Plantfolk, Revised

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Born (Or Reborn) among Wild Realms


The Plant Folk were created within another reality known to scholars as “arcadia”.  What exactly is this realm?  Not fully known, except it is the origin source of several types of magic as well as the fair folk.   Besides the native denizens, many fantastic creatures have been created through use of their alien magics.  Among these mystical sights and strange places is the Wyld, a sprawling plane of untamed wilderness.  Its alluring and inspiring atmosphere is quite deceptive, as terrible monsters and far worse curses dwell within the spacious demiplane.  Those who become trapped are doomed to become one of the many kinds of wildlife that inhabit this realm.  The plant folk are one such creation.

Native to a domain known as the “Wylds”, a planar place of natural beauty and (at times) savage brutality, the plant folk are at home within the bounds of their typically serene wilderness.  Like the beastfolk, many of these created beings weren’t originally humanoids.  In their case, they were merely plants that were animated and given new life through powerful sylvan magic.  Many have taken after the realm that created them, in hopes of creating a utopia of the organic, while defeating the inorganic.  Despite this, many are by no means evil and aggressive, some don’t even follow the cult-like ethos of their home plane.  Many grow tired of the semi-comprehensible rules, hidden behind the alien chaos of the primal realm.  As such, they’ve set out to explore other possibilities within known (and unknown) reality.  Some still retain attachment to their original home, but hope to “put down roots” elsewhere.

Author’s Note: Looking back at what I made last year, I was wasn’t satisfied with my concept for races of magical plant people.  They seemed really derivative and some decisions felt like rehashes of previous posts, with a different theme.  Now, I’m still struggling a tad with the concept, but here’s my updated take on the idea!  Some of the ideas are something I wanted to try and might be revised in another draft.  Also, I’m sorry for that one pun…  Really, I am.



The Plant Folk – Racial Stats

Ability Score Increase.  The Plant Folk are well in-tune with their environment.  They gain a +1 increase to Wisdom.

Age.  They age a bit slower than most humanoids, living longer as a result.  Plant folk mature around age 25 and live to around 150 – 200 years of age.

Alignment.  Typically apathetic towards most ethics or morality, neutral alignments are the most common.

Size.  Their size is Medium.

Speed.  Despite their appearance, they’re not any slower than most humanoids.  Their speed is 30ft.

Photosynthesis. While resting in sunlight, the amount of time needed to regain health is halved.  In addition, the plant folk is completely aware of their surroundings during this rest.  This is only available while resting through most of a long rest in sunlight or magical sunlight.  Otherwise, they must take a long rest normally like most humanoids.

Ingrain.  While taking a brief rest, you may use your roots to gain nutrients while you recover.  Once per long rest, while you are spending hit die (such as from a short rest), you may reroll your hit die and take the higher amount.

Languages.  They begin knowing and understanding Common and Sylvan.



Sub-Race: Sylvan Touched

While the plantfolk are born (or possibly reborn) from Arcadia, some have a deeper connection to the fae than others do.

Ability Score Increase.  Through more guidance of the fey, they can further their magical talents as well as convey a strange sense of wonder associated with faerie folk.  They gain a +2 increase to Charisma.

Sylvan Magick.  Channeling the magic of the arcadians, the sylvan touched are capable of weaving their innate power alongside fey magic.  The following are caste innately, using Charisma for spells

1st Level: Druidcraft (at-will), 3rd Level: Entangle (1/LR), 5th Level: Speak with Plants (1/LR)

Fair Folk Mindset.  The sylvan touched share a similar eldritch psychology with the arcadian denizens.  They gain advantage on saving throws against charms and are immune to sleep effects.



Sub-Race: The Blighted

While blights are a new race among plant kind, they are typically seen as abominations and sins of nature.  That hasn’t stopped many often mad or tainted druids from adapting them to their needs.  This can result in a new race of blight-like creatures entirely.

Ability Score Increase.  More powerful than other relatives, the corruption in their veins strengthens them for combat.  They gain a +1 increase to Strength and a +1 increase to Wisdom.

Gnarly Body.  Once per short rest, when they are hit by a melee weapon attack, they may use a reaction to slam against the foe, forcing them to face the twisted and pointy edges along they body.  The target must make a Dexterity saving throw (with Strength bonus factoring into save DC) or take 5 (2d4) piercing damage.

At One with Darkness.  Unlike other Plant Folk, they do not gain Photosynthesis benefits in the light.  However, they gain the same benefits of that ability when resting in dim or dark areas instead.

Defensive Corruption.  A foul evil pulses through their veins, but the can channel it to dodge death.  They gain resistance to Necrotic damage.



Sub-Race: Wastelander

In arid deserts, frigid tundras and blasted out landscapes; these plant folk struggle to survive.  Built for endurance, they’re used to taking a beating.

Ability Score Increase.  Hardy and ready to face truly grueling conditions, they are fortified against whatever comes their way.  They gain a +2 increase to Constitution

Wasteland Survival.  This stock of plant folk have built up a tolerance to extreme conditions.  Pick one of two origins, gaining the features from such:

  • Desert Survivor.  You gain resistance to fire damage, as well as advantage on saving throws caused by hot environments.
  • Tundra Survivor.  You gain resistance to cold damage, as well as advantage on saving throws caused by cold environments.
  • Doomsday Survivor.  You gain resistance to radiant damage, as well as advantage on saving throws against irradiated lands*

*This assumes you’re using a setting that incorporate rules for radiation.  If not, treat the advantage as saves against blighted or cursed areas.



Sub-Race: Creeper

Often from marshy swamps or dense forests lined with thick canopies, these lanky plant people can deal a savage lashing.  They tend to be more lanky in frame, but more deadly all the same.

Ability Score Increase.  Due to your slender and sleek frame, you are brisk and nimble.  You gain a +2 increase to Dexterity.

Toxin Resistance.  Your days in poisonous swamps and among dangerous plants have given you a leg up on others.  You gain either a resistance to Acid damage or Poison damage.  This cannot be changed once chosen.

Whipping Vine.  You may use a bonus action to turn your arms into whip-like vines.  They deal d4 bludgeoning damage and count as an unarmed strike.

Slink through Nature.  Thick foliage and murky muck don’t hinder your travel.  Natural, non-magical terrain doesn’t affect your move speed.

  • Slink through Nature: Natural terrain doesn’t inhibit your speed.



Racial Feat: Plant Folk Paragon

You have reached a higher pinnacle among your people, embracing more power from your plant-like origin.

  • Sylvan: +1 Charisma, You also gain the following spells that you may use 1/Day each, utilizing Charisma to cast: Black Barbed Curse,  Barkskin, Spike Growth.
  • Blighted: +1 Strength, Blindsight 30ft.
  • Wastelander: +1 Constitution, Unarmored AC is 13 + Constitution (can still stack with shield)
  • Creeper: +1 Dexterity, Can use Whipping Vine with Dexterity for attack/damage.  Damage increases by level (D6 at level 6, D8 at level 12, D10 at level 18).


Art Credit: The Plant People – DannyPunkHardy


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