Oath of the Blasphemer – A Blackguard Oath for D&D 5th Edition

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For some, the antipaladin and the oathbreaker represents a fall from grace.  These are the exiles and the heretics whom must be stopped at all costs!  But, what happens when an entire oath is distorted by gradual influence of the darkness itself?  The Order of the Blasphemer is one such atrocity that arises.  These distorted paladins have lost their way much like the blackguard, but are convinced they serve a divine or holy cause.  This could be from sheer madness or from a dark revelation that the order itself is corrupt.

While many devotees of dark forces are aware of how far from grace they have fallen, the blasphemer order is tragic and ironic in their ignorance.  Driven mad by their past oaths and ideals, they have become delusional in the corruption they carry.  Many mad blasphemers have reached a level of insanity typical in the most devout of abyssal followers as a result of their broken minds doing all they can to refute their wretched existence.  Those who manage to break free of their mania typically become oathbreakers.  Some try to atone and become cynics.  The rest die from despair or failure to absolve themselves of their sins.

Author’s Note: Ah, deconstructing the Paladin… it’s always fun!  As written above, I’ve done this before with the Cynic.  Here, I have a new twist on the antipaladin/blackguard, a reluctant one who clings onto their old hopes and views while unwittingly (or perhaps willingly) committing great evil.  Also, take note!  This concept was an experimental idea I came up with to expand the oathbreaker archetype.  Some of the ideas are volatile and will be patched up in the weeks following.  Also, the original idea was far closer to Artorias from Dark Souls, but I figured it would have been too much of an homage.  But enough from me, subscribe today and a faustian bargain can be yours!


Blasphemer Spells:

You gain the following spells at the levels listed:

  • 3rd: Dissonant Whispers, Entangle
  • 5th: Enthrall, Ray of Enfeeblement
  • 9th: Bestow Curse, Hypnotic Pattern
  • 13th: Blight, Confusion
  • 17th: Hold Monster, Modify Memory


Channel Divinity: Haunted by Heresy

You have discovered information that not only tears at your mind, but at the lies your former order has told you… and worse, the reality you once misunderstood.  As an action, you may use your channel divinity to block off influence of outsiders.  For the next minute, you gain advantage on magical effects caused by creatures hostile towards you.  In addition, the unstable aura of the paladin makes them a bit harder to fight.  While this channel divinity is active, the paladin may use their reaction to force an attack against them within 30 ft. to have disadvantage.  This effect lasts for 1 minute.


Channel Divinity: Inflict Terror

As an action, you may use your channel divinity to unleash a wave of raw energy upon your foes.  Those smitten by it see you as their worst fears.  All creatures within 30 ft. must make a Wisdom saving throw (using your spell save).  Upon failure, the gain the frightened condition for up to 1 minute.  As long as they are within that zone, they remain frightened.


Keeper of Taboos

Upon reaching level 7, your knowledge of the esoteric and bizarre stretches far beyond mortals.  Choose two of the following: Arcana, History, Nature, Religion.  You may add twice your proficiency bonus to two of the chosen skills.  In addition, they may dedicate 1 hour of time to communicate with a mysterious entity once per 24 hours.  The entity is up to the DM’s discretion and may give the Blasphemer vague hints about the future or hidden knowledge to help them understand dark arts.


Smite my Persecutor

Upon reaching level 15, your malice towards those against you grows.  You may attack the creature who attacked you after being affected by Haunted by Heresy’s disadvantage ability as part of your reaction once per short rest.


Manifestation of Heresy

At level 20, you can use your dread powers to assume the avatar of the very dark knowledge you have embraced.  As an action, you gain the following abilities for up to 1 minute:

  • You gain an unholy aura out 30 ft. from you.  Any hostile creature that enters your aura must make a Wisdom saving throw or take 1d10+Charisma modifier psychic damage and proceed in attacking a creature other than you.
  • You are immune to effects targeting your mind in some manner, such as illusions and enchantments.


Image Credit: Diablo II Fallen Paladin – Sesharon


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