Strange Things in Bloodied Wyvern Peak – A Mini Adventure for 5th Edition

“That’s… not supposed to be there.”

Background:  All of you have been summoned on account of a king’s desperate plea for aid.  Resources have been running low for his people and attempts to trade with outside lands has been shut off completely.  The routes you’ve all taken are too unwieldy and out of the way for caravans to use often, in part because it is longer, far more hazardous and ideal locations for bandits.  All that is known is that the wider passage ways to Bloodied Wyvern Peak have been sealed off and going there is far too dangerous.  Attempts at leaving have been, more often than not, futile as the people feel trapped in their once cozy land.  To make matters worse, the soil and water have slowly been poisoned by something in the mountains.  King Orvalt Delinandor will reward handsomely for your efforts.

Inside the lavish meeting room, a temperamental man in kingly garb fidgets with his fingers as he attempts to give off a composed look.  He ushers each of you to take a seat at one of several ornate chairs, adorned with plush cushioning and fancy stitched patterns.  He rises from his comparatively large chair, himself, as to make a grand speech.

“I would like to thank all of you for making your way to my great kingdom.  Forsaking the usual pleasantries, I’d like to get to addressing our main concern.  The prime routes for trading and traveling has been completely cut off in the last couple of weeks.  Why?  I can’t really say, as most of my scouts haven’t returned for many days.  And those that are either died moments after returning or worse…  On top of that, imports are running low as our commerce has been thrown into peril.  Our soil has also turned bad, poisoning those who have used it.  Any mining operations have been halted, due to reports of collapsed tunnels and monsters.  Any workers, traders or scouts that came back alive from the mountains have returned scarred, plagued or driven mad.  Worse yet, entire towns have vanished lately.  People proclaim they see horrible things and disappear instants later!  Please, explore the cause of this; whether it’s bandits, monsters or worse!  Some blame our miners for unearthing something foul, but I have my doubts.  I’ll award a bonus if you bring any captured subjects back… dead or alive.”

After the meeting with the king, his guards escort you to rooms to equip all of you with proper provisions; climbing equipment, coats and other survival essentials.  After everyone is set with equipment, everyone is taken outside where a carriage sends them towards the outskirts of the mountain.  This ride take about 1 hours time.  The landscape changes from a bleak winter forest into jagged mountainous rock jutting from the earth.  The carriage driver indicates on a map given to you that the route follows the dirt path ahead, in through a canyon-like divide.

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  Inspired by my Barrier Peaks conversion and Epicroll’s short adventure, as well as a lot of retro/pulp sci-fi, here’s my take on the classic sci-fi spaceship into fantasy world crossover.  This adventure is meant for characters of 7th level.  A WORD OF WARNING!  This module gets more and more deadly as time goes on.  Some encounters aren’t meant to be fought, but are meant to be part of a puzzle.  Either way, this is a bit of an experiment for me.  Enjoy.



Upon coming towards a clearing beyond the divide, shapes move and rustle about.  A (DC 14) Perception check reveals that they’re decayed and warped humanoids, different from the zombies that have been encountered before.  They all seem preoccupied with hitting a barrel with crude but strange looking weaponry.  (In reality, this is a scouting party.  After a virus-infused vat of sludge was dumped on them, they turned into radioactive zombies.  For the most part, they’ve degenerated into monsters.)

  • 5 Radioactive Ghouls (Plague Zombie w/ Radiation Immunity, deal extra 2d6 radiation damage with attack, replace zombie plague with exhaustion, increase to CR 2 – 450 XP each; death by a Radioactive Ghoul or from Radiation Poisoning results in a new Radioactive Ghoul 1d4 hours later.)
  • Attacking from the rubble wall warrants a (DC 15) Dexterity saving throw.  Failure causes the creature to fall anywhere from 10 – 20ft. in addition to taking an extra 5 (2d4) bludgeoning damage from all of the rocks.

-Other Side of Rubble (Optional)

  • 3 Atomic Tragedy Beasts (3,900 XP each)
  • Zone below is filled with irradiated sludge.  Coming within 15ft. of it warrants Constitution saving throws (DC 12) every round.  Failure results in the target gaining a level of exhaustion the next time they take a rest.  This effect stacks for every failed save.
  • A passive perception of 10 or above will result in noticing more metal barrels around the closed in area with the abominations.

The zombies are not focused on the party at all.  If they notice the party through passive means, they will slowly make movements towards them.  While they plan on attacking, they’re mostly trying to make them leave.  If the PCs can show themselves as non-threatening, the zombies will back off.  However, if their anger escalates, they will attack instead.  If bodies are searched after defeat, characters will find letters written by the king; this confirms them as the search party that never returned.  However, if players show that they come peacefully, the zombies will back off.  If convinced that they want to help, the ex-guards will point in the direction of the blast zone near the rubble before attacking the barrel.  They will not let you towards the barrel.  (Consider another monsters in there)

Players who look around the area with a Perception (of DC 18 or above) notice the following: nearby the rubble are corpses of reptilian creatures, akin to lizardmen.  Some of which are crushed from what looks like exploded rock higher up the hilly cliffs.  Further exploring reveals footprints appearing out of nowhere.  (This is because of their access to the portals, do not reveal this yet.)


Ascending the Peak

Ahead lies rubble completely blocking the dirt path you’ve been lead by prior.  Using a (DC 18) Perception reveals strange chunks of metal, some with a variety of “ornaments” embedded in them, as well as things protruding from the metal chunks.  (These were actually robots that got crushed after an explosion that sent them and rock tumbling down.  Beyond the valley clearing with the green men lies similarly jagged cliff faces like before.

In fact, much of the rock to the right of the rubble looks like chunks of it were carved out, whether by accident or intentionally, as the rock is devoid of snow like the rest of the alpine ridge.  While scaling the rubble isn’t too challenging (characters may choose to take more time to climb without too much effort, otherwise it’s a (DC 8) Athletics check, the damaged crag where the explosions likely occurred is.  Characters trying to climb the dented crag must succeed a (DC 16) Athletics check or higher to find proper footing while maintaining grip.

After successfully making your way up to the slope, the weather and temperature begin to feel progressively more brutal.  The rules for Extreme Cold in the Dungeon Master’s Guide (P. 110) apply.  In addition, characters must stay vigilant for any clues they might find while ascending the steep and snowy surface.  Luckily, vision isn’t heavily obscured by snow or wind for the first leg of the trek.  As such, characters with passive Perception or a Perception roll of (DC 14) or higher can see a strange blinking red light in the snow.  Upon getting closer, it’s coming from an antenna.  If characters dig into the snow, they’ll find a chrome creature (actually a tiny robot) with a single red eye that blinks in the same manner as the other light.  The thing will begin to hover and make its way toward the downed ship.  Players may choose to follow it.  If not, the DM is encouraged to drop more signs of the ship’s existence; such as shrapnel or scrap scattered in the area.


Detached Cockpit/Transportation Shuttle/”Metal Chariot”

Ahead lies a hulking structure of glass and steel, a front section to some sort of elaborately built ship. 

If characters would like, they may roll a History check to liken this to anything they might have read about or encountered before.  If a character can roll (DC 20) or higher, they recall hearing about space traveling ships called “Spelljammers” before, which is likely akin to this crashed ship.  While not essential information, it can help the characters draw to a conclusion that this chunk of the ship functions in a similar way.  There is a massive hole in the side of the craft.

Inside the breached hull, there are chairs with faded and ripped apart velvet cushioning.  The shuttle is lined with broken windows cut into metallic paneling that plates the car.  Towards the back of the car, there is a sticky webbing that blocks moving further unless a character tries to destroy it with a Strength check (DC 12) or by burning it away. Skeletons of some kind of humanoid creature line burnt seats.  In the last row on the right, a player can discover a charged Laser Pistol by using a Perception check (DC 18).  It’s found on a body’s lap.  If the web is disturbed or the pistol is obtained, a swarm of webbirds will appear soon after and attack.

The passenger chamber is split off from the cockpit, as snow is periodically blown into the damaged entry way.  If characters are careful, they can make their way to the cockpit, which has been pushed around 20 feat away from the connecting doorway.  The door to the cockpit moves back and forth and can easily be pushed all the way open with a Strength (Athletics) check (DC 5).  Inside is a small room with many panels and busted gadgets.  There are two dead pilots in the seats and a computer screen that still seems active.    In actuality, the computer is possessed by a ghost.  Both pilots have a “Pilot’s Access Card” on them, which looks like a shiny and metallic red card.

  • Variant Ghost (MM 147), Ghost in the Machine
  • Knockout Gas Trap (DC 15 Constitution vs. Fall Unconscious for 1 round; GHOST IS IMMUNE)


1.) Moldy Caves

If the machine from earlier was destroyed, describe a lone vegepygmy scampering about before fleeing the cold air in the general direction of the cave.  Characters must trek about 2 miles before finding it, but can track either the footprints or the stream of leaking oil from the robot.  No matter the case, it will lead to one of two things: The vegepygmy spotting the team and screaming or the machine exploding.  This distraction alerts other vegepygmy to your presence.  At the very least, players can see a cave face jutting out of the rock.  A Nature (DC 12) check will reveal that this cave wasn’t created through natural means, but was likely hand made.

Upon entry, the players can see a worn down machine with a large and rusted out piercing weapon.  This was a drill robot used to break passengers free from the mountain rock below.  Fungi have begun to drift toward the broken robot.  A perception check (DC 13) will reveal the sound or sight of dripping oil.  With a higher smell, they can detect the scent of the oil.  It’s fresh and very little of it has dried up yet.

Moving down the cave, indentations line the walls.  The caverns are illuminated by strange bio-luminescent fungi.  Large and distinctly shape mushrooms also line the walls too, some bent and contorted into alien and impossible shapes.

If the Shrieker activates, the vegepygmy army will appear 1 round later.  Following their defeat, characters may move forward through the moldy caves.  A progressively larger buildup of mold begins to form throughout the cave as players move through it, with a busted metal doorway at the end of a long stretch.  Characters who travel through the Russet Mold hall must make a Constitution saving throw after exposure to the hall, as per rules for Russet Mold.


2A.) North Hallway/”Temple Entrance” – Floor 1

Despite the russet mold clinging to the entry way, it tapers off quickly after the initial airlock chamber.  Beyond the airlock lies a chrome room supported by a number of ornate pillars.  A dim glow from long tubes along the ceiling give enough light to see the general area.  The general perimeter is 80′ by 120′.  The floor contains similar colored furnishings, which look as hard and metallic as the wall paneling.  Broken screens hang from various pipes and wires from the ceiling.  Only the painted words, “shuttle station” are the legible thing on the sign.  However, a character will need to learn the language of “Fraal” to understand this.  Magic can be a way around this.

Searching around the room will uncover random knickknacks hastily discarded on the many rows of seats.  Among these is jewelry worth 50 GP in total from 10 minute’s worth of searching.  A door on the other side leads to a ticket booth.  Inside is a headless mummified body wearing a buttoned shirt that has pockets on the sides.  Behind him is an opened grate to a vent, green stains trailing inward.  In one of the pockets is an “Employee Access Card.”  However, taking the card will cause a ghost to appear.  It will attack until the card is dropped, in which it vanishes until it’s picked up again.  The opposite side of the entrance contains two doors; the Main Corridor (2B) and the Employee Pass (2C)


2B.) Main Corridor – Floor 1

One is completely locked up due to low power, the main shuttle corridor.  Even with power restored, this only serves as a short cut for escape. Once power is restored and access is granted, players can enter the corridor.  Inside is a pile of Fraal bodies, mummified from the cold, dry and stale air.  Among them is one clad in engineer’s garb seen in other parts of the ship.  Inspecting the body will reveal an Engineer Access Card (with the same yellow circle as the door nearby).  In addition, a harsh gas fills this room, only slightly dispersed thanks to the opened doors.  Characters who end their turn in the corridor must make a Constitution saving throw (DC 15) or take 18 (4d8) poison damage


2C.) Employee Pass – Floor 1

The other has a red “X” over it with the words (also in Fraal) “Employees Only.”  Even if you don’t understand the language, the symbols are close to the employee access card.  Fortunately, using the card works, as the employee’s passageway runs on backup power.  This empty and dark corridor leads to the ticketing gate and has window paneling on the left of it.  A creature with a passive perception of at least 16 can notice the following:

Out of the corner of your eye, you see something slither and snake past the window panels at breakneck speed.

With a Perception (DC 18) check, a character can find an Energy Cell (worth 20 charges) on a group of metal boxes toward the end of the hallway.


3.) Ticket Gate/”Temple Gates” – Floor 1

Ahead is a wide octagonal shaped hallway that’s 40′ by 40′, built from a luxurious marble-like stone; with checkered style floor panels and a dome-like roofing made of glass.  Immediately across is the ticket office.  To the right is the locked down hall.  To the left is a locked door requiring ID card.

Inside the ticket office, there is a rectangular room with three booths.  Past the initial entry, it’s cramped enough that only one person can move through at a time comfortably, but two can squeeze, as papers in boxes litter the floor.  It’s mostly alien texts about business procedure and practices for the ticket office.  On the other side is a door like the employee access one from the entry hall.  Opening the door at the other side with the ID card allows you to check behind the booths.  Inside is a bag filled with dried meat dipped in a sinister green oil.  After preparing to exit, everyone can clearly hear a shattering sound from the hallway outside.  As you leave to inspect, an alarm goes off as a worm-like creature smashes away at the rest of the glass before plopping down to the ground below with little effort.  The creature has a pincer like mouth and tendril like protrusions where a tongue should be.

  • 1 Neothelid (VGtM 181)

The next doorway leads out to a narrow branching hall.  The left hall has a bunch of symbols as well as similar ones to the employee pass.  It leads to a stairway that descends 15ft. and leads to another marked off door.  However, this one has different symbols and contains a yellow circle instead.  It requires an Engineer Access Card. 

The other hallway on the right loops around towards another airlock and into the Bazaar.


3B.) Mechanical Maintenance/”Artificer Workshop”- Floor B1

With the engineer card, players can gain access to the maintenance level.  This space contains workshops for maintaining various parts of the ship that can be safely transported.  The cable wiring that snakes around the room and through metal ceiling bars have mostly be severed, making it dangerous to travel to parts of the main room.  However, most of the work desks are still accessible.

  • Desk 1 – A “crystal screen” device (a computer) that’s a smaller version of one found on the power station sits in idle mode.  Touching will cause one of the following (on a d100 roll):
    • 00 – 19: diagrams of your home world, as well as pinpoints indicating densely populated kingdoms and urban regions.
    • 20 – 39: complaints about massive tech failures in addition the general unrest and chaos; security’s inability to keep the peace following “the crash.”
    • 40 – 70: an error message as well as a very drone-like beeping sound repeating over and over, followed by an audio recording of a strange creature playing (Reptoid)
    • 71 – 94: Eerie apocalyptic ramblings kept in a log, from the perspective of a crewman who think monsters have invaded the ship.
    • 95 – 100: A message that says “loading ‘Earth Music'” before playing this song.
  • Desk 2 – A detached scanner from the Main Corridor (2B) beats when anyone gets to close to it.  This functions like an “alarm” spell going off.  On a parchment, the numbers “0451” are written.  Anyone who rolls an Insight (DC 12) check will find this odd, as no numerals or any earthly symbols had been found on the ship, except for 1 or 2 shops.
  • Desk 3 – A trigger based ranged weapon similar to a crossbow (a laser rifle), a box labeled “disruption” (EMP grenades) a tablet sit undisturbed.  If the tablet is activated, it displays a journal log.  The user rambles about how he’s cobbling together a weapon in case the unrest turns into revolt.

After up to 2 of the desks are inspected, a voice rings from around the room (automated message via intercom), warning that a gas leak has been detected in the room.  If characters refuse to evacuate or explore the third desk, they must make a Constitution saving throw (DC 15) or take 18 (4d8) poison damage ,gaining the poisoned condition for 1 minute.  Success results in half damage.  Either way, characters don’t need to save again for another minute.  5 minutes after the gas gets into the room, sparks from the snapped cables begin to surge and ignite the gas.  For dramatic effect, this could be right after players leave, if it’s under 5 minutes.  Should players return to the exploded room, the grated floor where gas was leaking from has partially blown off, creating a hole downward towards the security bay (6A).  In addition, 1 Fire Fighter robot is taking care of the fire still in the room.  It will not become hostile unless provoked.


4.) Merchant Bazaar – Floor 1

Ahead is a vast chamber full of small rooms, arranged in a market set up.  Most of the rooms have been ransacked and stolen from.  Some of the halls leading away from the market have crumbled from a mixture of the ship itself as well as the mountainous rock from outside.  There are 4 stores that can still be accessed among the mess.

  • (Jomgarp’s Sports) – Mostly useless supplies for confusing sports, as well as equipment.  These can be used as a distraction though, possibly tripping a monster up too.
    • Medical Shot – This syringe-like device has a blue fluid in it.  Injecting it into another character will cause some pain, but they regain 2d4 + 2 hit points and receive the effects of Bless for up to 1 minute.
    • Makeshift Ball Bearings – Various small sporting goods that can be used to slip up a foe.
  • Parallel Plane – Various crafts and wares done in the style of other “dimensional realms” in a mostly dark room.  Most of it has been stolen, but the rest could fetch a decent price, despite being appropriated copies of material plane goods.  The items are effectively arts, gems and various craftwork that is worth a total of 4000 GP, when examined by the right trader.  However, entering the store springs a trap.
    • Ceiling Collapse Trap (DC 15 Dexterity Saving Throw, 11 (2d10) bludgeoning damage), Perception to notice beam barely supporting ceiling.
  • (Augmentations and Mental Enhancement) – The store has been heavily gutted.  However, there is a device (with translator) that says “Call Laboratory Robot for Deliver” alongside 4 large sized metal boxes.
    • Delivery Droid – This bulky robot focuses on packaging things to and from the laboratories.
  • (Traveling Fraalian Artifice) – A store full of now-broken gizmos and contraptions.
    • Energy Cell Pack (40) – Players must succeed a (DC 20) Perception check.  The power pack is next to what looks like a display shelf.
    • 3 Translator Device Bands – Found in three marked boxes behind the counter.  When opened, an alarm will sound off and 2d4 police robots will appear in the bazaar in 5 rounds.  If players do not have an officer’s card, fail to defeat the robots or fail at hiding from them; they’ll be brought into the police hall (6), where they’ll wait in one of the cells. (6C)
      • NOTE:  If these items were taken and PCs have left, only to come back, the robots will continue to patrol.
    • Ring of Defense – There is a door to a backroom that is mostly collapsed, the hand of a corpse holds onto a ring.
  • Gorpzip, Fraal Survivalist/Tinkerer (1 Mad Fraal Mechanist) – Pacing around the center of the bazaar is a well armed Fraal, clearly not hiding.  If he spots the team, he’ll demand them act as “his prisoners”, when in reality he wants to tag along with them.  However, once every 1d4 minutes, he must make a Wisdom saving throw (DC 14) or be convinced that the team are actually Reptoids.  Upon failure, he will wait for the next convenient point to betray the team.


4A.) Collapsed Bazaar – Floor 1

A crumbled passage way leading to other dilapidated shops and storefronts, many of them also crushed.  Any creatures that explore here must make a Dexterity saving throw (DC 18).  Failure results in crushing rocks falling upon them for 27 (5d10) bludgeoning damage.


4B.) Gravity Lift/”Flight Room” – Floor 1

The gravity lift at the end of the walkway seems to still be working, even on backup power.  However, it looks like it’s dealing with a serious malfunction.  Any creature that enters in the lift is stuck in place, moving slightly up and date, progressively more violently.  For every minute they’re stuck on this, they must make a Constitution saving throw (DC 10 + 2 for every minute afterwards) or become poisoned for 10 minutes and take 9 (2d8) force damage.

However, once power is restored and systems are restored, this lift will operate normally.  Plus, once knowledge of new areas is acquired, their respective floors are unlocked.  It requires the room and floor that is desired to activate.


4C.) Return to Ticket Gate (3)

Leads back to where you came from.


4D.) Trash Shoot – Floor 1

A narrow path leading to garbage disposal slide.  There’s an oily slick near the slide itself, as well as trash spilled all over.  There’s nothing of worth within the rubbish and getting too close risks slipping down the shoot.  Those who do get close without being careful must make a Dexterity saving throw (DC 12) or slide into the shoot, taking 10 (3d6) bludgeoning damage upon falling to the bottom.  Those who carefully slide down aren’t affected by this.


5.) Trash Compactor Floor/”The Metal Stomach” – Floor B2

A huge 40′ by 40′ pit of various garbage from around the ship, with 30ft. ladder two sides, both leading to doorways; the Energy Station Pass (5A) and the Storage/Recycling (5E).  It’s disgusting and hard to maneuver.  The name is a slight misnomer as nothing is compressed in this pit, but rather a mobile laser grid breaks things down.  Creatures traversing the muck and filth must make Acrobatics or Athletics checks (DC 15) to maneuver.  Failure results in sinking into the garbage and losing half of your total speed for that round.  Escape requires sinking that same amount of speed (e.g. sinking and losing 15ft. would require 15ft. of movement to get free, similar to getting up from being knocked prone.)  Immediately after the last player falls into the pit, it will activate.  An alien message alerts that the disposal unite will activate and all personnel must leave at once.  After 30 seconds (5 rounds time), all doorways will seal up and the mobile laser grid will activate.  All targets caught within its grasp must make a Dexterity saving throw (DC 20) or take 55 (10d10) force damage.  Targets killed by the lasers are disintegrated into a fine powder, akin to the Disintegrate spell.  After trash has been disposed of, players can move back and forth between the two doorways without fear of the laser grids.  The entire room has a medium level of radiation.  Please consult THIS for dealing with radiation.


5A.) Energy Station Pass – Floor B1

A long narrow stretch filled with blinking lights and electrical jolts shooting around busted machinery.  Characters who enter this area without moving carefully must make Dexterity saving throws (DC 16) or take 11 (2d10) lightning damage.  Success negates this.  Studying the machines and moving accordingly will grant advantage.  This leads towards (5B).  Once power is restored, access to this hallway is almost impossible, as the area has been sealed off due to safety concerns.


5B.) Energy Plant/”Energy Machine” – Floor B1

Filled with blinking crystal-like screens attached to complex machinery, several of which say messages in the same alien language as before (“Error”, “Power Saving Mode”, “Radiant Engine is Damaged”).  The screens are near a door that looks forced open as well as charred from some kind of blast.  Another door can be seen on the far left end of the room with a Perception check (DC 15).  It’s locked in place as long as the power is off.


5C.) Radiant Engine/”The Glowing Construct” – Floor B2

Anyone that enters the radiant room ahead is assaulted by a horrible light.  They must immediately make a Constitution saving throw (DC 21) or become blinded for 1 minute in addition to taking 1 level of exhaustion.  In addition, there’s a ladder leading down.  Blinded characters are unaware of this and are likely to fall the 20ft. drop.  Once a character has adjusted to the harsh glow, they’ll notice the “radiant machine” described in the “crystal screens” (computer screens.)  Many have opened compartments, with broken down versions of the components from the storage room.  Characters who happen to look around or make perception will notice outlines of two humanoids crafted by an explosion against a nearby wall.

Characters that are outside of the generator room while this is happening will notice prompts on the screens (“Please Activate Lockdown Sequence”, “Please Disable Main Power while personnel are in chamber.”) Three switches will light up, each being a channel for the engine’s power; each having a green side, a red side and a neutral side.  The moment one switch is activated, the radiant room door will activate and shut.  A switch will chime if it is a correct combination and make a buzzer sound if it is wrong.  If one is wrong, but two are right; the switches reset and prompt you to enter the right one.  If two are wrong, anyone inside must make another Constitution saving throw (DC 21) or take 13 (2d12) radiant damage and 13 (2d12) necrotic damage (ALTERNATIVELY: 26 (4d12) Radiation Damage) and take an additional 1d4 levels of exhaustion.  Success results in half damage and 1 level of exhaustion.  In addition, the power shuts off by itself.  Attempts to do it again work like the power was shut down initially.

Safely loading the components into the machine and following prompts on the screen for start up (assuming characters can make checks for technology as well as have the translator on) will cause power to be restored to the ship.  All of the screens (that aren’t destroyed) will activate.  Once all light has been restored, other corners of the room are now lit up.  In addition, the door off to the left corner from the entrance will be visible as well as unlocked.


5D.) Worker’s Lift – Floor B1

Through the unopened door is a lift.  A small scanning device speaks in the alien dialect, informing you a card must be used to continue.  Scanning the card allows you back to floor 1, specifically the bazaar room.  Trying to access the lift before it is activated results in the following

  • Explosive Junk Trap (DC 12 Dexterity saving throw, 22 (4d10) fire damage, save for half), noticeable with Perception check (DC 14), you hear sound of combustion and falling.


5E.) Recycling and Storage – Floor B1

A medium sized room for placing items that were wrongly thrown out, as well as things being prepped for recycling.  Non-combatant robots scurry back and forth organizing the area.  Taking time to search the area will result in finding backup “fuse canisters” for the ship’s core power unit.  They are found in the second row of 4 shelves in the north east part of the room that are organized like individual corridors.  The canisters are very heavy, requiring an athletics check (DC 17) to lift and haul them for short distances.  There’s also a tablet like device on top of the canisters.  Tapping at it will cause it to activate and reveal that it has a new message.  Poking the text will reveal a message from the security team for the engineers to repair the scanners and other devices in the shuttle lobby/north hallway (2A) as well as the security hallway/main corridor (2B).  After the message is finished, it will display a map of the first area players were in.  However, taking the components will anger the robots, which will proceed in attacking.  However, any character that explores past the worker robots initially will find a button to “end work day.”


6.) Security Wing – Floor B2

Considerably more utilitarian in design, everything is boxy chrome hallways with the occasional black pipe from previous floors (except the one that burst).  If players didn’t get to the Maintenance room, they hear the explosion before entering the wing.


6A.) Dead-End Hall – Floor B2

A collapsed corridor filled with rubble and rock from the outside.  It’s pretty much impossible to go further.  There’s also a hole leading to the floor above (3B), which appears to be on fire.


6B.) Surveillance Facility/”Scrying Room” – Floor B2

Unless a player has the Security Card, attempts to access this area will summon 1d4 police robots at a time.  If the card is used, a room similar to the power room appears.  There are screens everywhere, with two sets of chairs sitting in front of them.  As players enter, a voice calls out to them, “I’m looking for my companions.  Perhaps you’ve seen them?”  The voice seemed to be coming from the left chair.  A character who rolls a Perception check (DC 20) can swear they saw a Fraal in the seat before it turns around to reveal itself as a human.  The man in the seat is wearing the same garb as the zombies at the bottom of the mountain.  (In reality, this is the prisoner who broke free and has been surviving down here for several weeks, also using the air duct system to hunt Fraal.  He’s trying to usher a false sense of security in the team, while he readies an ambush using robots.)  If the “guard” is asked too many questions, he’ll get annoyed and reveal himself.  Most of the answers will either deflect the question or detail trauma as a result of exploring the ship and losing his allies.  Otherwise, he’ll escort the PCs to the Gun Range, where Gun Trainer Androids will fire at them before he goes in to “do the rest.”  If attacked or made angry, the creature will reveal itself as a Reptoid and strike back.

Once the Reptoid is cleared, the team is welcome to survey most of the ship.  In addition, knowing the location and floor effectively grants access to the rest of the ship.  Players can make a Perception check (DC 14) to study the footage.  What strikes as interesting is some of the chambers have living Fraal in them!  Also, a cloaked robot is running through corridors, looking for something.


6C.) Holding Cells/Prison – Floor B2

A series of 6 holding chambers, 3 on each side.  One cell can fit up to 4 people at once.  Two cells are reserved for players.  1 Malfunctioning Police Robot patrols the general area, but a sneaky character could use Stealth (DC 15) to get past them.  The robot will not pursue anyone in a holding cell, only someone who is out.  On the other side of the holding cell hallway is the Warden’s Office (6D)

  1. For Players
  2. For Players
  3. The door has been destroyed, flung to the other side.  It’s empty.
  4. An alien corpse lies in a bunk/seat.  They have a working communication badge.
  5. The door is opened, a chewed up corpse lies on the floor
  6. Empty.


6D.) Warden’s Office – Floor B2

An ornately decorated room with an unfamiliar and sharp angle driven aesthetic in mind… or it would be, if it weren’t for the green goo sprayed throughout the area.  What can only be assumed as the warden’s body is lying on the desk.  If characters do a medicine check (DC 13), they can discover that vicious claw and teeth marks caused the warden to bleed out.  However, it looks like most of the damage was done to their torso.  An air vent is popped open, similar to the ticket taker on the first floor.  If the corpse is moved and either the desk is smashed or the code number (0451) is punched in, a compartment will open to reveal the Security Pass Card and a Stun Rod (with 4 charges).


6E.) Gun Range/”Fire Brand Room” – Floor B2

Past the grav. lift and before the collapsed hall is a range for firearms and other distance-based weapons.  Even though the instructor is no where to be seen, android trainers have been reactivated and await targets to shoot at.  If anyone enters the shooting range, they’ll open fire.  If the Reptoid sets up an ambush, it will join the robots.


6F.) Weapons Cache – Floor B2

Next to the Gun Range is a supply of weaponry, in case the need would arise.  If the Reptoid is with the group, they’ll do whatever it takes to lead them away from it while they enter.  Inside is a laser gun component (lock on) as well as a stun rod.  The Reptoid has a busted laser pistol they’ll attach it to, in hopes of using it against the team.  Otherwise, the cache has been well looted.


6G.) Security Gravity Lift – Floor B2

A lift room that will take you to another floor.  It leads to the main hall (6).  If the power hasn’t been restored, the glitchy lift on backup power will shoot whoever enters back up to Floor 1 (4B).  However, they must make a Dexterity saving throw (DC 16) or receive whiplash (You take disadvantage on skill checks and attack rolls until you take a short or long rest.)


7.) Research Laboratory – Floor 2

A lobby area that has doors that are barricaded through a variety of junk.  Some of the barricades have been breached, particularly a branched labeled primary labs and field lab.  Besides those rooms and the lift, access to the other chambers is unlikely.  After the dimensional lab is cleared out and players take the grav. lift, it’ll pause on this floor.  A Beholder will smash through one of the blockades, which crumbles into a new one soon after.  It faces and readies to destroy all of you.

  • 1 Beholder (After Sections 7 and 8 have been cleared)


7A.) Grav. Lift Room – Floor 2

The Gravity Lift onto and off of the floor.


7B.) Cloning Chamber – Floor 2

A lengthy room filled with giant glass holding tubes filled with liquid.  Some of them contain humanoid beings, which are being pushed out the bottom and through a black and fleshy looking lid that opens for the clones to emerge from.  All of them look close to human, but many features are uncanny; large foreheads, big eyes, stretched limbs, almost child-like faces, grey hair, almost monochrome skin.  Once a number of them emerge, they immediately begin to descend upon the team as an alarm sounds.


7C.) Operation Lab – Floor 2

A dimly lit room full of stretcher-like beds and surgical tools.  In the center is a small number of operating tables.  Any creature held behind a constraint mechanisms or protective walls has long since escaped, following the destruction of both.  Several medical droids are on standby, awaiting to perform surgery.  Computer stations in the back detail the list of tasks for that day.  Currently, there is nothing on the list.  There is also an empty room with a number of dusty, unused cots right behind the surgical room.  Characters who want to tamper with this must make an Intelligence check of 20 or more, as if figuring out technology, to navigate through menus and give the androids tasks.

The androids will question why you’re here.  If you have both a security card and a translator, you can bluff by say you’re doing an inspection with a Deception check (DC 12).  Success will result in both androids moving the wreckage blocking the rooms ahead.  The doorway to the chemical lab (7E) is barricaded by fallen medical equipment pushed in front of it.  Moving all of it will require an Athletics check (DC 16), if you fail to convince the androids to help.  It will take 10 minutes for them to do so.

  • 2 “Nurse” Androids (Medical Android)  (Nurses will use healing sprays or restorative injections when the creature takes damage from the surgery, which only minimizes damage slightly)
  • 1 “Doctor” Android (Take the Boxing Android, subtract wrestling abilities, give it a syringe attack that works like Anesthetic ability from medical android.  The first round will involve the robot trying to subdue the player while the Nurse tries to provide anesthetic.  The second round and beyond will involve a confused and dangerous operation that deals 44 (8d10) piercing and slashing damage.  This damage takes into account a helpless creature.  If the character is not unconscious, the doctor will continue to grapple and try to use its own Anesthetic for that round.  This android is also resistant to acid and fire.)

If the beastman companion (from 7G) is with the team and the androids aren’t killed, he’ll insist on using them to restore him to normal.  If the team accepts this, someone will have to program the computer with a check (as mentioned above).  However, the medical technology within this room has been littered with bugs since the crash occurred, resulting in a botched surgery that kills the companion. If the team convinces him against it,  he’ll attempt to leave the party unless convinced otherwise.  If the medical droids are already destroyed, he’ll lament briefly before continuing instead.

(ALTERNATIVELY:  DMs can allow PCs, in conjunction with any stable robots, to research a way for the procedure to work.  In addition, the Guard might consider asking PCs if they want beastman powers, allowing for a different procedure to be available.)


7D.) Partially Collapsed Room – Floor 2

The clone room exit is blocked off by chunks of mountain rock and ship rubble.  However, the doorways connecting the operation room and chemical lab are still accessible.  Most of the room is destroyed, leaving very little to explore or find except a few of the “screens”.  The computer terminals have basic notes in reference to experiments.

  • Minimal on the accidental creation a hybrid monster called the gasbat; unstable and best kept away from flame
  • Using wild beast and local people to create obedient and powerful beast army
  • Disguising alien life to look like local flora and fauna, integrating it with the world around in hopes of small step invasion.

The entire room is covered in a medium level of radiation.  Please consult THIS for dealing with radiation.


7E.) Chemical Lab/”Alchemy Chamber” – Floor 2

Spilled contents line the floors to create a toxic soup as the walls look discolored and even rusted in some patches.  The room is 40′ by 80′, another door is on the right side of the opposite part of the room.  Various tables and cabinets are coated in truly foul substances, leaking from smashed or shattered containers.  The entire room is saturated in a high level of radiation.  A chemical fire has broken out in a portion of the room near the doorway.  It has mostly been contained to one area  It takes up a 15′ by 10′ area.  Please consult THIS for dealing with radiation.  Also, roll to determine what appears within the lab.

  1. 1 Walking Disease, 1 Bodak (VGtM)
  2. 2d4 Gasbats
  3. 1d6 Fraal Hybrid Mutants (Use Guard NPC stats, give Psychic Resistance and Alien Mindset, Chaotic Evil alignment)
  4. 1d4 Mutant Fraal (Use Fraal, roll 1d6 for each mutant to give them a unique trait)
    1. Hybrid Flayer (Facial Tendrils, can grab a foe while the mouth bites like a Mind Flayer)
    2. Tentacle Arm (Can use d8 bludgeoning attack, can knock prone)
    3. Radioactive (Deals Radiation damage, uses Radiation rules from above)
    4. Super Mutant (20 STR, gain 2d8 unarmed attack, can use twice per round)
    5. Death Spawn (Gain touch attack, deals 4d8 necrotic damage, must Con save or can’t heal for 1 round.)
    6. Stretched Limbs (Speed is 40ft.)

Towards the other end is a mold covered patch of sick filth and decay.  There’s also a gaping hole in the ship leading towards a shoot-like cave.  Getting close to the hole will result in a mass of vegepygmies leaping out and attacking.  (This leads to Area 1)

Clearing the horde will resort in them dropping the access code for the “Experimental Garden”.


7F.) Experimental Garden – Floor 2

Initially a mini monitoring station that leads to the greenhouse-like gardens.  In order to access, any ID card is needed.  Once the card is used, a puzzle is activate; a 10 Second Counter will go off and a red button will glow.  If the button is pushed, the timer will reset.  If the counter goes down to 0, the computer will thank users for waiting through preparation process.

Following that, the computer will prompt various tasks for the garden.  In order for the door to open, you must do them in the correct order: Activate Sunlight, Apply Water, Rotate Light Source, Replenish Soil.  By completing this startup phase, the doorway to the garden will open.

If characters inspect the computer further, they’ll find logs detailing the success of experimenting on plants from other worlds, mutating them into something truly disturbing.  However, they go into how they’ve created a parasitic mold that creates small monstrous creatures from victims’ corpses by accident.  They blame some of the food that got contaminated during creation process.  Scientists begin to wonder why the superiors allow this to happen.

A lush, but overgrown garden full of strange plants unlike anything you’ve seen.  Many of the passageways are overgrown and the vision blurred from a strange mist.  The gardens themselves are massive, at least a 240ft. radius.  From the other side of the lab station, there’s a door that leads outside and into a mini airlock that continues into a large artificial field with some alien-looking trees and rock structures.

For every round players explore, roll a d6.  On a 6, roll from this chart. (All of these creatures can be accessed from here):

  1. Assassin Vine (1d4)
  2. Horrid Plant
  3. Purple Blossoms
  4. Wretch Plant
  5. Vegepygmy (1d6)
  6. Thorny (1d3)
  7. Snappersaw
  8. Tri-Flower Frond
  9. Vampire Rose Bush
  10. Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing
  11. 1d4 Needle Blight, 1d4 Twig Blight, 1d3 Vine Blight (MM 31)
  12. Roll Twice (reroll if one is 12)


7G.) Field Lab – Floor 2

A massive artificial field, complete with a variety of terrain.  Doors to small lab set ups lie on far ends of the pseudo-forest.  Numerous panels on the ceiling create an artificial sky, complete with a synthetic sunlight that simulates sunbeams.  However, deterioration and damage have caused many of the panels to become image of static instead.  Odd trees dot the landscape, swaying and bending in unusual ways.  In addition they carry a strange array of blues and purples.  Two sets of rocky terrain on the northwest and southwest sides allow for surveillance and vantage point.

Like before, encounters are random in this area.  Roll a d6 every round without combat/during rounds of exploration; on 5 or 6, monsters are encountered:

  1. 1d4 Kings Guard Beastmen* (Use Veteran NPCs, roll twice for traits, also see below:)
    1. Darkvision 60ft.
    2. Amphibious (Can breath on land and in water)/Hold Breath
    3. Flight = Land Speed
    4. Natural Armor (instead of Splint)
    5. Keen Hearing/Smell/Sight (Advantage on Perception using that sense)
    6. Bulky (Count as one size larger for purposes of determining carrying capacity and the amount you can push, drag, or lift)
    7. Climb = Land Speed
    8. Burrow = Land Speed -10ft.
    9. Save vs. Venom attack
    10. Charge (Bonus to Dash action if planning to take attack action afterwards)
    11. Echolocation (Bonus to gain 30ft. blindsight until next round, as long as you can hear)
    12. Jumper (Jump twice the length of normal)
    13. Fast (+5ft. land speed)
    14. Clamp (Reaction to grapple target you’ve hit with natural attack)
    15. Pack Tactics
    16. Endurance (1/LR, react to go back to 1 HP when you’d otherwise drop to 0)
    17. Trampling Charge (If move at least 20ft. in line, and hits with a natural weapon, target must make Strength save (based on beast’s STR stat) or fall prone.  If prone, bonus to make a trample attack)
    18. Rampage (When bringing creature down to 0 HP, it may use bonus action to move 1/2 of speed and make natural attack against another creature)
    19. Mimicry (Can imitate sounds it hears, other creatures can make Insight check (DC 14) to discover it’s imitation.
    20. Super Beast (Reroll twice, gain both results; can only get this once)
  2. 1d3 Insane Flumphs (automatically hostile)
  3. 1d2 Owlbear
  4. 1d4 Thri-Kreen
  5. 1d6 Lizardfolk
  6. 4 Death Dogs
  7. 1d10 Commoner Beastmen* (Use Commoner NPC stats, given same Beastmen traits.)
  8. 1d3 Phase Spiders
  9. 1d3 Basilisk
  10. 2 Bulettes
  11. 1 Giant Worm
  12. 1 Cloaker
  13. 1d4 Grell
  14. 1d6 Gnolls
  15. 1d3 Girallon
  16. 1d2 Swarms of Cranium Rats
  17. 1 Froghemoth
  18. 1d2 Beholderkin
  19. 1 Insane Shedu (automatically hostile)
  20. 2 Aurumvorax

*Beastmen all have the following traits:

  • Reduce INT to 6 (-2), CHA to 8 (-1)
  • Replace weapons with d6 claws/talon and/or d8 bite and/or d8 slam/ram

Characters who encounter any beastmen clad in the tattered armor may do a History check (DC 12) and realize that these were once king’s guard sent to investigate, who suffered much like the zombies found at the bottom of the hill or around the ship.

Climbing the north facing rock cliff.  A fraal corpse with a tablet sits in the open.  If activated, it contains journal rants about the dimension gate experiments getting their own floor while the rest shares space, in addition to codes for accessing said lab… should anyone stage a revolt.

Some of the miniature labs contain tables, cabinets, operating tools and charts detailing humanoids, beasts, and monstrosities.  Others contain bizarre equipment and huge devices for unknown usage.  Accessing the doors requires a card.  Roll a d8 when inside the mini-lab:

  1. A Metallic Ooze slithers along, looking for “dead tissue” to repair.  It is non-hostile and will attack only if it’s attacked first.
  2. 1 Insane Fraal who has hidden themselves up in the lab for a long time.  They’re hostile and too broken to cooperate.
  3. The room looks cloudy and hard to see into.  However, it opens once the door button is released via card.  Poisonous Gas that has been sealed inside until now.  All creatures within 10ft. of the door must make a Constitution saving throw (DC 18).  Failure results in being poisoned for 1 hour, as well as taking 21 (6d6) poison damage.  Success results in half damage and no status effect.
  4. 2 Medical Androids tearing apart at the remains of some unidentifiable creature.  Attempts to stop them will turn them hostile.
  5. A King’s Guard beastman (roll from above traits) is locked inside the room.  Unlike most of the other beastmen, he still has his wits about him.  If the team can calm him down and let him out, he’ll join up as an ally.  However, he’ll turn hostile if he learns that other beastmen were slain or are being attacked by the players.  In addition, he will do his best to command other beastmen to aid.
  6. 4 Swarms of Webbirds are cooped up in a web covered lab set up.  Once freed, they will immediately attack.
  7. 1d4 Mutant Fraal lurk in the chamber, awaiting freedom.  Use the above chart for traits.
  8. An otherwise empty lab full of strange tolls ready for use.  There is a container full of liquids and syringes.  Use of them is ill-advised.
    1. Numbing Agent.  The target must make a Constitution saving throw (DC 12).  Failure results in poisoned and slowed for 1 hour, success results in the same for 1 minute instead.
    2. Healing Salve.  Regain 13 (3d6+3) hit points.
    3. Concentrated Russets Mold.  Become infected with Russets Mold, save at disadvantage, half time for typical saving throws.
    4. Disgusting Blood Sample.  Target is infected with Filth Fever.
    5. Glowing Sludge.  Treat as if exposed to Severe Radiation, with subsequent saving throws every minute as if exposed to Mild Radiation.
    6. Metallic Sludge.  If this character dies, any attempts to revive them fail.  They reanimate as a Nanite Zombie instead 1d4 rounds later.  However, once per long rest, they may use a bonus action to regain 1d10+level hit points.



8A.) Ruined Technological Lab – Floor 3

Smashed beyond compare, the tech lab has nothing salvagable.  Whatever being went on a rampage made sure that the contents of this lab were destroyed.  A super computer has been thrown against a giant screen, tables have been smashed or tossed in a pile, advanced machines have been crushed together, the area is a total mess.  In the eastern corner is a dent in the wall with trails of light blue liquid that has long since dried… likely blood.  A Gravity Lift is still active and a couple of screens as well.  Accessing the screens plays back security footage of a huge blue monster running amok in the lab, destroying everything in site.  Eventually, a troop of Fraal put the beast down.  After players have explored the lab, the gravity lift activates and a robot emerges with weapons readied.  If characters studied the security surveillance room, they recognize the robot.  It also brought backup.


8B.) Dimensional Transport Lab/”Portal Room” – Floor 3

A massive hall with what looks like 3 metallic gateways, supported by wiring and pillars.  All three have swirling vortexes within them, likely leading to other realms entirely.  A small lab to the side watches the portals.  Inside the lab are robed humanoids.  Unfortunately, beyond the initial doorway, there is no place to hide from the people inside the lab station.  They’ve also secured in the area with a heat-sensing device, making teleportation and invisibility useless.  While aware of the team, they’ll make no actions except using a control panel while the players are in the area.  However, an Insight check (DC 15) will reveal that they’re onto you and playing along.  Calling them out will do nothing, until players get close enough to them.  They’ll drop their cloaks and vanish upon doing so as the portals begin to twist and whirl erratically.  Humanoids similar to the Reptilian will file out of the machines and prepare for an assault.

  • 4 waves of 3 Reptoids (Technological Variant).  Every 2 rounds, another 4 show up.  To prevent all waves from entering, go into the control lab.

Once in the lab, the shrouded figures will return as Reptoids themselves and attack in effort to prevent the portals from shutting down.  They might try to disguise themselves as allies in an attempt to confuse other characters.  If the robed reptoids are slain, it proves significantly easier to shut down the portals.  While the machine is composed of several buttons and small screens, a large touch screen can lead players through steps.  There are 4 steps and it will take 1 round per step if going by this guided method.  After this, it will take 1 round to shut them down.  After the Reptoids have been taken care of, all logs can be accessed.  However, you need upgrade key cards first.  The computers will ASK for ALL of your key cards you’ve obtained up until this point.  It will prompt all of you to feed them into a machine.  What is released is a Master Key Card.  This can be used on the computer to access files and information, as well as activate portal experiments later.  It will take an hour to piece together substantial information.

Basic Timeline and Factoids, one per 5 minutes spent researching.

  1. There was an expedition through a star system, cataloguing information and researching other life.
  2. Later, experiments were conducted with the portal machines, accidentally unleashing the reptoids upon the ship.  War breaks out on the large ship.
  3. Reptoids end up trying to blend in and manipulate the Fraal instead of fight them, paranoia runs rampant.
  4. Attempts to escape lead to more violence, resulting in the portal machine going haywire and teleporting the whole ship into another dimension… wedged within that world’s mountain.  In a last ditch effort, most of the Fraal population used the portal to seal themselves in an experimental vault that Reptoids never knew about.  Sadly, much of the Fraal were locked in the rest of the ship and went mad.
  5. A couple of months ago, an escape shuttle attempted to flee with the help of the broken portal tech, but only exploded seconds after escaping the area.
  6. A manual tunnel was dug, but experiments also got out and caused bedlam.
  7. Humanoids from the outside world were captured and routes were blocked off as a result of Reptoids as well as rogue experiments.
  8. Reptoids find out about secret chamber, Fraal security genetically coded to destroy Reptoids who enter area, resulting in disturbing experiments on human trespassers.
  9. It has likely been at least a year since the crash happened.
  10. Fraal Culture tends to view streamlining and efficiency above all else.  It’s likely this reason why discovering their inventions felt so simple.
  11. Their expedition leader was long since slain, putting others in command.

After reading the logs, the system will unlock a secret chamber behind the lab.


8C.) Gated Airlock – Floor 3

A door from the south opens to a small-ish box shaped room.  Hovering machines beep and emit a harsh light over all of you before flying into little alcoves.  If there are any Reptoids with them (disguised as the PCs), an alarm will go off and guns will emerge to blast the reptoid.  A voice rings from a box.  Any creature with a translator device will hear this as common.  It asks what business they have with their kind.  Characters can ask questions or respond as they see fit.  If they disclose their mission, prove themselves as a non-threat or can prove they’re willing to provide aid, a valve will appear on each floor, wall and ceiling.  Thus begins a puzzle.  The doorway to the next room is on the ceiling.  The floor of the doorway is on the east side.

Turning the wheel will shift the gravity of the room, centered on the new current floor.  The room turns based on the direction the valve is turned.  To finish the puzzle, the doorway must face South and at the exact angle as the entrance door you took beforehand.  Once the door has been tilted to the right position, the voice will speak again to congratulate everyone.  It will warn them that any hostile action taken will result in retaliation.


9.) Vault – Floor ???

Only accessible through the Dimensional Lab, this secret vault was built by the Fraal in case of absolute disaster.  Those within this vault are non-hostile and only want a means of escape.  A decent sized population has survived inside of the spacious vault set up.  They’re more startled than anything at the heroes and won’t initially attack unless provoked.  They assume you’re all just treasure hunters and thieves at first.  Unless tensions are alleviated, guards standby as many other grey folk stare you down.

Some emissaries approach the team, asking what they’ve encountered as well as their experiences with the reptillians.  After discussing the state of the Fraal Space Station (not a ship), the vault denizens ask you to go back to the portal room, insert a key into the machine and lock off the Reptoid dimension.  They warn that they’re probably aware that plans are being made in the secret chamber.  They will give you any provisions you need for fending off any invaders while you activate the device, even though there’s little for them to spare.  If the vault dwellers can be convinced to take part in the uprising, one of them will ask to borrow a translator headset and grab a box similar to the talking box in the puzzle room.  They’ll announce in several languages to fight against the reptoids and help banish them back to where they came.


9.+) Reptoid Battleground

Returning through the gate, there’s an alarm sounding off in the portal lab.  If you convinced the Fraal to aid, the Reptoids will be having trouble fending off some of the monstrosities and machines in the area.  If you aligned with the beast from the field lab, other beasts are fighting the reptoids as well.  Otherwise, a small army is charging towards the lab.  While the key activates one of the machines, it will prompt to override “portal protocol”.  By initiating the override, the portals will slowly boot up and begin to change to a grey shade rather than its variety of other colors.  While the machine slowly boots up, waves of Reptoids will do their best to get into the lab.  Players are tasked with fending them off as long as possible.  After 4 rounds of combat, the machine will be fully operational as a voice comes over the radio (the boxes), informing the reptoids to leave or face certain doom.  Fraal backups will arrive with cryo-cannons to push the scourge back.  (However, if the Fraal aren’t helping, it’s all up to the team to do the same through intimidation and persuasion in addition to fighting them off.)



After several minutes of fighting, the Reptoids will flee to the portals, well aware their home awaits.  The entire area will then quake and shake, as everything begins to glow a blinding white light.  Seconds later, the players are thrown to the ground (without taking damage, unless they are next to equipment, in which Dexterity save DC 12 vs. 1d10 damage).

If the Fraal were rescued previously, a voice will announce that it thanks the players for both instilling courage in them to recuperate as well as buying enough time to rebuild after clearing much of the threats.  Otherwise, there’s a strange sensation that something has changed within the ship.  Players may try to backtrack their way out (with a possible random encounter) to get to an exit.  Upon leaving, the mountain is gone.  Instead, you see a massive ship with several tunnels and corridors around it, as well as downed shuttles like the one you encountered early on.  Plus, chunks of the mountain (including the moldy cave) were accidentally taken as well.  If players leave the immediate area, a strange glow will occur around the ship as a force field swarms around it as the ship glows, likely signifying that it has some strength left.


RANDOM ENCOUNTERS IN THE SHIP – Roll a d12 in new area.  If rolled 1, roll for random encounter.

Before Power is on (Roll d10)

  1. 1d4 Radioactive Zombie
  2. 1d4 Vegepygmy and 1d2 Thorny
  3. 1d2 Vegepygmy Horde
  4. 1 Servo Robot, 1 Worker Robot
  5. 1 Displacer Beast
  6. 1d4 Intellect Devourer
  7. Gibbering Mouther
  8. Walking Disease
  9. 1d4 Androids (of choice)
  10. 1d2 Bodak (Undead Fraal)
  11. Nothic
  12. Mind Flayer

After Power is on (Roll d10)

  1. 1d8 Insane Fraal
  2. 1d4 Police Robots
  3. 1 Exterminator
  4. 1d4 Fraal Ghosts (Ghostly Haunt Template)
  5. 1d3 Reptoid
  6. Eldritch Spawn (Psi Vamp, Bone Thief, Lovecraftian Monster)
  7. 1d4 Slithering Tracker (VGtM)
  8. DOOM Creature/Alien Menace/Alien Bounty Hunter/Other homage monster
  9. Radiation Elemental
  10. Roll Original Chart


What’s Next?

There’s still the matter of a near derelict space-station, even though it has escaped its crushing fate.  While a clear exit has been made for the denizens, there are still more pollutants and horrors being released into the outside world…  It might have been made worse now that it was taken from its mountain tomb.

Perhaps the Fraal could petition King Orvalt to grant them nearby land, sharing their knowledge while rebuilding from all the damage in exchange for mining and transport areas of monsters and obstacles.  This could lead to more cosmic encounters and perhaps getting in contact with the Fraal home world.  However, a caveat would be clearing obstacles and monsters that blocked the trade routes to begin with.  Anything cleared would belong to the Fraal and could be used for rebuilding.  Given approval and chance to redeem themselves for their follies, the nearby lands could experience a technological revolution as a boon, as well as an enhanced awareness of the cosmos and planes.

King Orvalt is far less welcoming in regards to his kingdom, but within reason.  He orders the guards-turned-beasts and the many like them to reside in the wilderness beyond the kingdom, out of fear that they might degenerate into animals given time.  With enough convincing and diplomacy on both the PCs’ behalf and on behalf of the beastmen, they could be allowed to stay.  Alternatively, the Fraal can be convinced (alongside priests and mages) to restore the mutated back to normal.  However, in the case of the undead, magical or strong psychic power would be needed in order to revive them as living beings.

Depending on the outcome, players could always decide to betray the greys and join the reptilians.  Despite unsavory tactics, the reptilians will honor an allegiance, especially if it means continuing their domination plot.  This would result in a totally different campaign, perhaps including the PCs’ new allies turning against them in a bid for power in the end.  However, this would mean an entirely different game.  Much of what happened would be completely different.  The Fraal would have been wiped out, if they didn’t catch onto your plan.  The Reptoids would have overtaken and repurposed the ship however they could, hopefully figuring out how to teleport it as the mountain air was slowly killing them.  They would intentionally release the horrors of the ship upon the land.  Speaking of which…

New monsters could be introduced to the lands; all sorts of alien plant life as well as mold spawned atrocities.  All sorts of aberrations and quasi-humanoid monstrosities could find new life in the nearby lands; creating all sorts of new complications and problems down the road.  While any plant and fungi based lifeforms won’t survive within the mountains without the ship, plenty have been teleported alongside the ship.

Stay tuned, I might return to some post-game encounters within this world!


New Items

  • Laser Pistol – 2d6 laser damage; ranged 40ft./120ft./1lbs
  • Laser Rifle – 2d8 laser damage; ranged 60ft./180ft./3lbs
  • Cryo-Cannon – 2d8 cold damage; ranged 30ft./60ft.; target must save vs. dexterity, failure = slowed.
  • Lock On – Use a bonus action to hone in on a target.  They make Dexterity saving throw (DC = 8+Prof+Dex Mod) or get marked (advantage on attack rolls).  Not expended if they succeed.  Can use this once per short rest.
  • EMP Grenade – 10ft. burst from central point, characters save vs. Dexterity (also based on stats).  Failure: 3d8 force damage.  Robots who fail are shut down.
  • Energy Cell – Powers weaponry.
  • Stun Rod – 1d12 force damage; save versus stunned
  • Translator Device – Allows user to understand any language and translate what they’re writing/saying for others.
  • Communication Badge – Works like a radio to others with badge


IMAGE CREDIT: Spaceship by digital-fantasy

Expedition to Barrier Peaks and Blackmoor are property of TSR Inc./Wizards of the Coast/Hasbro.  DOOM is property of id Software/Bethesda Software.  The Fraal/Alternity/Dark*Matter is property of Wizards of the Coast.  Made by Doctor Necrotic, for Doctor Necrotic Media.  All rights reserved.


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