Rock ‘n’ Roll Deities

Image result for heavy metal space corvette
Won’t you take a ride, ride, ride
On heavy metal
It’s the only way that you can travel
Down that road

Amidst the vast multiverse, there are many powers that govern over various forces.  Some crusade for justice, while others seem to rot reality in cruel ways.  Some, plain and simple, are here to ROCK and ROLL!  This strange pantheon emerges from realms of alien sounds to unleash new incredible philosophies and visions upon the awakened masses.

Author’s Note: BALLS TO THE WALLS!  What better way to welcome the new year than with a return to some really gonzo stuff!  Just like the American version of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure did, I twisted the names around… in case I use this stuff later.  Surely, you’ll get the references to things though, even though dub names suck…  Also, yes, I did make a jab or two at various rock personalities, in addition to some homages.



  • Abominabolus Eht

    • Chaos God of an Ancient and Dead Race
    • Information: Former ruler of an advanced species, utterly obliterated by humanity in ancient days.  The corrupted deity vows vengeance against all like the human, ushering an era of their collapse upon its return to this realm.
    • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    • Suggested Domains: Death*, Knowledge, Trickery
    • Symbol: A malevolent glowing face against an ankh
  • Freep, The King in Crimson

    • An uneasy watcher who burns the land in retribution
    • Information: Once a paranoid man who burned innocence with radiant fire, he has since calmed down and found peace… or so he thought.  This tyrannical flame exudes desire to control all he sees as his, striking down those who dare to take claim of his mortal works.
    • Alignment: Lawful Evil
    • Suggested Domains: Light, Order (GGtR), Zeal (PS:A)
    • Symbol: A terrified face surrounded by fire
  • Sir Edward, Head of Iron

    • An ascended death knight devoted to war and conflict throughout the multiverse
    • Information: An undead warlord whose powers are ancient as the land he hails from.  He has taken many guises throughout time, sowing the seeds of destruction and demise wherever he goes.  Over time, he dropped his attachment to order, especially after slaying the leader of his land several decades ago.
    • Alignment: Neutral Evil
    • Suggested Domains: Death, War
    • A cruel zombie’s face with stitches on the top of its head.
  • Visionary Akzray, The Psionic Veteran

    • A protector for those wounded in battle, especially from the horrors of psychic warfare
    • Information: From a strange and alien world, this valiant warrior fought against unfathomable horrors, while unleashing his old talents.  Eventually, he fell and in time ascended from legendary hero to deity.
    • Alignment: Lawful Good
    • Suggested Domains: Life, Knowledge*, Protection (UA)
    • Symbol: X-Ray Goggles
  • Zh’Eeen, The Thunder Demon

    • A self-proclaimed God of Thunder.  He enjoys luxury, riches and sheer force of loudness.
    • Information:  A lower planar creature who grew bored of acts of evil, wanting to be adored by all around him instead.  In the end, he grew more interested in obtaining great wealth and notoriety instead.
    • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    • Suggested Domains: Ambition (PS:A), Arcana, Tempest
    • Symbol: A lightning bolt shaped tongue
  • Bloodied Don, The Sasqclops

    • A one-eyed yeti creature that acts as the fierce but wise guardian of a deadly mountainous region.
    • Information: The guardian of a sacred mountain space, devoted in life to warning and preparing pilgrims for the journey ahead.  Now, he asks as a watcher and motivator for all dealing with strife and seeking peace within nature.
    • Alignment: Neutral
    • Suggested Domains: Life**, Nature, Strength (PS:A)
    • Symbol: An eye above a mountaintop
  • Qotsa, The Goddess of the Sun

    • A Divine Angel of Death, ascended to higher form.  This creature of light descends to the mortal realm below to scorch the lands.
    • Information: A terrifying creature composed of angelic wings and a massive skull wrapped in feathers.  It emits deadly blasts of light from its maw, often as a result of a judgement passed.
    • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    • Suggested Domains: Grave, Light, War
    • Symbol: A sun with three pairs of wings on each side
  • Roni’Jae, Lord of the Rainbow

    • A heroic warrior of justice, celebration and creation
    • Information: Once a mighty and legendary fighter, sealed by a dark foe in the tomb of a drowned city.  His spirit was unleashed accidentally by excavation divers hired by a church.  The mighty spirit asked for aid in his crusade of righteousness, leading to his deification.
    • Alignment; Neutral Good
    • Suggested Domains: Forge, Life, Protection (UA)
    • Symbol: A fist with the pointer and pinkie fingers raised in triumph
  • Go-coki, Leader of the Celestial Pod

    • A flying sky whale devoted to leading travelers back on their path.
    • Information: Originally a creature of Arborea, this being in particular took to the skies in search of other means of aiding the known multiverse.  As the seas of chaos drown the innocent, the flying whale will emerge in aid.
    • Alignment: Chaotic Good
    • Suggested Domains: Tempest
    • Symbol: A whale’s face emerging in clouds


*Alternatively, the Cosmic Domain. coming soon!

** Alternatively, the Frost Domain, coming soon!


IMAGE CREDIT: Heavy Metal promotional image – Sony Pictures


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