Expedition to Barrier Peaks – D&D 5th Edition Conversion (PART 5) – Technological Artifacts, Exploration, Odds ‘n’ Ends

“I want to go somewhere nicer, like The Tomb of Horrors…”

There is much more to the Barrier Peaks than a romp against alien monsters.  The mechanics and workings of the downed ship are far more complex.  Access cards, radioactive hallways, infested hives, among other things await our heroes as they make an… Expedition to Barrier Peaks!

Author’s Note:  This is probably the longest post in this series.  It’s a bunch of notes on running the module itself, as well as the technological artifacts you’ll find.  The cards are in the first part, as they don’t really have much mechanical depth aside from a McGuffin.

Mechanics and Module Basics for 5E.

  • Broken Technology – Mending and other related spells can help fix technology.  However, they will not help with understanding.
  • Ceiling Height – Each level has a different height for its ceiling.  This is the general case for an entire level.
    • Level 1/I – 10 ft. high
    • Level 2/II – 5 ft. high (creatures taller than 5 ft. must squeeze themselves in and take disadvantage to attacking and grant advantage on attacks against you.)
    • Level 3/III – 20 ft. high
    • Level 4/IV – 80 ft. high
    • Level 5/V – 5 ft.high  (see Level II)
    • Level 6/VI – 40 ft. high
  • Comprehending Technology – See the Dungeon Master’s Guide (Page 268) for more details.
  • Dimension Field – Some sort of field reactivated once players entered the ship.  It blocks inter-dimensional travel normally.  As such, it’s quite hard to access other levels of the ship without the proper keys or other means of doing so.
  • Drop Chutes – Uses an anti-grav technology to allow the user to ascend or descend between floors.  Where it’s not working, the user will have to carefully climb instead.
  • Key Cards – These color coded cards grant access to various parts of the ship, unlocking an opening sections previous kept away from the players.  Slide the card into the door you want to access.  If the door is outside of your card’s range, it won’t work.  Their color has a corresponding code that grants different levels of access:
    • Grey – Top Ranking/Commander
    • Red – Police/Ship Officials
    • Yellow* – Medical Officers
    • Orange – Security Team
    • Purple – Engineers/Technicians
    • Brown – Crew/Maintenance
    • Black – Colonists/Passengers

*Yellow cards don’t activate orange entry locks

  • Lighting in the Ship – Most of the floors have active lights.  In-between spaces like Floors II and V do not have light.  Floor IV has a Day and Night cycle.
  • Marching Order – Have the character designate a standard marching order for traveling down 20’ and 10’ corridors and opening doors to keep a speed.
  • Radiation – See also here.
  • Time Recording – This is in part because this was originally a tournament module.  Also, there are parts of the module itself where this is important.


Exploring the Spaceship.



Getting Inside – Show the players Illustration 3.  The Outer Doors and Hull are seemingly impossible to open.  With a DC 15 Perception check or taking a few minutes to search the area, players can find a smaller entrance above.  To get there, they must use magical means or success an Athletics check of DC 15 or above.  You enter from the southern hemisphere.

Random Encounters (happen on a roll of a 1 on a d12) –

  • Southern Hemisphere –
    1. 8 – 14 Vegepygmies and 1 – 3 Thornies
    2. 1 – 2 Police Robots
    3. 2 – 3 Displacer Beast
    4. Lurker Above
    5. Worker Robot
    6. 9 – 16 Vegepygmies and 2 – 4 Thornies
  • Norther Hemisphere
    1. 1 Worker Robot
    2. 12 – 18 Vegepygmies
    3. 2 – 4 Shadows
    4. Police Robot
    5. 6 Thornies
    6. 1 – 3 Will-‘O-Wisps

Unnumbered Rooms/Dining Rooms – Require no key card, civilian level.

Kitchen – Mostly worthless, some machines can dispense food.  If vegepygmies are in the area, they’ll enter Rage (like a Lv. 1 barbarian) before attacking or go back to summon more troops (as their food is being stolen.)

Game Room – The players can use the Shooting Gallery to understand firearm-like weapons and understand very basic training.  Checks to understand firearm-like weapons have advantage if the PC spends more than 10 minutes testing the gallery.

Lounges – There is a 10% chance that the ampules can have a poisonous effect on the player, resulting in progressive poison damage every round until cured.  The victim loses 1d4 strength every minute for 5 minutes, unless cured or taking a long rest.

Meeting Rooms/Recreation Rooms – Nothing of interest here.

Medical Area – A yellow card is scattered among clutter on desks, requiring a DC 18 Perception check.  Messing with a desk will sound an alarm.  Luckily, if you have the yellow card, a summoned Police Robot will leave everyone alone.

  • Med 1 – A Medical Android Nurse will use her abilities to heal characters who enter the area.
  • Med 2 – Take the Boxing Android, subtract wrestling abilities, give it a syringe attack that works like Anesthetic ability on medical android.  The first round will involve the robot trying to subdue the player.  The second round and beyond will involve the robot operating on a subdued player, dealing massive damage on a helpless creature (10d10 damage, apply no resistance or immunity).  This android is also resistant to acid and fire.

Laboratory – A yellow card will allow you to get past worker robots.

  • Lab A – As long as you don’t bother the worker robot in this station, you may obtain some of the items.  There are: a healing spray (works like medical android’s, 3 charges), 2 ampules of poison antidote and 3 ampules of “disease cure” (works like Restoration on diseases)
  • Lab B – The area is infested with Russet Mold and is also radioactive.  Characters who enter this lab must make appropriate saves.
  • Lab C –
    • Clear bottles are treated as acid flasks.
    • The green powder is a potent poison.  If consumed or contacted, the victim must make a DC 16 Constitution saving throw once per round.  Failure: It causes 1d10 damage and reduces maximum Hit Points by that much for failing a saving throw that round, the target is also poisoned.  This continues for 1 minute, the target is cured or the target dies.
    • The pink powder grants Darkvision 120 ft. for 1 hour.
    • The green fluid causes vegepygmies to enter rage.  Also, it causes the effects of Plant Growth spell.
    • Additional effects and concoctions can be added by DM.

Library – Contains a projector that has ship schematics.  Also, a body on the ground wearing military garb has a grey card on them.  Spotting them requires a DC 15 Perception check.

Police HQ – Police Robots will bring PCs into the cells here.  Force fields work like Wall of Force.  Locks from the outside must take 50 damage to break, but have resistance to  damage except lightning and physical weapons.  Disturbance will cause more police robots to investigate.  The first police robot in the area to be disabled/destroyed will have a red card on them.  A sleight of hand check is needed to retrieve the card from a compartment.  Failure will spring a minor trap that deals 11 (2d10) piercing damage.

South Room – The power armor in the room works as it did before, for the most part.  Now, it has an updated chart for malfunctions:

  1. Freezes up for 1 minute
  2. It short circuits and the wearer takes 2d8 lightning damage.  Each round the wearer does not make an attempt to remove the suit, they will continue to take this damage.  Spending time to take off the armor will result in the wearer take 1d8 lightning.
  3. Crossed-circuitry makes it go haywire!  The wearer suffers effects of the confusion spell while the suit is active.  The attack the nearest creature option is done by using the integrated laser.
  4. Fluid systems fail and poisonous gas leaks into the suit.  The wearer must make DC 18 Constitution saving throws every round.  Failure results in becoming poisoned and take 11 (2d10) poison damage.  If the suit is removed, gas will fill a 10×10 space centered around the suit.

Stores – Storage for emergency supplies.

Small Arms Locker – Super reinforced walls make it hard to get through.  They have 120 HP and have resistance to all damage.

Computer Hub – By entering combinations and fiddling around, one of many things can happen:

  1. Minor Fire.  Minor fires happen in the system.  Extinguishers and repair bots appear to take care of it.  The system is down for 1 minute.
  2. Ship Lights Brighten/Dim. Lights change for 10 minutes.  This effects the ship if its lights are in sleep cycle.
  3. Screen Error.  The screen doesn’t display right.  A notification alerts that repair robots are on the way.  This takes 1 minute to fix.
  4. Unload/Discharge cargo.  Worker robots unload a container (with a bulette) while the screen displays it.  The monster will not be there later.
  5. The control room’s gravity is reversed for 1d4 rounds.  Repair bots will enter to undo the problem.
  6. A security alert goes off!  1d4 security robots will appear in 3 rounds, unless 7 or 10 is rolled.  Security lights go off too, all doors are locked and closed.
  7. All doors are unlocked (save for key card doors), security measures end.
  8. Disable androids
  9. Disable worker bots
  10. Disable police/security bots
  11. Activate/Deactivate all drop tubes
  12. RED ALERT.  The ship is on lockdown.  2d4 police bots will arrive in 1d4+1 rounds unless canceled via a grey card.

Without a red or grey card, the police bots will aim to capture or kill.

Numbered Encounters.

  1. Lurker Above
  2. Small Repair Robot
  3. Police Robot Area (Repair Parts Station – DC 16 Perception to find discs; Disabled Robots – Salvage parts for 50 GP per gems inside; Arsenal – no change)
  4. Motionless Female Form – A berserk android wielding a club-like weapon (Take berserk android, give 1d10+Str club)
  5. 5 Displacer Beasts
  6. Phase Spiders
  7. Commander’s Quarters – Requires finger prints/thumb print for full access.  DC 15 perception reveals grey card.  It’s in a shoe.
    1. Cyanide works like deadly poisons, as found in DMG.  The safe contains packet, it will explode (6d10 fire damage, no save) when opened by someone without print identification.
    2. Alcohols of sorts: (D6 – 1 = deadly poison, 2 – 4 = strong booze/disadvantage save vs poisoned for 1 hour, 5 = advantage on dexterity checks/saves for 1 minute, 6 = causes disadvantage on perception with sight for 30 minutes.)
  8. The Security Chief’s Office –
    1. Truth Serum requires DC 16 Wisdom Save.  Works like Zone of Truth
    2. DC 20 Perception to notice pressing panel for cards and blaster.
    3. No further changes.
  9. 3 Will-O’-Wisps
  10. Shriekers/related Fungi
  11. Vegepygmies – There are broken weapons in an air duct, requires DC 18 Perception
  12. Vegepygmies – Aerosol Spray Poison in bed frame.  Works like suggestion spell, plus target is poisoned for up to 1 minute.
  13. Radiation – Moderate radiation is in this room
  14. Art Room – Gray Ooze
  15. 1d8 Doppelgangers in area
  16. DC 25 Perception to notice blaster pistol



Crosshatched areas.  Generally very dangerous, disturbing them is harmful.  There is a 10% chance per attack that the target will take 8d8 lightning damage and another 10% chance of a minor explosion that causes 4d8 fire damage within 10 ft. radius (DC 16 Dexterity for half)  Those who fail are restrained for 1 round.  Also, there’s a 5% chance that generators/transformers within 40 ft. will have a chain reaction and repeat process.

  1. Intellect Devourers – They will typically stay in hiding (advantage to stealth) and study the team.  When they’re weakened in combat or active in battle, they’ll attack.
  2. Card – DC 24 Perception to find it, became DC 16 when whole group looks.
  3. Wheely Sled – Despite poor maneuverability, it can zoom up to 120 ft. speed.  It cannot make wide turns, only making turns at 45 degree angle.
  4. Repair Bots.
  • 13.  Moderate Radiation



Much of the level is pretty empty, save for wrapping vines and various threats.

Wandering Monsters

Besides regular checks, make checks for wandering monsters if characters are creating noise or a great disturbance in the area.

  • Green Slime
  • Lurker Above
  • Police Robot
  • Worker Robot

 Cargo Holds.  Mostly mundane equipment within boxes and lying around.  Large-sized worker robots are here.  (Change size to Large, recalculate HP to 102 (12d10+36).)

Kitchen.  Same as Floor 1.

Lounge/Lifts.  Same.  In the bar, one of the alcohol bottles is potent enough to work as 2 quarts of oil.

Numbered Encounters.

  1. Roper Territory – DC 22 Perception will result in it being noticed when a character is close enough to distinguish it from pillars.
  2. 4 Assassin Vines –  They have grown up the walls of the floor below.  They will provide a nuisance for when they climb down there.
  3. 2 Vampire Thorns
  4. Dining Servo Robot – Use Robot worker stats.  It will try to force a player to ingest a mold-filled drink.  If they fail DC 16 Constitution, they suffer the effects of a Confusion spell and take 1d4 damage to Wisdom.
  5. Webbirds – There is a massive swarm.  1d4 will attack at a time.
  6. Cargo Hold w/ Hole in Ceiling – Inside the cage is 4 Couatl.  A DC 18 Religion check will identify them.  Once freed, one can try to use a Persuasion to make them friendly.  If the party passes a DC 20 Perception, they will stick around to aid in a couple of combats before seeking an exit.
  7. Robot Station – Same
  8. Green Slime – Use relevant rules.  The ship is immune to it.
  9. Magnifying Viewers – Act as spyglass, tampering will damage.
  • 13 Radiation – Like on level 1.



Roll to determine time in light cycle when they first enter and track time.

Wandering Monsters.  Same.

Lake.  100 ft. in depth.

Small Animal Burrows.  A small creature may squeeze here.  DC 14 Escape Action to leave.

Swamp.  Difficult Terrain, unless class abilities or spell counter this.

Tiers.  Same.

Under-Islet Marine Observatory.  A DC 18 Perception reveals shining gems on the bottom.  A froghemoth must smash the windows to break in.  The windows have resistance to all damage and 20 HP.  Any creature can notice the airlock opening with DC 20 Perception.


Numbered (and Lettered) Encounters.

  1. Leechoid Holding Area.  8 Giant Leeches.
  2. Vile Grass.  A DC 18 Nature check or Survival check will alert the player that this grass is dangerous.  Those who aren’t aware and walk into it must make a DC 14 Dexterity saving throw or take 10 (4d4) piercing damage.  Success results in half damage.  If they are in the grass and are damaged a second time, they must also make a DC 14 Constitution saving throw.  Failure results in paralysis for up to 1 minute.  Success results in halved speed for up to 1 minute.
  3. Deadly Reptiles Section.  2 Lizardoids
  4. Dangerous Animals Section.  Aurumvorax will stalk and ambush prey from hiding.
  5. Deadly Plants Section. 
    1. Purple Blossoms – Must make a DC 20 Nature check to realize this is a dangerous plant.  The blossoms shoot poisonous sap (+4 to hit, ranged 10 ft., one target).  It has 12 AC, and 40 HP.  Fire damage kills it outright.  Those hit with the sap must make a DC 16 Constitution saving throw.  Failure results in paralysis for 1 minute and 1d2 levels of exhaustion.
    2. Tri-Flower Fronds
    3. Snapper-Saw
    4. Horrid Plant –  A DC 22 Nature check reveals that this plant is intelligent and normally peaceful.  If threatened, it will use a leaf spikes attack (+8 to hit, reach 10 ft., one target; may use up to three times) dealing 8 (1d8+4) piercing damage.  It also uses a lightning attack that deals 35 (10d6) lightning damage, working like a Lightning Bolt spell otherwise (Recharge 5 or 6).  It has 9 AC, it has 1oo HP.
    5. Globe Palms –
    6. Umber Hulk –
    7. 6 Baboonoids
    8. 20 Scintillating Phosphorescent Fish –  A DC 8 Nature checks results in knowing the spines are dangerous and can poison.  Use quipper swarm stats and turn their attack into “Spine”, which deals 1 piercing damage and the target must make a DC 14 Dexterity save or lose 1d4 Constitution until long rest.
    9. Brown Pudding – Spot with DC 22 Perception.
    10. Brilliant Fish –  Use Quippers swam stats, add trait: Brilliance – Creatures within 30 ft. looking at them must make a DC 14 Intelligence saving throw or take disadvantage on attacks against them during their turn.
    11. 2 Shambling Mounds –  Searching their bodies will reveal: 2 fully charged power discs, a human skeleton with a jeweled ring, a nest of rot grubs.
      • Rot Grubs.  They will attempt to burrow into a victim; they must make a DC 15 Dexterity save.  Failure results in the victim taking 8 (1d6+5) piercing damage for 1d4 rounds.  If fire is applied via a torch or fire damage targets the victim or grubs during this time, they die.  After this time, they burrow into the victim and start dealing the above damage, but as necrotic instead.  After 1 minute, if the victim is still up, they must make a DC 15 Constitution save or drop to 0 HP.  Subsequent rounds after failure, they must save versus taking a death save failure.  Once buried in their victim, medical solution or a curing magic (such as Lesser Restoration or a Paladin’s Lay on Hands disease removal ability) will kill the rot grubs, dealing 1 final bit of necrotic damage.
    12. Mossy Patch –  Green Slime hiding on a stony area, DC 18 Investigation, Nature or Perception will identify it.
    13. Squealer –  Will try to ambush.
    14. Lizard Area –  A roper will try to attack from slight distance.
    15. Assassin Vine
    16. Vampire Rose Bush
    17. Wolf-in-Sheep’s-Clothing – Will try to fool the party with its lure.
    18. Froghemoth
    19. 100 Gasbats –  Alternatively, consider using the swarms in another post.  Also, Perception 15 reveals a gallon of alcohol in Robobar.
    20. Crew Room – contains poisonous powder that affects if ingested.  (deals 2d12 poison damage once every 1 minute)
    21. Trappers.  They will attempt to hide.



Solid Areas.  Walls have resistance to all damage and 120 HP.

Eastern Area from North to South.  Acrobatics checks have advantage.  Anyone running or jumping must make DC 10 Dexterity saving throw or fall prone.

  1. Shallow Pool.  A Slithering Tracker hides in here.
  2. Yellow Mold
  3. Damp Floor.  It’s a gray ooze.
  4. Wheely Sled.  Like before, but it will crash in 2 rounds.  Everyone on board takes 5 (2d4) bludgeoning damage.  A DC 12 Dexterity save allows you to hop off without taking damage.
  • Radiation Area.  See 13 in level 1.



 Wandering Monsters.

  1. Gasbats
  2. Umber Hulk
  3. Police Robot
  4. Worker Robot

Cargo Holds.  Like before, with large sized worker robots.

Numbered Encounters.

  1. Lurker Above
  2. Wrestling Android/Fencing Android/Martial Arts Android
  3. Eye of the Deep – Will listen to negotiation if outmatched.
  4. 2 Shedu – DC 15 will reveal illness from ship’s field causes.  Persuasion can make them willing to listen to the team.  Checks have advantage if the team knows an exit and relays info.  They can see through lies.
  5. Steam Filled Room – 4 Doppelgangers lurk in here and are obscured.  They attack with anesthesia needles, similar to the robots and androids with related attacks.  Each carry 8 needles.
  6. Physical Fitness Android
  7. Trapped Android Bodyguard and 40 Gasbats –  Treat android as berserk android, but with laser gun instead of paralysis gun.  However, if freed, it will instead take an order from you as long as you have a grey card visible to it.
  8. 5 Shriekers –  They alert 6 piercers to attack.
  9. Mind Flayer – has wetsuit, charged disc, laser pistol)
  10. 6 Large worker robots


TECHNOLOGY GUIDE – See Future Tech and More Future Tech for various existing weapons.

New Weapons/Armor.

Blaster Pistol: 1000 GP; 5d6 laser (fire and lightning) damage, ignore resistance; 3lbs.; ranged 45 ft./90 ft.; futuristic

Blaster Rifle: 1550 GP; SEE BELOW; 5 lbs.; ranged 60 ft./90 ft. or 30 ft. cone/45 ft. cone;

  • SPECIAL DAMAGE – Depending on color
  • Black (Disruption): As blaster pistol, but also poisons target for one round if they fail Constitution saving throw (DC based off your attack modifier).
  • White (Heat Beam): 6d4 fire damage through 60 ft. line without penalty.  Targets must make Constitution saving throw (DC also based like above) or take 1 level of Exhaustion (heat exhaustion).  Also caused Heat Metal, as per spell.
  • Red (Fire Sweep): 4d6 fire damage through 30 ft. cone without penalty.

Paralysis Pistol: 750 GP; Works like Stun Grenade in future tech, but instead must hit via attack roll, target takes 1d6+dam mod force and then must save; range is 30 ft. cone.

Powered Armor: 20,000 GP; 19 AC; 100 lbs.; Requires 17 STR; Functions like +1 Magic Armor (factored in), but is actually non-magical.

  • Wearer can use integrated laser pistol (works like my laser pistol), anti-grav harness, air supply (immune to inhaled poison and can safely breath in environments without air.
  • Wearer can activate “force field”, which works like Armor of Agathys, except the wearer gains 20 temporary hit points and it deals 20 force damage whenever the wearer loses that temp.
  • Gain advantage on Strength and Constitution related checks and saving throws.

Misc. Gear.

  • Anti-Grav Belt.  300 GP; 1 lbs.; Grants the benefits of levitate spell.
  • Underwater Swim Gear. 5 lbs.; 850 GP; 13 + Dexterity Modifer, -10 ft. land speed; gain 30 ft. swim speed; advantage on checks involving swimming; immunity to inhaled poisoned and environments without oxygen while air supply is in use.
  • Gas Mask. 100 GP; 1 lbs. Advantage on all saves against inhaled poisons, vapor, harmful gas and the like.
  • Atmosphere Analyzer.  250 GP; 1 lbs.; Same as in module.
  • Language Translator.  350 GP; 1 lbs.; Can translate to and from selected languages.
  • Portable Spotlight.  300 GP; 3 lbs.; No infrared function, due to darkvision changes.
  • Repair Robot Remote Control Box. 400 GP; 1 lbs.;  Same as in module.
  • Power Disc.  100 GP; .5 lbs.; No major changes.
  • Wound Healing Canister.  100 GP; .5 lbs.; Spray treats 2d8+5 hit points worth of damage, it can cure diseases or infections.
  • Fire Extinguisher.  75 GP; 1 lbs.; deals 1d4 cold damage on a target as well, x2 for reptiles, x3 for plants.
  • Hand Pump Spray Gun.  55 GP; 1 lbs.; Defoliant deals 2d4 damage per round to plants for 1d4 rounds.
  • Ship Rations.  25 GP; .5 lbs.; Works like 1 day of rations.


Image Credit: Expedition to Barrier Peaks module – TSR Inc.

This module is property of TSR/Wizards of the Coast/Hasbro.  Special thanks to A Foolish Moon for inspiring the conversion as well as providing a lot of help through a PF conversion.  Made by Doctor Necrotic, for Doctor Necrotic Media.


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  1. Hey this is really comprehensive. Awesome. I’ve been working on the maps for this module. Have just polished off level one, you might want to check them out. I plan to use them on 3DVTT app


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