Bizarre Bazaar – Gaslamp, Gothic and Weird West

Images of Hitchin Market Place as it was in Victorian times (1837-1901)

The monthly market at Granite Well Station’s market is rich with life as it always is.  Amateur crafters alongside trade professionals, artisans both local and well out of region, even a few arcanists willing to share a secret or two.  Among the oddest is that “metal head” fellow who just showed up at the last minute.  He calls himself “Zam’dul”, sounds like some really far eastern name.  Either way, he has a haul of junk to investigate.  It’s all pretty odd stuff, I have a feeling he’s making dirty money on pick-pocketed goods, but that’s just me. – Constable Taranath Glistendawn, long time officer of Granite Well; a town known for its eponymous well, where an evil creature was thwarted decades ago.

The Granite Well Station sports a diverse rummage sale and market at the start of the month.  As far as flea markets go, Zam’dul is no stranger to this.  While a somewhat dusty, but sprawling city space; it already sports a diverse array of fascinating vendors to choose from.  To compete, Zam’dul only brings the most fascinating odds and ends from around the world.  As always, he promises quite the show!

Author’s Note: Zam’dul travels to a city anew!  Since I’ve been doing a fair share of player options as well as monsters, why not items as well?  Like before, they have a gothic, victorian, western, dime novel or relate theme to them.  In addition, I wanted to add some more gun augmentations.


New Gun Augmentations:

AAAAH!  These Fire… Arms…  Strange name for a weird weapon.  Anyway, Zam’Dul has a contract with a master of smithing the guns.  He’s a fascinating gentleman.  Should you require augmentations for these weapons, please let me know.  He can do bullets or guns.  And no, he has no name.  He just is, he’s also a gunsmith.

These augmentations are magical items that modify a firearm, as if it were a magic weapon.  Each augmentation/piece of ammunition operates on your spellcasting modifier.  If you are not part of a spellcasting class, your highest mental stat operates for your modifier.  More on Gun Augmentations here.

  • Fear Shot (Uncommon), Ammunition:  Targets must make a Wisdom saving throw or become frightened while within 30ft. of you for upwards to 1 minute.  They may save again, becoming immune to the shot’s effects for 24 hours upon success.
  • Ghost Shot (Rare), Ammunition:  These shots can travel through walls, as per the Ghost’s incorporeal movement feature.  The bullet also deals force damage instead.
  • Shapeshifter’s Bane (Uncommon), Ammunition:  Creatures that are capable of changing shape must make a Constitution saving throw or shift back into their default form.  They are incapable of changing shape for up to 1 hour.
  • Cold Iron Forge (Uncommon), Weapon (Requires Attunement): See Also Cold Iron Weapon in this post.
  • Holy Gun (Rare), Weapon (Requires Attunement): See Also Sun Blade, via here.
  • Scatter Blast (Rare), Weapon: increases each shotgun range increment by twice as much (i.e. a 5ft. initial cone range is now 10ft.)



New Magical Items.


Candle of Death.

Wondrous item, common

This well crafted beauty hails from Sigil, the City of Doors.  The Dustmen created this gloomy candle.  It glows a haunting glow, but only when it reads levels of “true death”.  You need not be concerned with the last part, it’s their strange beliefs.  No matter, this candle measures how close one is to dying, it’s rather eerie.  It even unveils the undead.  No wonder it is rather popular among vampire hunters!

This candle shines brighter the weaker the wielder is.  Someone who is perfect healthy (no ailments, full hit points, etc) will garner a very dim light.  However, someone whose very ill (suffering one or more crippling effects, hit points are very low, fighting off dying) will have a bright green flame that seems to illuminate out 60ft.  The light scales between these extremes and can be altered at the DM’s choosing.  Placing the candle on top of someone also activates its effects, as long as it’s touching no more than one person at a time.  Corpses and undead creatures give a vibrant and hellish light out 120ft.



The Devil’s Hand

Wondrous item, uncommon

An eerie magician’s hand.  It is rumored that the original owner sold his soul to unleash the perfect card trick.  Needless to say, he was killed very ironically when he brought the tricks to a card game.  Now the cards rest here.  Please, use them wisely.

As an action, you may perform minor illusions with the cards, creating elaborate special effects and tricks.  However, you may use them in card-based gambling games too.  While making a skill check to do so, you may add an additional 1d6 to your dice roll.  However, using the cards in this manner is cheating.  If someone tries to insight, you gain advantage on a Charisma (Deception) check to avoid being caught.  Should you fail, the target becomes magically charmed and turns hostile against you.



No-Hangover Miracle Stein

'Tavern Brawl' by JDR-Illustrator
Caution: Won’t Stop Drunken Bar Brawls!

Wondrous item, common

Eh, this is but Zam’dul’s old junk from interdimensional pub crawls.  If this seriously interests you, a cheap deal can be arranged.  For the connoisseur of alcoholic beverages, this is a must have!  Such a handy artifact can prevent one from a wave of blistering headaches and crippling dehydration, as well as the poisoning that comes with excess.

A rather dull looking stein with an incredible ability.  While the drinker might experience the effects of “drunkness”, their inebriated state will quickly fade.  After the drinker fails a save versus intoxication from drinking, the item’s ability activates.  Every round (or 6 seconds), the drinker may make a (DC 15) Constitution saving throw.  Upon success, they are no longer poisoned (drunk) from the alcohol.  In addition, they suffer no further ill effects the next day.  However, once the stein has rid the drinker of their status effect, it cannot be used again for 24 hours.



Solomon Seal

Pentagram by Earthstar01

Charm, very rare (single use)

Ah, the Solomon Seal!  These were the creations of a wise sage from a dimension known as “Terra”.  It was believed that these seals could be used to ward off evil creatures, badly burning them too.  The maker is lost to time and space, but you see your opportunity now!  Zam’dul shall sell you this, so you may hope to recover its lost art!

An ornate scroll has a very specific pentagram like shape inked into it, with a variety of glyphs and sigils throughout.  Upon being activated, it glows as if it’s ready to fulfill its purpose at any moment.  The aged paper seems enchanted for the purpose of smiting evil.

The user may take an action to activate the scroll.  All creatures hostile to the user, within 30ft. of the user, must make a (DC 20) Wisdom saving throw.  Upon failure, they take 44 (8d10) radiant damage.  Creatures with the aberration, fey, fiend or undead types make the save with disadvantage.  Creatures that make the save take halved damage.  After being used, the scroll crumbles into dust.



Sentient Artifacts.


Mummified Monkey Paw.

Wondrous item, legendary artifact (sentient, requires attunement)

Grizzled, mummified, creepy.  Something dark emanates from this artifact.  However, it’s said to grant wishes.  Zam’dul doesn’t like it, but needs money.  If you wish, a cheap deal can be arranged.  Also, be careful what you wish for…

This mummified hand belonged to some sort of ape.  Most curators will say it was from a monkey, just to sweeten their sales pitch.  In actuality, they don’t know for sure.  The artifact itself is imbued with an incredible magical power.  As long as it has a charge, it will lift up that many fingers.  Whenever the charge has been used, the finger curls as a wish is granted.  When touched, ape-like screeching can be heard in the distance.

The Mummified Paw is a Chaotic Evil intelligent wondrous item.  It has an Intelligence of 20, a Wisdom of 17 and a Charisma of 22.  It has hearing and darkvision out 120 feet, as well as truesight 120 ft. as well. The paw telepathically speaks Common and Abyssal.  Plus, it can understand whatever languages the wielder knows.  It speaks in a raspy and bestial tone, jumping into screeching whenever it is displeased.  Often, it will goad users to make extremely irresponsible or destructive wishes, upon themselves or others.

The Mummified Paw has the following abilities.

Personality.  The Paw wants to bring the world to ruin, especially the world of the mortals.  It especially wants to destroy any divine sense of good, for both vengeance purposes and innate desires.  It takes manic glee in witnesses its user do wicked deeds by themselves, but loves goading others into doing so as well.  Acts of kindness and good sicken the paw, it will often try to vocalize its disdain.  However, unless truly enraged, it will try to be subtle about it.

Three Wishes.  The Mummified Monkey’s Paw is capable of granting the user up to three wishes.  This is the epitome of its power.  No one who previously touched it can use it after reset.  A shriveled up paw that holds three fingers up.  It corrupts wishes, but works like the Ring of Three Wishes.  Upon all three wishes being used, it resets 10 years after the last use.  The paw will go inert and be mostly inactive.  It will not communicate with creatures or use its magical power.  However, it can only be destroyed under specific means (see below).

Fiendish Nature.  In actuality, the paw belongs to a once mighty demon lord who was banished from the multiverse after getting too cocky.  Whether fellow demons or a rival creature ultimately defeated it is unknown.  All that is known is that this artifact acts as a beacon for Abyssal power.  Creatures that sense out evil forces, such as fiends, will quickly pick up on this artifact.  Likewise, Demons will find ways to come flocking to the area.  Having a creature roll a (DC 24) Religion check will reveal this information in full.  However, succeeding a (DC 18) check will at least reveal that it is Abyssal in nature.  Otherwise, the user simply knows that it’s an evil sentient artifact forced to grant its master’s wishes.

Aura of Deception.  The Paw refuses to be fully truthful.  The paw emits an aura out 60ft.  Any attempts to discern truth from it or another other creature in the aura automatically fail.  All creatures that enter that aura are subject to its effects.  Any attempts to get rid of the aura only suppress it for up to 1d4 hours.

Command to do Evil.  While the user cannot command a creature to do so, the Paw will try to manipulate others while the user doesn’t actively pay attention.  Once per long rest, the Paw may attempt to cast a Geas spell on a creature of its choosing, putting in on the path to committing a vile deed.  The save DC is (DC 21).

Random Properties. In addition, this weapon has the following random artifact properties.

  • 1 Major beneficial property
  • 1 Minor beneficial properties
  • 1 Major detrimental property
  • 1 Minor detrimental property

Destroying the Paw.  The Mummified Monkey Paw can only be destroyed by being brought to an Upper plane and attacked continuously by a powerful celestial being.  And even then, the celestial must be wielding a legendary artifact or weapon of equal note.


IMAGE CREDIT: Hitchen Marketplace – NEN; Vampire Hunting Kit – National Firearm Museum; Spirit Lantern – Instructables; Beats the Devil – Unknown; Tavern Brawl – JDR-Illustrator; Pentagram – Earthstar01; The Monkey’s Paw – Spencer Raffield

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