A big thanks and a brief break.

Dare I say, this Halloween season (and beyond) has been my most successful and fulfilling yet!  I’m really happy that lots of people are just as eager to read my work as I am to create it!  However, I’m still trying to figure out possible angles for the future with this blog.  Do I focus solely on conversions/homebrew/variant rules?  Do I wrote posts on in-depth examination on the game itself (as well as the criticisms it has), in an effort to make my own fixes?  Do I jump into another theme?  (Return to science-fantasy, perhaps more modern fantasy instead?  Arthuriana?  Sword & Sorcery pulp?  Non-European themed options?)  I guess all information will come in due time.  As much as I hate doing this, the blog will take a relatively brief break while I contemplate some new ideas.

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