Bizarre Bazaar – Strange Magical Items Revisited

A familiar face comes into view as patrons briefly part into a narrow opening, it’s a cloaked humanoid with a strange helmet!  The creature gets up from a meditative stance, acknowledging your presence.  His relaxed and idle stance changes into a beckoning yet inviting gesture.

“Ah, Zam’Dul has not forgotten you, traveler!  Many of my old wares are gone… The rest?  Well, a bored mind tries to see what can be done with spare parts.  You’ll see some older oddities as well as some new creations.  Please, relax and observe what the shop has to offer!  Never be afraid to ask questions, Zam’Dul knows all!”

He lifts a curtain beyond his little stand to reveal a massive archive of the wonderful and weird, seemingly infinite space is filled with encased treasures and incredible artifacts.  The helmed monk shuffles to a counter, seemingly observing you wherever you go.

Author’s Note: These were always fun to do!  Also, I’ve been messing around with some of my magic items.  Some needed a fair bit of overhaul, while others weren’t developed enough.  Plus, I have a few ideas I’ve been kicking around in general.  So, let’s get shopping!  (Or something!)  Keep an eye out for the Tomb of Annihilation nods, for any gamers eager to run the major adventure book for Fall 2017.  Also, this post was made in support of the November 2017 RPG Carnival with the theme “The Past, Revisited“.  Check out the post and its contributors!



Empowered Crystal

Wondrous item, common

Related image

These things?  It’s quite simple, they’re focuses.  In fact, when combined with certain kinds of magical weapons, their power is shown for all to witness.

By itself, the crystal is useful as a focus for casting magical through it.  Otherwise, it’s only useful alongside various other items that require them.



Crystal Ray Gun

Weapon (firearm), uncommon or +1, rare or +2, very rare or +3, legendary

Yes, yes, I know what you think!  Zam’dul has joined some illicit arms trade?  This is not the case.  This was a privately commissioned work of art, quite beautiful.  It was a commission sold off by a mercenary who turned a new leaf, choosing a life of pacifism.  As a neutral party, I’m here to allow you make your own judgements with this ranged weapon.

This peculiar firearm has a sleek and alien aesthetic.  While most in your travels are powered by alchemical substances or smokepowder, this one has a slot for magical crystals to be popped in.  Siphoning their energy, they unleash blasting beams.

The base stats for the raygun are based on the Renaissance Firearms, as found in the Dungeon Master’s Guide.  However, the ranges on these firearms are 40/120 for the pistol and 60/180 for the rifle instead.  For all intents and purposes, this weapon is considered magical.

Instead of ammunition, it operates on slots, similar to other magic items.  For every attack that is used as part of an attack action, a slot is expended.  When all slots are expended, the gun becomes inert.  The crystal inside the gun contains 6 charges.  Upon completing a long rest, the crystal regains 1d4 charges.



Monster Jug

Wondrous item (charm), very rare (One use)

Incredible Cleater Meaders Jr Whie County, GA Folk Art Pottery Monster Face Jug

I shouldn’t sell this to you.  Rumor has it that there’s an actual monster in this jug!  Pretty scary, I’m aware.  Now, what kind of monster is unknown, but I suspect this can only be used for nefarious purpose.  Of course, once it leaves my shop, it’s not my responsibility.

This seemingly ordinary container is crusty, old and grimy.  Its brown tone has faded over time, indicating that this was an artifact made long ago or an old jug was used for the ritual.  In truth, it’s some kind of capturing device that magically bound a creature inside.

As an action, the user can open the jug and let out the foul oil inside.  The oil will bubble and summon the creature trapped within in.  Unless specified for whatever reason, the creature will most likely be hostile to whatever it encounters.  Roll a d100 to determine the creature:

  1. Adult Dragon, Chromatic
  2. Adult Dragon, Metallic (Insane)
  3. Air/Earth/Fire/Water Elemental
  4. Ancient Dragon, Chromatic
  5. Ancient Dragon, Metallic (Insane)
  6. Behir
  7. Beholder
  8. Black Pudding
  9. Bulette
  10. Chuul
  11. Cloaker
  12. Daemon, Arcanaloth
  13. Daemon, Nycaloth
  14. Daemon, Ultroloth
  15. Death Knight
  16. Demilich
  17. Demon Knight
  18. Demon, Balor
  19. Demon, Barlgura
  20. Demon, Glabrezu
  21. Demon, Goristro
  22. Demon, Hezrou
  23. Demon, Marilith
  24. Demon, Nalfeshnee
  25. Devil, Barbed
  26. Devil, Bone
  27. Devil, Chain
  28. Devil, Erinyes
  29. Devil, Horned
  30. Devil, Ice
  31. Devil, Pit Fiend
  32. Devourer (VGtM)
  33. Drider
  34. Dybbuk
  35. Elder Thing
  36. Eldritch Ooze
  37. Froghemoth (VGtM)
  38. Genie, Dao
  39. Genie, Djinn
  40. Genie, Efreeti
  41. Genie, Marid
  42. Ghoul, Lovecraftian
  43. Giant, Cloud
  44. Giant, Death
  45. Giant, Fire
  46. Giant, Forest
  47. Giant, Frost
  48. Giant, Hill
  49. Giant, Shadow
  50. Giant, Stone
  51. Giant, Storm
  52. Githyanki Knight
  53. Golem, Iron
  54. Golem, Stone
  55. Greater Doppelganger
  56. Gug
  57. Insane Archivist
  58. Insane Deva
  59. Insane Eladrin, Firre
  60. Insane Eladrin, Ghaele
  61. Insane Eladrin, Shiradi
  62. Insane Eldarin, Bralani
  63. Insane Flumph
  64. Insane Ki-Rin (VGtM)
  65. Insane Pegasus
  66. Insane Pixie
  67. Insane Planetar
  68. Insane Rogue Pentadrone
  69. Invisible Stalker
  70. Lich
  71. Mad Psychic
  72. Mi-Go
  73. Mind Flayer
  74. Neothelid (VGtM)
  75. Night Hag
  76. Nightgaunt
  77. Nothic
  78. Oni
  79. Puppeteer Parasite
  80. Rakshasa
  81. Remorhaze
  82. Revenant
  83. Roc
  84. Shaggy Demodand
  85. Shoggoth
  86. Slaad, Death
  87. Slaad, Grey
  88. Slimy Demodand
  89. Spirit Naga
  90. Succubus/Incubus
  91. Tarry Demodand
  92. Tikbalang
  93. Tormented Horror
  94. Vampire
  95. Vampire Spawn
  96. Walking Disease
  97. Warlock of the Archfey/Fiend/Old Ones (VGtM)
  98. Wendigo
  99. Weretiger
  100. Werewolf



Wild Skin (Cursed)

Wondrous item, rare (Requires attunement)

Skin-Walker by Vollelune

What a weird looking hide, is it not?  That’s because it’s much more than that.  It was used by a group of menacing warlocks who use those types of pelts to change shape.  I’d find the land where it came from and see if the locals can’t help destroy it.  That said, using it can have its reward…  At a price!  Too much abuse could turn you feral, so they say.  Though, there are probably ways to use this for Good.

In front of you is a tattered hide of an animal, adorned with symbols and ritualistic glyphs.  To the normal eye, it doesn’t look inherently malicious.  But, from cultures that have dealt with skinwalkers and other horrors, such an artifact is pure evil.  It carries an aura of malice upon touching it, beckoning a foolish wearer to indulge with it.

Upon draping the pelt over the user, they may attempt to activate it once attuned.  After taking 1 hour to attune to the item, the user must drip a few drops of flesh blood on the skin and say the activation word as an action.  Upon doing this, the user gains the ability to use a Wild Shape to become the animal that the pelt is.  The available CR is based on the Moon Druid and matches the user’s total level.  This wild shape effect lasts for as many hours as the character’s level.  Upon using this ability, they must take a long rest before safely using it again.

CURSE.  Those who study deeply into the pelt’s magic can learn that it’s possible to utilize its power further.  However, without properly resting, your body hasn’t shaken off the taint that the item possesses.  For every time you activate the skin again, before taking a long rest, you must make a Wisdom saving throw (DC 15 + 5 for ever attempt after that one).  Failure results in you attacking the nearest creatures you see while in Wild Shape form.  You must continuously attack this creature until you are knocked out/killed or your target is killed.  In addition, the skin afflicts you with the dread curse of Lycanthropy.

Your alignment shifts to Evil and every night, the character must save again.  Upon failure, gain the traits of whichever lycanthrope suits your Wild Skin.  Once this secondary save if failed, the DC for the Wild Skin is reset. Also, after failing the second save, you gain the lycanthrope’s full alignment (albeit, an evil version if the base creature isn’t evil) and you are a NPC under the DM’s control until the curse is broken.

Casting Remove Curse or a related spell removes this effect on a character, also removing attunement.

*Should you require more variety for your lycanthropic creatures, please check out one of my DM’s Guild creations, “Zoanthropes – A Collection of Werebeasts“.



Channeling Hilt of Zerthimon

Weapon, very rare (Requires attunement)

“While Zerthimon’s teachings lie within the Githzerai, many planar travelers had also come seeking his ancient wisdom.  While Zerth Blades were forged for the Gith, students from other races found means of utilizing their gifts to form their own blades in Zerthimon’s honor.  The Channeling Hilt is one such weapon.  I don’t buy into Zerthimon’s stuff, but I’m sure you can make good use of this!”

At first glance, this looks like an ornate sword hilt.  Where the blade would be is a strange burnt mark.  The hilt itself seems to carry a strange psychic energy to it, that flows with your touch.

While attuned after an 8 hour period, the hilt becomes one with the soul of its wielder and is capable of teaching them the lessons of Zerthimon as necessary.  The weapon counts as a +1 weapon and deals force damage.  While attuned, the wielder is also immune to charm and fear effects and attacks with this weapon deal an extra 1d8 force damage.



Staff of the Grand Courts

Staff, legendary (Requires attunement by a spellcaster)

A magical staff?  No, it’s no ordinary staff.  It is said to carry incredible magic that can heighten a magic-user’s knowledge of spells.  It’s nothing short of incredible, in my opinion.  Where it came from?  I have long since forgotten.  However, I am more than aware that this is likely one of my most expensive wears.  I shall not part with this beautiful artifact that easily…

This fancifully crafted staff has regal touches and elaborate details, clearly made for some royal or powerful being.

While attuned for more than 8 hours, the user gains an otherworldly awareness of mystical power, expanding their ability to cast incredible feats of magic.  While attuned, they gain the following features:

  • The user is able to expend one of their spell slots to cast one of the staff spells from their respective origin as many times as their level before having to take a long rest.
  • The user may utilize the staff itself to cast a spell twice per long rest before having to recharge.  The staff slot is always cast at the lowest level that the spell can be cast and can only cast whatever level of spell you are currently able to cast, yourself.
  • Gain a +2 bonus to the user’s Spell Attack Bonus and Spell Saving Throw DC.

Bonus spells depend on the staff’s origin.  Select one of the following origins below.

  • Arcane Master:
    1. Burning Hands, Charm Person, Chromatic Orb, Comprehend Languages, Detect Magic, Disguise Self, Featherfall, Identify, Mage Armor, Magic Missile, Shield
    2. Blur, Cloud of Daggers, Detect Portals*, Knock, Invisibility, Magic Weapon, Melf’s Acid Arrow, Shatter
    3. Axe of Torment*, Bestow Curse, Counter Spell, Dispel Magic, Glyph of Warding, Haste, Slow, Stinking Cloud
    4. Arcane Eye, Confusion, Dimension Door, Elemental Bane, Evard’s Black Tentacles, Polymorph, Stoneskin
    5. Animate Objects, Bigby’s Hand, Cloudkill, Contact Other Plane, Geas, Scrying
    6. Arcane Gate, Chain Lightning, Globe of Invulnerability, Guards and Wards, True Seeing
    7. Forcecage, Mirage Arcana, Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion, Symbol
    8. Antimagic Field, Demiplane, Incendiary Cloud, Telepathy
    9. Astral Projection, Mass Polymorph**, Runic Symbol of Torment*, Power Word Kill, Time Stop, Wish
  • Cosmic Being:
    1. Arms of Hadar, Charm Person, Disguise Self, Dissonant Whispers, Grease, Ray of Sickness, Tasha’s Hideous Laughter, Unseen Servant
    2. Alter Self, Blindness/Deafness, Blur, Crown of Madness, Detect Thoughts, Enthrall, Gust of Wind, Magic Mouth, Mind Spike**, Phantasmal Force, Suggestion
    3. Bestow Curse, Blink, Clairvoyance, Fly, Hunger of Hadar, Hypnotic Pattern, Nondetection, Sending, Tongues, Vampiric Touch
    4. Arcane Eye, Banishment, Charm Monster, Confusion, Dimension Door, Dominate Beast, Evard’s Black Tentacles, Hallucinatory Terrain, Phantasmal Killer, Sickening Radiance**, Vitriolic Sphere
    5. Bigbay’s Hand, Contact Other Plane, Dominate Person, Dream, Geas, Legend Lore, Modify Memory, Scrying, Skill Empowerment**, Telekinesis, Teleportation Circle
    6. Arcane Gate, Howl of Pandemonium*, Mass Suggestion, Mental Prison**, Programmed Illusion, True Seeing, Visions from the Stars*
    7. Crown of Stars**, Etherealness, Plane Shift, Prismatic Spray, Reverse Gravity, Teleport
    8. Demiplane, Dominate Monster, Feeblemind, Maddening Darkness**, Maze, Mind Blank, Telepathy
    9. Astral Projection, Foresight, Imprisonment, Psychic Scream**, Time Stop
  •  Elemental Lord:
    1. Absorb Elements, Avoid Planar Effects*, Burning Hands, Earth Tremor, Entangle, Featherfall, Fog Cloud, Ice Knife, Thunderwave
    2. Aganazzar’s Scorcher, Dust Devil, Earth Bind, Flame Blade, Flaming Sphere, Heat Metal, Melf’s Acid Arrow, Protection from Poison, Skywrite, Warding Wind
    3. Call Lightning, Erupting Earth, Fireball, Fly, Meld into Earth, Protection from Energy, Sleet Storm, Tidal Wave, Wall of Sand, Wall of Water, Water Breathing, Wind Wall
    4. Conjure Minor Elementals, Elemental Bane, Fire Shield, Guardian of Nature**, Ice Storm, Stone Shape, Stoneskin, Storm Sphere, Vitriolic Sphere, Wall of Fire, Watery Sphere
    5. Cone of Cold, Conjure Elemental, Control Winds, Immolation, Maelstrom, Transmute Rock, Tree Stride, Wall of Stone
    6. Aqueous Air*, Bones of Earth, Chain Lightning, Flesh to Stone, Investiture of Flame/Ice/Stone/Wind, Move Earth, Primordial Ward, Sunbeam, Wind Walk, Wall of Ice
    7. Delayed Blast Fireball, Fire Storm, Prismatic Spray, Plane Shift, Whirlwind
    8. Control Weather, Earthquake, Ignan Fury*, Incendiary Cloud, Sunburst, Tsunami
    9. Meteor Swarm, Prismatic Wall, Storm of Vengeance
  • Holy Host:
    1. Bless, Ceremony**, Cure Wounds, Detect Good and Evil, Detect Magic, Embalming*, Goodberry, Healing Word, Protection from Evil and Good, Purify Food and Drink, Shield of Faith
    2. Aid, Calm Emotions, Enhance Ability, Gentle Repose, Healing Spirit**, Lesser Restoration, Prayer of Healing, Spiritual Weapon, Zone of Truth
    3. Balance in all Things*, Beacon of Hope, Create Food and Water, Daylight, Elysium’s Tears*, Glyph of Warding, Mass Embalming*, Mass Healing Word, Remove Curse, Revivify, Spirit Guardians
    4. Banishment, Death Ward, Freedom of Movement, Guardian of Faith
    5. Dawn**, Dispel Evil and Good, Greater Restoration, Hallow, Mass Cure Wounds, Raise Dead, Reincarnate, Wall of Light**
    6. Aqueous Air*, Heal, Heroes’ Feast, Planar Ally, Word of Recall
    7. Conjure Celestial, Divine Word, Plane Shift, Regenerate, Resurrection, Temple of the Gods**
    8. Antimagic Field, Antipathy/Sympathy, Holy Aura, Mechanus Cannon*, Mind Blank, Telepathy
    9. Angelic Power*, Astral Projection, Foresight, Mass Heal, Power Word Heal, True Resurrection
  • Master of Darkness:
    1. Augury, Armor of Agathys, Bane, Cause Fear**, Detect Magic, Disguise Self, Earth Tremor, Embalming*, False Life, Hellish Rebuke, Hex, Inflict Wounds, Ray of Sickness, Sanctuary, Shadow King’s Drain*, Unseen Servant, Witch Bolt
    2. Alter Self, Augury, Blindness/Deafness, Cloud of Daggers, Darkness, Dark Vision, Enthrall, Gentle Repose, Hold Person, Ray of Enfeeblement, Rolling Skulls*, Shadow Blade**, Silence, Spider Climb
    3. Animate Dead, Bestow Curse, Enemies Abound**, Fear, Feign Death, Mass Embalming*, Remove Curse, Revivify, Slow, Speak with Dead, Stinking Cloud, Summon Lesser Demons**, Vampiric Touch
    4. Blight, Compulsion, Death Ward, Evard’s Black Tentacles, Hallucinatory Terrain, Phantasmal Killer, Shadow of Moil**, Sickening Radiance**, Summon Greater Demon**, Wall of Fire
    5. Anti-life Shell, Cloudkill, Danse Macabre**, Dominate Person, Dream, Hallow (Unholy), Hold Monster, Infernal Calling**, Modify Memory, Negative Energy Flood**, Planar Binding, Raise Dead, Seeming
    6. Blade Barrier, Disintegrate, Create Undead, Eyebite, Flesh to Stone, Magic Jar, Mass Suggestion, True Seeing
    7. Etherealness, Finger of Death, Force Cage, Plane Shift, Resurrection, Power Word Pain**, Simulacrum
    8. Antimagic Field, Antipathy/Sympathy, Abi-Dalzim’s Horrid Wilting, Dominate Monster, Earthquake, Feeblemind, Maddening Darkness**, Power Word Stun
    9. Abyssal Fury*, Astral Projection, Power Word Kill, True Resurrection, Weird
  • Wild Court:
    1. Absorb Elements, Animal Friendship, Beast Bond, Charm Person, Detect Poison and Disease, Disguise Self, Ensnaring Strike, Entangle, Faerie Fire, Hex, Hunter’s Mark, Jump, Longstrider, Silent Image, Sleep, Speak with Animals, Thunderwave
    2. Animal Messenger, Barkskin, Crown of Madness, Darkvision, Earthbind, Fly, Heat Metal, Invisibility, Locate Animals or Plants, Moonbeam, Misty Step, Protection from Poison, Spike Growth
    3. Bestow Curse, Blink, Conjure Animals, Flame Arrows, Fly, Hypnotic Pattern, Major Image, Plant Growth, Speak with Plants, Suggestion, Water Breathing, Wind Wall
    4. Charm Monster**, Confusion, Compulsion, Conjure Woodland Beings, Dominate Beast, Elemental Bane, Freedom of Movement, Grasping Vine, Greater Invisibility, Guardian of Nature**,Polymorph, Transmute Rock
    5. Animate Objects, Awaken, Commune with Nature, Dominate Person, Dream, Insect Plague, Modify Memory, Teleportation Circle, Tree Stride
    6. Conjure Fey, Druid Grove**, Eyebite, Find the Path, Mess Suggestion, Otto’s Irresistible Dance, Primordial Ward, Programed Illusion, Transport via Plants, Wall of Thorns, Wind Walk
    7. Fire Storm, Plane Shift, Project Image, Regenerate, Teleport
    8. Animal Shapes, Control Weather, Dominate Monster, Mind Blank
    9. Mass Polymorph**, Shapechange, Storm of Vengeance, True Polymorph

* = Requires use of A Planar Grimoire

** = Requires use of “Xanathar’s Guide to Everything”



Death Mask of the Blood Gods (Cursed)

Wondrous Item, legendary

This one looks like a gloomy festival mask, attached to a torture device.  It’s far more insidious than that.  Spiritual monks throughout the ages have hunted down creatures who were changed by this mask… or so the legend says.  I’ve encountered neither monks or monsters, so the superstition is likely just some cultural thing.  That said, you could probably do damage with such a “weapon”…  But, I don’t advocate using this for malevolent ends.  It’s more of a trap than a magical item.

This drab grey mask looks as if it were made of stone.  The face upon the mask carries a sinister glare, with fangs clearly showing from the shape’s lips.  When placed on a face, nothing will happen without the activation action.  This action is spilling blood upon it.  Upon doing so, curling spines will dig into the victim, causing a terrifying glow to emit from the mask.  More often than not, the victim slumps over… before getting up with a newfound blood-lust.

As an action, you may place the mask upon your face or attempt to place it on another creature.  Roll a melee attack roll, which you are proficient in, when attacking another creature.  Upon success, if blood spills on the mask before it is removed, the target must make a Constitution saving throw (DC 22).  Failure results in taking 33 (6d10) piercing damage.  Success results in half damage.  This damage counts as magical.  If the target is killed by the mask or by subsequent attacks, the target returns as a vampire 1d4 rounds later.  If the character is not killed while the mask is latched on, a Remove Curse spell still prevent the mask from turning the creature into a vampire.  In addition, for every turn that the mask is still stuck, the target must roll a new saving throw to avoid taking full damage.

Once the mask has been used, it goes inert for 48 hours.

CURSE.  Until the victim is turned into a vampire, the mask will remain stuck to them.



Amulet of the Nine Spirits

Wondrous Item, rare

Image result for ancient african amulet

An amulet talisman is attached to a twined necklace.  The talisman seems far lighter than it should be, considering the dense materials used to make it.  While it doesn’t come across as colorful or special, it vibrates with spiritual energy when grasped tightly.  In truth, it’s a relic dedicated to the 9 lost spirit gods of Chult.  With the knowledge of the spirits, a user can beseech these identities in search of aid.  The result is a spirit based on one of the great beings.

To activate, the user must take an action to thing deeply about the 9 spirits.  As a result, a spirit will be summoned up to 20 feet away from them (to a safe location).  Like the Bag of Tricks, this can be used up to 3 times before having to take a long rest.  In addition, only one spirit may be available at a time.  The spirit will last by your side for up to 1 hour.  Attempting to summon another spirit will either cancel out the current one or fail.  In order to determine which one is summoned, roll a d10.

Chultan Spirit:

  1. Flying Monkey (Wongo)
  2. Almiraj (I’jin)
  3. Giant Frog (Kubazan)
  4. Jaculi (Moa)
  5. Grung (Nangnang)
  6. Zorbo (Obo’laka)
  7. Eblis (Papazotl)
  8. Kamadan (Shagambi)
  9. Flail Snail (Unkh)
  10. Reroll

These spirits share the same stats as their original counterparts (as found in the Monster Manual and Tomb of Annihilation), in addition to the following, increasing their Challenge by 1 step:

  • Incorporeal Movement: The spirit can move through other creatures and objects as if they were difficult terrain. It takes 5(1d10) force damage if it ends its turn in side an object.
  • Etherealness: The spirit enters the Ethereal Plane from the Material Plane, or vice versa. It is visible on the Material Plane while it is in the Border Ethereal, and visa versa, yet it can’t affect or be affected by anything on the other plane


IMAGE SOURCE: Alien Merchant – Fight On #12, Crystal – Crash Bandicoot, Retro_Raygun – donsolo, Scary Face Mug – Cleater Meaders Jr., Skin Walker – vollelune, Psychic Warrior – Butterfrog, Fijian War Club, Staff – Runescape, Vampire Mask – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Talisman – Archive in Hadendowa

Made by Doctor Necrotic, for Doctor Necrotic Media.  All Rights Reserved.


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