A Tout’s Look at the Extraplanar (Part 1): Tieflings Expanded

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“I’ve never had someone make a portrait of me, so I guess we’re even on that favor…” – Rhys, Factol of the Transcendent Order, to Kylie the Tout

The Planetouched, truly incredible beings.  Such people can trace their ancestry to a powerful planar phenomena.  Perhaps they were literally born from an ancient union of mortal and creature.  Perhaps they are the result of arcane dabbling with such powers.  Maybe they’re the consequence of a warlock’s pact!  No matter the cause, the planetouched are usually the result.  Outside of hubs like Sigil, the City of Doors, such beings are extremely rare.  Some can be found in more accommodating locales like Mulhorand on Abeir-Toril or The Rock of Bral in Wildspace.  Either way, it’s likely that the average person will either never encounter such people or never know that they have.Image result for planetouched

Despite contrary claims, it is quite challenging to pin the plane-touched to a unified species or entity.  While some are indeed more unified than others, this is not the case as a whole.  You may see a Tiefling with horns and a tail; another with large monstrous clawed feet, a serpentine tongue and scales traveling parts of their body.  Likewise, you might see the most gorgeous Aasimar in existence, while another one is uncanny and horribly alien.

No matter whatever the case may be, I’m so glad you chose me as your Tout…  That’s cager for (usually paid) source of information, a guide of sorts!  So, plant your hind in a decent enough seat, now’s your time to learn a thing!  (It might save your head later!)  Also, please focus on me.  My little friend Dib will behave himself, I promise you… as long as you cork your bone-box and open an ear.

Author’s Note: This was one I’ve always wanted to do.  While not much of a “challenge” for me to tackle compared to other stuff, it mostly came down to filling gaps I noticed in 5E.  A lot of awesome planar flavor was missing and I wanted to remedy that the best I could.  So, here’s some extra options for planar races and then some!  Many tend to stick to a formula of sorts, but that’s what you get from sampling from similar races from various similar sources such as the Planescape setting, various Dragon articles and Pathfinder.  Sure, it’s not as open as the original charts, but this is a compromise of old and new.  Also, with the amount of attention touts such as Kylie have gotten recently through podcasts like Commander Holly’s “Trapped in the Birdcage”, I had to borrow her for an article! Enjoy.

*XGtE refers to Xanathar’s Guide to Everything.
*SCAG refers to Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide.


On Asmodeans (4th Edition/5th Edition style Tieflings) –

No doubt you’ve heard of the Asmodean types, yeah?  Lemme tell you some hard truth, those ain’t Sigil natives!  Nah, they come from another dimension entirely.  Literally aliens!  They were a bunch of barmies who thought giving up their humanity for their version of Asmodeus was a good idea.  Their minds musta been stewed to boiling point…  No matter, their empire of Bael Turath fell eons ago, so they tend to wander.  They’ve hopped away from some realm called Nerath and have found themselves even here.  Lots get preachy about their patron deity.  They’re pretty far from subtle too, you can point ’em out with relative ease!  At least the Tieflings tend to be a little more subtle, or have some variation.  The Asmodean folk?  They’re truly a unified race.  That’s as far as I know.  My expertise lies within the cage, berk!  Also, I ain’t biased against ’em, YOU ARE!  *humph*

Variant Tiefling –

Now we’re getting into the meat and potatoes of what I wanted to talk about!  That’s right, the Tieflings!  Folks like us, we’re born a little different.  I mean born from foul blood, something deep in the lowest planes.  And because of it, Tieflings tend not to luck out as much as their other plane touched cousins, but remain hardy and powerful.  Some benefit more from their fell boons than others.  Some prove to be valid allies, if their signs of underworld blight don’t turn one away.

  • Abyssal ScourgeThese bashers are frightening ones, born of demonic stock made for war… the blood war!  Far taller and muscular than many of their peers, they automatically create an imposing presence.  Not only are they naturally strong, they can consume damage and even lash out with both precision and raw power.  Of course, most of them are as bright as your average clueless…
    • Gain +2 Strength, +1 Constitution instead.
    • Gain resistance to poison damage and advantage against the poisoned condition instead.
    • Know Abyssal instead of Infernal.
    • Demonic Stock – You are hearty from your demonic bloodline.  Your maximum hit points increase by 1/2 your level (minimum 1).
    • Gain Abyssal Legacy instead of Infernal Legacy:
      • At-Will: True Strike, 3rd Level – Armor of Abyssal Toxin* (cast 2nd Level) 1/Day; functions like Armor of Agathys but deals Poison Damage.
  • Blight BloodlineThey stink of death, absolutely reek.  It’s like someone dug up a deader and did the ugly… like many of the Dusties probably do, not that they could ever get some.  They say the fiendish creatures of the Hades wastes, extending to Tartarus and Gehenna, are responsible for such sad and loathsome ones such as these.  Those underworlders are all about fear and death, after all.  These represent a whole bunch of Tieflings, descended from Shadow Demons, Daemons and a bunch of other nasties.  Some might be descended from Ol’ Orcus himself!!

    • Their resistance is replaced with necrotic or poison.
    • Gain advantage against diseases (necrotic) or poisoned condition (poison).
    • They gain +1 Intelligence, +2 Wisdom instead.
    • They may learn either Infernal or Abyssal.
    • They gain Deathly Legacy instead of Infernal Legacy.
      • At-Will: Toll the Dead (XGtE), 3rd Level – Inflict Wounds (cast 2nd level) 1/Day
  • Dread Scion This one’s a rarity.  Lanky and slender, these oddballs have traces of the Ultroloth…  I think.  I have a feeling they could also be the spawn of some of the stranger things that rarely leave the Abyss.  It might be something else entirely, but they give me the creeps.  I don’t wanna dig up too much on them.
    • Their resistance is replaced with acid or poison
    • Gain advantage against diseases (acid) or poisoned condition (poison).
    • They may learn either Infernal or Abyssal.
    • They gain Dread Legacy instead of Infernal Legacy.
      • Once per short rest, they may teleport up to 60 ft. away to a location they can see as a movement.
      • Upon reaching level 3, they may also use an action to hypnotically stare at a creature within 30 ft. of it.  They must make a Wisdom saving throw or be charmed until the start of the tiefling’s next turn.  Their speed is also reduced to 0.  Should the target succeed, they are immune to this ability for 24 hours.  Once this ability has been used, the tiefling must take a long rest before using it again.  Charisma is the casting stat.
  • Demonic TerrorFor every might, there’s mind.  These Tieflings are empowered by some of the most magical forces of the abyss and likely the smartest.  It’s possible that even Graz’zt has his six-fingered hand in their ancestry…  One could hope not.  While they are true denizens of chaos, they only differ in power from the rakshasa tieflings by a little bit.
    • Gain resistance to poison instead.
    • Know Abyssal instead of Infernal.
    • Gain Abyssal Legacy instead of Infernal:
      • At-Will: Prestidigitation, 3rd Level – Crown of Madness, 5th Level – Sickening Radiance (XGtE)
  • Hag’s BloodMany say that the “changeling” is its own race, and for some reason only female.  Are ya daft?  It’s an interesting and kinda funny theory, but the truth is scary.  A Hag, any by gender flip the Bodach, is capable of transferring its blood and power to a creature that could end up as a vessel, a protege or just a simple plaything.  Sometimes this results in a hag-based Tiefling.  Such unfortunate souls are haunted by distant and wicked ancestors who thrive on hexes and nightmares, cursing those who dared to cross their path.
    • They gain +1 Intelligence, +2 Wisdom instead.
    • Keep fire resistance or gain cold resistance instead.
    • Hag’s Legacy:
      • At-Will: Infestation, 3rd Level – Hex 1/Day, 5th Level – Bestow Curse (cast 4th Level) 1/Day; use Wisdom as casting stat.
  • Hellfire ChildThere we go, the actual spawn of Baator, the Nine Hells!  They have the blood of corrupted order and tyranny flowing through them and they’ll have you know it one way or another!  There’s no mistaking it, they have the ancestry of devils.  While some rebel into chaos, many take up positions of law and order.  Those who know a thing or two about The Nine Hells know not to mess with a devil’s knowledge of law.  Of course, many hellfire types exploit this to their benefit!
    • These Tieflings use the Player’s Handbook stats, but may choose to swap out Lv. 3’s Hellish Rebuke for the following: 3rd Level – Burning Hands (cast 2nd Level) 1/Day. (as referenced in SCAG)
  • Hellfire Child – Chilled Soul Not all of the Nine Hells is fire and brimstone!  They say the bottom layer is Hell Frozen Over!  It’s not the only cold place either!  Weird, huh?  Well, many of those Tieflings have their own strange quirks as a result.
    • Gain cold resistance instead.
    • Infernal Legacy replaces the following spells:
      • 3rd Level: Chilling Rebuke (cast 2nd level) 1/Day, works the same as Hellish Rebuke, but deals cold damage.
  • Shackled of CarceriNothing leaves Carceri!  NOTHING!  Well, except the odd demodand.  These one creature engines of destruction unleash waves of bedlum in their wake.  Sometimes, this can result in stranger things happening.  The end result?  A tiefling with their blood.  I’ve seen one once before, looked like it was covered in its own snot… poor, gross sad sod.  I could begin to imagine what one would get from their power.
    • They gain +1 Wisdom, +2 Constitution instead.
    • Gain resistance to acid instead.
    • Know Abyssal instead of Infernal.
    • Gehreleth’s Boon replaces Infernal Legacy.   Choose one of the following:
      • Sticking Tar: When a creature tries to hit you with a melee attack or attempts to grapple you, you may use a reaction to instead grapple them first.  You are considered double proficient in this check.  You may only attempt this once per short rest.
      • Acidic Skin: Creatures hit with the Tiefling’s unarmed attack or from being grappled by/grappling the Tiefling take an extra 2 (1d4) acid damage per round.
      • Carceri Sorcery: At-Will: Poison Spray.  3rd Level – Invisibility (self only) 1/Day, 5th Level – Stinking Cloud 1/Day; use Wisdom as casting stat.
  • Succubus/Incubus Spawn Far more flamboyant than me.  These berks have a habit of really loving themselves.  Who can blame them?  They’re the most sexy of us!  May as well flaunt it.  It’s all because one of their parents is the most lustful of fiends incarnate.  Either they genuinely fell in love themselves or some lucky sod survived a lovely encounter of the old in-out with something to show for it!  Either way, the nastiest visual sign you’ll probably see form these lucky bashers is the sinister vestigial wings.  But, that’s not TOO hard to hide.  Either way, many might be prone to use you for the gullible addle-cove you are.

    • Fire resistance can be swapped out for one of the following: cold or poison
    • They may learn either Infernal or Abyssal.
    • They gain the “Silvered Tongue” ability, replacing the Infernal Legacy trait:
      • At-Will: Friends, 3rd Level – Charm Person (cast 2nd level) 1/Day, 5th Level – Enthrall 1/Day; Charisma is your casting stat. (Similar to the Devil’s Tongue ability from SCAG)
  • Wild BroodThis one’s a toss up for me, either Arcanaloth or Rakshasa… or one of those “Shifter” types that come from Khorvaire… haven’t seen many of those lately.  Either way, it’s what happens what someone loves a beast headed fiend too much.  They have wild shades of their dark parent, but a knack for dark sorceries too.  Akin to the dread hunters their forms partially portray, these fiends are known for using their dark arts to track down and obliterate their foes.  Many of the ‘brood’ have tried to break into the Arcane Tower of Gehenna itself to steal the very secrets that helped their inception.
    • Gain +2 Intelligence, +1 Dexterity instead.
    • Arcanaloth Brood may learn either Infernal or Abyssal, Rakshasa Brood must choose Infernal.
    • Choose an alternative resistance:
      • Arcanaloth: acid or poison; also gain advantage on either diseases (acid) or poisoned (poison).
      • Rakshasa: You may use a reaction against a non-magical weapon attack to gain resistance against all other non-magical weapon attacks until the end of your next turn.  Once you have used this ability, you must wait until completing a long rest before using it again.
    • Gain Gehennan Legacy instead of Infernal Legacy:
      • Arcanaloth: At-Will: Minor Illusion, 3rd Level – Phantasmal Force 1/Day
      • Rakshasa: At-Will: Primal Savagery (XGtE), 3rd Level – Detect Thoughts 1/Day
      • Intelligence is the casting stat for either.

Alternate Feat: Fiend’s Constitution (alters Infernal Constitution from XGtE)

  • You still gain the Constitution bonus.
  • You gain an additional resistance instead of two:
    • If you swapped out fire resistance for a different one, you may choose fire.
    • Gain the other resistance offered by your sub-race.
    • Cold or Poison are still available options, if you do not have them already.
  • If you already have resistance to the poisoned condition, you gain advantage against diseases as well.


Campaign Option: Daemon Language

In prior editions, yugoloths and gehreleths gained their own languages.  In this instance, it’s available as an exotic language.  Certain sub-races gain that option instead of abyssal or infernal, at the DM’s discretion.



Image Credit: Rhys the Factol – Tony Di’Terlizzi, Kylie the Tout – Tony Di’Terlizzi

Planescape is property of TSR Inc./Wizards of the Coast.  Created by Doctor Necrotic, for Doctor Necrotic Media.  All rights and copyrights belong to respective owners.

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