And now for something completely different…

A few more random anecdotes while I both get over feeling bloody awful and ponder future stuff for the blog. That said, I’ve already prattled on about how I’ve been blessed by Papa Nurgle… and believe me, that guy is a real jerk.

For starters, I’m thinking of chronicling my campaigns and games on my WordPress blog!  For a while, I posted some game recaps on my old Tumblr page (which I continue to cross post to) and have thought about doing it again.  Once a new game comes up, would you all be interested in me bringing this tradition back?

Next on the list, I’ve fallen behind on my efforts to get my work on the Think Tank.  I’ve pondered how to organize things, how to do things, in general overthinking things!  I’m going to try my best to create something I’d be proud to share on that site.  I know I keep saying this, but I feel I have more than enough custom work to utilize here!

Last order of business ties into my title.  I love Gothic Fiction and Dark Fantasy, but writing about depressing stuff hasn’t done wonders for my mood.  As I’ve posted on my other page (still on hiatus), I’ve been not having the best of times… but I digress from that.  In short, I’m thinking next theme will be more lively.  Perhaps, it might have a tongue in cheek element or two involved!  Why?  Why not!?

So, there’s a general update on things and how things are going.

2 thoughts on “And now for something completely different…

    • Raygun Gothic? I’m planning on returning to science fiction anyway. It’s certainly something I can hold onto, since I did similar stuff for the prior theme. I might end up doing that after some non-themed posts up ahead…


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