Divine Atrocity – A Massive Beastly Terror for D&D 5th Edition


Across the multiverse, priests of nature show their devotion to bountiful realms untouched by civilization and the divine powers that tend to them.  Many of these priests make pilgrimages to distant demiplanes dedicated to these powers.  The Demiplane of Nature is a realm of such untouched wilderness and raw magical power.  However, many dark forces seek to harness and corrupt it.  As such, a dark reflection of this domain was created, much to the ignorance of those who worship the forces of nature.  When the corrupted wild plane reaches a faithful before the pure version, it taints their soul, maddens their mind and warps their body.  Victims become horrible monsters, with nature priests and druids being the most heavily afflicted.  Among them is a massive nightmare deemed the “Divine Atrocity.”  This hulking beast was likely one of many important high priests dedicated to the plane, before being turned into a savage horror.  Infection could be from the plane’s dark mirror feeding off of the victim’s hatred, perhaps a corruption within the blood itself.

Divine Atrocities dwell in lands of horrific plagues, planar incursions of the fey or of beasts, or sites of heavy lycanthropy.  While lesser creatures create a nightmare for the remaining residents, these abominations help to wipe out any straggler still caught in the streets.  Fortunately, these beings are a rare sight.  This is in part because prolonged exposure to extreme corrupt energy was the main cause of these nightmares and most victims die long before turning into something like the Atrocity.  However, there is a fear that dwells among many.  As many nature-based societies come under attack by more technological societies, many will likely fall to that hatred that spawned such dread monsters.  And such, a war against civilization will likely escalate to frightening new extremes.

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  I made a creation based on Nito from Dark Souls, so I figure it would be more than fair to tackle an awesome boss from Bloodborne as well.  Or rather, taking inspiration and applying it to my setting’s planar cosmology a little bit.  Who knows?  If my FromSoft inspired monsters prove popular, I might make more!

Divine Atrocity

Huge monstrosity, chaotic evil

DC 16 (natural armor)

Hit Points 169 (16d12+64)

Speed 40 ft., climb 20 ft.

STR 20 (+5), DEX 17 (+3), CON 18 (+4), INT 8 (-1), WIS 14 (+2), CHR 17 (+3)

Damage Immunities. Poison

Damage Vulnerability. Fire

Damage Resistances. Bludgeoning/Piercing/Slashing from non-magical weapons, Force, Lightning

Condition Immunities. Poisoned, Fear, Sleep, Charm

Senses. Darkvision 120 ft.

Languages –

Challenge. 12 (8,400)

Restoration. Upon dropping to half of its maximum health or below, the creature unleashes an unholy glow. It regenerates 2d10 health per round until it is brought up to its maximum in HP.  This ability becomes inactive until the monster returns to 1/2 maximum hit points.


Multiattack. The atrocity may make 2 attacks of its choice.

Swipe. Melee Weapon Attack, +9 to hit, reach 10 ft., one target. Hit: 32 (6d8+5) slashing damage. The atrocity can forgo damage and grapple the target instead. The target may attempt to escape the grapple via a strength saving throw (DC 17). While grappled, the beast will inflict 7 (2d6) bludgeoning damage at the start of the target’s turn.

Leaping Smash. Melee Weapon Attack, +9 To Hit, reach 10 ft., one target. Hit: 38 (6d10+5) piercing damage. The target must make a (DC 17) Dexterity saving throw or be knocked prone

Slam. +9 to hit, 1 target within 10 ft. 30 (4d12+5) bludgeoning. A hit target must succeed a Dexterity save (DC 17) or be pushed back 10 ft., taking an extra 5 (1d10) force damage as well.

Alternative Uses.

My campaign setting implies a demiplane that embodies the wilderness in an untamed form. This sort of concept exists across countless campaign settings and games. Changeling (New World of Darkness) has the faerie realm of Arcadia, whose namesake inspired my dimension. D&D 4th Edition created a mirror plane called “The Feywild”, a plane of strange creation and stranger life.  Being that the Fey are very strange and at times horrific creatures, this could fit as a possible alternative origin. Planescape Cosmology wields The Beastlands and Arborea, good aligned planes based off the beauty of nature.  Perhaps the so-called good-aligned planes of nature hold a dark secret.  Meanwhile, Malar’s Hunt is a warped and twisted realm within the prison plane of Carceri. Such creature would be fantastic as one of the Beast Lord’s minions.  Those are but a few options that can be borrowed from to fit this creature in your games. Or worst come, you could just say that this is the Cleric Beast from Bloodborne. After all, that was the prime inspiration for this monster.

The monster itself could be a Chosen of Malar, taken a greater form in honor of its dark master. Perhaps this is some twisted creation of the Unseelie Fey. Or for more gothic or science-fantasy oriented games, this could be a Dr. Moraeu inspired abomination!

Made by Doctor Necrotic, for Doctor Necrotic Media.




3 thoughts on “Divine Atrocity – A Massive Beastly Terror for D&D 5th Edition

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    • That’s a pretty badass take on druids, certainly fits the theme of the lore I made. While mine is an homage to Bloodborne, I can see the connection and want to incorporate it when I use this monster for a game, hehe.


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