Cosmic Domain – A Domain of Distant Divinity

alienist - dennis crabapple mcclain
Some Cosmic Clerics revel in the horrors beyond.

“The ANCIENTS awaken!  It is my duty to see that they are ready to take hold of what was once theirs.  The time of the material plane denizens is numbered!” – Xel’lenia, Human Cleric of Cosmic and Elder God Cultist

“The space beyond is more than proof of the Gods!  While many hide away in small pocket realms of their own design, some are brave enough to face the great aether at large!  The wilds of space itself is home to many great beings and I am a disciple of them.” – Torrean Guildlight, High Elf Cleric of Cosmic and Eccentric Researcher

The Cosmic Domain offers a pinch of Lovecraft, a bit of Spelljammer and the vast knowledge of a far greater universe.

Author’s Note: I wasn’t overly fond of my original Eldritch Domain from a ways back.  So, like with the Nightmare Sorcerer becoming the Dream Sorcerer, the Cosmic Domain was created.  I wanted to come up with some abilities that scream “outer space”, but I had a bit of a struggle.  Hopefully, you enjoy.  And, if you have ideas on how to build those ideas, let me know!




Cosmic Domain

The Cosmic Domain focuses itself on the stars beyond.  Whether Wildspace, the Astral or whatever; this is the spacial cradle that holds known reality, or at least the crystal spheres themselves.  The Gods of Cosmos promote a variety of ideals.  These can range from exploration of all known sectors of reality to protection of taboos far too alien for the mortal mind to comprehend.  These forces of the cosmos can either rebuke or attract wicked aberrations from distant domains, such as the Far Realm.  This domain is often claimed by distant gods of knowledge, traveling, secrecy, horror and more.  Both forces of good and evil can take up this mantle and do so.  Many clerics of this domain take up roles of archivists, explorers and scientists.  Some take up less savory roles as dark cultists, madmen and mental torturers.


Table: Cosmic Domain Spells

Cleric Level         Spells

1st                      Comprehend Languages, Dissonant Whispers

3rd                     Detect Thoughts, Misty Step

5th                     Fly, Melf’s Minute Meteors*

7th                      Dimension Door, Sickening Radiance*

9th                      Synaptic Static*, Teleportation Circle


Speaker to the Stars.

At 1st level, you learn Deep Speech as an additional language.

In addition, you learn the Message cantrip, which doesn’t count against the number of cleric cantrips you know. For you, it has a range of 30 feet, and you can cast it as a bonus action.


Aberrant Sense.

At 1st level, you can attempt to detect the presence of aberrant beings.  As an action, you can sense if there are aberrations within 60 ft. of you, as long as they aren’t warding divination spells or are protected by total cover.  If they are detected, you can find their location.  This does not tell you exactly what they are or what their abilities are.

You may use this ability as many times as your Wisdom modifier (minimum 1).  You regain all expended used when you complete a long rest.


Channel Divinity: Call the Outer Reaches.

Starting at level 2, your faith in cosmic beings have granted a boon of distorted visions.  As an action, you may use your channel divinity to fall into a trance-like state for upwards to 1 minute.  A hazy dream-like vision grants you various relevant information scattered within surreal imagery.  This information can involve quests, people you have/haven’t met yet, possible outcomes for yourself, and other bits of data.  All in all, it relates to your current objectives or goal in some regard.  It is typically presented in an ambiguous and vague manner.  While most of these contain images of alien realms, far ancient empires, and incomprehensible foes; some detail your own future!  The closer you meditate to 1 minute, the more imagery you obtain.


Cosmic Protection.

Starting at 6th level, knowledge gifted to you by your deity has reinforced you against the darker things that linger in space.  You gain resistance to either psychic or radiant damage.

In addition, you gain doubled proficiency to checks and saving throws to maneuver in an outer spacial or zero gravity environment.  You can also treat these environments like swimming.  You may hold your breath for up to 10 minutes, also gaining the doubled proficiency for relevant checks and saving throws (such as suffocation from environment).


Eldritch Spell.

Starting at 8th Level, the guidance of ancient beings and the light of the stars bolsters your magic.  You also may add your wisdom modifier to any psychic or radiant damage dealing spells.


Herald of the Distant Aeons.

Upon reaching 17th Level, you gain immunity to the damage type chosen from Cosmic Protection, gaining resistance to the other as well.

In addition, you may freely maneuver in environments devoid of gravity, or any other outer spacial environment.  Traveling in such environments doesn’t inhibit your speed either.  Also, you find yourself able to breath in any environment.


*Requires Xanathar’s Guide to Everything

IMAGE CREDIT: Alienist – Dennis Crabapple McClain


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