The Fair Folk – A Fey-blooded Race for D&D 5th Edition

The fair folk have long since been creatures of mystery and whimsy, traveling too and from their alien worlds.  They visit our realms for a variety of reasons; curiously studying how we live our lives or perhaps something more complex.  Some feel they’re interested in us, so they could create fey creatures to blend in with our world.  Perhaps they want to capture us to see if they can turn us into fey.  Most scholars seem to put forth the idea that Arcadians want to create hybrid lifeforms.  But the real question behind any of these theories is why?  At the moment, none have an answer.  Instead, a new question comes up in the form of a new creature.  These creatures are the wyld folk, astral beings of clear fey descent, likely hybrids of multiple fey creatures.  Were they early experiments at hybridization?  Are they the start of planar colonization?  No one is truly sure, but one can’t help but wonder their place in all of this.


Truly alien, wherever they go


The Fair Folk themselves are shrouded with just as much obscurity as their elder fey ancestors.  However, these beings as a race are quite diverse, sharing all sorts of traits from around Arcadia itself.  Some carry the beauty seen in the high courts, while others are grotesque like the worst of trolls and goblins.  Within Arcadia itself, they are treated quite lowly.  Mutts, impurities, mutants; these pejoratives and slurs are all but common in the lands of their birth.  As such, they tend to live in the shadows of high fey society or branch away from it.  Despite the conspiracy that surrounds them, many try to break free of their caretakers’ original plans and live lives as they please.  Just as free-spirited and whimsical as their progenitors, they drift through the cosmos in search of fantastic new homes and equally interesting new people.

Author’s Note:  My “Wyldfae” was due for a slight revision, so here it is!  I modified the “Aerial” a little bit based on notes from my Birdfolk race.  Some of the others were tinkered with in other ways, but nothing drastic.  All in all, I hope this update is satisfactory for those who enjoyed the original version.  Also, I didn’t realize before that Wyldfae was part of the Dresden Files universe.  I respect Jim Butcher too much to randomly take terms he uses in his stories, after all.  With that, here’s the Fair Folk.


Racial Stats.

Ability Score Increase.  You are quick to react and have a certain quality of finesse to your movements.  Your Dexterity increases by 1.

Age.  You age slowly, and live long.  You reach maturity by around 35 years old.  However, you typically live to around 300 years old.

Size.  You are typically medium in size.  Some fair folk tend to on the shorter or taller side, but typically fit the medium size category as well.

Speed.  You have a walking speed of 30 ft.

Darkvision.  Your sylvan blood allows you to see in darker surfaces.  You gain darkvision out 60 ft.

Blood of Arcadia.  You are immune to sleep effects and have advantage versus charm effects.


Sub-Race:  Aerial – The skies call to you, and you respond!  You are blessed with wings capable of carrying you far into the clouds.  Be careful, they can’t carry too much though.

Ability Score Increase.  You can soar through the air in a deft flash, you feel truly one with the realms above.  Your Dexterity increases by 1 and your Wisdom increases by 1.

Wings.  Unfurl feathery wings and take flight!  You gain a flight speed equal to your land speed.  As long as you are  wearing no armor heavier than light, you are able to fly.  If your armor is medium or higher, you cannot fly.  Armor that you can fly in must by properly accommodated to fit your wings.  Furthermore, your carrying capacity is cut in half while in flight.

Exceptional Dodger.  Whether on the ground or in flight, you are graceful and nimble in your movements.  You gain proficiency in either the Acrobatics or Perception Skill.  However, you feel uncomfortable in underground or claustrophobic places.


Sub-Race: Brood Spawn – You have the bloodline of some of the foulest denizens to travel the realm.  You share traits with the most sickly of goblins, most vile of hags or the most grotesque of trolls.

Ability Score Increase:  You may not look beautiful, but you have an impressive physique to off set that.  Your Strength score increases by +2

Powerful Build:  You count as one size larger when determining your carrying capacity and the weight you can push, drag, or lift, similar to the Goliath from the Elemental Evil Player’s Guide.

Built for War:  From a young age, battle has been a part of your life.  You gain proficiency in the short sword, long sword, battleaxe, and warhammer.

Nasty Visage:  You’ve used your scary looks to your benefit.  You gain proficiency in either the Intimidate or Athletics skill.


Sub-Race:  Shade Child- Many assume the worst about the darkness, but you’re all the wiser.  To you, shadows are places of safety and privacy.

Ability Score Increase.  From the darkness, you’ve accumulated great knowledge to bolster your tricks.  Your Intelligence increases by 2.

Tainted by the Night.  Forces of darkness aren’t necessarily evil, but you know the damage they can do all too well.  You have resistance to Necrotic damage.

Double-Speak.  You’ve honed the fine art of using lies and tricks to expose greater truths, or at least make things better for you.  You gain proficiency in either the Deception or Performance skill.


Sub-Race:  Sprite’s Kin- Trickery and mischief come natural to you, as does an inherent knack of magic!  While you’re a little shorter than your peers, you can get out of trouble in a pinch… of pixie dust!

Ability Score Increase.  You’re ever crafty and ever curious as well.  Your Charisma increases by 1 and your Dexterity increases by 1.

Fae Trickery.  You have the magical prowess of your progenitor race.  You gain Friends as a cantrip.  Upon reaching Lv. 3, you may cast Misty Step once per long rest.  Upon reaching level 5, you may cast Suggestion once per long rest.  Charisma is their casting stat.

Profound Curiosity.  Nothing is off limits to you.  The only way to truly know about something is take a close look for yourself!  You gain proficiency in either the Sleight of Hand Skill or Stealth skill.


NEW FEAT: Fair Folk Faerie Paragon

Prerequisite: Fair Folk

You unlock some of the powers of your fey ancestry, becoming more like the very true fey who were critical of you all those years ago.

Depending on your sub-race, you gain one of the following boons:

  • Aerial:  Your Wisdom increases by 1; You may fly in any armor you are proficient in, so long as it’s modified to accommodate your wings.
  • Brood Spawn: Your Constitution increases by 1; You gain the Savage Attack feature (PHB P. 41)
  • Shade Child: Your Dexterity increases by 1; You can turn invisible for 1 round as long as you start your turn in darkness or at least in shadow.  You must take a short rest before doing so again.
  • Sprite’s Kin:  Your Charisma increases by 1; You may instead take a short rest to recharge your innate magical talents.



Created by Doctor Necrotic, for Doctor Necrotic media.


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