Dreams Bloodline – An Ethereal Sorcerer from beyond the Veil of Sleep for D&D 5th Edition

Come to the Dreamlands!  It’s like Inception, but less convoluted!

Some arcanists travel over countless planes of power and thought throughout the multiverse.  Infinite realms within these dimensions hold infinite possibilities.  Some planes are manifestations of ideas come to life.  The Plane of Dreams is, quite literally, one such plane.  A realm where all matters of the mind run wild dwells, the traveler moves through this surreal realm in a semi-conscious state of being.  Those who stay too long notice their magic is directly effected, as dream stuff changed the fabric of their being.  Their ability to sleep is enhanced, visions in their dreams are more vivid and a piece of that planar power is sometimes inherited by the next of kin… or even themselves.  Thus is the origin of the Dreams bloodline.

Dream Sorcerers sculpt their powers from the subconscious mind, creating incredible mystical shapes and forms.  Some craft whole realities from the surreal images of the resting mind.  Others are content with exploring the Dreamlands in their entirety.  Some embark on dream quests, fighting creatures of dream stuff and more corporeal things like the Mi-Go.  To some, the potential to rival the dark dream denizens of Dal’Quar in power is all too tempting.  Some decide to forgo an absolutely mystical route in favor of the sciences, examining the nature of the mind itself and the effects of the sub-conscious.  Those who maximize such powers to their benefit, no matter the motivation, are a force to be trifled with.  Of course, Powers of the Dreaming are not to be taken likely.  Those who abuse them could very well lose all grip on the difference between dream and reality.

Author’s Notes: I didn’t like how the original draft came out, it felt very un-sorcerer like…  so I’m gonna fix that to the best of my ability.  In short, some the abilities felt a bit dry; cut right out of some of my other work.  Not to mention, I looked over the negative feedback the Favored Soul received from Unearthed Arcana, especially in regards to expanded spell lists.  In the end, I felt like it needed some modification. 

Beyond the mechanical, I wanted to expand on my Night Terror bloodline thematically too!  I made it more general after reading up on all sorts of inspirations: H.P. Lovecraft’s dreamlands, dreams and their connection to the faerie folk, the Changeling setting from World of Darkness, various cultural looks at dreaming and divination and many more things!  No matter, here’s my update of the “Night Terror Bloodline” from Halloween 2015.


Master of Sleep – Level 1.

You are immune to sleep effects (as well as effects that instantaneously knock a character unconscious) if you were not so already.  Furthermore, you need 1/2 of a long rest to be fully rested.  However, you must complete the rest to gain your spells back, among other benefits.


Dream Sorcery – Level 1.

Your ability to craft magic has been expanded based on your travels into the dream lands.  You gain the use of one of the following cantrips: Message, Minor Illusion, Vicious Mockery.

In addition, once per long rest, you may utilize your sorcery points to cast dream based spells as you gain levels.  They are listed below.

  • Upon reaching level 2, you may spend 2 of your Sorcery Points to cast the Sleep spell.  In order to cast it at a higher level, you must spend an extra 2 for each spell level you are capable of casting at.
  • Upon reaching level 9, you may spend 9 of your Sorcery Points to cast Dream instead.


Protection from Dream Things – Level 6.

By spending 2 sorcery points, you extend your immunity to sleep effects (and instant knock out effects) to all allies within 30 ft. of you.  In addition, they have advantage to saving throws versus fear if they did not already, yourself included.  This effect lasts for 1 minute.  You must take a short rest of long rest before you can activate this effect again.


 Visions from the Drifting Mind – Level 14

By spending 2 sorcery points, you can project an image of yourself while you are asleep.  While this effect is active, you are considered sleeping for the sake of taking a rest.  This can be used if the character is sleeping during a long rest.  While in this projected state, you can travel up to 1 mile away.  You are incorporeal, similar to a ghost, and cannot engage in combat.  Furthermore, creatures can either detect your presence or spot your dream projection.

Being hit by any attack stops this effect.  You may also end this effect as an action.  Otherwise, this effect ends after 8 hours of long rest (despite you needing 4 to gain relevant effects.)  Upon ending the dream projection, you immediately wake up.  You cannot gain the benefits of a long rest for that night and can suffer the consequences of no rest.

By spending an extra 2 sorcery points, you may travel 1 extra mile.  You may not exceed a number of miles equal to your proficiency bonus.


Mental Drain – Level 18

You can tap into the minds of sleeping victims and leech off their vitality, much like the foulest of dream creatures.  As an action, you lay a hand on a target.  They must make a Constitution saving throw.  Failure results in them being sent into a deep catatonic sleep-like state.  They remain in this sleep like state until they succeed a saving throw, which is granted by specific conditions.

During the sorcerer’s following turn, the subject takes 1 level of exhaustion and the sorcerer gains HP equal to the number of exhaustion levels the target has gained from this effect.  (I.E. 3 levels of exhaustion from this effect = 3d8 HP).  After they suffer this effect, they are granted a new saving throw.  If the target succeeds, the curse upon them is broken.  If they fail, the effect continues..  Casting Remove Curse on the target also grants a new saving throw.  After enacting the initial effect on a target, you must take a long rest to use this ability again.


Image Source – Beguiler of Wills – Eric Deschamps; Magic the Gathering

Made by Doctor Necrotic, for Doctor Necrotic Media.  Special thanks to Larry from the D&D 5E Homebrew Think Tank group on Facebook for excellent suggestions!


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