Bizarre Bazaar – Fantastic Items from the Planes for D&D 5th Edition

EDIT: MOST OF THESE ITEMS HAVE BEEN UPDATED.  Please, click the Bizarre Bazaar tag above, as well as the Equipment section.

Here’s the first of a new series I hope to tackle, quite simply an assortment of strange and wonderful items (both magical and mundane).  For this first post, I thought I’d return to an extraplanar theme.  Without further ado, Zam’dul the Plane Traveler will be your guide.

AH!  I see you’ve come across my humble assortment of wares, scattered throughout countless realities.  While many of my items are things an amateur can find, here is a handful of trinkets that are found by the more adventurous thrill seeker!  Please, take a look at what I have to offer and don’t be afraid to ask me a question about anything specific.  I love to help out a discerning shopper!

Author’s Note:  This series of items was made in support of the RPG Blog Carnival.  To be more exact, this was made as part of the December 2015 event, “Homebrew Holiday Gifts.”  Enjoy and please check out the other posts from other users during the month.

Diabolic Fire Brand.  (Very Rare)

“Gnomes are known for crafting many odd prototype items, to say the least.  However, in order to catch up against competitors, some will go to downright mad lengths to ensure victory.  This one inventory certainly became desperate, to say the least.  Series of lines etched in unnerving patterns below images of devilish figures on both the holster as well as the stock imply something evil went into the creation of this.  The spine-like designs on its flint and hammer also showcase an infernal aesthetic.  And those guesses would be right, as the mad inventor made contact with a particularly knowledgeable devil to help in the creation of this new firearm.  Beyond its sinister appearance, its magical ability is what makes it truly unique!  Remember, don’t trust Devils…. or Gnomes!  I don’t care if that makes me racist, it’s true!”

This is a renaissance era firearm (see DMG for deatils) that fuctions as a +2 weapon with the ability to hit the target with a spell-like effect upon being impacted by a bullet.  This firearm also has a certain amount of points you can spend to adjust the power of the attack.  The target takes an additional 1d10 damage per point spent (max 3 points per round) from the damage type you choose below.  In addition, you gain resistance to a damage type.  You may choose one of the following: Acid, Cold, Fire, Lightning, Poison.  Once you have chosen a type, you cannot change it until taking a long rest.  In addition, this gun starts with 10 points and cannot go above that as its maximum.  You regain 1d4+1 points every short rest.

Bottle of Dream Salve.  (Rare)

Magic Potions by tegehel

“Many are envious of those who can fully remember their dreams, while many others just assume such people are liars.  All sorts of mages and alchemists have tried to capture dreams within a bottle, figuratively or literally.  A planar traveler by the name of Dorian Kaine managed to breach the Plane of Dreams itself and return with a pure elemental essence, which he sampled for a brew that captures the dreams of those who drink it.  The dreams become captured in the emptied bottle where the liquid was harnessed in the first place.  What could possibly go wrong?  That said, in the right hands, this could be used for the best sleep you’ve ever had!  Well, probably…  I honestly wouldn’t know!”

The Dream Salve is a solution used to manipulate minds and dreams alike while a target is asleep.  When poured on the target, they must immediately make a Wisdom saving throw versus your spell modifier.  Failure results in one of several effects: The Dream spell, dominated sleep walking (complete with checks at disadvantage), sometimes even rerouting their minds through parts of the Plane of Dreams themselves!  Despite seeming like an ordinary bottle of liquid, this container holds the essence of dreams and thus never truly runs out.  However, it takes time to replenish as it samples from countless resting beings across the planes after one use.

Brass Ring of the Efreeti (Very Rare)

“The City of Brass is a harsh urban landscape within the Elemental Plane of Fire, where Efreeti rule supreme over lowly servants and slaves alike.  The more material plane meat bags they have the better!  And by all means, this ring’s use is exactly for that.  Or rather, it’s given to some servant or the like and used to help pick out happy go lucky fools!  Lemme tell you, I’ve seen this little ring pull off some incredible results.  Who knows, perhaps the Efreeti know who will become their unwitting pawn next?  Or maybe you’re destined to dominate the salty bastards, yourself!  What do you say, friend?  Wanna rule an elemental plane?”

The Brass Ring of the Efreeti is a powerful object used to help find slaves for the grand rulers of the city.  When attuned, the wearer gain an assortment of abilities.  You may attempt to Dominate a creature (similar to Dominate Monster spell), once per long rest.  You may also attempt to control Fire Elementals or Turn non-Fire Elementals as an action, once per long rest.  In addition, you may open a dimensional gateway to the City of Brass at-will.  You are immune to any fire-based effects while in the City of Brass and gain resistance to fire damage while outside of it.  If you have resistance, you gain immunity instead.

CURSE.  If you die while the Brass Ring is attuned to you, your soul is immediately taken to the City of Brass, where it is kept by an Efreet Sultan.

Channeling Hilt of Zerthimon (Rare)

“While Zerthimon’s teachings lie within the Githzerai, many planar travelers had also come seeking his ancient wisdom.  While Zerth Blades were forged for the Gith, students from other races found means of utilizing their gifts to form their own blades in Zerthimon’s honor.  The Channeling Hilt is one such weapon.  I don’t buy into Zerthimon’s stuff, but I’m sure you can make good use of this!”

Before attuned and activated, this looks like an ornate sword hilt that radiates a certain psychic energy.  When activated, it bonds with the user’s soul and internal energies. The weapon counts as a +1 weapon and deals force damage.  Furthermore, the sword grants some magical abilities to the user.  Once per long rest, the user may use each of the following once on themselves: Cure Wounds, Heroism, Longstrider, Enhance Ability.  You may also use an action to gain immunity to charm effects for up to 1 minute.  You must take a long rest for this ability to replenish too.

Token of He Who Smiles (Uncommon)

“Crafted by mad cultists in dedication to some forgotten Elder God who dwells in a plane far beyond our own (perhaps in another universe altogether), these pins channel some of the power of the mysterious being simply known as “He Who Smiles.”  The pins themselves were mostly given out in initiation ceremonies for new recruits looking to be brainwashed by unholy eldritch power.  However, one of these strange things came into our clutches!  And wow, is it creepy!”

This smiling token courses with a sinister power.  When attuned, you feel more aware of distant realms and horrid things.  You gain proficiency in Intelligence (Arcana) and Intelligence (History) checks while the ring is attuned.  While trying to understand lore involving aberrant creatures or the Far Realm, you gain double proficiency bonus with those skills.  In addition, you gain resistance to Psychic damage.

CURSE.  When attuned, the power of “He Who Smiles” warps your mind.  You are continuously charmed into thinking he is a divine power worthy of your worship.  You must dedicate some sort of deranged display in his name at least once every 24 hours or succumb to a temporary form of depression.  You suffer from the effects of “Divine Despair” (Shadowfell Despair, DMG P. 52) until you take a long rest.  Characters can make a saving throw during said long rest (DC 15).  Success keeps them from the effects of Divine Despair until they fail to praise He Who Smiles 24 hours after saving.

Image Source: Alien Merchant by Fight On # 12,  Angel of Death by Baz Peden, Magic Potions by tegehel, Golden Genie Ring, Psychic Warrior by butterfrog, Distressed Smiley by Unknown

Made by Doctor Necrotic, for Doctor Necrotic Media.


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