Minotaur- A Tough Bovine-like Race for D&D 5th Edition


“Call me ‘beef’ one more time, I find human to be delicious!”

Born into Darkness, Creations of a Mad Man

Legends of their peoples’ origins have long since been an enigma.  Some say they were born in service to the glory of the puzzling maze, perhaps they are scions of the Demon Lord Baphomet, to some they are harbingers of the end days.  Much like the Minotaur themselves, these legends and stories have traveled across boundless planes.  In reality, the archfey lord of Nightmares brought such creatures to life in boundless mazes of his design.  Unlike the myths, these labyrinths weren’t made to protect something or to hide his work, but as a means of psychological torment and dastardly experimentation.  Few know the truth, but they have likely been driven to insanity by their petty pseudo-god.  Like all beast folk of Arcadia, their kind was not initially born but remade.  Several creatures ensnared under the Nightmare Lords grasp were warped into their current form, in an attempt to create relentless servants of chaos.  To this archfey, an army of unstable beastly horrors is exactly what was needed to turn the tides in war.

Fierce in Strength and in Spirit

While the Nightmare Lord’s brainwashed army of bovine-headed horrors began to ravish the material plane, not all were controlled to commit horrible acts.  Those who broke free from this control fled to dark corridors and sprawling tunnels.  Ironically, such hiding places were much like the horrible conditions they were tortured in for so long.  Even so, their familiarity with dungeons and mazes lead to them building complex mountain-side societies.  Rather than build over the land, they built into it; eventually developing all sorts of defensive methods against intruders and invaders alike.  In the years following, they had met conflict with the subterranean mound fey, human settlements and extraplanar entities.  This never deterred their survival instincts and knack for defensive innovation.  Eventually, some of their own became among the first to ascend.  A described high queen of healing and life was among those most powerful.  Those devoted to her cause can craft salves of magical healing through prayer and meditation.

Beyond worship of ascended minotaur powers, their societies have emerged to be an industrious and militant society built on protection and honor.  Some are driven by a passion to fight for what they believe in, while others are driven by keeping their kin safe at all costs.  These beliefs have lead to them being a prominent developer of arms and armory, making them a desirable trade ally.  However, their self-imposed sanctions make it harder for contraband dealers and illegal traders to gain powerful supplies.


Minotaur Racial Stats.

Ability Score Increase.  Your Strength increases by +2 and your Constitution increase by +1

Age.  Minotaur mature around age 12 and typically live to age 50 – 60.

Alignment.  Many are still in service to the Lord of Nightmares and are thus Evil.  However, those who managed to break free of this can be of any alignment.  That said, those from the mountain enclaves tend towards Lawful alignments.

Speed.  Despite looking on the bulkier side, you can maintain a decent speed.  Your land speed is 30 ft.

Size.  Despite your hulking physique and stretching height, you are a Medium sized creature.

Impressive Build.  You are built like a larger creature, even if you fit within the spectrum of medium.  You are considered one size larger when taking into account carrying capacity and the ability to push, pull, lift, grab, etc.

Darkvision.  You gain Darkvision out 60 ft.

Piercing Horns.  You sport brutal horns upon your head, acting as deadly weapons.  When using your horns, your unarmed strike deals 1d6 piercing damage and increases as you gain levels.  It becomes d8 at level 9 and d10 at level 18.

Strong Nose.  Your sense of smell is superior to other beings.  You have advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks using your sense of smell.  However, certain scents are known to disturb or upset, such as blood.  Anything that would overwhelm your sense of smell would disable this bonus until you take a Short Rest or Long Rest.

Know Pathways.  You have advantage on Intelligence (History) checks to recall directions and places you’ve been to.  in addition, you may attempt to use relevant checks to deduce the best direction to take in a dungeon, maze or related area.

Languages.  You know and speak Common.  You may also communicate with bovines and related creatures.


New Feat – Devoted Child of the Healer

Prerequisite: Minotaur race

  • Your Constitution increases by +1.
  • Through prayer to an ascended power of life, you can conjure a bottle of magical milk.  As long as you have a bottle or container, you can conduct a ritual to fill it with healing milk over the course of a long rest.  The ritual requires a focus or holy symbol, open space and the container of choice.  This potion works like a potion of healing, as well as staves off dehydration.  However, the potion loses its effect after 24 hours.
  • You are proficient in Medicine checks.


New Feat – Horned Forge Master

Prerequisite: Minotaur race (For players who want a Pandaren flavor for their Ursine character, the prerequisite could be extended to the Ursine as well.)

  • Your Strength increases by +1.
  • You gain proficiency in an Artisan’s crafting tools of choice.  These are typically Glassblower’s tools, Leatherworker’s Tools, Smith’s Tools or Tinker’s Tools.  In addition, the proficiency bonus for checks using this set of tools for crafting is doubled and the time used to make non-magical creations is halved.
  • Your Natural Weapons may use Dexterity instead of Strength.

IMAGE CREDITS: Minotaur – Chronicles of Narnia


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