Plant Folk – A Flora-based Race for D&D 5th Edition

“Don’t worry, we’re not all born this ugly… I’m just really unlucky…”


Born… or Reborn from Strange Realms


The Plane of the Wyld is a strange realm of relentless nature.  Beauty is balanced by all natural brutality.  To those of us well accustomed to civilization, such a realm is almost alien in nature and psychology.  It’s a realm that preserves the world of the organic, while trying to purge the world of the inorganic.  Not evil by any means, this misguided concept of nature taken life has been alluring to countless factions and disturbing to countless others.  Among one of the more notorious products of the Wyld are creatures it forcefully mutated into something for fitting for its image.  These beings were typically kidnapped from their own realm and forced to live in this strange new world.  Those cursed  by the Wyld are typically associated with savage beasts.  However, not all afflicted become like untamed fauna.

Some take the characteristics of flora instead.  The many that weren’t kidnapped were plant life that was forcefully changed into a walking and talking being, in an attempt to infiltrate and assimilate into civilization.  Such creatures made in this manner had no concept of sentience, let alone much thought at all.  Unlike the mutants, most of the grown plant folk served with rigid obedience.  However, becoming a new form of life proved to be too much for some.  Many went insane from their revelations and new found abilities, as with mutants that cracked under the cruel side of the Wyld.  These broken ones were dejected, much like the beasts who broke free of the Wyld’s grasp.


Earthy Explorers


The Plant Folk are the survivors of such mad experiments.  Many become brainwashed by the mad auras and powers of the Wyld.  Those who break free suffer much like the Beast Folk do; attempting to reclaim their lives, start new ones or craft an identity all their own.  More often than not, they adapt to environments suitable to their plant-forms on the material plane.  More adventurous among the plant people seek out realms beyond comfort and try to understand the dangers of the mortal plane.  Some have reconciled with their dark faerie overlords, while others loathe the very fiber of their beings… despite technically being fey beings themselves.

Being creatures made of earthly matter, they are more attuned to the world around them.  As such, many consult them as guides and trackers.  Some try to push their abilities, becoming seers who read the very dirt and underbelly of the world itself to better understand reality as a whole.

Author’s Note:  I’ve made plenty of beast races, so I wanted a change of pace.  Why not a race inspired by various kinds of plants instead?  Besides, plenty of creatures in myth take motifs of plant life, such as the Dryad.  I figure it’s a niche that has been much ignored by the game in terms of player content, for the most part.  No matter, enjoy.

Plant Folk Racial Stats

Ability Score Increase.  Born as one with the ground around you, it is no surprise you’re more observant than many of those around you.  Your Wisdom increases by +1.

Age.  Plant Folk usually mature around age 8.  Many have life spans upwards to 55 – 60.  Some have lived to around 80.

Alignment.  Plant Folk are almost as diverse in perspective as other creatures.  However, Neutral alignments are the most common.

Speed.  Your land speed is 30 feet.

Size.  Your size is Medium.

Darkvision.  You gain Darkvision out 60 ft.

Perplexing Mind, Earthly Body.  You have advantage on all charm related effects, as your thought process is far stranger most humanoids.  You also have advantage on saving throws against poisons.  You are also resistance to poison damage.  This is due to your natural body being able to filter out negative influences with greater ease.

World Wise.  You have a greater awareness of the world around you.  You are proficient in Perception checks.

One with the Light.  As long as you are exposed to an hour of sunlight (or magical sunlight), you only require 4 hours of sleep to gain a full night’s benefit.

Flammable.  Unfortunately, you don’t hold up well under fire.  You have vulnerability to fire damage.  You are also flammable, for purposes of fire and various spells.

Plant Life.  You are affected by any spell or effect that targets plants.



Sub-Race: Light Child – In a barren desert region, whether burning or frigid, one must be prepared for wastelands devoid of life.  As such, one must sometimes bring the life with them.

Ability Score Increase.  Your mind has been greatly expanded.  Your Intelligence goes up by +1, your Wisdom goes up by +1.

Naturally Illuminated.  You can conjure light around your body that glows for up to 30 ft. away from you as an action.  Likewise, you can deactivate this effect as an action.  For all intents and purposes, it is a magical light source but it does not count as sunlight.

Earthly Arcana.  You may use magical spells innately from your connection to the realm around you, using Wisdom as your casting stat.  You may cast Druidcraft at-will.  Upon reaching level 3, you may cast Create or Destroy Water once per long rest.  Upon reaching level 5, you may cast Plant Growth once per long rest.  You cannot target yourself with Plant Growth.

Studious.  You are proficient with either the Arcana or Religion skills.



Sub-Race: Thorned – Adapting to dense jungles and thick forests, this breed of plant folk is adept at sticking to the shadows and catching foes off guard, due to an environment providing ample cover.

Ability Score Increase.  Despite your origins, you are quick on your feet and quite deadly with natural talents.  Your Dexterity increases by +2.

Whipping Vines.  You gain a natural attack that deals 1d4 piercing damage.  In addition, you may use a bonus action to attempt to trip a foe after hitting with this attack.  You may also use this weapon with an open hand as an off-hand attack if you prefer.

Unhampered Movement.  Your speed is not inhibited by natural, non-magical terrain.

Green Mask.  You may attempt to hide, even when lightly obscured in a forested/grassy/densely vegetated region.



Sub-Race: Tough Root – Harsh mountainous landscapes require a hardy and fortified body to withstand cold chills and dangerous terrain.

Ability Score Increase.  You are burlier and more powerful than many of your kin.  Your Strength goes up by +2.

Natural Armor.  When you’re not wearing armor or a shield, your AC is 12 + your Dexterity modifier.

Sturdy Roots.  In times of strife, you can use roots to keep you in place.  You have advantage against any save that would move you or cause you to fall prone.

Bulky Shape.  You count as one size larger when determining your carrying capacity and the weight you can push, drag, or lift.



NEW FEAT: Plant-Folk Paragon

Prerequisite: Plant Folk race

Depending on your sub-race, you gain the following:

  • Light Child – You may innately cast the following once per long rest: Daylight, Entanglement, Earthbind.  In addition, you may cast Speak with Plants at-will.
  • Thorned –  Your natural weapon damage counts as magical.  Furthermore, their damage increases at relevant levels.  Upon reaching level 6, your damage does d6.  At level 12, damage is d8.  Upon reaching level  18, your natural weapon deals d10 damage.
  • Tough Root – Your unarmored AC becomes 13 + Dexterity or Constitution modifier instead.  You may also gain this bonus while wearing a shield.

Image: Balete – Anthony Francisco/Ubermonster


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