Defenders of Arborea: The Eladrin

Arborea cover

All of this talk about Planescape has gotten me quite nostalgic.  Plus, I did a couple of Eladrin stats on a whim a year around two years back.  So, I figured it was time to update them for a whole new generation of gamers that hasn’t seen their Arborean incarnation.  But, enough rambling from me, check them out here.  Bring back some Planescape-y flavor for just a dollar!


I’m back!

So, holiday season semi-hiatus is over!  In short, that was terrible.  It was a drunken haze of stress, sickness, depression, overworking and booze… mostly booze.  Like many Americans, holiday season, Christmas time, just whatever… it’s horrible.  Anyway, expect something a little different within the next couple of days and then it’s back on track.  I’m hoping to also revise a thing or two for another project.  More details later!