Bizarre Bazaar – Beyond the Infinite Staircase


Even during your travels through the rather alien hub known as Sigil, your eyes latch onto a few familiar sights; goods and magicks from your prime material, creatures and cultures you have encountered in your travels and one very familiar and eager merchant that seems to follow you wherever you go.  Zam’dul too has seemed to appear in this fantastical city of doors.

“Hoohoohoo, traveler!  Zam’dul knows you to be an excellent customer!  Fear not, there is no stalking happening here, but simply travel to the places that adventurers go to!  As always, wares find their way to Zam’dul and prices remain fair.  Plus, a rather intriguing guild known as “The Fated” seem to have Zam’Dul’s interests in mind, should ruffians appear.  In the meantime, please sit upon a meditative cushion.  It is fluffed for long term discussions over philosophies and trading.”

Author’s Note: Magic items are always fun to make.  In fact, they might be the most fun thing for me to make.  So simple, yet there’s potential to create truly fantastical things!  Read onward and continue your adventure.



Magical Items

Insightful Hunter’s Weapon

Weapon, Uncommon, Rare (+1), Very Rare (+2), Legendary (+3)

Image result for bloodborne kirkhammer

Ah, you remain a hunter of rare and incredible beasts, yes?  Zam’dul has just what you are looking for!  This weapon is one of knowledge, granting the user with knowledge of how to overcome a deadly foe.

Etched with various runes and symbols of hunter lodges and guilds, this weapon glows with a vivacious might whenever its power is called upon.  Instead of creating another flashy effect, it simply bestows the user with knowledge for their “hunt”.

Once per short rest, when an attack hits a creature, you may use your reaction to roll a Wisdom (Medicine) or Intelligence (Nature) as well.  The rarity or power of the creature will determine the challenge of the DC.  Upon succeeding the check, you learn one fact about that creature’s weaknesses/vulnerabilities and other potentially exploitable bits of knowledge.  Consult the DC Table below, alongside examples:

  • Mundane/Common Creature (Most humanoids/beasts): DC 10
  • Less Rare Monsters (Mostly Monstrosities, Other humanoids/rare beasts, less powerful fey, less powerful aberrations, constructs, undead): DC 15
  • More Rare Monsters (Fiends, Celestials, more powerful aberrations, more powerful fey): DC 20
  • Epic Powered Creatures (Creatures that have a challenge of at least 16 or above): DC 25



Utility Knife Bandolier

Wondrous item, Common (requires attunement)

Related image

It looks a bit uncomfortable, does it not?  Fear not though, this bandolier is quite practical!  Never will you lose throwing knives or daggers, as it was designed to cradle each one… and cause all that you have thrown to teleport right into a holder!  Fascinating!!

This leather harness like piece of armory seems to be a tacky means of storing knives and daggers in an easy to view manner.  However, it glows with a faint magical force that seems to lightly pull when something draws near.

As a free action, you may speak the Command word, “Reload”.  Any daggers or throwing knives that you kept in the bandoliers before having them thrown are instantly returned to you.  You may use this ability once per short rest.



Performance Boosting Exo-Suit

Armor, Very Rare (regular), Legendary (reinforced), (requires attunement)Mecha pilot suit concept by universal-quantifier

This bulky suit was salvaged from some sort of crash site from an air ship, like some of the other “magi-tech” items that have come to the shop.  It’s a beauty, it is.  When slipped onto the wearer and activated, it reinforces their body and makes them more powerful.  Plus, it looks absolutely gorgeous…  Zam’Dul is reluctant to part with this, truly the remorse of the salesman!

This suit looks like a grey fabric light armor that covers majority of the body, save for the face.  The fabric seems to stretch to fit a variety of body types and sizes.  A curious pattern of hexagons lines the entirety of the suit, with a variety of sharp lines moving throughout the suit.  When activated, dots of light travel between the lines and hexagons.

While wearing this attuned armor, you gain the following benefits:

  • Your Strength increases by +2, to a maximum of 20.
  • Your Constitution increases by +2, to a maximum of 20.
  • Your armor class becomes 14 + your Dexterity modifier while wearing this armor.  You still gain this bonus while using a shield.
  • You have advantage on Dexterity (Acrobatics) and Strength (Athletics) checks to jump and stick a landing.
  • Your total speed is not affected by your current weight capacity, such as halving or reducing to 0 outright.
  • You have advantage on saving throws against diseases and poisons.
  • If your character is capable of wild shaping or changing shape, you can elect for the suit to change shape with you, rather than merge into your new form.
  • This armor counts as magical armor for all intents and purposes.

In addition to the standard armor, there is a reinforced version.  This one has slightly heavier plating and improved engineering, allowing the user to be even more empowered.  Reinforced armors that grant additional effects, as well as alter the above.

  • You gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls involving melee.
  • When hit with an attack, you may use your reaction to gain 2d6 + Your Level in temporary hit points.  This feature is only usable once per long rest.
  • You are immune to poisons and diseases, as well as poison damage.
  • Your armor class becomes 15 + your Dexterity modifier instead.



Force Field Coil Armor

Armor, uncommon

Another technological magic artifact!  A beauty, is it not?  This one was actually crafted by another merchant and obtained in a trade for a deadly fire-brand forged by fiends…  please, refrain from asking.  Now, this armor has an assortment of coils and strange additions that help to generate an energy field that wards off foes, even hurts them!

Black coils and metallic pieces line this strange black armor.  The creator obviously had knowledge of extraplanar powers and technologies when creating this suit of armor.  When activated, streaks of blue lines travel throughout the armor as a force field is generated.

As an action, the user may utilize one of the charges on the armor to generate the force field.  The effect functions like a 2nd level casting of Armor of Agathys, except it deals force damage.  The armor has 3 charges and regains 1 at the end of a long rest.  If the last charge is spent, the armor becomes inert for 48 hours, becoming significantly heavier.  As a result, while worn the character’s speed is halved and they have disadvantage on dexterity checks and saving throws.



Amulet of Occult Spiritualism

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

This fetish-like item is imbued with intense spiritual powers.  Not only could one use this to conduct rituals to awaken spirits, but possibly bind them as well.  And much like its macabre essence, it carries an equally morbid look to it.  A few words of warning, contacting the spirits and easing their pain is fine, exploiting them leads to dreadful things.  However, a kindly medium can establish a friendly relationship with a spirit.  But, not too friendly though, it’s bad luck to have a relationship with the dead.

A blocky green skeletal like figure is tethered to a thick black rope-like string.  To the touch, it creates a chilling and tingling sensation.  It resonates with the energies that power the gateways to the realms of the dead.

After spending at least 8 hours attuning, the amulet may be worn in order to hold a seance ritual.  Other implements, such as a crystal ball, may be used alongside the amulet.  This grants advantage on checks related to dealing with spirits; whether saving throws or skill checks.  This ceremony takes 1 hour of preparation to cast and may be done once per 24 hours.  Upon activation, this spell works similarly to Speak With Dead, as well as a summoning spell.

The Medium of the ritual may either conjure a spirit from the area, attempt to grab one from another realm (such as the ethereal plane) or attempt to summon a specific spirit.  To gather a random spirit from the area, simply activating the ritual is enough.  To attempt an extraplanar summon, the Medium must attempt to roll an arcana check.  Rolling high enough (DC 18) will result in a spiritual being appearing, otherwise the ritual is a failure.  If the Medium wants to conjure a specific spirit instead, they must roll significantly higher on their arcana roll (DC 24) in order to pull the being in mind.  Otherwise, treat it as attempting to summon a random spirit.  The spirit can interact with whoever wishes to address it.  While in the safety of the ritual, it cannot escape or harm you until a 1 hour period is up or if the ritual is ended by the medium sooner.

In addition to communicating with the spirit, the medium may attempt to bring the spirit into their realm.  Before the spirit is summoned in full to the world, the caster must first succeed an Arcana check (DC24).  Upon failure, the otherworld’s power becomes briefly overwhelming and the spirit breaks free of the caster’s grasp.  This can range from the spirit haunting its current location, it seeking final rites, attempting to possess the nearest target, or possibly even causing a catastrophic calamity.  If successful, the spirit is bound to your control for the rest of the 1 hour.  Afterwards, the spirit returns.  However, the spirit may attempt to resist commands that are contrary to its nature and proceed to do nothing instead.  This bound spirit can manifest under many forms: a ghost, shadow, wraith or something else entirely.  The nature of this spirit is up to the DM.



Fiend Hunter’s Ring

Ring, very rare (requires attunement)

Angel Ring

The scorn of an angel is a powerful thing, few can survive truly divine wrath!  What could this be, you ask?  Why, it’s an implement for holy warriors to use against fiends.  Specifics?  Well, it gives users a defensive advantage against fell magicks.  Plus, it can even help ward off their evil presence.  It’s quite potent.

This silvery ring is bound by the image of an angelic creature.  Upon its face is one of pure passion and rage.  When called upon to use its power, it shimmers a faint heavenly light upon the face of its user.

This ring grants whoever wears it advantage against saves against any status effects caused by fiendish creatures (devils, daemons, demons, etc) that originate in the lower planes.

Plus, the user may attempt to “Turn Fiends”, as if a cleric of same total level of the character.  This ability works like Turn Undead, but targets creatures with the Fiend type, as well as related creatures from the Lower Planes.  Clerics gain additional use of Turn, but to target fiends.  The DC to turn a fiend is based on your spell save DC.  Once this ability has been used, it cannot be used again until a long rest has been completed.



Gem of Sylvan Knowledge (Cursed)

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

The Good Neighbors, that is what they call themselves.  Don’t align yourself too far with the fair folk.  However, their knowledge is still quite a precious commodity.  While they won’t part with that so easily, they can offer a means of understanding faerie a little better.  Gemstones such as these have a magnificent ability to allow the user to gain sylvan insight, making it easier to understand not just their world, but the otherworld of the fae.

A polished and chiseled gem, made into a fancy looking orb.  With this gem, you can understand many of the teachings and secret information passed down by druidic orders and archfey courts.

You are counted as being proficient in 2 skills of your choice from this list:

  • Animal Handling
  • Insight
  • Nature
  • Perception
  • Religion
  • Stealth
  • Survival

In addition, while you are attuned, your proficiency doubles in 1 of those skills.  However, you find yourself more interested in the fae or druid influence, and thus more likely to take up their causes.  However, it’s possible to actively resist this without it getting in the way of daily activities.

Curse.  While within the proximity of a fey-based creature, they must make a Wisdom saving throw (DC = your spell DC).  Upon failure, they’ll become overtly fascinated by the item.  This overrides the typical immunities that fey have against the charmed condition.  This can result in them trying to pester you about the item, wanting to take it from you or worse.  Any negative action towards one of these fascinated fey will turn it hostile against you.



Dreamer’s Salve

Potion, rare

Magic Potions by tegehel

Are you a dreamer?  I don’t one mean who ponders ideas, I mean one who travels into the realm of dream!  If not, this is no problem.  Long have mages and alchemists conceived multiple solutions to pierce the veil into the realm of dreams…  Or rather, long have they tried to willingly go and stay in control.  Dreams are chaos, random thoughts given life in an entire plane all its own.  One such traveler found a way though, by concocting a powerful solution.  Using pure elemental essence of dream, one can drink it and wield powerful dream magick!  However, there are denizens within the Dream that don’t take kindly to this.  Should you not want to use its magicks to its fullest, it can certainly provide help with the greatest sleep you’ve ever had!

Inside a set of vials is a salve that glimmers like a twinkling sky, swishing back and forth like waves.  This fantastical solution has a truly cosmic feeling to it.  That is because it is raw energy harnessed into a powerful formula.  This energy comes from the minds of dreamers as they sleep, which this vial is enchanted to sample from.

As an action, the salve can be used in multiple ways, as detailed below.  This salve may be used once.  However, it replenishes itself after a 24 hour period of inactivity, as it samples its power from minds connected to The Dream.

  • You may pour it on a target, in which they must make a Wisdom saving throw (DC = your spell modifier).  Upon failure, they are susceptible to one of the following effects: charmed into your bidding in a sleep walking state until they wake up (with all dexterity checks made with disadvantage), dealing with the effects of the Dream spell or causing the victim to be sent to the Plane of Dreams (either through astral projection like the second effect or physically sending them to the plane).
  • You may ingest the fluid and release your mind.  Doing so allows you to mentally project into the Plane of Dreams.  This effect isn’t harmless though, as any damage your projection takes is transferred back into psychic damage when your projection ends.  This effect can remain active for up to an 8 hour period or when ended early.
  • You may douse yourself in the fluid and vanish from the material.  Essentially, this works like a Plane Shift spell.  However, doing this will always take you to the Plane of Dreams.  The location within the plane is determined either by your previous thoughts or randomly by the DM.  This can be dangerous, as you’re likely to be spotted by Dreamlands denizens who are unfriendly to Material Plane creatures.



Sentient Artifacts

Dread, The Corvid Statuette (Cursed)

Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement)

Crows and ravens, they means many things across reality.  The reality of Zam’Dul doesn’t even have them!  Imagine that.  But no matter, this statuette has the power to summon countless amounts of these corvids, at your command.  Beware though, it doesn’t take kindly to misuse.  Now, what does it mean?  Zam’dul guesses many things.  Perhaps it is a religious artifact of the Raven Queen of the “World Axis” multiverse, a tool for sickly worshipers to be born anew as avian emissaries.  Another theory is a recruitment tool for a foul creature known as the “Crow Crone”, a hag known for turning innocents into her bird-like slaves.  Neither theory has been proven to be fact yet.  Again, beware!

This strange sculpture depicts a bird-like figure with a menacing stare, stylized into some sort of ornament.  Its black texture is juxtaposed with a faded blue sheen and splattering of blood red splotches.  Listening closely yields strange cawing and croaking bird sounds, coming from some impossible location.  Those who use it long enough can hear the sounds turn into voices, beckoning them to join them.

Image result for corax W20

Sentience.  The Corvid Statuette, “Dread” is Chaotic Neutral with an Intelligence score of 15 (+2), a Wisdom score of 13 (+1) and a Charisma score of 14 (+2).  The statuette can hear and see via Darkvision out 60 ft.  It speaks telepathically in bird calls with a transformed victim, which the victim can understand.

Personality.  Dread is a confused creation.  Its goals were muddled during creation, especially depending on who actually made it.  It seeks to create obedient bird-hybrid servants, while unleashing its swarms against anyone who stands in its original master’s way.  It is likely to get into arguments with its user, depending on its agenda.  Since its creation was very flawed, the item itself verges on the insane.  It will takes its original creator’s words at face value and always argue them to be correct.  It will refer to any creature cursed by it as its pet.

Summon Murderous Swarm. Once per long rest as an action, you can summon a swarm of “corvids” (works exactly like swarm of ravens) to any empty place within 30 ft. of you.  They are under your control and will do your bidding as long as the command doesn’t intentionally put them in grave danger.  However, they will defend you at all costs.  The summoned swarms last for upwards to 1 minute in total.  The swarm disappears when it is called back early or slain.  While active, strange talon-like protrusions form from your nails as feathers appear from your arm and by your forearm.  This effect is temporary, while the swarm is active.

Corvid Form.  Once per long rest as an action, you may use Dread to take the form of a tiny crow or raven, using the Raven stats (Page 335, MM), except you keep your own hit points and mental stats.  This effect lasts for up to 1 hour.  Furthermore, should Dread favor you, you may instead take the Hybrid form detailed below.

Hybrid Form:

  • While transformed, you lose your original racial traits and gain the following instead:
  • Ability Score Adjustment: +2 Dexterity, +1 Wisdom
  • Speak with Corvids: You may communicate with ravens and crows.  The creature may retain one other language from its base race, not including common.
  • Mimicry: You may imitate simple sounds you have heard.  Others must make an insight check against your deception if they try to discover your sounds.
  • Beak: This beak deals 1d4 plus modifier piercing damage.  You may attack/damage with dexterity or strength.
  • Flight:  You gain a flight speed of 40ft. while you are wearing light or no armor.  In addition, you may fly while you are not wielding a weapon or a shield and not carrying a heavy load.
  • Beastman: You are considered both a humanoid and a beast, whichever proves less advantageous in any scenario.
  • Languages: You retain your old languages, but they sound heavily distorted, like a crow or raven mimicking a sound.  You may also speak with crows, ravens and related birds.

Shadowy Knowledge. You become proficient in either Intelligence (Arcana) or Intelligence (Religion) checks.

However, the user may attempt to dive deeper into the artifact’s sinister side, should the user pry further.  The user may make an arcana check (DC 20) after using either the Summon Swarm or Corvid Form abilities.  Upon succeeding the check, they learn that they can attempt to use Dread for either/both abilities once per short rest instead of just once per long rest.   Doing so has consequences and activates the Curse, as described below.

CURSE.   Upon either of the aforementioned powers more than once per long rest, the user must immediately make a (DC 15) Constitution saving throw.  Upon success, they must make a new save the next time they activate the item.  Upon failure, the user painfully suffers based on the effect they tried to abuse.   In either case, the user loses their original racial stats.  In addition, they are charmed by Dread as well, revering it as a trusted ally.  It can and will directly influence the victim in this manner.

  • Summon Swarm: The user explodes into a swarm of birds, gaining the regular stats (Swarm of Ravens, Page 337, Monster Manual).
  • Corvid Form: The user painfully transforms into either a normal sized bird (either crow or raven) or an anthropomorphic hybrid over the course of 1 minute, gaining 1 level of exhaustion.

Casting Remove Curse will sever their connection to the item, but they remain in their current form until Dispel Magic is cast upon them.  However, this must be done in the next 24 hours.  Failure to do both will make part or all of the curse permanent.  Only a wish spell will undo both effects at that point.



IMAGE CREDITS: Sigil – Tony Di’Terlizzi (Planescape), Hammer – From Software (Bloodborne), Machete – Robert Rodriguez, Mecha pilot suit concept – universal quantifier, Tesla Coil costume – Champions Online, Murder of Crows – Folderol, Corax – John Bridges (World of Darkness), Amulet – Darksilvania, Angel Ring – YouTube, Astrophyllite – Gemology Online, Magic Potions – Tegehel

Werewolf the Apocalypse is property of White Wolf Games.  Planescape is property of TSR/Wizards of the Coast.  Created by Doctor Necrotic, for Doctor Necrotic Media.  All rights and copyrights belong to respective owners.

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