Time Marches On: Bizarre Bazaar – The Spark of Innovation! (Part 2)

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I had more beyond what I posted!  Here’s part 2, containing armor and misc. items!  So, let’s travel back into the strange, very chrome future and puruse some equally odd items from a truly alien era!  Enjoy!


Charges:  Most technological items operate on charges.  This represents the amount of power being taxed on the machine so it can function as a combat ready piece of equipment.  Once charges are expended, they require a long rest to recharge, like magical items.  However, some are limited use items that cannot recharge.  Certain items, such as extra battery cells, can add more charges on an item as well (except items that cannot be recharged, as that technically counts as recharging).

“New” Damage Types:

  • *Laser damage counts as dealing both fire and lightning damage, for purposes of damage resistance and immunity.
  • **Radiation damage counts as dealing both necrotic and radiant damage, for purposes of damage resistance and immunity.

Contraband Items: ***These items are marked “contraband”, due to their extremely dangerous natures.  If caught with such an item, law enforcement will likely take action.  While this has no mechanical consequence, this is more so for flavor to identify dangerous items that would probably warrant legal investigation.



Much like in ancient times, defensive armor plays a pivotal role in ensuring one’s safety.  However, designs advance and armor has become far more streamlined, even enhanced through technological prowess.


Light Armor

Sleek, comfortable and easy to be agile in.

  • Form Fitting Protective Suit – 6 lbs., 12 + Dex Mod Armor Class, common.
  • Reinforced Form Fitting Protective Suit – 9 lbs., 13 + Dex Mod Armor Class, disadvantage on Stealth checks, uncommon.
  • Hazmat Suit – 8 lbs., 3 charges, 12 + Dex Mod Armor Class; As a reaction, use a charge to gain advantage on poisons, diseases and breathable gases for up to 1 hour, starts with 1 charge, may hold up to 5 charges, uncommon.
  • (Anti-)Gravity Suit – 4 lbs., 3 charges, 11 + Dex Mod Armor Class; You may use a charge as a free action to jump twice as high as you normally would be able to with Athletics/Acrobatics check.  You can stay airborne for 1 round w/o falling.  Afterwards, you gently float down without crashing (unless your suit is somehow deactivated or you use your last charge), starts with 1 charge, may hold up to 10 charges, uncommon.
  • Speedster Suit – 4 lbs., 3 charges, 11 + Dex Mod Armor Class; You may use a charge as a free action to gain a+10 Land Speed for 1 hour., starts with 1 charge, may hold up to 5 charges, uncommon.
  • Stealth Armor – 5 lbs., 3 charges, 12 + Dex Mod Armor Class; Once per Short Rest, you may use a charge as a free action to turn invisible and blend into the environment for up to 1 hour by spending a charge.  This lasts for the duration until you take an attack action, use a spell or activate another technological artifact, rare.


Medium Armor

More durable, but not overly inhibiting.  Many are bolstered with top of the line tech.

  • Exoskeleton Suit – 20 lbs., 3 charges, 14 + Dex Mod (Max 2) Armor Class, Requires 14 Str; disadvantage on stealth checks, you may expend a charge to add 1d4 bludgeoning damage to all successful melee attacks for 1 hour, uncommon.
  • Advanced Stealth Armor – 14 lbs., 3 charges, 13 + Dex Mod (Max 4) Armor Class, Requires 12 Str; You may always go invisible as action which lasts 1 round, however this doesn’t cost a charge.  This ends at the start of your next turn or when you make one of the actions described in the regular armor.  You also have advantage on stealth.  You may spend a charge as a free action to activate the 1 hour invisibility, like the original armor, but you don’t require rest to spend another charge, very rare.
  • Anti-Hazard Armor – 18 lbs., 3 charges, 13 + Dex Mod Armor Class, Requires 13 Str; disadvantage on stealth checks, you may expend a charge as a free action to be immunity to airborne/breathable toxins, poisons and diseases  as well as poison damage for up to 1 hour, legendary.


Heavy Armor

Extremely powerful but bulky suits, augmented with the most incredible of modern armaments.

  • Powered Armor – 40 lbs, 3 charges, 16 Armor Class; Requires 14 Str; disadvantage on stealth checks, when you spend a charge, you gain advantage on Athletics and Acrobatics checks as well as gain a climbing speed equal to 1/2 of your land speed.  Both of these effects last 1 hour, rare.
  • Advanced Powered Armor – 50 lbs., 3 charges, 17 Armor Class; Requires 15 STR; disadvantage on stealth checks, when you spend a charge, you gain the same effects as power armor as well as immunity to Radiant & Necrotic damage (or just “Radiation Damage”) for up to 1 hour, legendary.



Equipment, Misc.

  • Communication Badge – 1/2 lbs., 5 charges upon expending a charge as a free action, you may communicate with any 1 creature within 60 ft, creating a mind-link that lasts for 1 minute. You can also expend a charge to create auditory illusions within 60 ft. of you.  Targets must make a (DC 14) Charisma saving throw to overcome the effect, common.
  • Flame Extinguisher – 1 lbs., 6 charges (cannot be recharged). As an action, you may use a charge to put out up to 10 ft. of fire, common.
  • Fuel Canister – 3 lbs., a can of fuel is used to power up most machines, alternative to charge, produces noxious gas. It’s a rather crude method of power and hardly useful. When you fuel an item that runs on charges, you may make an (DC 20) Intelligence Check after using it. Upon success, you gain an “extra charge” from the fuel. Either way, you expend fuel.  A fuel canister may be used 3 times before it is used up, common.
  • Hologram Generator – 2 lbs, 1 charge.  When activated as an action, with the use of a charge, the generator captures an image of the intended recorder for up to a few minutes. It can be sent to another generator or stored until played back. It can also be used to create live broadcasts of a holographic image. The images are typically no bigger than a 5 – 10 ft. square and are clearly a fake looking projection.  The image usually plays back a loop, once it reaches its end.  Once used for up to 3 hours time, the charge will end and it will shut down, unless someone manually shuts off the device earlier, common.
  • Insta-Tent – 5 lbs., 3 charges. Fits up to 2 people.  You can use an action to activate the tent. After 1 round of time, it instantly expands into a 30 ft. by 30 ft. giant tent. The tent lasts for 12 hours and costs one charge. After the 12 hour period, the tent will collapse into its storage device. Any creature that does not vacate the area of the tent must succeed a Dexterity save of 13 or take 1d10 bludgeoning damage, common.
  • Machinist Kit – 2 lbs.; Toolkit, allows user to craft technological artifacts based on rarity and value.  Their cost for materials is akin to buying a magical item, common.
  • Oxygen Breathing Band – 4 lbs., 1 charge. Similar to the tanks and breathing devices used by scuba divers, this one is a simple device that fits around your mouth and head; doing the same job without need for a tank.  It can be activated as an action. The charge is consumed after 2 hours since it is activated, common.
  • Ultra Flashlight – 1 lbs., 4 charges.  As an action, you can spend a charge to unleash a flood light upon an environment. Bright light fills 30 feet of space and dim light 30 feet after that.  Each charge lasts for up to 8 hours.  Any creature that faces initial exposure of the light must make a Dexterity Saving Throw (DC 14) or be blinded for 1 minute, common.
  • Air Filtering Mask – 2 lbs., 3 charges. An advanced version of the breathing band. Much like the original, it provides fresh air in otherwise hostile environments. However, this version runs on charges and has the ability to filter air around it while running. Each charge is used as an action and lasts for 1 hour, uncommon.
  • Anomaly Detector – 2 lbs., 3 charges.  This small box with a few buttons, a screen and an antenna seems to beep when it detects something out of place.  As an action, you may use a charge to sense an anomaly within 120 ft.  This works much like Detect Evil and Good.  However, it also picks up on radiation, mutated creatures, unnatural toxins and dimensional anomalies (such as literal anomalies), uncommon.
  • Chemical Sampler – 1 lbs., 2 charges. This device can sample various chemicals with a sampling beak, granting advantage on identifying poisons and chemicals.  Each use consumes 1 charge, however it can only be used once per hour,
  • Distress Beacon – 1 lbs., 1 charge. An emergency broadcasting system that allows you to put out a distress signal as an action.  The signal can be picked up on radio, radar or other methods of signal reception within countless miles.  Messages through audio tend to be basic loops.  Using the beacon uses the charge, but it will remain active for up to 8 hours before shutting down, uncommon.
  • Nanite Injector – 1/2 lbs., one use only.  This hypo-like needle contains a strange, silver look substance.  In actuality, these are nanomachines programmed to heal and repair.  Once injected as an action, they will help to recover a patient.  They heal the target of the injection 2d4 + 4 hit points and grant the effects of the Bless spell for 1 round, uncommon (see previous), rare (4d4 + 4 HP plus effects of Lesser Restoration), very rare (6d6 + 4, gain the effects of Revivify if killed within the last minute)
  • Radiation Detector – 1 lbs., 1 charge. While in a radioactive area or around radioactive materials, it will give off a warning signal.  This device remains active for 8 hours of continuous use (can be broken up into intervals of 1 hour) before needing a new battery or recharge, uncommon.
  • Scanner Goggles – 1 lbs., 5 charges.  You can use a charge to activate either X-Ray vision or gain advantage to checks related to visually tracking down and/or maintaining focus on a specific target for up to 1 minute, uncommon.
  • Security Override Key Card – 1 lbs.  This card allows you to hack electronic locks with ease. With this card, the DC to access a locked area is reduced by 5, uncommon.
  • Shield Generator – 2 lbs, 2 charges.  Upon activating a small box and placing it in the desired area as an action, it creates a force field around you and other creatures within 10 ft. of you. The field has its own HP and effectively seals outside sources away. When hit with an attack, the shield loses HP. Likewise, nothing inside can effect the outside without damaging the shield. When the shield’s HP is taken to 0, the shield deactivates. The field lasts for 1 minute. It takes 1 charges to activate, uncommon (10 HP), rare (30 HP), very rare (50 HP).
  • Water Purifier – 5 lbs., 4 charges. Every time you use a charge, you can convert 12 ounces of dirty/unsafe water into perfectly healthy drinking water, uncommon.
  • Bonus Cell Battery – 1/2 lbs., a nearly fist sized coin-shaped metal contraption, when loaded into the item, this enables the user to have 1d6 extra uses (not exceeding the item’s limit).  Once expended, it must be recharged.  To apply, treat as reloading a weapon with a bonus action or action, rare.
  • Dimensional Translator – 2 lbs., 4 charges. This hand sized device has the ability to decipher any language. It functions like “Comprehend Languages” (including duration) except everyone in a 30 ft. radius of the device is affected. Each use costs a charge, rare.
  • Reanimator Nanites – 1/2 lbs., 1 charge. These nanobots revitalize and restore dead tissue, including the brain! When put on a dead body as an action, it will mend and restore it to the best of its ability. These nanobots require 1d10 minutes to enact. They can reattach severed limbs, fix scar tissue in the brain and perform other tasks. They have a darker side, as they’re also capable of bringing corpses “to life”. Creatures animated in this manner are no different from zombies. Once used, they must be extracted and recharged before seeing use again, rare.***
  • Synth Food Generator – 20 lbs., 20 charges, this machine creates supplementary foods needed to maintain an active and healthy diet. While the food itself often tastes horrible, it creates extremely nutrient rich meals; This machine can only be used 3 times per day, creating enough food for a registered party. Each time the machine is activated, it uses a charge, rare.
  • Psionic Passport – 1 lbs., 4 charges.  Whenever you display this item to anyone but yourself, it creates a powerful psychic illusion. The viewer sees whatever you need them to see, unless they realize they’ve been fooled with an insight check (DC 25). Each time the paper attempts to trick a target, it consumes a charge, very rare.
  • Quick Charger – 6 lbs., this roughly fist sized cubic device holds up to 3 battery cell units for equipment.  These items recharge over the course of a short rest using this item, rather than the full long rest, very rare.



  • Auto-Surgeon – 1,000 lbs., 1 charge., Requires Short Rest; User gains one benefit (in addition to rest): Restore 1 Hit Die worth of drained hit points, restore 1 point of drained stat, give user a saving throw to get rid of disease or curse. Auto-Surgeon cannot perform on the same patient for at least 48 hours, very rare artifact.
  • Advanced Auto-Surgeon – 1,200 lbs., 1 charge. Requires Long Rest; User gains one benefit (in addition to rest): Restore all hit points drained, restore drained stats to normal, get rid of a disease or curse, restore petrified/charmed character to normal. Auto-Surgeon cannot perform on the same patient for at least 48 hours, legendary artifact.
  • Turbo Generator – 100 lbs., 50 charges, a giant power device that enables charged items to remain active while plugged into its source.  While plugged in, the item draws from the generator’s charges.  It also functions like the quick charger, legendary artifact.


Created by Doctor Necrotic, for Doctor Necrotic Media.  All rights and copyrights belong to respective owners.


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