck.  (Western)
    • Spring Heeled Jack – A servant of the Unseelie Court and a creature of pure madness.  This realm-hopping atrocity loves to revile and sicken any would-be victim before brutally savaging them for quick entertainment.  Such a creature is of the most morbid of the unseelie and an embodiment of the insanity that dwells throughout the plane.  (Gothic)
    • Wendigo – In the coldest reaches of the endless caverns, one can hear the chilling sound of the Wendigo amidst the cacophany.  When one gets closer, one can see an eerie frost that travels along the walls.  By then, the Wendigo surely has you.  (Western)


  • Demiplane of Dread
    • Dread Elementals – Corrupted elementals changed by the dark powers of the demiplane.  (Gothic)
    • Revenant Maniac – A resurrected serial killer fueled by the desire to destroy their former prey at all costs.  They are among the darkest puppets that the Mists of Ravenloft have to offer. (Travel)
  • Demiplane of Dreams
    • Denizen of Leng – Cruel and crafty creatures from the plateau of Leng, a particularly nasty realm within Dream. (Eldritch)
    • Dreamland Ghoul – While as foul as their undead counterparts, these bestial monstrosities are very much alive.  They carry an ancient curse that forces them into their lowly state, as they dwell in the depths of dream… whether out of safety or out of slight shame. (Eldritch)
    • Dream Thief – A sprite-like psychic vampire.  These creatures absorb the essence of a dream, as well as one’s life force through it.  Despite their harmless demeanor, these unseelie horrors are touched by the dark cosmic depths. (Eldritch)
    • Gug – Realm jumping misshapen things.  They take joy in trying to consume what gets too close. (Eldritch)
    • Hound of Tindalos – Hunters in the dreamy mists.  They travel in packs and seek a victim in their dreams.  Once they lock onto your scent, it’s far too late. (Eldritch)
    • Mi-Go – Fungaloids of Yuggoth.  These fungus-born beings come from a realm of advanced crafts and curious creatures.  They desire to learn about all they encounter.  But, it’s unlikely that they’ll end their endless abductions in a futile attempt to understand Material Plane life.  Most of these abductions end in horrific mutilation or worse. (Eldritch)
    • Nightmare Entity – A semi-morphous form that seems to pollute and distort all forms of living dream.  Such creatures are pure evil, wanting to tear apart all that is good in the mind.  These are among the darkest natives.  (Western)
    • Quori – The ominous lords of the Dream Realm.  Thouroghly malicious and power hungry, they’ll do whatever they can to manipulate the material world through the dream.  Their agendas are shadowy, but certainly cruel.  (Eberron)
  • Demiplane of Shadow
    • Shadow Giant – A race of Giant banished long ago from the Material Realm.  As they were ripped apart by the planes, this demiplane rebuilt them in Shadow Stuff.  They’re bitter, vengeful and take ill to material plane beings. (Giants)
    • Tenebriloth – The Darkness Daemon, a counterpoint to the shadow demon.  Such blurry humanoids lurk in this dreary and dismal void.  It enjoys warping and distorting magic as well as light into unspeakable shapes and forms. (Gothic)
  • The Far Realm
    • Deep One – The children of an aquatic elder god.  They babble and slosh in their twisted cities. (Eldritch)
    • Elder Thing – An ancient race that tinkered and toiled, in its own decadent and strange society.  It is likely that they fell long ago. (Eldritch)
    • Fraal – Among the most human-like of the distant aberrants.  These creatures want to study life on other planes, but will often go to disturbing lengths to learn. (Sci-Fi)
    • Invaders – A mass of tendrils.  This war based race thrills at the prospect of conquest, waging absolute warfare against “lesser race” in hopes of snuffing them out.  (Sci-Fi)
    • Nightgaunt – Creatures that jumped from nightmare, only to snatch up living beings and drag them to their terrible realm.  They’re known for incapacitating their prey before hand through a sensory overload. (Eldritch)
    • Puppeteer Parasite – Wretched things that dive into bodies and wear them like a new skin.  Some even take the memories of their victim and pretend to continue their existence until the time to strike is right, continuing the cycle. (Eldritch)
    • Patchwork Devourer – A psychic horror composed of images from its victims’ deaths. (Eldritch)
    • Serpentmen – Ancient things of Yig!  The vile serpent kind is an elder race, servitors of distant and terrifying cosmic forces as well. (Eldritch)
    • Shoggoth – Amorphous, gibbering, incomprehensible in its constantly shifting shapes.  They are chaos incarnate. (Eldritch)



  • Travel.  The Road Less Traveled I and II
  • Gothic/Eldritch.  Gothic Monsters I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII
  • Western.  Weird Western Monsters I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII
  • Eberron.  Eberron Conversions I
  • Giants.  Giant Conversions I
  • Sci-Fi.  Science Fantasy I, II, III, IV


IMAGE CREDITS: Portal_7th heaven – IvanLaliashvili

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