A Tout’s Look at The Extraplanar (Part 3): Planetouched Continued!

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… How much jink do ya have on your threads n purse there?  I’m more astonished and worried at this point, but it gives me a warmness to see you chose me as a tout for so long!  Now, there are other kinda of planar bloods out there!  I didn’t really leave ’em out, I was just gathering a bit of information in the meantime.  But, don’t worry, you come for the penned know-how, I provide at a premium!  So, what barmies ya wanna learn about today, eh?

Author’s Note: Who would have thought this would be popular?  Anyway, I wanna tackle even more options, including sub-races for other races to give some Tiefling and whatnot flair!  This includes half-orcs/orcs, elves and then some!  Also, by this point, the cat’s probably out of the bag.  These are all playtest bits right here.  My ulterior motive is for a DM’s Guild work in celebration of Planescape.  Or at least, that’s the plan.  Barring that, I’ll keep working on these, either releasing them as generic content and leaving them up here for all prying eyes to gaze upon!  (At least till a revision post pops up!)



Genasi – The Element-Touched

When you got literal fire in your gut, or seemingly endless supply of water, life’s more interesting eh?  In some cases, yeah.  In others?  Not so much.  These planar touched are said to be descended from a bunch of stuff; no name elemental beings, genies, even the elemental lords and the like!  Some are quite literally stone-faced, hot-headed or the like.  I ain’t making word play either.  And wouldn’t one know it, for every elemental plane (and quasi elemental… and para elemental), there is a Genasi type.  Fascinating, huh?

For starters, they tend to have elemental traits manifest in some way.  Fire genasi tend to have a burning redness to their skin or hair, the former tending to stand up like active flames.  The air genasi tend towards a lighter frame and pale tone, their elements looking like someone really wants to copy the elves.  For water, they always seem to be damp, sometimes a tad towards the aquatic looking.  The Earthy types seem stiff, heavy and well built.  I think I saw one in one of those… “comic books”, they call it.  Of course, there’s other elementals too.  Crossovers, mostly!  Touched by positive and negative or just a mix of two nearby planes.  The results are all sorts of fascinating!

Alternate Genasi Racial Stats:

  • Ability Score Increase: +1 Constitution, gain bonus from sub-race.
    • Air: +2 Dexterity
    • Earth: +2 Strength
    • Fire: +1 Constitution, +1 Dexterity
    • Water: +2 Wisdom
    • Creation (Positive): +2 Charisma
      • Lightning/Mineral/Radiance/Steam: +1 Constitution, +1 Charisma
    • Decay (Negative): +2 Wisdom
      • Ash/Dust/Salt/Vacuum: +1 Constitution, +1 Wisdom
    • Ice: +1 Constitution, +1 Charisma
    • Magma: +1 Constitution, +1 Strength
    • Ooze: +1 Constitution, +1 Intelligence
    • Smoke: +2 Intelligence
  • Darkvision: 60ft.
  • Languages. Common and Primordial
  • Elemental Resistance: Dependant on Sub-Race
    • Air: Lightning
    • Earth: Thunder
    • Fire: Fire
    • Water: Cold
    • Creation (Positive): Radiant
      • Lightning: Lightning
      • Mineral: Non-Magical Bludgeoning
      • Radiance: Radiant
      • Steam: Fire
    • Decay (Negative): Necrotic
      • Ash: Fire
      • Dust: Non-Magical Slashing
      • Salt: Non-Magical Piercing
      • Vacuum: Force
    • Ice: Cold
    • Magma: Fire
    • Ooze: Acid
    • Smoke: Poison
  • Elemental Blood Magic: Dependent on Sub-Race for both list and casting stat.
    • Sub-Type: At-Will 3rd Level Spell (1/Day) 5th Level Spell (1/Day) Stat
    • Air:  Gust — Catapult (cast at 2nd Level) — Call Lightning — CHA
    • Earth: Mold Earth — Entangle — Thunder Step — WIS
    • Fire: Control Flames — Burning Hands (cast at 2nd Level) — Flame Arrows — INT
    • Water: Shape Water — Create or Destroy Water — Tidal Wave — WIS
    • Positive: Spare the Dying — Cure Wounds (cast at 2nd Level) — Lesser Restoration — CHA
    • Negative:  Toll the Dead — Shadow King’s Drain (cast at 2nd Level)* — Animate Dead —  WIS
    • Ice: Ray of Frost — Ice Knife (cast at 2nd Level) — Sleet Storm — CHA
    • Magma: Molten Burst (Create Bonfire) — Hellish Rebuke — Erupting Earth — CHA
    • Ooze: Acid Splash — Melf’s Acid Arrow — Slow — INT
    • Smoke: Smoke Screen* — Ray of Sickness (cast at 2nd Level) — Gaseous Form — INT



Planetouched Beyond – Other Races from the Planes

Of course, plenty of planetouched manifest abilities from other parents as well!  All sorts of critters exist that have boons of fiends and celestials, but also dwarves and elves and all them lot.  Not too many pass through Sigil, but I’ve seen a fair share of planar-touched from various races.

  • Tanarukk (Alternate Half-Orc) – Fiends love their brutes, eh?  These nasty nasties have the blood of orcs and something dark, usually abyssals.  The perfect foot soldiers for underworlder invasion!
    • Bite: Your jaws are warped with sharp teeth instead of small tusks.  You may make an unarmed strike dealing 1d6 piercing damage. (Replaces Menacing).
    • Fiendish Resistance: Your blood helps fight off supernatural forces.  You gain either fire or poison resistance (Replaces Relentless Endurance).
    • Unbridled Fury: When hit with a melee attack, the half-orc may use its reaction to make one melee attack against the target with advantage, once per short or long rest.  (Replaces Savage Attacks).
  • Fey-Ri (Elf Sub-Race) – Part Fey, Part Tannar’ri, get it?  Either way, they’re blood war fodder; probably the result of some addle-cove elves getting too close to The Abyss.  The off-spring look mostly like elves, mostly…  Lots of nasty demonic features though!
    • Ability Score Increase: +1 Intelligence
    • Fiendish Boon: Choose one of the following
      • Fey-Ri Magic: At-Will: Friends, 3rd Level: Charm Person (1/Day), 5th Level: Darkness (1/Day)
      • Fiends Defense: You gain resistance to Fire damage.
      • Wings: As long as you are wearing light or no armor, and are carrying under a medium load, you gain a Fly speed up to 30 feet.
    • You can know and understand Abyssal.
  • Celadrin (Elf Sub-Race) – Eladrin may look like elves, but they ain’t!  It’s no wonder the sodding elves love ’em so much though!  Their obsession, makes me cringe a wee bit.  Anyway, relationships form from this devotion and you have an Elf that looks more like an Eladrin… or is it the other way around?  Beats me!  …I mean, it’s a matter of perspective!
    • Ability Score Increase: +1 Charisma
    • Divine Magic: At-Will: Word of Radiance, 3rd: Misty Step (1/Day), 5th: Protection from Energy; Charisma is the casting stat for these spells.  (Also, ignore material component for spells in this case.)
    • You know and understand Celestial.
  • Azer-Blood (Dwarf Sub-Race) – Dwarves like burning and building things, yeah?  Well, the Azer are a step beyond that.  They’re pretty much fire!  So, no major suprise that dwarves wanna get some of that in their bloodline.
    • Ability Score Increase: +1 Wisdom
    • Fiery Magic: At-Will: Fire Bolt, 3rd: Burning Hands, Cast at 2nd Level (1/Day); Wisdom is the casting stat for these spells.
    • CAMPAIGN OPTION: Replace the Dwarf’s poison resistance/advantage vs. poisoned for Fire damage resistance and advantage against smoke-related effects (such as stinking cloud)
  • D’hin’ni (Halfling Sub-Race) – So, some far off place called Calimshan used to be ruled over by the Djinn or something.  People hated it, but somehow the wee folk got by.  And well, this is the result of that.

    • Ability Score Increase Score Increase: +1 Constitution
    • Djinn Lore: Whenever you make an Intelligence check involving Genies, Elementals or the like, you are considered proficient.
    • Djinn Bloodline:  Choose one of the elemental bloodlines of the Genasi.  You gain that type’s resistance.


*New Spells: (Also available via A Planar Grimoire)

Shadow King’s Drain

1st Level Necromancy

Casting Time: 1 Action

Range: 60 feet

Components: V, S, M (A pinch of soot from a fireplace and a pinch of dirt from a cemetery)

Duration: Instantaneous

You conjure a ray of power, forged by the Shadow King, Larloch. It can select one victim as it drains the life from them and bolsters you. The ray drains health from the victim and imbues you with some of their power. Make an attack roll against the target. If you hit, the target takes 1d4+Spell Modifier necrotic damage and you gain HP equal to the damage dealt.

Casting at Higher Level: By upgrading this spell, Shadow King’s Drain does another 1d4 damage for every spell slot higher than 1.


Smoke Screen

Evocation cantrip

Casting Time: 1 Action

Range: 10 ft

Components: V, S

Duration: 1 minute (Concentration)

Classes: Bard, Druid, Warlock, Wizard

You throw a magical ball to the ground, creating an almost comical smoke screen.  All creatures within 10 ft of you become visually impaired by the smoke.  All areas within the radius are heavily obscured, concealing the area.  A medium or heavy wind can get rid of the smoke before the concentration time runs out.


IMAGE CREDIT: Planetouched – Wizards of the Coast

Planescape is property of TSR Inc./Wizards of the Coast.  Created by Doctor Necrotic, for Doctor Necrotic Media.  All rights and copyrights belong to respective owners.

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