Bizarre Bazaar – Gothic Oddities for D&D 5th Edition

Moonlight village_Tera by moonworker1

The fog’s rolling in and it’s been a long day of travel.  The countryside would be much nicer if it wasn’t for the fact the sun barely pierces through the clouds, the locals look grey and depressed, an unnatural force seems to linger in the air.  All isn’t as it seems.  Up the road from the Inn you booked for the night, a cozy cottage holds a sign stating “Rare and Magnificent Antiques and Wares.”  Your curiosity piqued, you decide to go in.  At the counter, a hunched over figure in dusty garb greets you.  As he prepares to speak, he also beckons you to a back room.  Here lies a collection of dark and abominable additions to his collection.

Welcome!  Please, peruse!  I know a discerning group of clever treasure hunters when I see them!  I encourage onlookers to become properly acquainted with their purchases, before everything is set in stone.  We have incredible wares from all corners of the world, even worlds beyond our own.  From artifacts of dread cults to supposedly cursed crafts.  Pay no mind to the strong storms and green tinged fog outside, that’s normal weather for these parts.  Of course, you’re safe within the confines of my shop… so long as you purchase something.  If you need anything explained or elaborated upon, I would be happy to do so.  Just be warned of one thing, all purchases are final!  Once we part with an artifact, it becomes your problem, hehe.

Author’s Note: Welcome back to another installment of Bizarre Bazaar, in which I craft a whole bunch of thematic magical items.  This time around, it’s items for my Gothic and Gaslamp theme.  We have a few Weird West, Steampunk and Weird Fiction items thrown in for good measure.  Also, this post is a collaboration with Bound-Incubus.  A big thanks goes out to him for the awesome ideas as well as helping me with designing some of the items.  Also, please pardon posting a bit later than usual.  I wanted transition back to posting on the weekends anyway.  Also, keeping with the gothic theme, many of the magic items are cursed, with a foreboding side effect to their boons.  Without further ado, please enjoy my largest collection of items for Bizarre Bazaar yet!


Beast’s Number Gun (666-Shooter).  (Very Rare), Attuned

A six-gun with a devilish look to it.  Rumor has it that the plans for a “diabolic fire brand” made their way across many realms, into a particularly “weird” western settlement.  Forged by infernal power, raw steel and the ghost rock that curses the land; this gun was built for producing high body counts and damning their souls. Only a truly sadistic gunfighter would pick up this wicked contraption.  As it is, shootists aren’t known for their kindness.

This firearm is a six chambered gun with a morbid aesthetic, a mixture of unnatural bone and metal.  A sickly green smoke emanates from any possible opening, giving an eerie and colorful glow to the grey and black color scheme.  Its design is something far detached from anything of this world… or even timeline.

The 666 Gun is a +2 Six-Shooter that deals an extra 2d6 fire damage on a successful hit.  Against Celestial or (non-unseelie based) Fey creatures, it deals 4d6 instead.

CURSE.  While attuned to this weapon, your soul risks damnation.  When you die, there is a 50% chance your soul will be dragged to Baator, The Nine Hells.  If this happen, you cannot be resurrected or brought back short of a Wish spell to drag your soul out of Hell.

NEW WEAPON – Six-Shooter; 1000 GP; 2d6 piercing damage; 3 lb.; Ammunition (range 40/100); reload (6 shots) *modified revolver a la DMG P. 268*  If this weapon exists outside of generic D&D, the price can easily be modified to accommodate.


Occult Amulet.  (Rare)

Do you feel it?  It surges with intense spiritual power!  Such an amulet was used in rituals to awaken and sometimes bind spirits.  The former I can understand, but the latter is something truly ghoulish.  Of course, it has a macabre aesthetic to match.  This begs the question as to what you’d intend on doing with such a strange item?  You’re not gonna exploit any spirits, are ya?  You’d know better than to try that, hehehe.

While attuned, the wearer can hold a ceremony to contact a spirit once per long rest.  The ceremony takes 30 minutes to do.  Similar to Speak with Dead, they are able to make contact with and speak to the dead.  However, they are able to attempt a conversation for up to 1 hour.

Instead of communicate, the wearer may elect to bring the spirit into this realm.  Upon summoning the spirit in full, the ritual caster must make a Wisdom saving throw (DC 16) to not be overwhelmed by the powers of the Otherworld.  Failure results in the spirit breaking free of the caster’s grasp.  The results of such failure are often catastrophic.  Success results in the spirit acting under relative control for the duration.  If your commands go against what the spirit would willingly do, the spirit will refuse and would thus stay idle.  The spirit in question could be one of many creatures: a ghost, shadow, wraith or something else entirely.  The nature of the spirit is up to the DM.


Soul Render Painting.  (Legendary), Sentient, Attuned

This painting, it feels very much alive!  Does it not?  Truth be told, its beauty has a sinister side.  Its previous owner decided he wanted to stay handsome forever, as the expense of his painting becoming angrier and uglier, as the fool’s soul was trapped and corrupted within the painting itself.  Needless to say, that poor fool destroyed himself and his macabre reminder hangs in our collection.  Now, you need not sell your soul to watch the painting’s magic work, but once it’s attuned to you… it will know what good and bad deeds you commit.

The painting you see flashes before your very eyes.  At first it looks grotesque and monstrous beyond comprehension.  But upon closer inspection, the ghastly visage and the eldritch backdrop fade and are replaced with an environment like the shop… with you in the monstrous form’s place!  The painting has an ornate golden frame, chiseled with an assortment of shapes to denote prestige.  The portrait itself is nearly the height of an adult human.

Once attuned to a person, it gives them great power… at great cost.  If the attuned character suffers a disease or curse, they can elect to transfer it to the painting once per long rest.  Also, if they die, they can be revived by the painting.  Upon doing this, they must wait 1 week before the painting can do this again.

The painting itself is alive and aware of only its owner’s actions.  Thus, it reacts by modifying the image based on its actions.  The painting gives off an aura that only the owner can detect, portraying an emotional response to the owner’s actions.  The painting itself is True Neutral and only wants its owner to be happy.  However, prolonged exposure to negativity and depravity will cause the painting to become more and more dour and angry, contorting itself to reflect that.  Upon entering the same area as an angered painting, the owner will feel a mix of terror and pain from the painting’s anguish.

Personality and Traits.  The painting is often quite passive, wanting what it thinks is best for the owner’s image and attitude.  However, this can change over time if continuously abused and exploited.  If treated with respect, the painting will reflect that by making its portrayal of its master almost divine.  While this artifact is completely content with a life of servitude, it devotes itself to capturing its master as it sees fit.  Its means of communication are basic, giving off sensations and feeling through auras rather than direct emoting.  Likewise, it cannot speak or directly interact with the environment around it.

CURSE.  Selfish and cruel acts taint your portrait as well as your soul.  By doing an evil act or using one of the above effects, the portrait becomes warped and twisted in some way.  Dimensions are skewed, subjects become uglier, things get weird.  The effects are similar to the Dark Powers checks and effects from the Ravenloft Campaign Setting.  Furthermore, attempts to get rid the portrait will fail.  It’s bound to the home of the attuned character.  Attempting to destroy the portrait results in the horrors captured within the painting to be unleashed upon the real world, this includes whatever happens to the portrait of the owner.  In some cases, destroying the portrait will kill its own outright.  Alternatively, the owner can willingly trade the ugliness and horror of the painting for all they have to offer in return.  Only strong magic and atonement can break the curse.


Seeker’s Effigy. (Uncommon), Attuned

Weird looking, aren’t they?  These creepy dolls are conduits to knowing all about the world around you.  Or by that, I mean spying on friends and non-friends alike.  By channeling their power; you can gain insight into their health, their motives, magical power they might have and tons of other fascinating things too.  These little ones are quite useful, aren’t they?  So, do you want one?

These strange looking dolls are crafted from clay, steel and clothe.  These strange automaton-like effigies carry with them a magic power to harm or heal those you keep track on.  They resemble almost goblin like beings, only a fair bit shorter than one and with metallic skin.  Despite their grotesque appearance, they be utilized for healings and blessings, in addition to hexes and wounding.

The Arcane Effigy has 4 charges and can be activated by spending a charge.  By activating the effigy as an action and spend 1 charge, you can select one creature within your eyesight.  For the next hour, you may monitor them from up to 1 mile away with Medicine/Insight/Arcana/Religion checks relevant to their current health, magical powers, their motivations and their actions.  The effigy sends vague and possibly misleading results based on your check.   targets can attempt to resist if they wish;

You may also spend charges to cast the effigy’s spells on your designated target, depending on the effigy’s nature.  After using each of them, you must take a long rest before using this ability again.  If the effigy is good in nature, it may cast Cure Wounds and Bless each.  If the effigy is bad in nature, it may cast Inflict Wounds and Hex each.


Chalice of the Nosferatu. (Rare)

An ancient chalice, stained with blood!  No telling what depraved and vile rituals were done with this cup.  Rumor has it that a vampiric cult utilized it to gain powers similar to their dark masters.  They spilled their own blood and recited an incantation (which I have written on paper).  Fools should know that actually drinking a vampire’s blood will only turn you into their ghoul thrall.  At least, that’s what the adventure who got this chalice said.  My hunch is the Nosferatu themselves owned it and gave it to those they deemed worthy of borrowing their power!

Despite what you’ve heard of the Nosferatu, this massive cup is surprisingly ornate.  Its bronze shape glows in heavy polish and care, only worn down from the constant spilling of blood into its bowl-like container.  The spikes along the sides, especially faded, were likely used for puncturing wounds.

In order to receive its power, the user must perform a ritual by spilling their own blood into it and reciting the magical incantation for it.  You take 2d8 necrotic damage that you cannot modify or change, due to immunity or resistance.  You cannot heal this   Upon doing so, you must make a Constitution saving throw (DC 20).  Upon drinking from the bloody chalice, your result depends on success or failure.  Failure results in becoming poisoned and taking 1 level of exhaustion until the next time you take a long rest.  Success results in gaining traits of a Vampire for the next 24 hours.  Rules for Vampire PCs can be found in the Monster Manual (Page 295.)  You may not gain the benefit of this ritual again until 1 week after the effects end.  However, if you have failed your save, you may try against after long rest.

CURSE.  Prolonged usage can make you one of the living dead.  In addition, true vampires will come to hate you for appropriating their power.  After 5 continuous uses (over the course of at least 5 weeks), you must make a Constitution saving throw (DC 20).  If the user succeeds, they gain the effects of the chalice as normal.  However, they must save the next time they use it.  Upon failure, your character “dies” until the following night, in which they come back as a vampire.  However, they give a special aura that true vampires can detect.  This aura labels them as an impure spawned vampire who was created by stealing power.  Under most circumstances, true vampires will begin unfriendly around such a character, if not outright hostile.  Only a strong spell like Wish can undo this effect.


Wild Skin (Rare), Attuned

Skin-Walker by Vollelune

Weird looking hide, eh?  That’s because it’s more than that.  It was used by a group of menacing warlocks who use those types of pelts to change shape.  I’d find the land where it came from and see if the locals can’t help destroy it.  That said, if you wanna try to use it and become one with nature, be my guest!  It won’t be my fault if you catch flees or go feral though.  Hmmm, I wish I had the other one.  It was a panther pelt stolen by an idiot.  Needless to say, said idiot showed up months later as a panther monster looking for revenge.  Instead, they got their head blasted off by a gun blast… ruined the pelt too.  But, I still have this beauty up for sale none the less.

In front of you is a tattered hide of an animal, adorned with symbols and other tiny ritual items.  Nothing about it looks too malicious, if you weren’t a part of a culture that dealt with users of such a pelt.  It carries an aura of malice upon touching it, all while speaking out to the target’s mind and asking them to use it.

Upon draping the pelt over the user, they may attempt to activate it as an action.  Before activating, the user must kill a creature in cold blood that has no malice towards you.  What they do with the corpse afterwards is completely up them.  Acts of self-defense or pursuit of an enemy do not count.  Upon doing this, the user gains the ability to use a Wild Shape to become the animal that the pelt is, as per Moon Druid or the user’s total level.  After this effect is over, Must take long rest before using this again.

CURSE.  Those who study deeply into the pelt’s magic can learn that it’s possible to utilize its power further.  However, without properly resting, your body hasn’t shaken off the taint that the item possesses.  For every time you activate the skin again, before taking a long rest, you must make a Wisdom saving throw (DC 15 + 5 for ever attempt after that one).  Failure results in you attacking the nearest creatures you see while in Wild Shape form.  In addition, your base form looks more and more bestial every time you abuse the skin, slowly gaining traits of the beast that you have turned into.  The traits are largely up to the DM.  The DC for the save resets upon taking a long rest.  Casting Remove Curse or a related spell resets this effect though.


Cube of Chains.  (Rare), One Use

This is a strange little puzzle box with chains all around it.  Smells of brimstone and something hellish, so I dare not touch it.  Besides, I’m far too simple to attempt to solve it, all by myself.  If you want it, it’s all yours to give a shot.  But, I must warn you, I’m not responsible for what you unleash when you do solve it.  I have a theory it’s some sort of device to capture monsters.  That or open a gate for them.  I don’t want to personally get involved with it, but I’ll sell this exceptionally crafted work of art for a good price.

This is an ancient looking metallic cube, with chiseled opens throughout.  A visible layout of chains and gears can be seen within, constructed through means far beyond your technological understanding.  From the center, it emits an unearthly red glow, reaching from the pits of Hell itself.  Upon being touched, the user feels an unsettling warmth that causes only the slightest of pain.  When solved, the contraption opens and unravels, opening a small portal that summons the fiends awaiting their escape.

This puzzle must first be solved in order to unleash its magical power.  This requires an Arcana check (DC 18) and up to 1 hours of time in order to solve.  If successful, the creature who solved the puzzle can recite the magical phrase to awaken 1d4/2 (1-2 = 1, 3-4 = 2) chain devils.  They appear close to where the cube itself is and will stay in their summoning area for up to 1 hour or until defeated.  The summoner must then make a Charisma saving throw (DC 18).  If successful, the Chain Devils will obey commands within reason.  However, failure results in them turning hostile against the summoner and their allies.  Defeating them rewards no experience.


Life Reagent.  (Uncommon), One Use

The Innsmouth Trading Company is very excited to reveal out latest acquisition! From the estate of the late Dr. Herbert West we have acquired several cases of his patented “Health and Youth Reagent”. This fluorescent yellow-green liquid is extremely reactive to ultraviolet light, and is said to contain the secrets to life itself. The reagent comes packaged in clear, 16 oz. glass bottles; the labels -containing instructions for use and a list of potential side-effects- have naturally browned with age. We will be offering bottles of this potent elixir for sale at several up-coming events and on our online storefront. Check back often for more information! NOTE: Reagent is not suitable for consumption by the living.

Do you see it?  The sickening looking liquid within some sort of syringe device.  Wonder what it does?  I’ll tell you!  Rumor has it that it has the capacity to bring back the dead…  Not through dark magick, but through super-science.  I personally think it’s a hoax, but it makes for a great story.  Scientific research doing such a thing?  ABSURD!  But, in case you wanna give this nasty a shot, there’s research notes in the case that comes with it.  I’m no good at alchemy, so it’s beyond me.

A classical medical syringe contains a fluid that glows an eerie light green.  Even in the dark, the ominous reagent shines through the shadows, as if a terrifying reminder of its power.  When administered to a corpse, it is revived… but incorrectly so.  It returns as an angry and vicious monster, only caring to destroy anything that reminds it of life.  Some still retain sentience, but most are far gone and feral.

As an action, you can administer the reagent to a recently deceased body (dead within the last 4 days.)  Upon doing so, the revived character is brought back to full hit points.  However, they must make a Constitution saving throw.  Upon success, they gain traits of an undead creature (poison immunity, poisoned immunity, zombie fortitude) and can be swayed under your control through Charisma checks.  Upon failure, the creature gains the same traits but goes berserk and tries to attack the nearest living being.  Unless the body is destroyed, the body will reanimate.  1d10 rounds after being killed, the corpse will be revived to 1 Hit Point.


Dread Whisper Fiddle.  (Very Rare)

I’ve procured this item from a distant friend of mine.  He was a talented musician who got his inspiration from… let’s say, very strange sources.  In fact, his devotion to the craft drove him to madness.  His compositions became more and more incomprehensible and a general challenge to listen to.  But I digress, parting with this instrument will certainly be tough.  You’d best offer a good price.

This fiddle quite simply looks off.  The geometry is slightly off-center, the interior looks downright non-euclidean, the color scheme looks sickly and disgusting.  Only a madman would have owned this instrument.  And from its strings, an equally horrid tune plays.  The music cannot be described as anything from this realm, but is none the less truly ghastly.

The Fiddle works as per the rules on Instrument of the Bards (Dungeon Master’s Guide Page 176), with some differences.  The spell list is modified as follows: Dissonant Whispers, Tasha’s Hideous Laughter, Arms of Hadar, Crown of Madness, Confusion, Hunger of Hadar, Contact Other Plane


Blade of Bloodlust  (Legendary), Sentient, Attuned (Requires Non-Good Creature to Attune)

Ah, seeking a weapon with a legacy?  Let me tell you this chilling tale.  Sometimes raw emotion can be tied to an item itself, it becoming that desire incarnate.  The weapon you see before you is bloodlust incarnate.  In the hands of a competent warrior,  it will go force its “master” to slay all in its way.  It hungers for causing death and destruction, as that is its true purpose.  To deny it would risk the wielder being slain themselves.

A jagged blade with an aesthetic for the sinister, one can easily tell this blade was forged with evil intentions.  Crafted with some sort of obsidian resource and infused with unknown dark energies, the sword contains a mind all its own.  A frantic red eyeball swirls around at the hilt of the blade, as glowing red veins pulsate and move around the blade itself.  It will try to manipulate the wielder into acts of murder whenever it proves to be most beneficial for both the blade and its host.  The blade also tries to feed on the wielder’s fears, insecurities and hatred.

The Blade of Bloodlust is a +3 Greatsword.  The Sword is a Chaotic Evil sentient weapon with an Intelligence of 16, Wisdom of 15 and Charisma of 18.  It has darkvision for up to 120 ft. and can see through magical darkness.  The weapon can write, speak and understand common as well as any languages the wielder knows.  It speaks in a raspy and demonic sounding voice.

The Blade’s primary goal is to destroy life and civilization, as per the plans of its abyssal masters.  It thrives off of ignorance, hatred and oppression.  Wherever phobia and violence are most prominent, The Blade will beg to go there in an effort to agitate the situation and increase chaos.  It also wants nothing more than to turn whoever wields it into an insane puppet that it can play with as it pleases.  If it doesn’t get to slay at least one person each day, it will become more and more impatient, goading the wielder into violent situations and killing whoever is convenient at the time.

Burning Hatred.  The Blade is capable of inspiring a hate so strong, the wielder must do all they can to slay their enemies.  As a bonus action, the wielder may go into a “Hateful Rage.”  While under the effects of Hateful Rage, the wielder has advantage on all attack rolls.  In addition, upon hit, the target takes an extra 3d6 necrotic damage per attack.  The effects of Hateful Rage last for 1 minute.  Upon the effects ending, the wielder must take a long rest before using this effect again.

Extermination.  With the blade as an implement, you point at an enemy and shoot a bolt of destructive energy at them.  This effect works exactly like casting the Disintegrate spell cast at level 9, except it does 9d6 Acid and 10d6+40 Force damage instead.  If this effect kills the target, the Blade will vocalize its approval in the brutal slaying of its target and grant the wielder Inspiration.  Upon using this effect, you must take a long rest to use it again.  The inspiration also lasts until the wielder takes a long rest.

Annihilation.  Upon reducing a target’s HP to 0, The Blade can give the wielder the ability to rid the target from existence, as per Sphere of Annihilation.  Upon doing so, all traces of the target are destroyed from reality.  Only a Wish spell can undo this.

CURSE.  Upon attuning to this weapon, it will attempt to control and manipulate its victim into battle whenever it feels it can benefit from it.  On top of that, the victim can never do a knock-out/non-lethal blow.  All finishing moves are always fatal.  Whenever the victim attempts to avoid combat against the sword’s wish, it will attempt to charm them.  By doing so, the victim must make a Wisdom saving throw (DC 20).  Failure results in them fighting the sword’s desired target.  Furthermore, once per day, the sword may impose disadvantage on one of the victim’s saving throws… including a save against its own effects.


Art Sources: Moonlight Village_Tera – Moonworker1, Devil’s Six Gun – Pinnacle Entertainment, Amulet – Darksilvania, Portrait of Dorian Gray – Ivan Le Lorraine Albright, Killer Toys – Wyrd Miniatures, Bloodstone Chalice Retexture – ViewtifulFlo, Skin Walker – vollelune, Box of Gateways – Steelgohst, Herbert West’s Reagent – Innsmouth Trading Company, Erich Zann – Namtaru Creations, Elric – Matt Wagner

Made by Doctor Necrotic, for Doctor Necrotic Media.  Special thanks to Bound-Incubus for Arcane Effigy, Chalice of the Nosferatu, Wild Skin, Cube of Chains


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