Camazotz – A bat-like race for D&D 5th Edition

“Got any spare bugs?”

By many, they’re considered dreaded creatures of darkness; near mindless servitors of dark vampiric lords.  For eons, there have been rumors that vampires infuse their blood into giant bats in order to turn them into powerful mind slaves to carry out their wretched work.  The truth is far stranger than this fabricated mythology.  Like many races of the Wyld, they were not originally born but made.  Several tribes in the regions south of the the Forests of the Sundered Giants were facing a cosmic menace that scorched all it touched in radiant fire, capable of shooting magma like ooze from its mouth as well.  To them, the forces of light had betrayed them and have attempted to destroy them.  In truth, these creatures were an evolved version of a race of alien invaders called “The Empyrean.”  The invaders commanded that they turn to their light or be vanquished on the spot.  Spirit beings from the demiplane of wilderness sought their chance, convincing the populace to make pacts with them in an effort to banish the “Hateful Light.”  These new patrons warped bats from nearby caves into bipedal creatures under their control.  In addition, they offered the locals such power in return for revering the forces as their gods.

Following the pact, those who swore an oath became similar creatures to the transmogrified bats, fighting to banish the celestial attackers.  Following the Empyrean’s defeat, the Wyld patrons dragged their beastly creations back to Arcadia to use as part of their army.  While some of the bat people began to mentally degrade over time, others fortified plans to revolt and regain their freedom.  An ambush at the hands of these creatures, as well as from other wronged creatures, caught their fey-like captors off-guard.  A combined effort struck a devastating blow to these mighty lords of faerie, utilizing the same power that created them.  Seizing the opportunity, the bat creatures lead over enslaved monsters and beasts through the dark gateways they took to enter in the first place.  In the material world, they were greeted by a changed world that has advanced ages in time since they left.  The stranded creatures took to the darkness, where they felt comfortable.  Some utilized the shadow magicks of their captures to formulate new arcane powers, others decided to fulfill the stereotype and turn towards help from vampires.  The rest of them isolated themselves in pitch black shelters, away from the wretched light that started it all.

Author’s Note:  The Faerie of the Wyld are jerks, as I established in previous posts.  In my home setting, they’re among the antagonist factions that exist in the planes beyond the prime material.  I have utilized them in other posts, but they’re a villain I enjoy revisiting in my own campaigns or in lore within my posts.  But enough about that, we’re here for bats!  Well, kind of.  A blogger who followed me requested a bat-inspired race.  And considering I have a Gothic theme going, what better time?  As for the name, it comes from a Mesoamerican deity that takes the form of a giant sinister bat.  The name also alludes to the bat shapeshifters from the World of Darkness/Werewolf the Apocalypse expansion, “Changing Breeds.”.  All of that said, my prime concern for balance is the blind sight.


Racial Stats.

Ability Score Increase. 

Your Dexterity increases by +2


Camazotz age faster than humans, reaching maturity at age 11.  They typically live to no longer than their 60s.


Despite a monstrous appearance and connections to dark beings, the bat folk are typically non-violent and indifferent to the moral claims of others.  Thus, they tend towards neutral alignments.


Your walking speed is 20 ft.  While you are wearing light/no armor that has been adjusted for your wings, you gain a flight speed of 30 ft.  You may not fly while wearing medium or heavy armor.  The same goes for carrying a medium load or heavier.


Your somewhat frail bat-like body is smaller than most people.  Your size is Small.


You gain out Blindsight 30 ft. (only active when you are capable of hearing.)  You gain also advantage on Perception checks using sound.  You only gain these bonuses while you are capable of hearing.  Having this damaged or disabled causes this effects to be inactive until you a short or long rest.  If hit with thunder damage or a deafening spell, you must make a Constitution saving throw (DC 12), or have your hearing disabled.

Bite Attack. 

Just like a true bat, you are capable of piercing your foes with a vicious bite.  You can use your unarmed strike to deal 1d4 piercing damage.  You can use Strength.  Upon reaching higher levels, your damage increases.  This base damage increases to 1d6 at 6th level, 1d8 at 12th level, and 1d10 at 18th level.  You may also use this attack as an “off-hand” attack as a bonus action.


Sub-Race: Nectar

Considerably less disturbing than their relatives, the Nectar bat folk feel empowered by feasting upon fruit.

Ability Score Increase.

Your Wisdom increases by +1

Juice Invigoration.

Once per long rest, eating a plant matter (particularly fruit) can invigorate the character.  By doing so, they become the target of a Bless spell for the entirety of its duration.  However, this effect does not count as a spell.


Sub-Race: Blood

The more rough and eerie of the bat people, the Blood bat folk use the are sustained on the blood of others.

Ability Score Increase.

Your Strength increases by +1.

Blood Drink. 

You may drink blood from a creature once per short rest.  You must first make an attack using your Bite attack.  Upon hitting and damaging, you may use one of your Hit Dice and add your Constitution modifier to the total of hit points gained (minimum +1.)


New Feat: Night Creature.

Prerequisite: Camazotz Race

Your natural talents allow you to sense farther and fly less hampered.

You gain the following benefits:

  • Your Wisdom increases by 1
  • You may fly while wearing armor you are proficient in.
  • Your blind sight increases to 60 ft. while you are able to hear.
  • Your Bite attack can use Dexterity for attack/damage instead.

Image Credit: Vampire Bat – Laura Ramirez

Inspired by Werewolf the Apocalypse by White Wolf Games.  Made by Doctor Necrotic, for Doctor Necrotic Media.


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