Goatfolk – A High Dwelling race for D&D 5th Edition

“A Beast?  A Fiend?  I’ll show you both…”

 “I’ve seen it, a spawn of the Demon Prince of Beasts!  It walked like a man, but looked like a goat.  The creature carried strange sorceries upon them too, like nothing of this world.  Surely, there must be more…” – A traveler’s encounter with a fiendish-goatfolk warlock.

Born from the Planes

Many rumors have spread of a race of beastly creatures born from demons.  They have prominent goat features and walk upright, with a strange speech that’s a cross of humanoid and animal.  In truth, the origins of these creatures have nothing to do with fiends at all, but the fair folk or the fae.  The ever dubious and tricky denizens of the wyld plane are known for creating strange things on a whim, sometimes using outside creatures mutate into new ones.  The goatfolk is one such case.  During a fight between the unseelie and fiendish powers, warped goat-like creatures known as “hooved horrors” were unleashed as infantry forces for the fiends.  For the most part, the creatures were vanquished.  Those that were captured were used by the fey for experiments.  Most of them had their fiendish corruption purged as they were made into protectors of the Wyld Plane.  However, some still had a lingering fiendish essence that festered and manifested in later generations.

Swift and Athletic

The Goatfolk tend to dwell in steep crags, harsh mountaintops and rocky hills.  Many are adept at jumping about the otherwise dangerous surfaces.  As such, they value dexterity and maneuverability as important skills within their society.  Ironically, their strange hoof-like fingers make them less likely to train in ranged weapons.  However, those who have had success with such weapons are regarded as near-royalty.  For those who aren’t disposed towards weapons, sorcery is more than common upon the goat people.  This is likely the result of their distant underworld heritage, though the tampering of the fey could have caused a magical awakening all the same.  However, magic users are seen as eccentric and strange within much goatfolk culture.  Many see it as an unnecessary oddity, especially when physical prowess is held in such high regards.  Some even see it as cheating one’s way to power or improving themselves artificially.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: GOATS!  Sure, the connections to devils and the like was a bit easy, but I wanted to roll with it as a player option.  I guess it fits under the anti-hero category because of that, but whatever.  To be fair, this started as a variant tiefling option… which is also below.  Also, I guess I owe a minor apology to the many people who wanted content that could translate into Undertale… especially when I either didn’t deliver or was crabby about it.  (In short, I’m not a fan of Undertale.  I just couldn’t get into it.)  No matter, here’s my early Crimbo present to you!  Or should I say, Merry Krampus!

But yes, come for the goat race, stay for the Tiefling options!


Goatfolk Racial Stats.

Ability Score Adjustment.  The Goatfolk are all very hardy folk, capable of enduring the most extreme of environments and circumstances.  They gain a +2 bonus to Constitution.

Age.  Enhanced by two near-immortal forces, their life span is greater than many beasts.  They mature around age 14 and live to around 60 – 70 on average.

Alignment.  Many goatfolk are lured by darkness, due to lingering fiendish blood in some.  However, they are more prone to pursuing often selfish interests and free activities.  Chaotic alignments are typical in general.

Speed.  The standard base speed is 30ft.

Size.  Goatfolk are medium in size.

Darkvision.  You have darkvision out 60ft.

Ramming Slam.  Many are capable of slamming into opponents with their bulky bodies and sometimes even horns.  They are considered proficient with this attack and base damage is 1d4 bludgeoning damage, using their Strength ability modifier for attack/damage. This base damage increases to 1d6 at 6th level, 1d8 at 12th level, and 1d10 at 18th level.  They may also use this attack as an “off-hand” attack as a bonus action.

Strong Smell.  They have advantage on Perception checks using Smell.  Anything that would overwhelm your sense of smell would disable this bonus until you take a Short Rest or Long Rest.

Language.  You speak and understand Common.  You may also communicate with goats.  This does not extend to fiendish creature, unless you happen to know their language as well.

Sub-Race.  Choose one of the sub-races below.


Goatfolk Sub-Races

Hilly –
Born of the hills, these goatfolk are more prone to dash around and leap at high speeds.  Whether evading dangerous creatures or happily running about, these creatures tend towards a more jovial nature, but tend to be far more skittish than their other relatives.  They’re often quite kind towards those they travel with after long periods of time.

Ability Score Adjustment.  You are quick and brisk, as your life upon the hill might otherwise make you more open to predators.  You gain a +1 bonus to Dexterity.

Fleet of Foot.  You are faster paced than many of your allies.  You gain a +5ft. bonus to your land speed.

Dodge Hazards.  You are nimble and graceful.  You can ignore natural based difficult terrain.

Acrobatic.  You are proficient in Acrobatics checks.

Mountain –
Born of the mountains, these goatfolk are built strong and hardy.  They dwell in the harshest of climates, able to endure violent winds and savage creatures.  Unlike their hill based cousins, few are friendly towards outsiders.  In fact, some are likely to butt them off cliffs, given the chance.  However, those who prove their worth to them are treated as honorable allies, whom they will vow to defend.

Ability Score Adjustment.  You are as hardy as you are strong, after living and climbing upon jagged terrain all of the time.  You gain a +1 bonus to Strength.

Speed.  You can scale all sorts of cliff faces and steep slopes.  You gain a Climb speed equal to your land speed.

Stocky and Sturdy.  It’s harder to push you around.  You have advantage versus being shoved or pushed, as well as being knocked prone.  This is also relevant to effects that cause this too.

Athletic.  You are proficient in Athletics checks.

Fiend Spawn –

Born from a lingering darkness within their bloodlines, these goatfolk are haunted by an underworld ancestry.  Some repurpose their boons for just causes while others seek to join fell beings like the Demon Prince of Beasts.  Many are considered or wrongly attributed as tieflings, although some tieflings look exactly like fiendish goatfolk.

Ability Score Adjustment.  Your tainted blood has the manipulative and cruel power of the underworld, or perhaps another realm entirely.  You gain a +1 bonus to Charisma

Born of the Esoteric.  You are proficient in either Arcana or Religion checks.

Ancestry of Evil.  You have something truly horrifying in your history.  However, you gain a boon based on their very power.  You gain a resistance and 2 spell cantrips based on that ancestry.  Charisma is your casting stat for these cantrips.

  • The Ashen Goat – Fire Resistance, Firebolt and Control Flame
  • The Wicked Prowler – Cold Resistance, Ray of Frost and Gust
  • The Dread Forest Mother – Psychic Resistance, Vicious Mockery and Minor Illusion


New Feat: Goatfolk Paragon

You are sturdier and more adept at handling the elements than other goatfolk.  Through training, you’ve managed to fortify your stomach and improve your agility.

Prerequisites: Goatfolk.

  • You are used to consuming whatever, just to get by.  You have resistance to poison damage.  Furthermore, you have advantage against ingested diseases as well as against poisons.
  • Depending on sub-race chosen, you may gain one of the following traits from a different sub-race: +5ft. land movement speed, 1 cantrip using Charisma to cast, climb speed equal to your movement speed.
  • Ramming attacks can be used with Dexterity instead of Strength.


CAMPAIGN OPTION: Variant Tiefling

For some, the boons of Asmodeus are either their blessings or curses.  For others, the Demon Prince of Beasts, The Krampus or even The Goat Mother of 1000 Young (or rather, one of her avatars) have twisted their very being.  Physical appearance is similar to the Asmodean, but far more bestial and wild.  Some might have cloven hooves, small horns or even goat-like eyes; while others look like bipedal goat creatures.  Either way, these are variant options in addition to those provided in the Sword Coast Adventure Guide.

  • Yuletide Punisher – Cold resistance replaces Fire resistance.  The spells from Infernal Legacy are replaced with the following: 1st – Frostbite, 3rd – Ice Knife, 5th – Fear
  • Bulky – +1 Constitution replaces +1 Intelligence
  • Beast Prince’s Kin – Gain the Ramming Slam attack from the Goatfolk, gain Climb speed equal to Land speed. replaces Infernal Legacy.

IMAGE SOURCE: Satan by Desert-Ocean

Tieflings, Planescape, Asmodeus and related properties are Copyright of Wizards of the Coast/TSR Inc./Hasbro.  Made by Doctor Necrotic, for Doctor Necrotic Media.  All rights reserved.


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