Bloodlines of the Planes! – More Planetouched PCs!

Planar-based parties are weird.

Planetouched.  Such a term can be used to describe humanoids that have an ancestry shared with an extraplanar creature.  The blood of fiends runs through a Tiefling, the blood of celestials in a Aasimar and the blood of elementals in Genasi.  But, these are but a handful of creatures gifted by strange sources lurking in the known multiverse.

Among their ranks are other creatures, either blessed or cursed by their strange bloodlines.

  • The Changeling is the result of a union between a mundane humanoid and an ancient magical creature empowered by corrupting sorcery, a hag or a bodach.
  • Dream-Touched are born from the powers of two fallen archfey; one of pleasant dreams and one from nightmares.
  • The Eldritch-Touched is an unfortunate creation of mad cultists, victims of dark gods and overly curious lunatics.
  • Fey Dog Barkers are the result of Fey Dogs who wandered too far into the Maddening Winds of Pandemonium… those who didn’t go insane were changed, perhaps for the better.
  • Finally, the Vitalborn are a race of creatures much like the Genasi.  Their elemental nature, however, comes from the Positive and Negative planes.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Not 1, but 5 new races!  (Well, 3 new races, a sub race and a remake)  I wanted to continue my planar/weird fantasy theme with some more player options.  Most of this started with a player wanting a hag-blooded tiefling in an early 5e game… which didn’t quite feel thematically right to me.  Though, it ended with the loss of famous meme “Gabe the Dog”… otherwise, the sub-race wouldn’t exist.  Granted, Fey Dog was a meme-based joke creation to begin with.

All in all, I got carried away with a whole assortment of planar themed racial options at your disposal!  While they need some playtesting (and some more than others), I’m still happy I managed to get all of this done.  Enjoy.



Changeling – A race of Curse Born

The union of a humanoid and dark magical beings such as the Hag (or the Bodach) often result in twisted offspring.  These planetouched mostly resemble their humanoid parent, but have the marks and scars of a more sinister heritage.  While their birthmarks often lead to them being circled out as the child of a monster, many have utilized their boons to sharpen their sorceries and make them more potent against a fearful world.  Some however, take a lot after their wicked ancient progenitor.  In some cases, the hag or bodach will appear as someone the other parent would find attractive and create offspring before mysteriously leaving for a long time.  Other times, they’ll outright snatch a young infant and corrupt them with their magic, sowing the seeds of destruction within them.

Being fey-touched creatures, they are quick to adapt in realms of the Fey; such as the Traveling Courts of the Planescape cosmology and the Fey Wild of the World Axis Cosmology.  Some have sought out the creators of their bloodlines, whether to destroy them, take their power or make pact deals with them.  Others seek to alter their blood into raw sylvan power.  Often mistaken for The Fair Folk, these mysterious half-bred beings are far from them.  While The Fair Folk are merely descendants of the fey, the changeling is a creature touched and corrupted by a lineage outside of their control.


Changeling Racial Stats

Ability Score Increase.  Changelings have the blood of a horrible monster empowered by wicked magic, which slowly awakens within them.  Their Charisma is increased by +1.

Age.  Many mature as fast as their non-monstrous parent, only for their other heritage to reveal itself sometime in late puberty through adulthood.

Alignment.  While many fall to their evil origins, countless others are diverse with how they pursue their lives.  Evil alignments aren’t uncommon, but other alignments are plausible too.

Size.  While some bloodlines make you larger than many humanoid relatives, you are generally medium.

Speed.  Like most humanoids, their speed is 30ft.

Darkvision.  They gain Darkvision out 60ft.

Magic of the Dark Fae.  You have innate magical abilities given to you by your mysterious other parent.  Your magical casting stat is Charisma.

Languages.  They know and speak Common and Sylvan, due to their heritage.


Ogre Brood Sub-Race.

While bulky and imposing, you are no less smart because of it.  Born of a creature called the Black Iron, you are built up to handle torture while dishing it out brutally.

Ability Score Increase.  Your Strength is increased by +2, due to your intimidating figure.

Powerful Build.  They count as one size larger when determining your carrying capacity and the weight you can push, drag or lift.

Iron Branding.  The Ogre-Brood may attempt to brand a creature with a silver round symbol.  As an action, they may force a target within 60ft. to make a Charisma saving throw.  Upon failure, they gain advantage on Charisma checks against the target.  This effect lasts for 1 hour.  They must take a long rest before using this ability again.

Black Iron’s Blessing.  Your innate spells consist of At-Will: Blade Ward, 3rd level – Mage Armor (1/Day) and 5th level – Armor of Agathys *cast at 3rd level* (1/Day)


Night’s Kin Sub-Race

Your otherworldly parent dwells deep within the lower planes.  Nightmarish images of reaped souls and hexed madmen come to mind.  The Blighted One gave you your gifts.

Ability Score Increase.  More keen and influential than others born under a bad sign, the night’s kin increases their Wisdom by +1 and their Charisma by +1.

Soul Consumption.  When a creature is slain by either one of the night’s kin spells or attacks, they may use a reaction to claim some of the energy from the target’s soul.  The night’s kin gain temporary hit points equal to 1d10 + Charisma modifier.  These last until replaced or after 1 hour has passed.  They must take a short rest or long rest before using this ability again.

Blighted One’s Blessing.  The innate spells consist of At-Will: Chill Touch, 3rd level – Ray of Sickness (1/Day) and 5th level – Bestow Curse (1/Day)


Wildling Sub-Race

You are far more feral than other bloodlines, blurring the line between civilized and natural.  You are descended by a creature known as the Green Horror, a creature that is likely more beast than person.

Ability Score Increase.  Wildlings are swift but deadly.  Their Dexterity increases by +2.

Natural Weaponry.  Wildlings can use a bonus action to shift part of their body into a more bestial combat form.  They gain an unarmed attack that deals 1d4 bludgeoning, piercing or slashing damage.  Once the damage type is picked, it cannot be changed.  This damage increases as the character levels up; dealing d6 at level 6, d8 at level 12 and d10 at level 18.  The natural weapon lasts for up to 1 hour.  Afterwards, the wildling must take a short rest or long rest before using this ability again.

From the Realm of Green.  Wildlings are proficient in Nature checks.

Green Horror’s Blessing.  The innate spells consist of At-Will: Poison Spray, 3rd level – Entangle (1/Day) and 5th level – Moonbeam (1/Day)


Child of Witchery Sub-Race

Your sinister, secret parent was strong in the arcane arts… hoping to impart some of their strange craft upon you as well.

Ability Score Increase:  A sharp mind allows this bloodline to outsmart foes easier.  The Child’s Intelligence increases by +1 and their Charisma increases by +1.

Attuned to the Arcane.  Descended from strange witchery, you have a stronger grasp on magic as a whole.  You have advantage on Concentration checks for spells.

The Witchery’s Blessing.  The innate spells consist of At-Will: Guidance, 3rd level – Detect Magic (1/Day) and 5th level – Clairvoyance (1/Day)



Dream-Touched – Children of Fallen Fae

The Dream Touched were created during the feud of two distant archfey; Penumbra the Lord of Nightmare and Antumbra the Lady of Dream.  These angered siblings were locked in a covert war they knew they needed unlisted help to win.  They deployed forces to imbue (soon to be born) children with hints of their power, becoming a new race entirely.  Both sides of the race carry an almost celestial or fiendish nature to them, akin to the Aasimar or the Tiefling.  While actually neither, these planetouched are none the less anything but ordinary.

Due to having the blood of high dream creatures, many react in fear.  To many, the dream is the one private sanctum that can’t be interrupted.  Countless mages know this is not true.  However, the general public is far from aware and likely to put blame on Dream-Touched as a result.  This isn’t to say that such a being is inherently good or bad.  Much like other Plane-Touched, their heritage can affect how they perceive a world or how they develop, but it will not dictate how they end up as a result.


Dream-Touched Racial Stats

Ability Score Increase.  After years of exploring their own dreams and occasionally finding the dreams of others, their knowledge is increased.  Their Intelligence increases by +1 and their Charisma increases by +1.

Age.  Dream-Touched age slower than humans.  They mature around 24 and live to around 120 on the average.

Alignment.  Depending on their bloodline, the more common alignment is either Good or Evil.

Size.  Their size is typically medium.

Speed.  Their land speed is 30ft.

Darkvision.  The Dream-Touched can see out 60ft.

Ray of Sleep.  You have an innate ability to help put a creature to sleep.  As an action, you may target one creature you can see within 60ft. of you.  They are otherwise affected by the Sleep spell.  Upon hitting 4th level and every 2 levels (until level 18), this effect adds an extra 2d8 dice (for a maximum of 21d8).  Upon using this ability, you must take a long rest before using it again.

Languages.  The Dream-Touched begin knowing and speaking Common and Sylvan.


Vision Born Sub-Race

The blood of Antumbra gives you insight into brighter realms, better futures, all idealistic possibilities.  Both a blessing and curse, you’re able to assist those blighted by atrocity and horror.

Ability Score Increase.  Either their Charisma increases by +1 or their Intelligence increases by +1.  The chosen stat also decides the stat for their magical abilities.

Innate Talents.  The Vision Born may cast either Guidance or Resistance at-will.

Bring Clarity.  You are blessed with the ability to restore sanity and stability to the grieving and the ill.   As an action, you may cast either Calm Emotions or Lesser Restoration, targeting one creature.  You must take a long rest before using this ability again.  Upon reaching level 10, you may choose to use Greater Restoration or Dream instead.


Terror Born Sub-Race

The blood of Penumbra blights you with madness, darkness and horror.  However, this can be used against your foes.

Ability Score Increase.  Either their Charisma increases by +1 or their Intelligence increases by +1.  The chosen stat also decides their magical ability stat.

Innate Talents.  The Terror Born may either cast Minor Illusion or Message at-will.

Cause Insanity.  You can briefly cause foes to experience a loss of senses or a lapse into madness.  As an action, you may case either Blindness/Deafness or Crown of Madness.  You must take a long rest before using this ability again.  Upon reaching level 10, you may choose to use Modify Memory or Dream instead.




Eldritch-Touched – A Spawn of Unspeakable Things

Many associate plane-touched with creatures with the blood of fiends, celestials, elementals and even the fair folk.  Few are willing to imagine another bloodline: cosmic horrors.  These unfortunate souls are tainted by aspects of dark gods and things that should not be.  Some of these look mostly normal, only to become more aquatic looking until they return to the mighty Ocean Father in one of his many cities below.  Others are blighted to be hideous monsters at birth.  Some seem anatomically normal, but their mind is anything but.

Majority of Eldritch Spawn throughout the multiverse are human, due to the Ancient Ones having a connection to worlds now dominated by humans.  However, the reach of unfathomable powers reach far and wide throughout the multiverse.  As such, it’s more than possible to encounter bloodlines manifest in other creatures.


Eldritch-Touched Racial Stats

Ability Score Increase. They are more adept at protecting their minds from cosmic horrors.  They gain a +1 to Wisdom.

Age.  Depending on the heritage, these beings reach maturity from anywhere between 10 years of age to 18.  However, many have an elongated lifespan due to their strange blood.  Some have lived for centuries.

Alignment.  The creatures that grant this race its blood tend to be unstable and confusing by civilized standards, which can affect the eldritch touched as well.  Chaotic alignments are the most common.

Size.  While varying in size, most are typically Medium.

Speed.  Their speed is 30ft.

Alienborn Mind. The eldritch touched have an innate protection against the unspeakable ones.  They gain advantage vs mind effecting powers/spells.

Unbreakable Mind.  Eldritch Touched are resistant to psychic damage.

Darkvision.  They see darkvision out 60ft.

Languages.  Eldritch-Touched begin knowing and understanding Common as well as Deep Speech.


Unfortunate Spawn Sub-Race

Born from a direct relation with an Elder God, this creature is mishapen and deformed.  However, they are quite stocky and powerful as a result.

Ability Score Increase:  Their impressive build makes them hardier when confronted with danger.  Their Constitution increases by +2

Powerful Build.  They count as one size larger when determining your carrying capacity and the weight you can push, drag or lift.

Unnerving Structure.  Simultaneously terrifying and incredible, such a creature is capable of athletic feats and easily frightening those in their way.  They gain proficiency in Athletics and Intimidation.


Deep Spawn Sub-Race

Cursed under the lineage of a distant aquatic beast who boasts the title of ancient god, you are given the boons of the sea… while damned to one day join him in his murky realm.

Ability Score Increase.  Deep Spawn are agile and quick, especially in the water.  Your Dexterity increases by +2.

Speed.  They gain a swim speed of 30ft.

Amphibious.  They can survive on land and in the water.


Scion Spawn Sub-Race

Ability Score Increase.  Scion Spawn have a supernatural presence that captivates and horrifies.  Their Charisma increases by +2.

Sorcery of the Dark Pharaoh.  The Power of a dark sorcerer runs through their veins.  Though, it isn’t known if they actually used magic… or near divine psychic power.  Either way, it it harnessed through the Scion Spawn to manipulate and control.  They may cast Friends as a cantrip at-will.  At level 3, they may cast Charm Person as a Lv. 2 spell once per long rest.  Upon reaching level 5, they may cast Enthrall once per long rest.  These innate spells operate off of Charisma.



Vitalborn – Born of Life or Death

Blood Splatter by katiedesousa

While the Genasi are known as the children of elemental planes, many tend to forget the realms of the positive and negative energy planes.  While less common than those touched by the more well known planes of the elements, the vitalborn have their supernatural blood drawn from the very essences of life and death.

Similar to the Aasimar and the Tiefling, they have a variety of appearances based on their bloodline and how strong it truly is.  Some Positive Vitalborn have an uncanny glow to them while others simply look extraordinarily healthy.  Some Negative Vitalborn look like tired and gloomy people to borderline zombies.

Vitalborn Racial Stats

Ability Score Increase.  No matter the origin, Vitalborn always tend towards being more hardy than other races, as well as knowledgeable about the planes.  Their Constitution increases by +2 and their Intelligence increases by +1.

Age.  Vitalborn age just like the race of their non-planar parents.  Most are typically human descended and age like them.

Alignment.  Typically distant from ethics and morality, neutral alignments are the most common.

Size.  They are typically medium.

Speed.  Their speed is 30ft.

Resist Energy.  Depending on your origin, you resist either Radiant or Necrotic damage.  This resistance factors into other abilities as well.

Innate Magic.  Using Intelligence as your casting stat, you are able to cast the following innately depending on the resistance you have taken.

  • Necrotic: At-Will – Chill Touch, 3rd level – Shadow King’s Drain (cast at 2nd level, detailed below, 1/day), 5th level – Vampiric Touch (1/day)
  • Radiant: At-Will – Sacred Flame, 3rd level – Cure Wounds (cast at 2nd level, 1/day), 5th level – Revivify (1/day)


New Spell – Shadow King’s Drain

Necromancy Level 1 (Available to the Sorcerer/Warlock/Wizard spell lists)

Casting Time – 1 Action

Range – 60 feet

Components – V, S, M (A pinch of soot from a fireplace and a pinch of dirt from a cemetery)

Duration – Instantaneous

You conjure a ray of power, given to you by the teachings of the original Shadow King, Larloch.  It can select one victim as it drains the life from them and bolsters you.  The ray drains health from the victim and imbues you with some of their power.  Make an attack roll against the target.  If you hit, the target takes 1d4+Spell Modifier modifier necrotic damage and you gain HP equal to the damage dealt.

Casting at Higher Level: By upgrading this spell, Shadow King’s Drain does another 1d4 damage for every spell slot higher than 1.



New Feat.  Scholar of the Other Planes.

Prerequisite: Planetouched Race (e.g. Tiefling, Aasimar, Genasi, Eldritch-Touched, etc) or a Plane-Dwelling Humanoid (denizen of Sigil or another plane), Intelligence 13, Wisdom 13

Your knowledge of realms beyond our own has been greatly increased, whether it is due to your strange heritage or perhaps you have already lived elsewhere in a distant cosmology.  You gain the following benefits:

  • You gain proficiency in Intelligence checks used for Planar knowledge/studies of extraplanar realms.
  • You are always proficient on checks involving recalling or gathering knowledge on extraplanar creatures (i.e. Fiends, Celestials, Aberrations, Otherworldly Undead, etc)
  • You may use Survival checks when making plans for exploring other planes.
  • Once per long rest, you may exploit a planar creature’s weakness.  You gain advantage on your first attack against a Celestial, Fiend, Fey or other outsider creature.



Bonus: Barker – A Fey Dog sub-race

RIP Gabe

Barkers are the result of fey dogs crossing into the horrific plane of Pandemonium, infamous for its endless tunnel of howling winds.  Those who endured the experience channeled energy into their loud barks.  Some are capable of delivering sonic blasts too.


Barker sub-race stats.

  • Ability Score Increase.  Your Constitution increases by +1, as your descendants have fortified their bodies against the relentless soundscape of Pandemonium.
  • Relentless Yipping:  True to your namesake, Barker are have an innate ability to gather attention and irritate foes.  Barkers are proficient in Performance and Intimidation.


Bonus: Fey Dog Magic Feat (Revised)

Depending on your heritage, you can channel various sorts of innate magics.

Your sub-race grants the following spells:

  • Vigilant Fey Dog (Fey Corgi): At-Will – True Strike, 1/Day Each: Beast Bond, Protection from Energy, Locate Animals or Plants, Hunter’s Mark
  • Crafty Fey Dog (Fey Shiba): At-Will – Vicious Mockery, 1/Day Each: Invisibility, Hypnotic Pattern,  Witch Bolt, Bane
  • Barker Fey Dog (Fey Pomeranian): At-Will – “Thunderbork” (Thunderclap), 1/Day Each: Thunderwave, Gust of Wind, Tongues, Magic Missile





IMAGE SOURCE: Planescape Torment Drawing – AlbertWint; His Robe is a Wind of Invisible Voices – Sarah Allegra; Changelings – Madalyn McLeod; Deep One – Dan Moore;  Blood Splatter – Katie Desousa; Gabe the Dog – YouTube


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