3 Years of making Stuff!

I’ve been doing this for three years, whoa.  I started this project as a Tumblr blog that made Pathfinder monsters of dubious quality…  The sole reason was because one of my favorite bloggers at the time went on hiatus from crafting some genuinely neat stuff.  My work was more so trying to imitate what they did, but it was none the less good practice.  Granted, I eventually grew tired of attempting to make 3/PF content after a while.  It’s not to say there’s anything wrong with Pathfinder, more so that I never truly got 3rd edition down since I started playing it.  Daemons and Deathrays was reborn into the strange world of homebrew it is today!  My inspiration was sparked once more when D&D 5E had its official release in July of 2014.  Now, I’ve been following 5E since its inception and have studied it with as much attention as I can devote.  But, none the less, I started this is a means of sharpening my skills and giving something cool to the world!  Who knows?  Perhaps this little blog could be the springboard for publishing work soon enough.

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