Amphibi -An Amphibian race for D&D 5th Edition

Born Strange, Drawn to the Strange

Amphibi, a species of humanoid amphibians.  These creatures have been called many things; bullywogs, grippili, frog demons (though, these comments hail from another plane of reality entirely).  Some dimension hopping amphibi have even been worshiped by a deranged cult from a plane called Terra.  In truth, these are quite distant from the truth.  Like many beings descended from Arcadia, realm of the Fey, they were sculpted from strange magic and other creatures.  Unlike other beastly folk, the Amphibi are a mystery.  Some figure them to be the remains of a fae worshiping cult from a swampy demiplane that wanted to embrace true faerie power.  There is little proof of that, plus the amphibi themselves don’t seem to know much about it either.

No matter their origins, they tend to dwell in lush and murky habitats; whether that would be a temperate or a rain forest environment.  Their skittish nature pushes them towards isolationism, more than anything.  However, they are also quick to attack anything that they cannot trust.  Despite all of that, they’re both clever hunters and crafters; creating a bunch of strange little contraptions to make day to day life more interesting.  In fact, some have returned to their odd routes and have begun to worship an entity they call “The Fallen Glow.”  To them, it is an animated chunk of star that flew into their territory.  In reality, it’s an alien being locked in a semi-conscious state… but just powerful enough to be influential.

A Friendly, but Quirky Folk

While decently trusting of others, many of them also have a slightly skittish side.  It is typically not hard to frighten an Amphibi.  How they react entirely depends on whether they prefer fight or flight responses.  While many will seek an opportunity to run away, others will use innate poisons or their own weapons to strike back.  This isn’t to say they’re not open to negotiations and diplomacy.  Many attempt to reach out to other lands in effort to expand networks and create allegiances.  However, common flaws of an unintentionally cold nature and situational awkwardness have hampered this to an extent.  In spite of that, observers tend to notice an often relaxed demeanor among the Amphibi when they’re not under intentional stress.  A popular phrase among their people in response to a soothing environment is “feels good.”

Author’s Note:  Well, this was a strange request.  But hey, amphibious humanoids are an essential part of D&D!  So, how could I resist?  Besides the tongue in cheek pokes at D&D inspired products and real life happenings/memes, I wanted to make an homage to David Arneson’s Blackmoor; Egg of Coot, Temple of the Frog, Beagle and all!  Also included is a new deity for science-fantasy games.


Amphibi Racial Stats

Ability Score Increase. The Amphibi tend to be quick to respond, despite coming across as laid back to some.  They also put a lot of value in creation and thought.  They gain a +2 increase to Dexterity and a +1 increase to Intelligence.

Age.  Amphibi mature around age 10 and live to around 70 years.

Alignment.  Often indifferent to morality and ethics, the amphibi are typically chaotic neutral.

Size.  While not as small as other creatures, you are not very tall yourself.  Your size is small.

Speed.  Your land speed and swim speed are 30ft.

Darkvision.  You gain Darkvision out 60ft.

Amphibious.  You may remain in water or in air for extended periods of time.

Sticky Tongue.  You gain a grappling attack with a 10ft. reach.  You may make a dexterity based attack roll.  Upon hit, you grab the target.  They must make a strength saving throw (DC = 8 + Proficiency + Dex Mod) or be dragged to you.  Tiny enough creatures can fit inside your mouth.

Long Jumper.  You may jump regular distance without a running start.  If you do jump with a head start, you gain a +10ft. bonus to said jump.  This can stack with spells or class abilities.

Languages.  You know and speak Common.  You may speak with Amphibians and amphibious creatures.

Worshiper of the Fallen Glow

The Fallen Glow has bestowed upon you strange knowledge.

Prerequesites: Trained in Religion, Amphibi race

  • Know Deep Speech
  • Gain training in 1 technological item
  • Gain resistance to psychic damage

New Deity:  The Fallen Glow

Alignment – CN; Suggested Domains – Artifice, Madness, Trickery; Symbol – An Incomprehensible Device

The Fallen Glow is a mysterious entity that few understand.  And even then, no one fully grasps what this being even is.  Whenever it manifests itself in the Material Plane, it becomes a glowing amorphous shape.  More than likely, its true form is either too horrifying or too alien for creatures of this realm.  However, this divine being is not inherently malicious.  Driven by the pursuit of knowledge at all cost as well as manipulation of others to pursue knowledge, such the Fallen Glow is looked at with suspicion by many other gods and followers alike.

IMAGE CREDIT: Frog Man – The Aspiring Illustrator


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