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One might wonder, what is the power of a spiritualist?  It’s very much laid out in their name, someone who works with the spirits of the deceased.  Such sorcerers are fabled for calming angry spirits who lacked desire to move on to the after life.  In some instances, they have found ways to harness the spirits, whether out of mutual pact or magical extortion.

For most of your life, you have felt a connection with spirits.  Over time, you tried to develop talents to reach out to the realms beyond.  While not a bloodline in its own right, you have been touched by the nether realms, planar domains where souls travel upon death.  Harnessing your talent, you are more than capable of communing with spirits either through seance or through a known spell.

However, conjuring and working with spirits is often taboo, and is such practiced in secret.  While some may hear of you and seek you out for counsel when dealing with the dead, others might see you as a second rate necromancer.  Some orders have even formed within various religious organizations as exorcists, while others revel in individual freedom when dealing with the shadows beyond our world.

Author’s Notes:  I’m back with Blog Carnival content once more!  This time, I thought I’d dabble into the Occult theme by making a Spiritualist based circle for the Sorcerer.  While other classes also felt like good picks, this felt like the quickest match for me.  So, let’s speak with the dearly departed as we explore the Nether World with the Spiritualist.  And as a bonus, have a background on exorcism. 

You may find more on the May 2017 Blog Carnival here!  Alternatively, you may be interested in the Sage Variant: Occultist background that I made last year.  This would better fit a medium who contacts spirits through seances and the like, should you favor a more gothic flavor over a high fantasy one!

Also, this is the first pass for this sub-class, it will be due for revision in subsequent weeks.  This first draft is experimental and possibly volatile.


Sorcerer Bloodline – Spiritualism


Esoteric Knowledge – Level 1

Since you have consulted with spirits for so long, you are a self professed master of occult knowledge.  When you roll under a 10 on an Arcana or Religion check, you may choose to instead make it a 10.  You must take a short rest or long rest before doing this again.  In addition, you are proficient in Arcana or Religion, if you were not already.


Spiritual Magic – Level 1

You begin play with a connection to a mystical spirit, imbuing you with some of its abilities.  Once every 24 hours, you may attempt to contact a spirit and gain magical knowledge from it.  Select one of the following spirits, you gain a cantrip while it is your active spirit as well as gain effects dependent on your sorcerer points.  You may use points in this manner once per long rest.  Once you reach level 9, you may use both options before requiring a long rest to use them again.

  • The Holy Warrior: Gain True Strike as a cantrip.  When you use 2 sorcery points upon reaching level 2, you may choose to use Divine Favor instead.  At level 9, you may use 9 sorcery points to cast Destruction Wave.
  • The Lunatic: Gain Vicious Mockery as a cantrip.  When you use 2 sorcery points upon reaching level 2, you may choose to use Hideous Laughter instead.  At level 9, you may use 9 sorcery points to cast Modify Memory.
  • The Trickster: Gain Friends as a cantrip.  When you use 2 sorcery points upon reaching level 2, you may choose to use Unseen Servant instead.  At level 9, you may use 9 sorcery points to cast Mislead.
  • The Researcher: You gain Guidance as a cantrip.  When you use 2 sorcery points upon reaching level 2, you may choose to use Comprehend Languages instead.  At level 9, you may use 9 sorcery points to cast Legend Lore.
  • The Occultist: You gain Eldritch Blast as a cantrip.  When you use 2 sorcery points upon reaching level 2, you may choose to use Armor of Agathys instead.  At level 9, you may use 9 sorcery points to cast Contact Other Plane.
  • The Death Mage: You gain Spare the Dying as a cantrip.  When you use 2 sorcery points upon reaching level 2, you may choose to use Inflict Wounds instead.  At level 9, you may use 9 sorcery points to cast Antilife Shell.
  • The Druid: You gain Druidcraft as a cantrip.  When you use 2 sorcery points upon reaching level 2, you may choose to use Entangle instead.  At level 9, you may use 9 sorcery points to cast Tree Stride.


Deeper Spiritual Magic – Level 6

Your dominion over spirits have resulted in said beings even aiding you directly.  Depending on the spirit you are currently bonded to, you may use a special ability.  These abilities may only be used once per long rest and require 1 sorcery point to use.

  • The Holy Warrior: As an action, the Holy Warrior will appear next to a target within 60ft. of you and make an attack.  The warrior gains a bonus of 3 + your proficiency bonus to hit, dealing 2d8+3 radiant.  The Holy Warrior may attack twice and vanish after completing its action.
  • The Lunatic: As an action, you may summon the Lunatic within 30ft. of you.  All enemies within 30ft. of it must make a Wisdom saving throw.  The DC is based on your spell DC.  Any creature that fails is compelled to attack the lunatic instead of you.  Upon being hit three times, the spirit will vanish.  The spirit will also vanish at the end of your next turn.
  • The Trickster:  As an action, the Trickster may create a blurry field around you, making it a challenge to hit you.  Until the end of your next turn, you gain half cover in addition to all enemies gaining disadvantage to hit you.
  • The Researcher:  As a bonus action, the Researcher will appear within 120ft. of you and allow for you to switch places with them, effectively allowing you to teleport.
  • The Occultist:  As an action, you the Occultist will conjure something horrific in front of an enemy.  They must make an Intelligence saving throw, using your spell save DC.  If they fail, they are paralyzed until the end of their next turn.  They also take 2d4 psychic damage.
  • The Death Mage:  As an action, you can conjure the Death Mage next to a corpse within 30ft. of you.  The Death Mage brings unholy life back to said corpse, bringing it under your control.  Alternatively, the Death Mage may bring a zombie or skeleton under your control.  This otherwise works like the Animate Dead spell.
  • The Druid:  As an action, the Druid calls for a spirit beast to fight alongside of you.  It acts independently of you, but acts on your turn.  The spirit beast may be decided by the DM and cannot exceed a challenge level of 2.  It lasts until the end of your next turn.  However, the spirit animal can only withstand one hit.


Bonded with the Grave – Level 14

Your connection to the worlds of life and death has given you a boon.  You are resistant to either necrotic or psychic damage.  In addition, they may reroll a failed death saving throw.


Soul Rip – Level 18

Through your connection to the deceased and wandering souls, you have found yourself capable of separating souls from bodies, especially from your enemies.  While within melee range of a target, you may reach out and rip the soul right out of their body.  The target must make a Wisdom saving throw.  Upon failure, their soul is removed from the body.  Despite the target being effectively unconscious, their soul can still observe and interact with their environment.  However, they are incorporeal and cannot maneuver solid objects, hovering slightly off the ground.  The removed spiritual form cannot cause direct physical harm to a target, only able to float around.  Casting Remove Curse or Greater Restoration will end this effect and allow the detached spirit to return to its body.  The sorcerer must take a long rest before using this ability again

*ALTERNATIVE OPTION:  Alternatively, this attack could result in a soul removed from a dead body, requiring revivify, raise dead or the like required to undo the effect.


Background – Exorcist

Many Spiritualist Sorcerers become exorcists, whether to avoid persecution and blasphemy charges or worse.  Many others are merely priests of light, life and other domains who seek to rid the influence of wicked undead and fiends from blighting the lives of others.  An exorcist is someone who exorcises foul entities and malicious horrors from a realm.  Their practices are respected and feared, as they march through tainted and desecrated lands in attempt to remove dark forces from them.

Skill Proficiency: Performance, Religion

Tool Proficiency: Exorcism Kit

Languages: One Non-Exotic Language of choice

Equipment: Exorcism Tools, Priestly Garb, Holy Symbol, Flask of Holy Water, Aspergillum, 2 Sticks of Incense, Certified Documents, 12 gp

Feature: Divine Network

People from various religious organizations as well as more secular too are well aware of your ability to banish evil creatures.  As such, your services are well revered as well as feared.  Some will treat you as a holy healer, while others view you as an inquisitor of sorts.  No matter the case, you’ve built up a network of connections with demon hunters, priests, monster slayers and all sorts of folk; whom you can try to call upon for aid.

Suggested Characteristics:


  1. I have seen too much depravity and horror to express joy.
  2. Make way, common folk!  I am the fine line between your normal life and being turned into a puppet for evil!
  3. My work tires me out, but I none the less show a sense of duty and passion for aiding others.
  4. Back-talking the possessed has given me a sarcastic edge.
  5. My personal life is best hidden, kept behind a public face or facade.
  6. I rid demons and ghosts from the land, therefore I am just in my crusade as a HERO!
  7. Always stay alert and crafty, lest you slip up and fall victim to what your patient suffers from.
  8. I’ve laughed at fiends and showed no fear to the living dead.  It’s hard for me to take life too serious after that.


  1. Extortion– They owe me for a valuable service.  They want to live their lives as they see fit?  Pay up!  If not, whose to say I can’t help plant something horrible back in their lives… (Evil)
  2. Pious Duty – As a loyal branch of a church or government, it is my sworn duty to protect civility and order through my practices.  A well of evil could destabilize the order in society.  (Lawful)
  3. Freedom – Creatures bonded to lands?  People puppeted by wicked things?  They are slaves that should be liberated from the horrors that plague them.  (Chaotic)
  4. Healer – I took up my practice to end suffering, whether it is the creature that suffers or the person or place that is forced to deal with them.  (Good)
  5. Cynic – I’ve seen to much failure to warrant this as the greater good.  In addition, I’ve had to do some things far more heinous than any apparition.  I view it as a means to an end.  It has become a job, an expectation.  It will probably kill me in the end.  If I won’t do it, who will?  (Neutral)
  6. Hunter – There are things that simply don’t belong in this world.  It is my job to get rid of them by any means possible.  (Any)


  1. I’ve lost family members to possessive threats.
  2. It’s all business.  I mean, you could even call the church a business if you really wanted to get down to it?
  3. I must prove myself worthy of heroic status.  Whether it’s out of a sense of holy duty or question of honor, this cause is just!
  4. Why do such strange beings seek to take our land and our people?  I must find this out.
  5. Will my work ever end?  When will such things ever give up their grasp on our world?
  6. I take no joy in my work, but I have taken this burden on in the name of helping others.
  7. I don’t seek any titles, I only hope people will see those who I associate with as benevolent, selfless and kid.
  8. How many lives have been ruined by the likes of me and people like me?  Am I really a force for good?


  1. I take joy in bringing pain to all sorts of creatures…  It helps that they blight lands and possess bodies, making it seem less cruel.
  2. All the bleakness and despair has left me feeling worn out and depressed most of the time.
  3. I’m starting to see the inherent corruption and wickedness behind almost everything, now that I think about it.
  4. I’ve become really cold and callous as a result of all the atrocity I’ve witnessed, lest I got insane instead.
  5. I refuse to aid any enemies of my chosen factions without a sufficient amount of persuasion… or even bribery.
  6. Anyone could be tainted by the forces of darkness at any time… and that leaves me very paranoid.

New Equipment: Exorcism Tools – 50GP, 4 lbs.: An assortment of objects, both holy and mundane, used for rituals to rid something of an outside force.  Holy symbols, capturing devices, focus implements and more line a transportable box.


Image Credit: Spiritualist Class – ChuchuaN

The Spiritualist is property of Paizo Games.  Created by Doctor Necrotic, for Doctor Necrotic Media.


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