More Sci-Fi Tech! – Even More High Tech Goodies for D&D 5th Edition


It seemed like mere weeks ago, we thwarted legions of cosmic entities with the power of our arcane knowledge.  They came in steel carriages and were armed with strange bows, but we ultimately triumphed.  From their wreckage, we began to sample their from creations.  In the years to come, we began to craft an arsenal that fused our magical craft with the aesthetics and functionality of higher technology.  Today, our world looks just as alien as the attackers who tried to take our world all those years ago.

About a year ago, I crafted up a heaping helping of science fiction technology for your D&D 5th Edition games!  I think it’s time I revisited that as my planar theme draws to a close, don’t you think?  As I’ve said in prior posts, I’m quite the fan of mashing up genres together to create a wholly new experience.  In particular, I like mixing aspects of science fiction and fantasy together to create a mystical experience that’s both supernatural and futuristic.  To be fair, one of my earliest memories is loving everything about Star Wars.  Without much further ado, enjoy!


New Damage Types:

  • Radiation (counts as both radiant and necrotic; resistance and weakness cancel out)
  • Laser (counts as both lightning and fire; same deal)

New Properties:

  • Futuristic.  The following are “futuristic” items.  Items of this type typically utilize charges in order to function, though there are exceptions.  Furthermore, proficiency requires rigorous study and training.  That or exposure to a technologically advanced realm for a prolonged period of time.  Mere training is not sufficient enough.
  • ILLEGAL.  Weapons of terror or mass destruction.  (Such weapons are banned in most civilizations.)  Otherwise, likely a heavily addictive drug or other dangerous creation.
  • Burst.  Burst weapons have a splash effect either from the point of touching.  Grenades splash from their touching point, the damage travels from that touching point.  Creatures that aren’t the targeted creature must make a saving throw.  Success equals half damage, before following effects occur.
  • Blast.  Blast weapons spray out like a cone, such as the burning hands spell.  Most blast weapons shoot out a 15 ft. cone that is effective in short range and slightly effective in decent range.




  • Speedster Suit – 600 GP; 11 + Dexterity AC; +10 Land Speed
  • Stealth Armor – 850 GP; 12 + Dexterity AC; 1/Short Rest, go invisible (blending into environment) for time by spending a charge.


  • Advanced Stealth Armor – 1,200 GP; 13 + Dexterity (Max 3) AC; May always go invisible as action which lasts 1 round, advantage on stealth


  • Space Marine Power Armor – 4,000 GP; 18 AC; Advantage on space-related environmental hazards, resist normal weapons, 1d10 unarmed attack (bypass resistance)

Weaponry:  Majority of weaponry has 8 – 10 charges.

  • Grabbing Clawshot – 650 GP; 1d8 piercing damage; 4 lbs; two-handed; reach 30 ft.; on hit, target must dexterity save vs grapple (DC equal to 11 or 8 +STR/DEX mod + Prof).  On hit, you can dexterity check to ignore damage and have target save with disadvantage instead.
  • Mind Blaster Pistol – 800 GP; 2d6 psychic damage; 2 lbs; light; ranged (40 ft./80ft.); on hit, target must wisdom save vs madness (11 or 8 + INT/WIS/CHR mod + Prof), madness levels escalate per failed save; ILLEGAL
  • Mind Blaster Rifle – 1100 GP; 3d6 psychic damage; 4 lbs; ranged (60 ft./120 ft.); see above; ILLEGAL
  • Death Ray – 1500; 3d6 radiation damage; 3 lbs; ranged (30 ft./60 ft.); ILLEGAL
  • Turbo Cannon – 1200 GP; launch (30 ft./60 ft.); 11 lbs.; two-handed; heavy; futuristic
  • Rad Round – 100 GP each; 3d8 radiation damage; creates irradiated zone for 1d10 minutes; 1 lbs; burst (10 ft./ 20 ft.); ILLEGAL
  • Cryo Grenade – 100 GP each; 3d6 cold damage; creates slippery terrain for 1d10 minutes, requiring dexterity save versus falling prone and taking 1d8 bludgeoning; burst 10 ft./ 20 ft.)
  • Pyro Grenade – 100 GP each; 3d6 fire damage; area is covered in fiery slick, creatures in area take 1d10 fire damage at the start of their turn, dexterity save for half damage; 1 lbs; burst (10 ft./20 ft.)
  • Acid Grenade – 100 GP each; 3d6 acid damage; works like pyro grenade, but deals acid damage instead; 1 lbs; burst (10 ft./20 ft.); futuristic
  • Grenade Rounds – 50 GP each; 3d6 slashing and bludgeoning; 1 lbs; burst (10 ft./20 ft.)
  • Ripper Bolter – 900 GP; 2d8 piercing damage; ranged (30 ft./ 60 ft.); 12 lbs; two-handed; heavy; on hit, target must make a dexterity saving throw, failure results in extra 1d8 piercing damage
  • Scatter Blast – 850 GP; 3d6/1d8 laser damage; ranged (20 ft./ 80 ft.) 4 lbs; two-handed; blast
  • Machine Auto Scatter – 900 GP; 5d4/2d4 piercing and slashing damage; ranged (15 ft./60 ft.); blast

Other Equipment

  • Fire Extinguisher – 75 GP; 1 lbs.; Uses an action to put out up to 10 ft. of fire, limited resource (1d10 uses)
  • Machinist Kit – 150 GP; 2 lbs.; Toolkit, allows user to craft technological artifacts based on rarity and value.  Their cost for materials is akin to buying a magical item.
  • Radiation Detector – 300 GP; 1 lbs.; While in a radioactive area or around radioactive materials, it will give off a warning signal.  Remains active for 8 hours of continuous use (can be broken up into intervals of 1 hour) before needing a new battery or recharge.
  • Nanite Injector – 250 GP (enhanced versions modify price); A one use injector, heals and gives effects based off rarity (Uncommon – 2d4+4 HP gain the effects of Bless for 1 round; Rare – 4d4+4 HP, gain effects of Lesser Restoration; Very Rare – 6d6+4 HP, gain effects of revivify if killed within last minute
  • Shield Generator – 1500 GP (enhanced versions modify price); 2 lbs; Upon activating a small box and placing it in the desired area as an action, it creates a force field around you and other creatures within 10 ft. of you.  The field has its own HP and effectively seals outside sources away.  When hit with an attack, the shield loses HP.  Likewise, nothing inside can effect the outside without damaging the shield.  When the shield’s HP is taken to 0, the shield deactivates.  The field lasts for 1 minute.  It takes 3 charges to activate.  The generator has 6 charges.  (Uncommon – 10 HP, Rare – 30 HP, Very Rare – 50 HP)
  • Hologram Generator – 600 GP; 2 lbs; When activated as an action, the generator captures an image of the intended recorder.  It can be sent to another generator or stored until played back.  It can also be used to create live broadcasts of a holographic image.  The images are typically no bigger than a 5 ft. square and are a fraction of the target recorder’s height.  Once used for up to 2 hours time, it must be recharged.
  • Reanimator Nanites – 1,500 GP; less than 1 lbs.; These nanobots revitalize and restore dead tissue, including the brain!  When put on necrotized tissue, it will mend and restore it to the best of its ability.  These nanobots require 1d10 minutes to enact.  They can reattach severed limbs, fix scar tissue in the brain and perform other tasks.  They have a darker side, as they’re also capable of bringing corpses “to  life”.  Creatures animated in this manner are no different from zombies.  Once used, they must be extracted and recharged; ILLEGAL
  • Chemical Sampler – 500 GP; 1 lbs.; This device can sample various chemicals with a sampling beak, granting advantage on identifying poisons and chemicals.  Once used for 4 hours time, it must be recharged.
  • Battery Pack – 750 GP; Less than 1 lbs.; Each pack has 4 charges on the go and can be equipped to most charge based devices.  In order to recharge it, you need a charging station or charging dock.
  • Distress Beacon – 450 GP; 1 lbs.; An emergency broadcasting system that allows you to put out a distress signal as an action.  The signal can be picked up on radio, radar or other methods of signal reception within countless miles.  Messages through audio tend to be basic loops.  After 4 hours of use, it must be recharged.
  • Forging Unit – 250 lbs.; This machine compiles items into usable (but usually basic) equipment at half the time it would normally take to build them.  (Refer to DMG for creating magic items/potions); NOT FOR SALE
  • Advanced Forging Unit – 1000 lbs.; This machine can compile items into more advanced crafts, also at half the time.  In addition, more basic items can be created at one fourth of the time.; NOT FOR SALE


Campaign Option – Tech for all! The technologies presented here are common place, so NPCs and Monsters are likely to have them too. On top of that, items would be significantly cheaper.


Made by Doctor Necrotic, for Doctor Necrotic Media.


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