Tales of the Astral – The Gith

Dak'kon by Grosnus
“Endure, in enduring grow strong.” – Dak’kon, Zerth Disciple

The endless struggle in the planes beyond.  This is brief summary of the Gith, a displaced and wounded people.  Long ago, they came to know suffering under a domineering race of creatures known as “Illithid”.  The horrid creatures broke and enslaved these beings into servitude, harvesting them when it became convenient.  In a showing of will and defiance, rebellion lead to the gith breaking free.  However, factions arose over what to do with their newfound freedom.  The split lead to the rise of many new groups rife with their own strange philosophies and viewpoints.

Despite this fracturing, each respective faction remains strong and proud in their own manner.  Each continues onward in their ideals.  Each finds their place in the multiverse.  However, they remain sullied by hatred and biases of the past.  Many refuse to deal too much with their kinds, lest they risk getting dragged into Gith politics.  However, a wise and powerful ally is usually welcomed within a team.

Author’s Note:  Wouldn’t you know it?  I’m not overly satisfied with a non-core book on races, once more. Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes is by all means a great book in terms of conflict inspiration as well as monsters, but I was eager to do my own take on things.  As I’m a master of reinventing the wheel, here’s my own take on the Gith.  But, in all seriousness, I’ve been wanting to this for a while.  Even before Tome of Foes was announced, I wanted to do a whole assortment of Planescape races.  The new book just encouraged me to get to it.  Mind you, most of this was already pondered when the initial unearthed arcana article came out.


Gith Racial Stats:

Ability Score Increase: Your Wisdom increases by +1.  The Gith were molded from oppression and empowered by their ability to break away.  The experience hardened their minds.

Alignment: As the race has mostly split over the course of ages, alignment is typically determined by the sub-race.  The Githzerai tend towards neutrality, particularly law.  The Githyanki tend to be lawful evil.  Gith pirates are usually chaotic evil, on the other hand.

Age: Planes such as the Astral and Limbo greatly affect and alter the course of aging for the Gith in general.  Pinning down a specific age becomes rather difficult as a result.

Size: Overall, they range in size much like humanity.  They are Medium creatures.

Speed:  Gith typically move at a 30 ft. speed.

Innate Psionic Force.  You are capable of using the Mage Hand cantrip at-will.  However, this ability will always manifest as invisible.  This spell doesn’t require verbal components and the casting stat is determined by your sub-race.

Powerful Mind.  Due to a history of battling illithid oppressors, you’ve built up a resistance against them.  You have advantage on saving throws against effects related to the charmed and frightened conditions.

Languages.  You know and understand Common and Gith.



Githzerai Sub-Race:Image result for githzerai fiend folio

Ability Score Increase.  Your Wisdom increases by +1 and your Dexterity increases by +1.  Githzerai value deep introspective thought and contemplation.

Augmented Defenses.  Through deep meditation and concentration, you forge a protective barrier around yourself.  At the end of a long rest, the Githzerai gains the effects of Mage Armor, as long as they remain unarmored, for the 8 hour duration of the spell.  Should the Githzerai put on armor or be affected by Dispel Magic (or a related spell), this effect ends until they complete another long rest.

Monastic Studies.  You are proficient in either Acrobatics or Insight.

Meditative Psionics.  At 3rd level, you may cast Calm Emotions once per long rest.  Both this ability and Innate Psionic Force use Wisdom for casting purposes.



Githyanki Sub-Race:Image result for githyanki fiend folio

Servants to the Lich Queen, these gith dwell in secret strongholds across the Astral Plane.  They are hate filled warmongers, smashing all that dwell too close to them while hunting down any githzerai “traitors” in their reaches.

Ability Score Increase.  Your Intelligence increases by +2.  Githyanki are masters of warfare and tactics, applying it to all they strike down.

Martial Prowess.  The Githyanki are proficient in longswords and shortswords.  In addition, they are proficient in light armor.

Skilled Warrior.  You are proficient in either Athletics or Intimidation.

Expanded Psionics.  At 3rd Level, you may cast Misty Step once per long rest.  Both this ability and Innate Psionic Force use Intelligence for casting purposes.

VARIANT GITHYANKI – Replace the +1 Wisdom from its base race with +1 Strength instead.



Gith Pirate Sub-Race: Gith, Pirate of

Flamboyant and crass, this gith offshoot fled to wildspace rather than traveling to other planes.  Their specialty is raiding and tricky feats of combat.  They are crude as they are vicious, sometimes even feasting upon their victims of plundering too.

Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity increases by +2.

Speed.  You gain a climbing speed of 30 ft.

Pirate’s Finesse.  You are proficient in rapiers and shortswords.

Panache filled Riposte.  You find yourself able to exploit rare moments of enemy overconfidence.  You may use your reaction to add your proficiency bonus to your armor class against an enemy attack.  This bonus lasts for the duration of that enemy’s turn.   Furthermore, if that creature misses you, they cannot take an opportunity attack against you until the end of your turn.  You must take a short rest before using this ability again and you may only do this while wielding a rapier and/or short sword.

Wildspace Psionics.  At 3rd level, you may cast either Jump or Feather Fall once per long rest.  Both this ability and Innate Psionic Force use Wisdom for casting purposes.




New Feat: Mind Weapon

Prerequisite: Gith Race

You can channel your innate psychic abilities into a weapon of your own creation.

As a bonus action, you may conjure a one-handed melee weapon into your hand.  Alternatively, you may use a bonus action to dispel it.  It must be a weapon you are proficient in.  The weapon manifests in some fantastical manner reminiscent of the distant plane you dwell upon.  You cannot be disarmed while using this weapon, however spells such as “Dispel Magic” will cause the weapon to vanish until conjured again.  Warlocks cannot use this weapon for a Blade Pact.  Similarly, other similar class abilities do not stack or overlap with this feat.

Depending on your sub-race, you can manifest a psychic weapon as well as additional boons.  It is considered magical for all intents and purposes.  However, this is an innate power and not a magical item.

  • Githzerai
    • Zerth Blade – You may manifest a shifting blade of chaotic limbo stuff.
      • This weapon is a finesse weapon that deals 1d8 psychic damage.
      • Furthermore, once per long rest, the Githzerai can force the blade to bend into an opponent as a bonus action.  This deals an additional 1d8 magical piercing damage.  This additional damage is not affected by a critical hit.
      • You may cast Shield once per long rest while this weapon is active.
  • Githyanki
    • Queen’s Guard Silver Blade – From the depths of the Astral, merged with the dark powers of Vlaakith the Lich Queen.  While not a true Silver Blade, it can still replicate some of its powers.
      • Your weapon always manifests as a spiked and gloomy weapon, dealing 1d4 necrotic damage and 1d4 force damage.
      • Furthermore, a Githyanki with this blade active may make Charisma checks with proficiency when dealing with Red Dragons.  Should the Githyanki be proficient in the check against the red dragon, they become double proficient instead.
      • Once per month, you may treat your weapon as a Githyanki Silver Sword when you score a critical hit against an astral creature, for purposes of severing silver chords on the Astral Plane.
      • You may cast Bane once per long rest while this weapon is active.
  • Gith Pirate
    • Wild Blade – A weird mixture of the two gith blades, this unpredictable and deadly weapon embodies the gith pirates.
      • While active, your land speed increases to 35 ft.
      • This weapon acts as a d8 finesse weapon, dealing either piercing or slashing damage upon successfully hitting with an attack.  You must choose the damage type before making the attack.
      • Once per long rest, for up to 1 minute, the Gith Pirate can further enchant the weapon to deal an additional 1d4 damage once per round.


Image Credit: Dak’kon – Grosnus; Githzerai – Fiend Folio (Charles Stross); Githyanki – Fiend Folio (Charles Stross); Gith Pirate – Spelljammer MC

Planescape and Spelljammer are properties of TSR Inc./Wizards of the Coast.  Created by Doctor Necrotic, for Doctor Necrotic Media.  All rights and copyrights belong to respective owners.


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