Bizarre Bazaar: More Gothic, Gaslamp and Weird West

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“Zam’dul is closing up shop for the great bazaar.  Do hurry, the fumes of these locomotive devices are quite sickening.  Search at your heart’s desire, but do be quick.  And also, do be careful.  Questions are welcome and can very well save your life!”

Zam’Dul returns once again to unleash a wide variety of fantastic artifacts, contraptions and concoctions sure to amaze and bewilder.

Author’s Note:  I had some item ideas that I couldn’t fit in the prior items post, so they’re here instead!  Also, I didn’t have the time to finish my one post for DM’s Guild.  So, it is unfortunately delayed a smidge.  All I’ll say is that it is a conversion of one of the few 4th Edition modules I really enjoyed playing with quite a few years ago.  Despite all the guff I give 4E, it certainly had its moments.  And for that reason, I’m “reanimating” it for D&D 5E!  Once it’s available, hopefully you all check it out!



Magician’s Top Hat

File:Zan Zig performing with rabbit and roses, magician poster, 1899.jpg

Wondrous item, common

A staple for illusionists who focus on fun and wholesome tricks… and some less so.  Either way, this item is primarily for entertainment.  Though, someone could repurpose it into something else.  Best not to think about that…

This item acts as if it were a mini-bag of holding, with a weight limits up to 50 – 100 lbs.  Objects must fit inside the brim of hat, in order to be stored.  To activate this item, the user must tap a magician’s wand upon the hat and reach a hand inside.  However, unless the user is actively looking, it’s very possible that the user will pull out a random stored item instead.


Holdout Holster

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Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement)

More Fire Arm items.  Hmmm…  This holding device has its own magic within it.  When a fire arm is tucked into the cradle area, it is treated as if it doesn’t exist.  Imagine an opponent’s shock when a weapon materializes, as if from no where!  Fascinating!

This leather holster looks quite ordinary.  However, when examined, it is infused with illusion magic that hides a firearm put into it.  As long as the gun is tucked into the holster, it cannot be detected by any creature without the use of magic.  Strangely enough, the holster can accommodate any firearm.  However, it’s up to the user to properly fasten it in a comfortable manner.

While a firearm of choice is placed within the holster, neither it nor weapon can be seen without the use of magic.  As long as the holster and weapon aren’t detected, taking weapon out grants advantage on that attack.  While the weapon can be hidden at-will, the surprise granting advantage boon can only be used once per short rest or long rest.


Sidewinder Boots

Image result for rattlesnake boots western

Wondrous item, uncommon

These are the boots made from powerful and magical snake creatures.  According to the creator, the beast that made these boots put up a terrible fight and killed anyone who dared to oppose it, as it glided through the desert terrain with ease, never failing to be slowed down or stopped from its rushing wrath.  One gunfighter managed to challenge and beat the creature for good.  At least, this is the legend behind these boots.  How else do you explain its curious powers?

While worn, the wearer is not affected by difficult terrain.  Furthermore, they gain advantage on saving throws against effects that either slow a creature or immobilize it.  Likewise, they gain advantage on checks to escape or evade grabbing.


Insightful Masquerade Mask


Wondrous item, rare (cursed, requires attunement)

The powers of the underworld always seek to corrupt mortals.  Zam’dul has collected many diabolic artifacts, mostly for the sake of morbid curiosity.  Why does Zam’Dul eventually sell them?  Mostly in hopes someone more responsible takes them away.  This is no exception.  The tale of this mask is about a paranoid and corrupt soul who wanted nothing more than to get ahead of all others, to be the pinnacle of society while tearing everyone down.  Needless to say, he is quite dead and is very much damned for consorting with fiends to forge this mask.

This malevolent mask exudes a wicked, yet potent power.  When worn by its attuned user, the user gains advantage on checks to insight others.  In addition, the wearer is disguised, is not recognizable and loses any semblance to their actual identity.  Plus, the wearer may use an action to sense spells and other magical effects within 60 ft. of them.

Curse.  However, dealing with dark forces comes at a great price.  A creature attuned to this mask is damned.  When the creature dies, they cannot be revived by normal means, as their soul is instantly dragged to a Lower Plane.  Outside of using the wish spell, the soul would have to be rescued from whichever plane it has been cursed to.  While attuned, they register as a fiendish creature when targeted by a Detect Evil and Good spell as well as related effects.  Furthermore, any saving throws made against effects and spells made by fiendish creatures are made with disadvantage.



Sentient Artifacts:


The Revolutionary’s Pistol
“I’ve put down lawmen, bosses, politicians and more.  What’s it to ya, bub?”

Wondrous item, legendary artifact (sentient, requires attunement from a non-lawful creature)

It’s probably this material plane that Zam’dul visits, but there are so many of these fire arms here.  It’s astounding.  No matter, this one right here, it’s a feisty one.  Like many trinkets and treasures, it carries its own mind.  This Revolutionary’s Pistol seems to love destroying order, promoting freedom and fight whatever it calls oppressive.  Now, what this is exactly?  At times hard to discern.  Sometimes, it’s likely just violent against anything that creates boundaries or inconveniences for it; quite immature at times, really!  But, it states some rather good ideas at times.

At first sight, it’s an ordinary single shot pistol, with a flint based means of ignition.  Etched on the sides are symbols that evoke ideas of revolution, anarchy, individualism and more.  The gun itself is rumored to have been crafted by an organization dedicated to eradicating manipulative and oppressive order in not just their reality, but all reality.  Despite the implications of revolution, they likely favored insurrection above all.  However, it has traded many hands in an endless pursuit of liberation and freedom.  Its actions have both aided people and have caused unremitting torment.

The Revolutionary’s Pistol is a chaotic neutral sentient magic weapon.  It is a +3 magical Pistol.  It’s range is 60/180ft., dealing 2d6 piercing damage on a hit.  It has an Intelligence of 19, a Wisdom of 13 and a Charisma of 22.  It has hearing and darkvision out 120 feet, as well as truesight 120 ft. as well. The pistol speaks in Common, as well as Dwarven, Abyssal, Celestial and several “Earthly” dialects of Common (e.g. languages from the planet Earth) that are up to the DM. While not actively being used, it can levitate up to 10 feet off the ground and act independently.  While it can do this, it just prefers to be bonded with a like-minded individual.

The pistol speaks in an upfront and often abrasive manner, not caring for pleasantries or holding back.  It despises authority of any kind, taking an apathetic stance on nearly any other viewpoint… as long as they’re more free oriented, rather than law oriented.  When amidst similar minds, the pistol will speak in a more laid back or casual manner.  In a more orderly or restrictive situation, the pistol will likely get obscene and rude very quickly.  It will often egg the user on to fight back (or even attack) people who are imposing too much law or repressing others around them.  The longer Revolutionary’s Pistol goes without action or against fighting the law, it will become more restless and aggressive with the user.  It might even turn on the creature attuned to it.

The Revolutionary’s Pistol has the following abilities.

Personality.  Revolutionary’s Pistol hates authority and will openly insult, tarnish or fight it.  It doesn’t wish to manipulate its user, however it isn’t above berating or chastising a user who doesn’t fight for chaotic or liberty oriented causes.  More often than not, it will take the side of chaotic-aligned creatures (such as Demons, Celestial Eladrin, Slaad and the like) and go against lawful-aligned creatures (Devils, Archons, Modrons, etc).  While not evil, it will openly celebrate the death of people in positions of power and control.  Also, it’s very supportive of good and noble acts, so long as they’re done in a subversive and scheming manner, such as stealing food to give out to the poor or destroying government property that would have been used against civilians (domestic or foreign).  While other sentient items favor being subtle, this one is about as far from subtle as you can get.

Free from the Tyranny of Time.  This pistol ignores the loading property and can fire as long as the user has a free hand to feed in ammunition and has the attacks available to them.  Furthermore, the user is immune to time-related effects that would otherwise inhibit them (such as Slow or Time Stop).

Fight the Power!  When fighting a designated enemy of the weapon, it grants the user the ability to mark the target.  As a bonus action, the user can gain advantage on a designated target within 60ft.  This effect can only be used on a creature that the weapon declares as an enemy.  This effect lasts for up to 1 hour or until the enemy is defeated.  Once this ability has been used, the user must take a short or long rest before using it again.

Gunpowder Chaos Cloud.  Sometimes, the Revolutionary Pistol’s methods call for massive outbreaks of randomness and disorder; cultural jamming and subversion at its rawest.  As an action, the user can call upon the pistol to unleash a confusing aura of enchanted gunpowder.  All creatures within 30ft. of the wielder must make a DC 20 Wisdom saving throw or fall under the effects of the Confusion spell for upwards to 1 minute (or until they succeed their saving throw).  Affected creatures may make a new save at the end of their turn.  Once this ability is expended, the user must take a short or long rest to use it again.

Inspire the People.  As a bonus action, the user can have the pistol inspire up to 4 creatures that it feels embody values of individual freedom and revolution.  These creatures may add an extra d8 die to an attack roll or skill check.  After this ability is expended, the user must take a long rest before invoking it again.

Random Properties. In addition, this weapon has the following random artifact properties.

  • 2 Major beneficial property
  • 2 Minor beneficial properties
  • 1 Major detrimental property
  • 1 Minor detrimental property

Destroying the Weapon.  The Revolutionary’s Pistol can only be destroyed if purposely attacked by a legendary weapon of lawful power.  On top of that, it must be the subject of magic that would hinder its magical abilities, such as an antimagic zone.  On top of that, the attacker must be aided by a perceived “lawful” power, such as a government leader, the boss of a company, a religious minister or even a creature of a lawful plane of existence (such as Mechanus).


IMAGE CREDITS: Les Halles – Leon Augustin Lhermitte; Zan Zig’s Hat Trick – Strobridge Litho Co.; Gun Holster – Cochise Leather; Rattlesnake Boots – The Boot Store; Venetian Devil Mask – Mask Italia; Highwayman Character – Trudi Castle, Chris Bourassa

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