Even More Sci-Fi Tech! – Vehicles and Drugs for D&D 5th Edition

Here’s another sampling of all sorts of items for science-fantasy D&D games!  This time around, it’s an assortment of sci-fi themed vehicles as well as drugs and medicine.

Vehicles – Here is a selection of sample vehicles to demonstrate the rule set in a science fiction type setting.

  • Space Buggy – 7,500 GP; Speed 50 MPH; Crew 1; Passengers 1; Cargo 100 lbs.; AC 13; HP 55; Damage Threshold 10
  • Ground Chopper – 8,000 GP; Speed 100 MPH; Crew 1; Passengers 1; Cargo 50 lbs.; AC 14; HP 40; Damage Threshold –
  • Armored Car – 10,000 GP; Speed 100 MPH; Crew 1; Passengers 4; Cargo 300 lbs.; AC 15; HP 75; Damage Threshold 15; Contains trunk space for turret
  • Speedster Car – 12,000 GP; Speed 140 MPH; Crew 1; Passengers 1; Cargo 150 lbs.; AC 12; HP 70; Damage Threshold 15
  • Battle Tank – 40,000 GP; Speed 30 MPH; Crew 4; Passengers 10; Cargo 600 lbs.; AC 15; HP 135; Damage Threshold 20; Turbo Cannon – Requires Prof. in Artillery Weapons; Ranged Weapon Attack (Ranged 1000 ft./3000 ft.), 55 (10d10) piercing and fire damage.
  • Flying Car – 13,000 GP; Speed 90 MPH Land/ 60 MPH Flight; Crew 1; Passengers 3; Cargo 150 lbs.; AC 14; HP 75; Damage Threshold 15
  • 2019 Style Police Car – 20,000 GP; Speed 60 MPH Land/ 120 MPH Flight; Crew 1; Passengers 3; Cargo 150 lbs.; AC 14; HP 75; Damage Threshold 15
  • Citadel Rigging Truck – 20,000 GP; Speed 75 MPH; Crew 1 – 4; Passengers 1 – 8; Cargo 2,000 lbs.; AC 12; HP 120; Damage Threshold 20; Harpoon Turrets – Requires Prof. in Artillery Weapons; Ranged Weapon Attack (Ranged 60 ft./200 ft.),  22 (4d10) piercing damage; Reload
  • Air Cruiser – 50,000 GP; Speed 200 MPH Flight; Crew 2; Passengers 8; Cargo 3,000 lbs.; AC 14; HP 90; Damage Threshold 15; Bomb – Requires Prof. in Artillery Weapons; Ranged Weapon Attack (Ranged 100 ft./1000 ft.), 36 (8d8) slashing and bludgeoning; Burst (10 ft./20 ft.)
  • Roaming Fortress – 250,000 GP ; Speed 60 MPH Land; Crew 25; Passengers 50; Cargo 100,000 lbs; AC 15; HP 350; Damage Threshold 20
  • Floating Fortress Air Carrier – 500,000 GP; Speed 50 MPH Flight; Crew 50; Passengers 500+; Cargo 200,000 lbs; AC 15; HP 500; Damage Threshold 30


Misc Items – Drugs & Medicine – All sorts of chemical compounds originally crafted for either pharmacy or weaponry.  Upon being leaked out to the public, many exploited them for drug trade.  However, some are still sold as carefully supplied medicines.

New Property: Drug – This is a supplement that can be beneficial when administered by a medical professional.  However, most black market versions are either cheaply made or intentionally crafted with harmful components.  Most of these drugs were either made as weaponry or for the sake of furthering drug trade.  After initial effects wear off, the target must make a Constitution saving throw if the target uses it more than the recommended use (DC 10 + 2 x the number of times this substance is abused)  The DC numbers are accumulative and will only reset once addiction is broken through rehabilitation, proper medication or use of paranormal power.  Upon failure, the target is addicted and suffers adverse effects detailed in “ABUSE.”  As such, most of these are illegal.

Here are some example drugs listed below.

  • Adrena-Booster – When administered as an action, the target receives Temp HP equal to half of their total hit dice (rolled) for 1 minute.  In additional, they gain advantage on their next check or attack roll for 1 minute.  ABUSE: At the end of a long rest, the addict instead suffers a level of exhaustion rather than gaining rest benefits if they don’t use the drug for over 24 hours.  Using more Adrena-Booster keeps exhaustion caused in this manner from worsening.
  • Injecto-Heal – When administered as an action, the may roll Hit Dice equal to 1/2 of their level, without spending their actual hit dice.  ABUSE: At the end of the day, the addict must make a Constitution saving throw (DC 15) or have their maximum hit points reduced by 1 Hit Die.
  • Radiation Cleanser – This is a digestible fluid that clears radiation and radiation poisoning.  When consumed as an action, it erases traces of radiation damage within the body.  ABUSE: Whenever you are faced with radiation, you are immediately treated as poisoned until you take a short or long rest.  Furthermore, medicine doesn’t work on your body as well.  You must succeed a Constitution saving throw (DC 15) for any positive benefit to occur.
  • Calmness – By inhaling this substance as a bonus action, you experience euphoric sensations.  You gain temporary HP equal to your 1d10+Your level.  In addition, your state of mind makes you immune to charm, fear and madness effects.  ABUSE:  You are lethargic and weak.  You have disadvantage on physical skill checks and initiative rolls.
  • Lunatic – By injecting this as an action, you are empowered by an intense rage.  You gain the traits of the barbarian’s rage ability as well as gaining advantage on attacks.  However, you must attack the nearest creature to you while under this rage.  ABUSE:  You become easily set off.  When hit with an attack or intimidated, you must make a Wisdom saving throw (DC 15) or attack the cause of your frustration.  You take disadvantage on any roll not pertaining to stopping your annoyance.  You gain advantage on attempts to destroy/kill it.
  • Agent Numb – By swallowing this pill supplement, pain effects you less.  You gain temporary hit points equal to your 1d8 + proficiency bonus + your level.  You also gain resistance to damage caused by non-magical weaponry.  These effects vanish after 1d4 minutes.  ABUSE:  You are always encumbered and you take disadvantage on skill checks.  When you attempt to speak, you must make a dexterity save (DC 15) or speak slurred nonsense.

Made by Doctor Necrotic, for Doctor Necrotic Media.


2 thoughts on “Even More Sci-Fi Tech! – Vehicles and Drugs for D&D 5th Edition

    • Both cool ideas I plan on getting to eventually. However, these will be at a later time, as I’m finishing my science fantasy theme for now. That said, I want to touch upon robotics and space travel at some point. In the meantime, I’ll ponder how to tackle either.


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